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Hairston to the disabled list

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Bobby Abreu, LF
Juan Uribe, 3B
James Loney, 1B
Matt Treanor, C
Chris Capuano, P

Jerry Hairston Jr., the Dodgers’ third-most valuable position player this season according to Baseball Prospectus, has gone on the disabled list (retroactive to May 7).

Justin Sellers has been recalled for his second stint with the 2012 club.


Fast starts, uncertain finishes


Dodgers sign Aaron Miles to minor-league deal


  1. Matt Kemp is going to have to cover a lot of ground tonight :)

  2. Anonymous

    Any reason why AJ Ellis is sitting tonight if there was a day off yesterday?

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps Treanor usually catches CC?

    • Mattingly said he wanted A.J. to get a two-day rest, so he used the off day. 

      • Anonymous

        Anything specific wrong with Ellis that he needed the rest, or just wanted to give him those two days to keep him fresh long term?

        • Anonymous

          Just two days off in a row.  Mattingly announced this before last game.  Mark Ellis got the final Giants’ game off for the same reason.

      • KT

        Don’t want to wear anyone out…good Idea

  3. The one positive from this is that Sellers can offer some relief at short, especially if Dee continues to struggle.

  4. Anonymous

    Too bad we can’t have Hairston and Sellers on the club at the same time, or there would be five sons of major leaguers (along with Gwynn, Gordon, and Van Slyke).
    Also, I was hoping SVS would get a chance to start, rather than Abreu and Loney, but it’s all good.

    • Me too, was hoping Scott Van Slyke would start tonight vs the lefty but he is a soft-tossing lefty and Loney’s had some success in the past vs him, so I guess I understand. (Sort of.)

      And at least Jerry could be back as soon as 11 days.

    • They have to get SVS in there, if just to hear Vin talk about him and his father both facing the ancient Moyer.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t Adam Kennedy the son of former major league shortstop and manager Kevin Kennedy?

      No? Never mind.

  5. Really, really surprised that both Abreu and Loney are in the lineup. Kind of disappointing, actually.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah.  Someone had suggested earlier that he didn’t want to subect the kid to the wily Moyer.

    • Anonymous

      In the 6 games Moyer has started this season LHH are killing him, 1005 OPS to 805 OPS vs RHH.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m all for a young player being given plenty of chance to make or break, but doesn’t it seem that Dee Gordon’s inability to get on base, compounded by his too-frequent defensive lapses, require a trip back to AAA?  Would that have happened if Hairston weren’t hurt?  Even if you move Uribe over to SS, Adam Kennedy or Sellers would have to play 3B, which I doubt Mattingly would do.

    • KT

      sellers plays a good SS

      • Anonymous

        Hey KT, you good?

        • KT

          yea, no total knee, only the repair of the original surgery.
          No game on TV here because all they have is FSW…I get to watch the clippers though…good except they show scores on the bottom of the screen

  7. Anonymous

    Neither Sellers nor Kennedy has shown on-base ability, and they seem committed for now to Uribe.  So, it appears only Hairston would be trusted to take over SS.

    My question is whether he would have if not hurt.  And when he returns healthy, if Gordon is still struggling, will they make that change?

    • Anonymous

      But if you make the move then who bats leadoff? One of the Ellis boys?

      • i’d bat abreu leadoff or Gwnn.  

      • Anonymous

        1-AJ Ellis c
        2-Mark Ellis 2B
        3-Matt Kemp CF
        4-Andre Ethier RF
        5-Bobby Abreu LF
        6-Jerry Hairston SS
        7-James Loney 1B
        8-Juan Uribe 3B
        9-Cy Young P

      • Anonymous

         Matt Kemp would have had 40 RBI by now if he’d had a real leadoff hitter, and the team would have won 2 or 3 more games..

  8. Anonymous

    I wish SVS was in the lineup.

  9. Anonymous

    I like Bobby batting 5 when he plays, he adds an occasional threat with his bat, rather than it only being Kemp and Eithier

  10. Anonymous

    That was a good play by Uribe.

  11. Anonymous

    Beautiful pitch to K Tulo!

  12. Anonymous

    Mark Ellis, great at bat, topped off with the HR!!

  13. Anonymous

    That’s a good AB by M. Ellis.

  14. KT

    Mark with the big bat

  15. Anonymous

    One good turn,,,

  16. Anonymous

    Good solid innings from Capuano

  17. Anonymous

    Some pitchers have a variety of fastballs. Moyer has a variety of changeups.

    • Anonymous

      He reminds me of a pitcher I faced many years ago, about the same age, not fast, you could hear the whirr of his curveball (or something) coming. It didn’t make it any easier to hit though

  18. Anonymous

    At the start of the season would you have thought it would have been possible to put the words ‘Capuano’, ‘Moyer’ and ‘Pitchers duel’ in the same sentance

  19. Anonymous

    What’s the opposite of nimble? I ask because that’s what would describe Abreu’s approach to that fly ball.

