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The unifying accident


Winning breeds chemistry: revisited


Hairston activated as Sellers joins DL-go-round


  1. Anonymous

    game ending play in a win for Rancho C. tonight 4-3
    Everett Williams singles on a line drive to right fielder Jonathan Garcia. Connor Powers scores. Jairo Gomez out at home, right fielder Jonathan Garcia to catcher Christopher O’Brien to third baseman C. Retherford to catcher Christopher O’Brien to shortstop Charlie Mirabal.

  2. Anonymous

    Better baseball through chemistry?

    • Anonymous

      Or better chemistry through baseball :)

  3. Onlyatriple

    rarely have I spent a better 10 minutes.  Thank you Jon

  4. Anonymous

    I woke this morning to a feeling that once interleague plays rolls around, the Dodgers will have regressed to the mean and the Angels will have too. 

    Which means, the Angels will probably win 5 of 6 games.

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for the hilarious links.
    Going to the game tonight. Let’s go Kershaw!

  6. Anonymous

    Baltimore is all aflutter.  Adam Jones is supposedly about to sign a record-breaking contract with the O’s.  Of course, the current record was set almost ten years ago by Tejada…

    • Anonymous

      The Maryland version of Matt Kemp

      • Anonymous

        Markakis, a contemporary of his, is the one who was always compared to Kemp in their earlier years.

  7. Anonymous

    How do Orioles fans look back on the contracts of Tejada and Javy Lopez? Were they seen as mistakes?

    • Anonymous

      Not at all in the case of Tejada.  He had his best years as an O.  Javy also had good years, though some injuries.  No, the big bust was Albert Belle, which kept them out of the market for years.  No one has good memories of Glenn Davis either, who cost them Pete Harnisch, Steve Finley and Curt Schilling.

  8. Hairston starting for the Dodgers tonight, batting fifth, playing third base. 

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