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Kerry Wood’s farewell

Cardinals at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Bobby Abreu, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Adam Kennedy, 3B
James Loney, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Ted Lilly, P

I can’t recall a mid-May career curtain call like this one for Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood, who made the decision to retire from baseball at close of business today, and then pitched to one more batter, striking him out. The hug with his son brought a few tears to my eyes.

Wood retires at 34, 14 years after, by the measure of Bill James’ game scores, he delivered the greatest pitching performance in history.


“It’s just time,” Wood said after the game. “It was time. We saw how things were going this year and just not being able to recover and bounce back and do my job, essentially. You know, do what I’m supposed to do, day in and day out. Just the grind of getting ready every day. To go through it, hours to get ready for fifteen pitches and go out there and not be successful.

“You know it was just time, time to give someone else a chance.”


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  1. Anonymous

    Not that I fully understand why he would do this, but that really was a cool exit.  He was never a favorite of mine, but I can respect his talent.

  2. “It’s just time,” Wood said after the game. “It was time. We saw how
    things were going this year and just not being able to recover and
    bounce back and do my job, essentially. You know, do what I’m supposed
    to do, day in and day out. Just the grind of getting ready every day. To
    go through it, hours to get ready for fifteen pitches and go out there
    and not be successful.
    “You know it was just time, time to give someone else a chance.”

  3. Anonymous

    It is odd, but at least he went out with a flourish.

    • Anonymous

      i have a really nice memory of his 20K game, watching it with my dad.

  4. I thought that was a really great way to go out.  Only a very few get to go out completely on their terms.  I don’t remember who it was exactly, but some star of the 70s and early 80s got a hit, and had some deal with the manager that when he got his next hit he would be taken out for a pinch runner and that would be it.  I’m thinking Phillies, maybe John Kruk.  Anyone remember this?

  5. Tonight’s Dodger lineup:

    Gordon 6
    M Ellis 4
    Abreu 7
    Ethier 9
    Kennedy 5
    Loney 3
    AJ Ellis 2
    Gwynn 8
    Lilly 1


    • I would prefer AJ behind Ethier followed by Loney. Hopefully there’s a method to Donnie’s madness.

      • Anonymous

        It does seem foolish to have 4 LHH in a row. The Cardinals have only one LH relief P at least.

      • I don’t think there is.  Yesterday, Mattingly reasoned that Kennedy was batting 5th because Kennedy was 5 for 13 against Volquez and that Loney was 0 for 6.  At least he’s not commenting about the angle with which the opposing pitcher throws….

    • Anonymous

      Again?  Madness.  Is Hairston still due back tomorrow?

      • Anonymous

        This line-up did work out well yesterday I must admit.

  6. That was a really great moment. We don’t see it too often in baseball because few players know for certain it’s their last game at the time it’s happening. Most players these days seem to go the Bonds-Pedro-Rickey-iRod route and play until nobody will have them anymore. (Which is cool also, for different reasons.)

  7. Anonymous

    Didn’t Mike Schmidt retire in the early portion of his final season?

    • Yeah, but Schmidt had already played his final game when he announced his retirement. He retired while mired in a nasty 18-game slump during which he’d hit .088 without a homer.

      • Anonymous

        I see his last hit and last RBI (2 different games) were against the Dodgers in LA. The last RBI came in a Dodger loss. Ken Howell got the win, Fernando the loss.

    • Anonymous


  8. Dodgers Fan Fest why during Laker Playoffs and Clipper Playoffs?
    Is the marketing dept. a sleep.
    19,999 per game. 40,000 fans not going to fan fest on saturday????
    I will guess the stadium will be empty tommorrow night. Maybe not But I won’t be suprised.

    • Anonymous

      Where do you get 20K per game? Is that the current average?

  9. Josh, you might be thinking of Joe Morgan, although he wasn’t with the Phillies anymore, but the A’s. In the last game of his career he knocked a double in the first inning and was immediately pinch-run for by Tony Phillips (who, by the way, is still an active player in the indie leagues at age 53).