    • Anonymous

      Dare I say it, was it Manny in left field sort of nimble?

      • Anonymous

         Bumble is a word that comes to mind re Manny.

  20. Anonymous

    way to go Abreu!!

  21. KT

    YES!!! Bobby

  22. Anonymous

    Beautiful AB by Abreu, from 0-2 to a full count to an RBI single.

  23. Anonymous

    Let’s see if anything from Bobby is rubbing off on Juan.  (oops, couldn’t write fast enough)

  24. Anonymous

    C’mon Matt, lets pad that lead

  25. Anonymous

    Way to go Mark!!

  26. Anonymous

    That got to the wall pretty fast.

  27. KT

    Mark !!!!! Again

  28. KT


    • Anonymous

      I didn’t think it was Abreu just yet. I know its hard to tell them apart ;)

      • Anonymous

         John, are you watching the games now?

        • Anonymous

          only following on Gameday. What I meant was KT originally said ‘Bobby again’ at first then edited it to ‘Dre’

          • KT

            i’m also following on Gameday and everytime I go to type a corpmen interupts me like now

          • Anonymous

            How is your knee feeling by the way?

          • KT

            john…doesn’t feel at all. they have me on Morphine

          • Anonymous

             You should consider an MLBTV subscription.

          • Anonymous

            I’m probably on dodger thoughts and following gameday more than I ought as it is !!

          • KT

            I have directv mlb extra innings but not here in the hospital…game is recording at home as we “speak”

  29. Anonymous

    Got him! (Loney ain’t no Helton, I guess)

  30. Josh Hamilton is wrapping up the 2012 AL MVP tonight. Holy cow. 

  31. Anonymous

    I’m pleased Donnie didn’t take Capuano out the minute he gave up the HR. He has pitched fairly well

  32. Anonymous

    nice shot Dre! If Ellis had stayed still it would have been 1 extra run! Never mind

    • Anonymous

      I have just seen that Ellis was in motion on the play, so it’s not his fault

    • KT

      Nice Dre!…got it right this time…they keep interupting my peace of mind

  33. Anonymous

    Dre heating up.

  34. Anonymous

    Enter the Javy.

    • Good for him to get some non-pressure situation work in.  Though I wouldn’t mind Coffey getting work in. Does he still exist? Did we dream up Todd Coffey?

    • Anonymous

      Exit the Javy, enter the Scotty.

  35. Christopher Staaf

    Oh man, we have an Elbert sighting. Officially nervous. 

    • Christopher Staaf

      OK, that was nice…which begs the question: why can’t you do that every time, Elbert???? 

      //officially unnervous now

    • Anonymous

      Cargo helped him out.

      • Christopher Staaf

        You said it Bob. Cargo was trying for the 3 run bomb on each swing. 

  36. Anonymous

    Nice job by Elbert there, starting to redeem himself.

  37. KT

    wow javy with the 2 out woes again

  38. Anonymous

    Elbert is being used as a LOOGY.  Unfortunately, this season he’s worse against left-handed hitters, entering this game with an OPS against of 1.214, vs an OPS against of .898 for right-handed hitters.  Thin data warning, 19 PA for lefties and the same for righties.

  39. Christopher Staaf

    OMG Uribe went deep. It is possible. 

  40. JUAN GONE! Whoa!  He jazz-handed that right out of there.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a regular Home Run Derby tonight. And on a cool evening at that.

  41. Anonymous

    Ellis homers, Uribe homers, crazy day. Which one of these was the least likely to happen today

    • Anonymous

      There’s something about the Rockies pitching.  Remember, that’s who served up the one that Dee hit into the upper deck in Denver.

    • Anonymous

      >> Ellis homers, Uribe homers, crazy day. Which one of these was the least likely to happen today?.That was the first of the season for both.  In their careers, Ellis has hit one per 51 PA, Uribe one HR per 33 PA.  And Ellis is three years older.
      I think A. J. Ellis’s two homers this season, and Dee’s one, were all less likely than the ones tonight.

      • Anonymous

        Do you think Dee will get another this season?

        • Anonymous

          The team goes back to Denver twice more this season.  :)

  42. KT

    Wow the other Juan Gone shows up

  43. Anonymous

    Coffey, our version of the fat lady singing? (as in, it ain’t over until Coffey begins warming up in the pen)

    • KT


    • Anonymous

      I’m going to have nightmares tonight of Coffey dressed up like a fat lady!!

  44. Anonymous

    Very brief live look in, its great to hear ‘the voice’ on the commentary

  45. Anonymous

    Excellent choice of relievers with a six-run lead, Donnie!

