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Radical notion: Play James Loney every day

Dodgers at Phillies, 10:05 a.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Elian Herrera, 3B
Juan Rivera, LF
Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
James Loney, 1B
Alex Castellanos, RF
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Matt Treanor, C
Aaron Harang, P

I wouldn’t say I’ve spent much time defending James Loney’s performance in the past couple of years, and I don’t know if I’ve ever suggested that defense at first base is important. But in the absence of many heroes with the bat (appearances in Philadelphia notwithstanding), putting their best foot forward defensively seems to be a huge contributor to the Dodgers’ success, and even with his shaky hitting, I’m not comfortable when Loney isn’t in the lineup.

The Dodgers have a few players whose contributions with the glove have been valuable, such as Loney, Tony Gwynn Jr. and (when healthy) Mark Ellis. Defense has been Juan Uribe’s one redeeming quality as a Dodger, while Jerry Hairston Jr. was sensational in April at third base, though perhaps that was a fluke.

Defense has made a difference for the pitching staff and in the standings, and, especially when Matt Kemp is sidelined, I’m not sure that the Dodgers have the kind of bats that call for messing with that defense. In particular, Juan Rivera is not so valuable at the plate that I’m happy when he’s playing first base, even against left-handed pitchers. Judging by Fangraphs’ ratings, defense propels Loney into the ranks of adequacy among National League first basemen, non-Joey Votto division – and that doesn’t factor in his above-average ability to rein in the sometimes wayward throws from the left side of the infield. In a crucial situation, you can always pinch-hit for Loney.

In a way, it’s unfortunate that Loney and Gwynn are both left-handed hitters, because keeping each in the lineup while batting them eighth against lefty pitchers would seem like a satisfactory solution. But that’s not possible, which poses problems in a lineup that also includes lefty hitters in Dee Gordon, Andre Ethier and often Bobby Abreu.

Still, until Kemp’s return, I would probably keep both Loney and Gwynn in the lineup, batting one sixth and the other eighth. (That ideal lineup would probably have A.J. Ellis leading off, but that’s another matter.)  Elian Herrera and Hairston would be the other infielders to go with Gordon and Loney. If Uribe returns to action next week from the disabled list, I’d then consider platooning Herrera, a capable looking outfielder, and Gwynn in center until Kemp recovers.

Next year, presumably, the Dodgers will go in an entirely different direction at first base. But for now, Loney remains the best one they have.


Another rousing victory


Dodgers order a 4 x 4, eat up Phillies


  1. I know the position of 1B has become one for power hitters, but Loney has constantly been top 2-3 in the NL, each year (with the likes of Pujols, no less).  At the start of this season, I believe Loney had 3 more hits than games played (or 3 fewer hits). He’s a rhythm  hitter, for sure, and his sporadic play has not helped hitting (nor his reputation with Dodgers fans).

    • Anonymous

      Considering NL used to have Pujols, A-Gon, and Fielder, I’d love to know during what season Loney was a top 2-3 1B in the NL. Sorting by fWAR among 1B with 200 PAs or more, Loney has been 13th, 13th, and 11th best 1B in the NL in 2009-2011 seasons respectively. fWAR is a counting stat (cumulative) that takes defense into account, and Loney’s producing less than guys like Fernando Tatis while playing almost twice as much. Bringing Loney back is one of the biggest mistakes Ned Colletti has made in recent years.

      • Anonymous

        I gotta agree with Tiensy on this one.  Loney was never great, but was merely adequate, slightly below average overall.  Yes he’s worth playing every day, but only because we don’t have anyone better.

        Too bad we almost got Fielder last winter but lost out to Detroit. At least we tried!

        • Anonymous

          Loney is one of the top 3 Loneys in the league for sure.  

          Ask Prince Fielder whether he’d rather be playing in Detroit or LA right now.  The Tigers, like the Angels, Red Sox and Phillies, have been a huge disappointment thus far.

          • Anonymous

            Hard to be too disappointed in Philly.  In Howard, Utley, and now Halladay, they have about half their payroll on the DL.  That’s just terrible luck. 

          •  It is just baseball; we got the MVP over there.  They are players, not machines.  They get hurt sometimes…

      • Anonymous

        i don’t think Colletti had a choice, if Victor Martinez doesn’t get hurt we probably have a better chance of getting Fielder.

  2. Adam Luther

    Could not agree more, and even with Loney’s sub-par 2011 campaign, he managed to bat .288.  I know he doesn’t carry the standard power hitting stats for the position, however he hit more HR’s (12) last season than he did in 2010 (10).  This team needs continuity in the IF, especially after the break. 

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t forget, this is the Thursday matinee game on MLB Network.