  10. Anonymous

    I know Ted Williams homered in his final at bat. And DiMaggio doubled in his final at bat in the 1951 WS. But other than those two I don’t know of any memorable final appearances.

  11. Anonymous

    Wow. I just watched the highlight. The hug with his son got to me. Very emotional yet happy moment.

  12. Anonymous

    I assume the Dodgers are having their FanFest on Saturday because they already scheduled it and made arrangements with vendors and entertainment for it. I assume there will be a decent turnout for it. I’m not certain of the intersection of Kings/Lakers/Dodgers fans, but they’re isn’t a lot of overlap.

    The Dodgers are also averaging over 38,000 tickets sold for every game this year. They are 4th in the NL. The attendance is up about 2500 tickets per game. The Phillies, Cardinals, and Giants are ahead of the Dodgers in per game attendance in the NL

    • Anonymous

      Sad that the G’nats have passed the Dodgers.  I remember in the 1970’s that I was looking forward to calling them the St. Petersburg Giants.

      • Anonymous

         I expect the Dodgers will soon reclaim the top spot.

        • Anonymous

          The Giants will probably get another season’s worth of honeymoon from the 2010 World Series. If they don’t make the playoffs this year, the fan base may get a little cross. 

          • Anonymous

            I think you’re right on that, but they have a very fickle fan base that’s furious with management’s inability, or unwillingness, to improve the offense. But for the Padres, they might be the dullest offensive team in MLB.

          • This is all true…but they have a beautiful ball park and the folks up there have well over a decade of packing it, come hell or high water. Baseball’s a hard habit to break.

          • Anonymous

            Their park has a lot to recommend it, particularly the ease of public transportation. When Dodger Stadium was built, the location at the junction of several freeways was considered an advantage; now it looks like a drawback.

    • I think there’s a lot of overlap between Dodger and Laker fans, at least. These are the two historic franchises in town. However, you can’t wait until you know the NBA/NHLplayoff schedule before you plan something like Fanfest. Anyway, this is the first year in my memory when the Lakers are playing a Saturday night home playoff game.

    • Dodgers/Kings/Clips fan here. I will definitely be paying more attention to what the Kings are doing as this is a historic run and it has been too long since they’ve done well in the playoffs. It’s nice to see LA as a whole has begun rooting for the Kings, though most of the year many of them can’t be bothered to care about hockey. And it shows in our local news broadcasts, a taste of their hockey expertise:

  13. Verlander is (maybe was, by now) having an interesting game for the Tiggers.

    • Anonymous

      Through seven, it remains interesting.

      • KT

        I like the semetry of the tigers line score 2002002

    • Anonymous

      Through eight, it is increasingly intriguing.

  14. Man. Verlander struck out the side in the 8th. Still interesting.

    • Anonymous

       And apparently turning up the heat.

  15. Anonymous

    Barajas, not in the Pittsburg line-up tonight, seems to be one of their higher average guys.
    They had 1 player hitting over 261 coming in this game.

  16. KT

    No longer interesting

  17. Single with one out in the 9th.

  18. What is it with Gordon and not letting outfielders catch balls they call for?

    • Jinx? Seriously though I cringe every time he runs out there.

    • Anonymous

       Has anybody chewed him out yet?

      • KT

        They definitely need to sit him down and explain it as in how repko hurt that outfielder (what was his name?).

        • Anonymous

          in his case less is definitley more, he’s trying to catch everything & hit everything…

  19. I thought Dee was gonna stop running into left field for fly balls?

  20. Anonymous

    Great start from Ted

  21. Anonymous

    way to get on Adam, lets get him home James

  22. Mattingly looking like a genius now. I would love to be wrong about Kennedy.

  23. Anonymous

    Way to go James!

