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Hairston activated as Sellers joins DL-go-round

Astros at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Kershaw CXXVI: Kershaw I Met Your Mother

Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Elian Herrera, 2B
Bobby Abreu, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jerry Hairston Jr., 3B
James Loney, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Dee Gordon, SS
Clayton Kershaw, P

Jerry Hairston Jr. makes a welcome return from the disabled list and into the Dodger starting lineup tonight.

His roster spot is being vacated by Justin Sellers, who is suffering from the unpleasantness of a bulging disc. Hariston and Elian Herrera will serve as the backups at shortstop, though neither has much familiarity with the position of late.


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  1. Anonymous

    I’d rather Kennedy join the DL than Sellers.

  2. Anonymous

    Well, flying into the stands and landing on your back has its consequences – at least he made the catch. Get better soon, Justin.

  3. Anonymous

    I found this story about former Dodgers catcher Duke Sims fascinating to read: 
    Especially for part:
    ” “I don’t object to the word ‘swinger.’ I’m single and the thought of living in a monastery isn’t appealing,” Sims told The Sporting News. “With Sandy Koufax having retired and Bill Sudakis now married, the Dodgers needed someone to cover Hollywood.” Sims became a regular on the Southern California singles scene.”

    Both Bill Sudakis AND Duke Sims were popular with the ladies? Go figure.

  4. Anonymous

    The Red Sox outfielders are batting 7-8-9 tonight. Nava, Byrd, and Podsednik

    • Anonymous

       No Adrian Gonzalez in right?

      • Anonymous

        Gonzalez at first, Youkilis at third.

        • Anonymous

           The Sawx appear to be playing with three left fielders.

  5. More updates, neither of ’em too positive (though the latter is certainly a lot better than some of the worst case scenarios with Ellis):
    from ‏@dylanohernandez on Twitter:
    Sue Falsone: Matt Guerrier not expected back until after All-Star break.
    Mark Ellis has a sprained MCL and a bone contusion on the outside of his knee.

    • Anonymous

       A sprained MCL sounds lots better than a torn ACL. The bone bruise should go away in that time.

  6. Anonymous

    Tim Lincecum postponed his meltdown inning until the sixth in Miami but, when it happened, it was a five-run beauty. It included a three-run HR to Chris Coghlan, who is now hitting a blistering .122.

  7. Getting a rare look at the Prime Ticket pregame show.  Jamie Maggio sounds like she has a little Frances McDormand-Fargo in her accent. 

    • Anonymous

       As a Fargo-born boy, I regret not being able to see it.

  8. Prime Ticket doing a segment on A.J. Ellis after this commercial. 

  9. Somehow Kevin Kennedy has a way of talking that makes me even not want to support A.J. Ellis for the All-Star Game. 

    • Anonymous

       I’ve not heard much of Kennedy, but can he be worse than Lyons?

  10. Anonymous

    MLB Network cracks me up – it says “regional coverage” So what game will they be showing me here in L.A.? Was hoping for SF vs. Miami, maybe it would be SD vs. Mets or even Colorado vs. Cincy? Nope – they’re showing Boston vs. Tampa Bay. Regional, indeed.

  11. First error by a #Dodgers second baseman this year.

  12. Anonymous

    That was an ugly inning.  Given Lee’s speed, Herrera could have taken that himself.

  13. Jack Dawkins

    Where is Bob to ring the CI alarm?

  14. Anonymous

    Heath Bell made it interesting but, in the end, the Fish edged the Gnats 7-6 as Melky Cabrera looked at a third strike to end the game. Lincecum is now 2-5 with a 6.41 ERA.

  15. Bobby Abreu is the Dodgers’ anti-Garret Anderson. 

  16. Nice barehand play by Houston 3B Chris Johnson to end the inning. 

  17. Anonymous

    I hate to harp on lineups, but it would make so much more sense to have A.J. and a rusty Hairston switch spots.

  18. Anonymous

    See that?  You go on the DL, and when you get back, you find that people forget how to even spell your name!  :)

  19. Looks like we’re gonna need some offense tonight. 

    • Anonymous

      Kershaw is not fooling anybody this inning. Good play by Abreu, though.

      • Anonymous

        This inning he is not even fooling the ump.

  20. Anonymous

    A true double.

  21. I blame Sports Illustrated if Dodgers are starting a losing streak. Try it, it’s fun!

    At least Kersh  hassettled down nicely after really not looking sharp for a bit.  Now it’s their offense that doesn’t look sharp at all. I officially miss Matt Kemp. 

