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Gordon sits for second time in four games

Dodgers at Padres, 3:35 p.m.
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Elian Herrera, 2B
Bobby Abreu, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jerry Sands, 1B
Justin Sellers, SS
Adam Kennedy, 3B
Matt Treanor, C
Chris Caupano, P

Dee Gordon started 29 of the Dodgers’ first 33 games, but today he is a reserve for the second time in the team’s past four.

After beginning May with a promising .898 OPS in his first seven games, Gordon is 2 for 23 with no walks, no steals and eight strikeouts dating back to May 9.


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A loss is a loss is a loss, of course


  1. Anonymous

    It will be interesting to see if he sits a lot against right-handed pitchers (as the Dodgers are only scheduled to face 2 left-handed starters in their next 14 games this month.)

  2. Anonymous

    One opening day starter in this lineup. And it’s only May.  

  3. Anonymous

    Lets hope Ethier and Abreu put together some back to back extra base hits or it may be a long day. 

  4. Anonymous

    Wow that’s a bad lineup.  Visions of lineups from last year.  When’re Hairston and Rivera due to come back?

    • Anonymous

      Hairston, they’re talking about May 23.  Rivera, not for quite a while, apparently.  Although I don’t think swapping Rivera for some combination of Abreu, Sands, and SVS hurts all that much.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Hopefully pitching holds up and Abreu/Ethier have some pop until Kemp comes back…the NL West, although overall a bit crappy can sneak up towards the top of the standings in the next couple of weeks if the dodgers offense blows.

      • Anonymous

        The ‘ants might not be able to gain ground.  Their everyday lineup looks like ours today.

    • Anonymous

       It’s not as if the Pads can put a superior lineup out there.

  5. Dee has .674 OPS on road, .389 OPS at home. 

  6. What would you guys have thought if someone told you two months ago that on May 16, the Dodgers would have only one Opening Day starter in the lineup, but that they would also have the best record in MLB? That’s a pretty crazy combination.

    •  I was thinking this morning how much easier it would have been for me to believe they would be 12-24 than 24-12.

  7. Also, what’s the deal with the weird starting time? Have the Dodgers ever in their history played a game that started at 3:30 PT?

    •  Well, they came close on Opening Day.

      • I guess they did. Anyone know why the Padres are doing this, or is trying to figure out the motivation of a franchise deluded enough to wear camo uniforms a fool’s errand?

        • Anonymous

          They are doing this every Wednesday (one game they are playing at 12:30) but the rest at 3:35.  I don’t know, more business for the Gaslamp?

          • Anonymous

            That would seem a very logical guess.

        • Anonymous

          what, precisely, is “deluded” about the camo jerseys? 

        • Anonymous

          They wear the camo so nobody will detect how bad the individual players are. 

          Oakland should do the same thing for its stadium, in hopes that people will drive right by it without ever noticing it.

  8. Anonymous

    The Padres decided that they wanted to make Wednesdays predominantly day games. In the past, they started at 12:30. But they didn’t draw well. So they moved the start time back to 3:30 and so far the attendance for them has gone up. 

    • Anonymous

      Many people can leave work a little early to get to a game that starts mid-afternoon.

  9. Anonymous

    Seems like Treanor has become CC’s dedicated catcher.

  10. Anonymous

    Look at the bright side.  With a weak starting lineup, look at how improved the bench is!  :)

  11. Anonymous

    Yes that’s right Jon – thanks for the welome back.
    Yeah too bad Dee can’t get on base as much as Juan Pierre….
    Not sure if anyone else here enjoys following former Dodgers as I do – I do it more out of curiosity than any hope that they do bad because they have left the team. On the other hand, I actually root for them to do well – as long as they don’t go to the Giants that is.
    Good to see D. Lowe pitch a shutout yesterday – now he’s 6-1, 2.05 ERA
    Juan Pierre : .330 BA in 100 AB – .380 OBP
    Furcal : .359 BA .425 OBP .911 OPS
    Beltre : .298 BA .326 OBP .834 OPS
    Then of course there is Good ‘ole Russell Martin hitting .178 in 90 AB’s – wow what the heck happened to him?