  24. The familiar Kennedy-Loney combo. 

  25. Way to dodge that tag Loney! I was yelling at the TV stop!!!!!!

  26. Anonymous

    It was bold sending Loney, but a terrible throw from Holliday. Great slide by Loney.

  27. Loney OPSing .912 in past 10 games. I’ll take it. 

  28. Anonymous

    A.J. should have just tagged him, and he might have gotten away with it.

  29. Christopher Staaf

    Get your money’s worth, Donnie. 

  30. Christopher Staaf

    Wow, Lilly is coming apart. 

  31. Anonymous

    No unearned runs, but that should have been a scoreless inning.

    • KT

      Agree…bad, bad inning
      James asleep mode at 1st started it off…so he giveth, then he taketh away

  32. KT

    kennedy is suprising me tonight even though I thought his double was catchable

  33. Anonymous

    I am so confused…. Kennedy and Loney get back to back hits…. Donnie gets kicked out again (missed the why) and this dude with the best ERA in the NL is getting beat up by our B team.

    Oh, and the Lakers are actually leading…

    • Christopher Staaf

      I think Donnie was not happy about the 1-2 swing by Carpenter, which looked like he went past the plate. He said magic words obviously and Hallion let him have it. 

  34. Anonymous

    Harang are you taking notes, nice bunt Lilly.

  35. KT

    Come on Dee

    get ready to pack your bags as soon as JH jr is back

    • Christopher Staaf

      He would have been in ABQ a month ago if Sellers could hit .250. What also really bothers me about Dee is his 10 errors through 30 plus games. 

      • KT

        He’s trying too hard…need to send him down to settle him down

      • Anonymous

        hoping it’s just growing pains of a very capable & enthusiastec (sp?) young ball player.

        less is more little Dee.

  36. KT

    Good hit Adam

  37. Anonymous

    Man, Beltran still has a pretty nice arm out there…

    • KT

      It can be as nice as he likes as long as he doesn’t throw anyone out

  38. KT

    Hellofapitch to take

  39. Anonymous

    Several wasted opportunities in this game.

  40. Anonymous

    million dollar pitch by the Cardinal pitcher, outside strike tailing in.

  41. Anonymous

    looks like both pitchers have settled down, 4-4 new ball game.

  42. Dan Harmon exits ‘Community’ as showrunner

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I hope that show keeps up …. I suppose this means Chevy won that round? Any insight there, Jon?

  43. KT

    Where was that last pitch ump?

  44. Anonymous

    man. Mark Ellis makes those plays look pretty.

    • Anonymous

       Ellis is an outstanding defensive infielder.

  45. KT

    Nice play Adam

  46. Anonymous

    Dee has become an automatic out.

  47. KT

    Come on DP…I ordered it several games ago and it still hasn’t arrived

  48. KT

    knee hyper-extended and ankle rolled a bit but Mark seems ok

    • Anonymous

      if he doesn’t feel it now he’s definitley going to feel it tomorrow.

      • KT

        yea…looked pretty painful…at least when my knee has done that the past few days it’s been painful

  49. Anonymous

    it looked bad, i really hope they monitor him (M. Ellis) he seems to be favoring it.

  50. KT

    Good hustle Bobby

  51. KT

    Come on Adam…hit it to Raffy..He has the whoopsies

  52. Anonymous

    Rough inning for Raffy.

  53. Maybe Mattingly is being a genius in batting Kennedy 5th? On base machine!

  54. KT

    Come on James make them pay

  55. Anonymous

    let’s capatolize on Furcals throwing error. men on 2nd & 1st & look who’s coming up…

  56. KT

    That was low Ump

  57. Anonymous

    they say the good teams capatolize on errors. YES!

  58. KT

    Nice Hit James

  59. Anonymous

    It counts!

  60. KT

    Come on AJ…make up for that bad inning

  61. KT

    Raffy’s mad

  62. KT

    Come on Josh shut them down

  63. KT

    that’s 1 josh

  64. Anonymous

    nice sequence by Limblom, was it the curve that stroke him out or was it the set up pitch before the curve.