  22. KT

    Good eye Bobby

  23. KT

    Come on James…quite hitting into DP’s

  24. Christopher Staaf

    Wow, the Astros had a lefty warming up and didn’t use him for Loney. Of course he’s on his way to becoming the king of GIDP. 

  25. Anonymous

    Very dumb baserunning by Snyder. Very dull baseball by the Dodgers.

  26. KT

    Well that was easy

  27. Christopher Staaf

    Wow, Kennedy’s pinch hitting. Wow, Kennedy’s gonna be on the roster through Memorial Day. I lost 10 dollars. 

  28. Anonymous

    The Dodgers have not swung and missed a pitch all night? That’s unpossible!

  29. I wonder who leads the Dodgers in runners left on base.  Any guesses. I’d guess Loney

    • Anonymous

      One thing that cuts against your guess of Loney, in admittedly a minor way statistically but in no other minor way, is when a batter hits into a DP he leaves fewer men on base than if he struck out for instance. Men on first and second Loney hits into DP 1 man left on base.
      In last night’s game,Ethier lead the team with 4 runners not advancing in his PA for Loney it was 3. has a stat that measures the % of baserunners scored in each players PA as compared with the # of baserunners he had a chance to drive in. Loney had 14/106 before last night’s action. League is 14% so he is just below league average in 2012. Gordon, Kennedy, M.Ellis, Hairston, Sands and Sellers are worse.than Loney (plus 6 pitchers) Uribe is better.

  30. Anonymous

    Now if only the ‘Stros could make some similar mistakes on defense.

  31. KT

    Nice Hit Dre!!

  32. KT

    Good Eye Jerry!!

  33. Never dreamed I’d see the day that Ivan De Jesus Jr. would pinch-hit for James Loney. 

    • Anonymous

       I would have chosen Sands.

    • .439 OPS vs lefties this year.  ya Pinch hitting for our 1b in a game winning type situation with a guy who has 41 career at bats and a career .511 OPS tells me all I need to know about what Mattingly thinks of Loney. Similar to when they were in Coors and he pinch hit for him.

  34. Ivan was blown away. 

    • Christopher Staaf

      I understand why Donnie did it but I still would have gone with SVS. 

      • Anonymous

         SVS has been human since his HR.

        • Christopher Staaf

          I know SVS hasn’t been good as a starter but I would have loved the power threat down 3-1 with the bases loaded. 

      • overkill94

         SVS or Sands would have been much better choices.  Besides Treanor, isn’t IDJ the last bat off the bench at this point?

  35. Astros bringing in their fifth pitcher of the seventh inning. 

  36. Anonymous

    Sorry if this is old news, but I just came across this fun story about Hershiser in the 88 World Series.

    •  not old news to me at least… this was a great read, thanks Dave!!

      • Anonymous

        I really like that it ends up being Josh Suchon considering his recent history with the Dodgers. Crazy hey?!

  37. Adam Luther

    Offhand what has been the Dodgers record with Kemp sidelined?

  38. Adam Luther


  39. KT

    Well another 2 game losing streak…Time to stop it tomorrow

  40. I can’t believe Clayton Kershaw got outdueled by Theon Greyjoy.

  41. Anonymous

    Man is it just me or does it seem that Kershaw is not pitching like he use to. He is still doing a good job the majority of the time. But he seems to be getting taged more this year than he did last year. Does anyone know why this might be happining

    • Anonymous

      Replicating last year’s performance seems like a lot to ask, but many of his numbers so far are on par with last year, such as WHIP and .194/.241/.318 as compared to last year’s .207/.256/.298.  He is, however, down in terms of k/9 7.5 versus 9.6 last year and a slight uptick for dingers, 0.8 as compared to 0.6 last year.  So, yeah, not getting the k’s and getting tagged a bit more.

    • Keep in mind the difference between first-half Kershaw and second-half Kershaw of last year.  Kershaw’s ERA before the All-Star Break in 2011 was 3.03, with nine homers allowed. 

  42. Anonymous

    Having 8 players on the DL is going to lead to games like the one last night – disjointed offensive effort, leaving 10 on base. But, so far the Dodgers call-ups have done an admirable job filling in for the injured. Here’s hoping Billingsley is on tonight, and hopefully there are no major setbacks in getting our injured players back on the diamond ASAP.

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