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The most unironic finish in baseball history



Kerry Wood’s farewell


Gordon might head to minors soon


  1. Christopher Staaf

    Quick, who knew AJ was gonna get a walk-off walk?? lol

    I do hope that Kennedy proves all of us wrong like he did today. Maybe he knows that if he kept stinking up the joint, he was gonna join Mike MacDougal on that waiver train out of Chavez Ravine. Good win tonight!

  2. Anonymous

    Kudos to all DT’ers for applauding Herrera’s fantastic at bat. What a game :)

  3. Yeah, once he was up with bases loaded, who saw that coming? Other than all of us Dodger fans. You know AJ wasn’t swinging unless he was given a fat pitch.

    Yeah, Kennedy proved, to paraphrase Monty Python, he wasn’t dead, he was just resting. Came up big today. He’s not typically a 4-5 hit a game guy, no, but he’s also not nearly as bad as he’s been, so it was nice to see.  

    Hope Mark Ellis is okay, that collision was scary for a moment but he seemed okay. 

    Cards had some defensive goof-ups which helped, but Dodgers took advantage when they had to.  Big win, with Kersh going tomorrow.

  4. Anonymous

    “Have a night…eh, Adam Kennedy”… :-)
    What’s up with the Dodger running on to the field like a bunch of “bleepin’ clowns” after a walk-off walk?
    Fellas… that was a gift…  plain and simple.  (That display looked kinda ‘bush’ to me, all things considered)
    AJ Ellis… IMHO.  Not a great night at the plate tonight.  Didn’t look too comfortable to me, for some reason…. (taking that 2-0, bases loaded, 1-out perfect fastball earlier in the game vs. being up there hacking in that situation)  His best chance on this particular night was a walk… He was totally looking to go up there and “walk – first” … and, “swing – second” … Congrats AJ!
    – That’s just how I saw it.

    Nice to see Raffy!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve have no problem with the celebration. Guys were excited, why shouldn’t they show it? They weren’t taunting anyone. I guess I just don’t understand the idea that players should be stoic until they win the WS. This is what they work at all day, every day – might as well take some joy from it.

      That said – we don’t need The Bison wrestling anyone to the ground. Let’s try to be safe in our expressions of happiness. We need no more injuries.

    • Anonymous

       My thoughts (about the celebration) too Jonny.  Guys, it was a game in May.  I love winning as much as the next guy, and maybe more, but it is not the playoffs or even a big game down the stretch.  Let’s save celebrations like this for late October.

      • KT

        A win anytime during the early season is 1 less needed later in the season

  5. Anonymous

    Does the fact that the runs off Lilly were unearned imply that the scorer thought Greene would have been picked off if Ellis’ throw was good? 

    • KT

      I agree Looney was asleep at the wheel but it was AJ’s throw that wasn’t touch that allowed the runner to advance

  6. Yeah, but the next play was a so-called “wild pitch” that Ellis messed up, so it all evens out.

  7. Anonymous

    7 for 8 with 2 walks and 2 extra base hits from Loney and Kennedy.  You won’t seen that again in our lifetime.  I’ll take it, but it doesn’t mean I want Kennedy batting 5th instead of AJ.  If we lose Mark that will be a big blow with Kemp and Hairston already out.  If it were Guerra out there in the 9th we’d be giving him a hard time, but Kenley just has to work on not being too predictable and he missed that one out over the plate when AJ was calling for it inside.

  8. Anonymous

    A.J. makes me like Casey Blake a whole lot more!

  9. Anonymous

    Great to see the slow catcher, Flyin’ Herrera, motor into third on the Kennedy single.  Helped to set up that inning.

    • Anonymous

       You can’t overemphasize his great AB to draw the walk either. Fouled off several pitches.

  10. Anonymous

    One night after making his debut with two hits, Yan Gomes of Toronto became the first Brazilian to homer in a major league game. Whether he is yet the first Brazilian to strike out or commit an error, I don’t know.

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