  46. Anonymous

    Speaking of Coffey and Elbert, I wonder how Guerrier’s doing?  He’s been eligible to come back for a week now.

  47. Anonymous

    Where’s Kenley? (nervous grin)

  48. Anonymous

    Looks like Coffey might be headed back to the DL.

  49. KT

    I’m thinking they want to give him a save opportunity

  50. Anonymous

    I’m thinking this may be the last time we see the big guy pitch for us this season.

    • Christopher Staaf

      When Guerrier does come back, you can bet Coffey will be gone. This might be Coffey’s last appearance in a big league uniform. 

  51. Christopher Staaf

    Great catch by Dre but I hope he didn’t hurt his knee on that

  52. Anonymous

    Great play by Dre! But Tulo scored from third, no?

    • Anonymous

       He scored from second.

      • Christopher Staaf

        No it was 3rd. He moved to 2nd on DI, then moved to 3rd on Helton’s hit. 

  53. Anonymous

    Andre is angling for another Gold Glove.

  54. Anonymous

    With all that red facial hair, Coffey makes me think of Falstaff. But that’d be the wrong beverage.

    • Anonymous

      I’m thinking of the woodchopper on the animated move ‘hoodwinked’

  55. Anonymous

    Bigtime catch, but can’t be good for the knee.

    • Christopher Staaf

      I was thinking just that, especially in a 7-1 game. 

  56. Anonymous

    Coffee entered this game with a batting average against of .462, and it will be higher after this game.

    •  Yeah, while I can’t blame him for being quite rusty after a week of inaction, he still wasn’t especially… good.  Bummer.

    • Anonymous

      not only that but his ERA went up as well. to 16.2

      • Anonymous

        >> not only that but his ERA went up as well.
        And when it started the game at 13.50, that’s not a good thing.

    • Anonymous

      As you can imagine, he had a babip of .600.

  57. Anonymous

    I HATE allowing runners to take bases on defensive indifference.  It makes no sense to me.

    • KT

      Me either…hate it with a passion

      Also hate in play runs and it takes forever to update

    • Anonymous

      I would love to see a game end on a ‘caught stealing’ I don’t recall seeing one

    • Anonymous

      The out is more important than the run.

  58. Anonymous

    Will No. 60 be heading east on US 66?

    • Anonymous

      More likely he’d be released, no?

      • Anonymous

        he is owed $1 million this year plus a buyout of his quite generous $2.5 million contract for next season. (buyout of $300K), I don’t think they will give up on him easily. 

        • Anonymous

          Is that more, or less, than they had to pay to buy out MacDougal?

  59. Anonymous

    A good solid win all around, good afternoon from me and good night to you all

  60. Anonymous

    Beli’s looking good so far since his return.  Good thing, too!

    • KT

      Really nice…good to add another reliable arm to the pen

  61. Christopher Staaf

    Good win. Here is hoping Dre didn’t hurt his knee and Harang can go strong for us tomorrow. Good night everybody!

  62. Anonymous

    If Guerrier isn’t ready to come back in the next couple of games, I think they ought to bring back Antonini or Eovaldi or try out Wall, until Matt’s ready to come back.  The Todd Coffey experiment is over, and the results are in.

    • Anonymous

      you write as if Colletti found Coffey serving coffee. It’s not an experiment, He has been a pro since 1998, a MLer since 2005. He had an ERA+ of 107 and an OPS against of 656 last year and he is the last man in the bullpen on a team with pretty good starting pitching. I hated the signing but I predict they will continue to try to figure out what’s wrong for a good while maybe even until Hawksworth is available.  
      Also, if they make a change it should be for a LH reliever.

      • Anonymous

        And Mike MacDougal had an ERA+ of 182 last year, but was released after a 7.94 ERA and 2.647 WHIP in 7 appearances this year.  In 6 appearances this year, Coffey has an ERA more than twice as high (16.20) and a WHIP of 3.600.  In his last 5 appearances, he has pitched 2.1 innings and allowed 12 baserunners.  I wish those figures were typos but they’re not.
        Maybe they won’t do anything instantly but even if they don’t, I think Coffey’s a goner as soon as Guerrier or Hawksworth becomes available.

  63. KT

    Night all..good win and gooday mate to you John

  64. Anonymous

    Tolleson had a rough AAA first game: K, single,single,walk, K on a WP (1R), another WP (1R), single (1R), GO, force out. 

    • Anonymous

      Both Angel Berroa and Juan Castro were apparently otherwise employed.  Speaking of SS, Dee’s body langiauge last night suggested that he is a little bewildered and bedeviled.  I’d drop him in the lineup. Maybe even ninth, but then who leads off, Bobby, AJ?

      • Anonymous

        You could make a case that Miles is a superior option to Kennedy, though that’s not saying much. On Hendley’s suggestion, I certainly think it would make sense for Sellers to replace Dee for a day or two.

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