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The 2012-13 TV season

Over at Variety’s On the Air blog, I’ve been offering sneak peeks at the 2012-13 TV shows being announced this week by the broadcast networks. NBC, Fox and ABC have already been covered, with a set of CBS clips coming later today and the CW Thursday.

It’s too early to make any informed judgments about the shows, but this will give you a taste.

Oh, this would probably be a good time to introduce a different blog I’m shepherding at Variety: The Vote. Its focus is the Oscars, Emmys and other entertainment industry awards. It’s part of a shift in my duties at Variety that has given me more emphasis in this area. Because I was already heavily focused in TV, the main change will be that I’ll be more involved in our Oscar and other film awards coverage than before.


Dig that crazy Dodger lineup


Gordon sits for second time in four games


  1. Anonymous

    I know it’s slightly off-topic, but then again, so is this post, so here goes:

    What do folks think about marriage proposals at Dodger Stadium?  In New York, you get booed for doing something as thoughtless and self-indulgent.  Fans here seem to be a little more accepting of it.  

    I gotta go with the New Yorkers on this one.  My wife is as big a baseball fan as I am, but she would have dumped me in a heartbeat if I had proposed to her at the ballpark.   More at my site,

    • It’s not my cup of tea, but man, I would certainly never boo anyone for it.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t mean that I would boo; I just quietly share their disapproval.

        •  Do they really boo in New York? I can’t imagine people would continue to do it very much if that were the case.

          • Anonymous

            I think a lot of people are just yelling “don’t dooooo it” or “what are youuuuuu thinking marrying a guy dumb enough to propose to you at the ballpark?”  

            And some are saying “Buuuu-urns.”


            Regardless, as a result, my unscientific survey says it doesn’t happen as often in NY as it does here.

    • Anonymous

      I will ask my wife what she would think of someone proposing at a soccer match in Buenos Aires.

      • Anonymous

        I know a guy who said “I do”, walked out of the church freshly married, then went home to watch his team on television :)

        • Anonymous

          She stayed with you Artie??? ;-)

          • Anonymous

            Ha Ha Ha. It wasn’t me. Though I will never win husband of the year I’m not that bad. But during game 3 in 2006 I refused to get off of the car at the park. Everyone especially did. I stayed behind and listened to the game on the radio.

    •  I’m with Jon. It’s annoying, but I can’t help but politely clap when she inevitably says yes. However, I usually make a snide comment to whoever I’m with.

      Mostly, I just don’t understand the motivation. My Fiancee would have KILLED me if I proposed in such a public manner.

  2. I proposed to my wife on the foggy, rain-soaked tarmac of the Binghamton, New York airport, shortly after midnight on August 13, 1999, following an extraordinarily stormy flight on an 18-seater. I had picked up the ring the day before and had been trying to figure out the right moment to do it. When we made it off the plane into a scene that looked exactly like the final moments of Casablanca, I put down our luggage and got down on one knee. The flight attendants applauded.

  3. Jon…does this mean you’ll be reporting from the red carpet…kind of like a baseball blogging Joan Rivers? :)

    •  There actually is some of that … I’ve done a little at the Emmys. I believe I will now be doing the game stories on the ceremonies.

  4. I proposed to my first wife in the front seat of my ’82 Camaro. I proposed to my second wife on the bluffs below Las Brisas in Laguna. I’m up for suggestions if and when there’s a number 3.

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing wife #2 says a cold day in hell would be a nice place for such a proposal. 

      • There was a time when I really liked the ’82 Camaro. But ultimately, I would have divorced it.

        • Anonymous

          I’m guessing it was in ’82, when you had a 16-year-old’s sensibility about cars.

          • Unfortunately, the proposal was in 1985, when I was 28…but I STILL had a 16 year old’s sensibility about a lot of things :)

      • Wife #2 is looonnnggg gone :)

  5. Anonymous

    I was under explicit orders to never think of proposing on a stadium video board. I opted for the Tunnel View turnout at Yosemite, which I learned does not have any toilet facilities.

    • Anonymous

      As long as the ring wasn’t sparkly enough to cause a forest fire, I’m going to call that an inspired choice.  

  6. Did someone need a bathroom break after?

    • Anonymous

      I needed one before. It was a long drive and the combination of being nervous and tired led me to consuming lots of coffee on the trip.

  7. Anonymous

    Hey all – I recognize most of the names here from 2 seasons (or was it 3 ?) ago – I used to be ASW, but of course I had forgotten my password and was getting the runaround trying to log in to post a comment. Consequently, I just picked my favorite boyhood player from when I first got hooked on the Blue. Anyways, glad to see you are still at it here @ Dodger Thoughts Jon and look forward to following along this season.

    As for last nights’ game – hey, it’s not easy putting up 10 hits (one being a HR) and only scoring one run. I’ll take 10 hits in todays game and like our chances.

    •  Welcome back!  I remember you, of course, because those were my grandfather’s initials.

    • KT

      you can change your handle by going to Disqus edit profile type in the name you want and then save changes…then you can log in with either name

  8. Anonymous

    As for the starting time of today’s game, back in the day, games would start around 3 or 4 in most cities to give some office workers a chance of making it to the games. I think some games in New York would start at 4:30.

    A lot of fans would arrive late anyway. However, that was not considered to be as sinful as it is now.

    • Anonymous

      That was when a baseball game took two hours and 15 minutes.  And rush hour was an hour.  

  9. Anonymous

    Worse than proposing at the ballpark:

    Honey, you’ve made me the happiest woman on earth.  Let’s celebrate with Jamba Juices for everyone!

  10. Anonymous

    Does anyone know WHY this game starts at 3:30?  

  11. Anonymous

    New 2012-13 season network shows I plan to check out:


    Last Resort
    Zero Hour
    Red Widow
    666 Park Avenue
    The Family Tools
    The Neighbors


    Save Me


    The Mob Doctor
    The Following



    The CW:


    Without seeing their pilots, yet, any of the new network shows pique your interest, Jon?

    • Anonymous

      I am impressed by that amount of television.

    • I’m hopeful for Nashville but wary, having been scarred by Glee and Smash.
      Last Resort because of Shawn Ryan and Andre Braugher.
      666 doesn’t look like it’s for me – like an ongoing horror movie.
      Mob Doctor – had a better preview clip than I expected.
      Vegas – intriguing.

      Will check everything out, but I’d say my most negative reaction was for the new Wednesday NBC shows.

  12. KT

    I asked for my wife’s hand in marriage through a friend of mine’s wife who interpreted my engllish to her fasthers arabic

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