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Lasorda suffers heart attack, in stable condition

Sadly, Tommy Lasorda doesn’t just give heart attacks, he gets them. Best wishes to the former Dodger manager, who is recovering at a New York hospital.

“Doctors inserted a stent to correct a blocked artery in Lasorda’s heart,” the Dodgers said in a press release. “He is resting comfortably and in stable condition.”

“The doctors confirmed I do bleed Dodger Blue,” Lasorda joked. “I’m looking forward to being back at the stadium to cheer on the Dodgers.”

Update: Dylan Hernandez of the Times reports that Javy Guerra had knee surgery this morning and is expected to be sidelined from four to six weeks.

Dodgers at Phillies, 4:05 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Elian Herrera, 3B
Juan Rivera, 1B
Andre Ethier, RF
Alex Castellanos, LF
Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
Matt Treanor, C
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Chad Billingsley, P


Cy Quick


Plantar fasciitis nags Kershaw


  1. So now Dick Cheney and Tommy Lasorda have one thing in common: a stent!

  2. Anonymous

    Best wishes Tommy. Get well soon.

  3. Treanor catching a non-Capuano game?

    • Anonymous

      First time since April 22.  His 7 starts since then have all been for CC.

  4. Christopher Staaf

    First, get well soon Tommy. 

    Second, Donnie must be listening. I thought giving Treanor a chance to catch Bills might help shake things up. I am sure AJ not getting on base yesterday also factored in the decision. However, why not give Bills a new catcher? It worked wonders for Zito in SF with Hector Sanchez. 

  5. Anonymous

    The only guy on the planet to manage his team to WS titles, and manage his country to an Olympic gold medal – beating a heavily favored Cuban team in the process. When it comes to baseball, Lasorda is Gold.

    “When we win, I’m so happy I eat a lot. When we lose, I’m so depressed, I eat a lot. When we’re rained out, I’m so disappointed I eat a lot.”

  6. O/T Transit of Venus comment: NASA TV from Hawai’i and Mauna Kea:

    • Anonymous

      When I’m free at work at 4 pm, I’m taking my trusty solar glasses and doing some high quality staring at the sun.

      •  Venus is starting to make its trip across. About 235 degrees on the picture at that website.

  7. Anonymous

    Is it good or bad news that Kemp was name HR Derby captain?

    • Anonymous

       I think it’s good if the “captain” does not actually have to swing the bat.

  8. Chad Billingsley in April:
    4/6 (Ellis) 8 1/3 innings, 0 runs
    4/11 (Ellis) 6 innings, 1 run
    4/17 (Ellis) 6 innings, 2 runs
    4/22 (Treanor) 3 1/3 innings, 5 ER
    4/28 (Ellis) 7 innings, 1 R

    So, no, I’m not exactly buying that Ellis is the problem and Treanor is the savior.

    • Anonymous

      Love it when the numbers speak for themselves. 

    • Anonymous

      Then what could be the problem(s) with Bills…assuming there is a problem? Aside from the 3 1/3 inning stinker the April numbers were not bad. What were the May numbers?

      •  He’s an inconsistent pitcher who is in one of his down periods. He’s capable of being great, mediocre and lousy. 

        • Christopher Staaf

          In this case, two out of three is bad. 

          • bcmaiden

            I think he needs a change in scenery like Broxton. 

        • bcmaiden

          And when he’s in one of his down periods, he’s afraid of LH batters. He tries to keep the ball away from them but can’t hit corners.

  9. Dylan Hernandez says Javy Guerra had knee surgery and is out 4-6 weeks. 

  10. Christopher Staaf

    Dre just saved Bills from another meltdown. 

    • Anonymous

      Billingsley, in Philadelphia, with a glamorized (mostly) Triple-A line-up against Cliff Lee. Sorry, not a recipe for a happy ending.

  11. KT

    Nice catch Dre

  12. Anonymous

    If Billingsley gets traded to some other team and goes all James McDonald for that team, I will deny knowing all of you.
    At least three times before the cock crows.

    • bcmaiden

      Bad comp Bob. Billz has been in the rotation for a billion years and JMac never got the chance. 

      • Anonymous

        You do know that Billingsley and McDonald are about the same age? 

        • bcmaiden

          Chad is 3 years older and that’s a lot in baseball years. Regardless, the comp is bad because it looks like JMac might be a better pitcher who wasn’t given the opportunity in LA. One of the many Ned trades that still irks me to no end.

          • Anonymous

            Billingsley DOB: 7/29/1984. McDonald DOB: 10/19/1984

          • Anonymous

            bcm is clearly wrong on the facts, but many of us would agree that McDonald-Dotel was a horrendous trade.

          • Anonymous

            I guess she got years and months confused.

          • bcmaiden

            My bad, when I looked up JMac there were 2 (different spelling). I looked at the wrong one who was born in 1987. 

          • trading him is one thing. trading him for an almost 40 closer who isn’t on the roster 3 months later is a whole other thing. I felt the same about Edwin Jackson. It’s not the trading of talent, it’s the talent we get back. At least at the time, even though I didn’t like it, Pedro was traded for an All Star 2nd baseman..not a guy who will pitch 60 innings or so for the year.

  13. KT

    Nice stop Alex

  14. Anonymous

    What a nightmare.

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