    • KT

      If you would like to change your name back to ASW this is how you do it:

      you can change your handle by going to Disqus at the top of the comment section / select edit profile / type in the name you want and then save changes…then you can log in with either name

  12. Anonymous

    Speaking of former Dodgers, the most recent member of that club, Mike McDougal, pitched his first game for the Iowa minor-league affliate of the minor-league Chicago Cubs last night.  He pitched two thirds of an inning, giving up one hit and four – yes, four – walks, leading to two runs.  So he now has a minor-league ERA of 27.00 and a WHIP of 7.500.

  13. Anonymous

    What in the world are the Yanks doing plugging Andruw Jones into the DH spot? Yeah he’s got 4 HR’s in 52 AB (a lot better than Pujols) but he’s hitting .231 with 1 double ant 8 RBI. I mean the Yankees can’t “field” a better DH than Andruw Jones??? Bronx Bombers indeed.

  14. Anonymous

    What do you suppose the Vegas odds were in March that on May 16, Mark Ellis would have twice as many HRs as Albert Pujols?  

    • Anonymous

      Or that A.J. would have three times as many?

    • Anonymous

      or that dee gordon would have as many ?

  15. Anonymous

    On the bright side, I quite like our bench today.

  16. Anonymous

    Why sit our 2B? He just hit a 400 ft HR yesterday.

  17. Going back to the last thread, what ever happened to “Easy”? I didn’t see it on the NBC schedule.

  18. Anonymous

    I feel bad for Dee. But Vinny always says this is a “what have you done for me lately ” game. And by the numbers posted not very much.

  19. Anonymous

    I thought the game was supposed to start 20 minutes ago.  What’s going on?

  20. Anonymous

    From the looks of the San Diego lineup, it looks like they’re treating it as a bench game, too.  Although most of their games look like that…  :)

  21. Dodgers sign Brahiam Maldonado to minor-league deal. Age 26, OF, hit 28 homers in AA last year. Released by Braves this year.

    • Adam Luther

      106 hits, 28 HR’s/74 rbi’s., .222 avg.  No room for him in Atlanta I suppose.

    • Anonymous

      I see he’s been assigned to Chattanooga.  In related news, outfielder Kyle Russell is showing up on the roster on the ‘topes website, presumably promoted from Chattanooga to backfill their outfield for the promotion of Sands and SVS.

  22. Elian hits with elan!

  23. Anonymous

    Nobody would even dream of asking Elian Herrera to bunt.

  24. Anonymous

    My father would like at the beginning of this game and say “You’ve got to be (Rule 1)-ing me!”

  25. Anonymous

    Someone has clued Vin in on the Dominican way of pronouncing San Pedro.

  26. Anonymous

    Two rather quick ones.

    and dueces are already wild!

  27. Anonymous

    According to Jon Chapper, the team does about 10-12 marriage proposals per year on the big screen.  Cost is a $500 donation to the Dream Foundation.  So even if she says no to your diamond, the kids in a local neighborhood get one. 

    • Anonymous

      You can save the $500 and just propose in what the Reverend Lovejoy calls “the showiness of nature.”

    • Anonymous

       What about Rev. Glenworthy’s Whispering Glades?

  28. Anonymous

     Does Kennedy get an assist on that?

  29. Anonymous

    Not sure if BT is around today, but the OBP of the Dodgers 8th place hitters has to be among the NL’s best.

    • Anonymous

      I remember when we used to have the best number 8 hitter in baseball.  People around here were not too happy about that.

      • Anonymous

        Certainly a big part of that equation

  30. Anonymous

    not a bad start to today

  31. KT

    good start by the no names ^_^
     Kennedy got ripped off in his at-bat
    Capuano is pitching great again
    I have the SD broadcast team so if the Vinny says something about a certain situation in the game I would appreciate a pass along

  32. KT

    good hustle by Gywnn and Richards still can’t throw easy to 1st base from a short distance

    • Anonymous

       He appears to have been taking throwing instruction from Steve Sax.

