• Anonymous

    It had the feel of a tight playoff game

  • Anonymous

    Three riveting games.  Great performances by Bills, Herrera, Gordon, Jansen.  And I’ve missed pretty much every inning :(

    That’s OK as long as we win :)

  • Anonymous

    Could a a four game sweep be in order? Probably not (Hamels vs Harang) Hamels who is already having an outstanding season rules the Dodgers anyway and Harang gets beat up by the Phillies.
    Still if you told me Sunday night we would take three of four I would have been ecstatic!

    BTW for all the people who keep refusing to believe the Dodgers are for real… going back to last year in the Dodgers last 162 games they are…


    From August 1 they are..


    They are real and Donnie knows how to manage.

    • http://www.bakoindustries.com/ Grant Baker

      Except for the overuse of bunting

      • Anonymous

        Beat me to it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care who’s pitching, the Dodgers should be thinking sweep. Kenley probably needs two days off, preferably more, and Ethier could stand a rest, but the rest of the crew’s been getting it done. Even Coffey contributed yesterday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Terry-Pruett/1707390003 Terry Pruett

    We’re kind of playing with house money today against Hamels…which is why last nights game was so important. Excellent win…and VERY entertaining. I love watching Abreu’s at bats…even on a bad night (3K’s) he did walk once and saw 19 pitches. I used to get annoyed with Joe Torre when he would say that Mark Sweeney provided “professional at bats”. I got angry because Manager Joe was misusing the term. Now…Bobby Abreu? THOSE are professional at bats.

    • Anonymous

      Sweeney unquestionably provided professional ABs, in the sense that his contract paid him for standing at the plate, but you and I could do just as well.

  • http://www.dodgerthoughts.com/ Jon Weisman