  65. Anonymous

    Smoke city by Limblom, Freese was way late.

  66. KT

    YES way to go Josh!!

  67. Anonymous

    then the curve, very nice Limblom!!

  68. Anonymous

    That was grande!

  69. Anonymous

    I believe this is where we will see just how far the 2012 Dodgers have come… To be a good team you’ve got to beat good teams. It’s time.

  70. Anonymous

    What a beautiful 3-2 pitch to Freese.

  71. Anonymous

    Way to go Justin! Now lets get some insurance

  72. Anonymous

    C’mon Scott, another double would be grand (bad looking swing on the slider – never mind) Here comes Kenley!

    • Anonymous

      So do you have TV coverage now?

      • Anonymous

        No, I had a brief live look in on game day for about 1 minute!

  73. Anonymous

    The Gnats have signed Brad Penny. They deserve him.

  74. Anonymous

    Buckle up, here we go.

  75. KT

    Fast ball hitters against a fastball pitcher…Ok who wins

    • KT

      round 1 to Kenley

    • KT

      Round 2 to Kenley…”it sounded like a strike the ump says to the hitter”

  76. KT

    Round 3 to Lance Berkman

    • KT

      belt high belly fast ball (that’s belly high) not bellisario

  77. Anonymous


  78. Anonymous


  79. Anonymous

    AJ called it inside, Jansen throw it middle out. Berkman is a good hitter…


    • Christopher Staaf

      I dunno about you all, but I still have faith in Jansen as the closer. Can’t be perfect every game (unless you are 2003 Gagne). 

      • Anonymous

        very much so, love Jansen in the 9th.

    • I think I jinxed Jansen.  I was telling my wife how unhittable Jansen was.  Sorry Dodger Nation.

  80. Anonymous

    Okay, so pinch hitter, Andre and killer Kennedy up in the bottom of the 9th. Easy peasy.

  81. Andre Ethier walk off HR… come on!

  82. KT

    Make him pitch to you Herrera

  83. KT

    Good Eye
    Come on Dre Base hit

  84. Anonymous

    Nice, nice at bat

  85. Anonymous

    Great at bat for Herrera

  86. Anonymous

    Nice AB by Herrera.

  87. Anonymous

    This and the Lakers’ game is killing me…

  88. KT

    Big whole in RCF

  89. Anonymous

    C’mon Adam, win it for us and we will ask Miles to stop training and head back to his couch

  90. KT

    Nice Hit Adam

  91. KT

    they IBB Loney here I think

  92. Anonymous

    Kennedy with 4 hits? Whaaa?

  93. Anonymous


  94. Anonymous

    Who is this guy disguised as Adam Kennedy?

  95. Anonymous

    lets go Dodgers, let’s go [clap-clap]

  96. KT

    Come On AJ SAC fly

  97. Anonymous

    AJ has had a pretty awful night. He can make that all go away right now ….

  98. KT

    Scoreboard Jinx?
    Make them pitch to you AJ

  99. Anonymous

    i love AJ in this situation.

  100. KT

    AJ walk off walk!!!! score board was right

  101. Anonymous

    Fitting AJ wins it with a walk! Nice.

  102. Anonymous

    walk off AJ!!

  103. Anonymous

    What else? A literal walk-off.

  104. Anonymous

    baseball gods give’eth & baseball gods take’eth.

  105. KT

    Anybody notice kemp wasn’t the 1st player out there but actually the last…good for him to take care of his leg even with the walk off win

  106. Anonymous

    A.J. Ellis will shower and then put on his Clark Kent suit. But we’ll still know his real identity.

  107. Anonymous

    Okay, KT, get over to the Laker game…

    Night, all.

  108. KT

    Night all good win even though Ted didn’t get it

  109. KT

    Oakland coming back on the Gnats

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