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Rivera injures knee tendon, Van Slyke called to the show

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Adam Kennedy, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Bobby Abreu, LF
Juan Uribe, 3B
James Loney, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Chad Billingsley, P

Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. got the scoop: 2011 Dodger Minor League Player of the Year Scott Van Slyke is coming to the big leagues. The reason: an injured left knee tendon suffered Tuesday by outfielder Juan Rivera, who is headed to the disabled list.

Van Slyke, whose case for a callup was discussed here a couple of weeks ago, has a .411 on-base percentage and .623 slugging percentage for Albuquerque, playing the first base and corner outfield positions.

Rivera has a .276 OBP and .358 slugging this season. J.P. Hoornstra of the Daily News tweeted that Rivera is expected to be out for some time.

In other injury news, not so fast, Jerry Hairston Jr. – you’re getting an MRI on your left hamstring.

Expect the right-handed hitting Van Slyke to start as soon as Friday against the Rockies and 49-year-old Jamie Moyer. For you trivia buffs, Moyer faced Van Slyke’s father Andy 21 times, giving up two singles, a double, a home run and two walks for a .707 OPS.


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  1. Anonymous

    How did Babe Ruth do against Moyer?

  2. Anonymous

    Last night’s game will be seem positively Coors Field-like to this one.

    • Anonymous

      I, for one, could use the respite from the past 24 hours of controvery.  If you can’t get guys on base, you can’t sacrifice.  Well, in theory.

      • Anonymous

        AJ Ellis doesn’t make sacrifices. Because he is the god we all should be making sacrifices to.

        • Anonymous

          Last time we had a golden god, Ned came down from the San Gabriels and banished him to NYC.

  3. Anonymous

    Josh Hamilton’s quest for a 7th straight extra base hit will have to wait until tomorrow. The Rangers and Orioles were rained out tonight.

  4. Anonymous

    Van Slyke, Gwynn, and Hairston are all sons of major leaguers.  (I’m not missing anyone, am I?)  Is that a record for a 25-man roster?

    • Dee Gordon waves hello. :)  And yeah, Dodgers are collecting sons of former players, there are others in the system I believe. 

      • Anonymous

         Van Slyke returns them to 4 since Sellers was optioned.

        • Right — Sellers was another.
          Oooh, and don’t forget Ivan DeJesus Jr. 

      • Anonymous

        Yes, Gordon makes 4.  Mea culpa.
        >> For you trivia buffs, Moyer faced Van Slyke’s father Andy 21 times, giving up two singles, a double, a home run and two walks for a .707 OPS.
        Moyer also faced Tony Gwynn Sr. 28 times, but has not faced his son.  Moyer has faced Jerry Hairston Jr. and his brother Scott, but not their father, grandfather, uncle, etc.
        I wonder how many father-and-son pairs Moyer has faced?

        • Anonymous

          What if we bring back Sellers, and both IDJ and Tim Wallachs boy!

          • Anonymous

            It’s quite possible Sellers could come back and make five.  DeJesus and Wallach, not very likely.

  5. Cool beans.  Sorry to hear Rivera’s hurt though.  But will be interesting to see SVS’ debut, even if I won’t get my hopes up at least for his first look at ML pitching. But Dodgers could use all the help they can get right now. 

    Worried about Hairston having to be DL’d now, too. 

  6. Anonymous

    Does that make Abreu our everyday LF?

    • No, it sounds like Mattingly rightly doesn’t want to push it with Abreu and play him too much. He’ll rotate with Van Slyke, and Gwynn. 

  7. Anonymous

    More than likely he will be pulled for Gwynn late in the game which means we will be left with Kennedy to PH…except tonight, where it’s Ellis. Oh well. Looking forward to SVS. Hey a new chant!

  8. Anonymous

    as inconvienent as injuries are, it least gets us a look at others in the system so we can determine if they will cut it long term in the majors

  9. Anonymous

    Bills has made Burriss and Cabrera look bad.

  10. KT

    He was out on the replay

    • Anonymous

       It was not a terrible call.

      • KT

        no but the glove was between the trail foot and the angle showed it the other didn’t

  11. Anonymous

    Except for the base hit by Blanco, not a bad pitch in the inning.

  12. KT

    Come on Adam have a great game

    • KT

      good eye
      Come on Matt

      • Anonymous

        getting on base is a good start for Kennedy today   – Pinch run Mark Ellis now so we don’t spoil a good start ;)

  13. Anonymous

    that strikeout has Kemp batting an even .400

  14. KT

    Nice K

  15. KT

    Looks like Billz is over throwing now

  16. KT

    Nice throw AJ

  17. KT

    What was up with gordon’s hitch…he had complete control of the ball

  18. KT

    scott looks like his dad

  19. KT

    loney threw a lollypop to Dee…no chance to turn the DP

  20. KT

    billz not long fot this game with 63 pitches already thrown
    Good play by Kemp to save the run

  21. KT

    Good hit Billz

  22. KT

    way to get on again Adam
    Come on Matt

  23. KT

    Echo Echo Echo

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