  33. KT

    Good hit Jerry!!

  34. KT

    Sellers tried the “richards route” but he underhanded the ball this time for the out

    • Anonymous

       With one out, that is not a smart play.

      • KT

        Richards has major difficulties throwing the ball to 1st base…he has steve saxitis

  35. Anonymous

    Prior to today, the last Dodger whose first at bat in MLB was a double was the guy who is playing first base today. Before that, it was Koyie Hill in 2003. Adrian Beltre doubled in his first AB. Mike Piazza walked his first time up and double in his next at bat. Mike Marshall, Mike Scioscia, and Bill Russell all doubled in their first AB in the majors.

    • KT

      BT who doubled in their 1st at bat?

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t this guy already have an AB the other day?

      • KT

        If your talking about Herrera…yes he did

        • Anonymous

          I really should have paid more attention to the game yesterday.

          • Anonymous

            and I should have paid less.

          • KT

            Yea me too ^_^

          • Anonymous

            Longer list for Dodgers who doubled in their second AB? :)

          • Anonymous

            Scott Van Slyke had a double in his second MLB at bat (third PA) on Sunday.

          • KT

            Still great info BT

    • Anonymous

      I’m questioning the Mike Marshall one. Wasn’t it a triple? It was at DS against, I believe, the giants.

  36. KT

    good 10 pitch at bat by Headley 

    • KT

      Nice pickoff Chris…way to erase the walk

  37. Anonymous

    In his MLB debut in 1954, Dodger pitcher Karl Spooner doubled in his first AB. And he struck out 15 batters. His last appearance in the majors was in Game 6 of the 1955 World Series and he gave up five runs while recording only one out as the starter.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting.  I had actually already gone to glance at Spooner at Baseball-Reference based on that anecdote.

  38. KT

    Nice catch by denorfia

  39. Anonymous

    It’s shocking to see how quickly Hudson has declined. 

  40. “Elian Herrera, promoted this week as a speedy infielder, was signed by the Dodgers in 2003 as a slow catcher. ”

    • Anonymous

      Too funny.

    • Anonymous

      We may see another former slow catcher come in to pitch the ninth.  :)

  41. KT

    Good attempt by Sellers

  42. Could someone tell me if the Dodgers have the infield in or at double-play depth in this first-and-third, one-out situation?

  43. KT

    endberg just said infield back they’ll give up the run for a Dp…there is 1 out already dick

  44. Anonymous

    Javy in new role as early inning fireman?

  45. KT

    Headley is Chris Capuano’s krptyonite

  46. Anonymous

    The DP two batters too late.

  47. KT

    Nice play Chris to snag the ball up the middle for the DP

  48. KT

    That has happened twice now in 2 days

  49. Anonymous

    So Bud would rather keep CC in and goes with lefty PH..

  50. KT

    if the object is to load the bases…they are doing a great job

  51. KT

    Throw strikes

  52. KT

    It seems we have given up…and I got up from my nap early for this?

  53. Update on the saga

    Clippers-Spurs Game 4 could be delayed a day because of Kings-Coyotes Game 4 on Sunday?

  54. Anonymous

    I hope I am wrong, but I don’t know where 3 more runs are going to come from today

    • KT

      I’d settle for 2 in the next inning and worry about the other when we get to free baseball

  55. Anonymous

    The umpire is giving Cashner a huge strike zone.

  56. KT

    What kind of bunt attempt was that?

  57. KT

    Nice hit bobby
    Pinch run with Dee?

  58. KT

    Great catch by the lf’er

  59. KT

    Come on James…come through for us

  60. KT

    Wow a 2 game losing streak forgot what this felt like…Oh and the Padres just matched their longest win streak of the season @ 2 also

  61. KT

    time to return to my nap…These drugs they give me make me want to sleep

  62. Anonymous

    I think it is going to be a long 2 weeks

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