  4. Anonymous

    INTERESTING NOTES – day games were the norm up until 1935 when the first night game was played, From suite 101 Dot Com – In 1933, MacPhail was elected general manager of the Cincinnati Reds, a franchise that was suffering losing records, poor attendance, and poor finances. Partly through the force of MacPhail’s personality, the National League agreed to allow each of its eight members to play seven night games apiece during the 1935 season. The only team that accepted the offer was Cincinnati. Lights were installed at the old Crosley Field and on May 24, 1935, the Reds defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 2-1 in the first night game.

  5. Anonymous

    Looks like a few guys won’t be available today, Jansen & Limblom, we might see Shawn Tolleson today.

  6. I don’t agree that Loney is ever the best option against lefthanders. He’s obviously been one of the least productive 1st basemen in baseball for quite some time…and he is what he is. He’s not going to get better at this point. I would rather have Rivera’s bat…such as it is…or Hairstons…or any ambulatory righty swinger they have, batting against lefty pitching. Yes, Loney has a very good glove. But is the narrow delta of defensive improvement at a position like 1st really a justification for playing Loney against lefties? On the other hand…I DO believe he should be in the lineup every day against righties, which has not been the case recently.

    • Anonymous

      I like the idea of moving Hairston to first against lefties, allow Herrera to slot in at second base.  With Uribe’s return, Herrera needs more opportunities to play, and the lineup needs more guys who can hit, rather than simply swing hard and miss.  Uribe’s defense has been as good as Loney’s but I don’t hear anybody arguing for him to be in the lineup on a consistent basis.

      As Jansen struggled to close out last night’s came, Jonathan Broxton tweeted that he was afraid Matt Stairs was loosening up in the clubhouse. 

      • Anonymous

        Uribe did more for the team by being on the DL than he ever has in the lineup. And whatever Loney’s offensive shortcomings, they’re nothing compared to Uribe’s.

        • Anonymous

          Uribe’s wOBA this year is .279. Loney’s wOBA is 293. I don’t know where you see this huge discrepancy between the two as batters.

      •  I would say that I defended Uribe’s presence in the lineup based on defense … then I saw Hairston make spectacular plays there and didn’t sweat it so much. 

        I wouldn’t say I’m militant on Loney playing every day, but I have just been so impressed with his defense that I do feel he’s been a bit underrated.  Just a bit.

        • Anonymous

          Loney, I think, plays Gold Glove defense, but he’ll probably never get one because he doesn’t hit 30 HRs.

          • Anonymous

            And also because he is not the best fielding 1B. He wasn’t, when A-Gon and Pujols were in the NL, and even now Loney’s probably a tick below Votto and Sanchez.

          •  Sanchez???!!!  He is not in the Mayors anymore!!

          • Anonymous

            Perfect. Loney now has to wait out Votto and he can finally become the best fielding 1B in the NL.

  7. Former Braves and Nationals exec Bob Wolfe rejoins Stan Kasten in Los Angeles as Dodgers new executive VP

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure why the team needs another executive.

  8. Anonymous

    Dee swung at ball four.

  9. Anonymous

    ” Defense has made a difference for the pitching staff and in the
    standings, and, especially when Matt Kemp is sidelined, I’m not sure
    that the Dodgers have the kind of bats that call for messing with that
    defense. ” – Weisman
    Very well said Jon.
    Spot-on, succinct, accurate analysis in that statement….. love it.

  10. Anonymous

    On Night Baseball, if you dig deeper – Night baseball is not a new idea.  Games had been played under artificial lights since September 2, 1880, at Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts, a scant year after Thomas Edison invented the incandescent lamp.

    Various Negro league, minor league and college teams all predate the majors, using a crude lighting system to attract after-work crowds. Al Spalding installed lights at Chicago’s Lakefront Park in 1883 but no National League contests were played under the stars.

    Likewise, the Brooklyn Federal League franchise installed light towers at Washington Park for the upcoming 1916 season, but the league folded prior to Opening Day

    Eventually, night baseball became a staple in the industry, but not right away.  It had its detractors including the crabby Landis and Phillip Wrigley who fought it until his death.

    It is obvious today that night games would draw a larger crowd.  After a while, it was obvious then, too.  Sentiment prevented many from jumping on the bandwagon.  Eventually, all benefited.  The following parks installed lights.

    1935 Cincinnati – Crosley Field

    1938 Brooklyn – Ebbets Field

    1939 Philadelphia – Shibe Park (Both the A’s and Phillies)

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    1940 New York – Polo Grounds

    1940 St. Louis – Sportsman’s Park (Both the Browns and Cardinals)

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    1941 Washington – Griffith Park


    From Baseball History Blog Dot Com

  11. Anonymous

    i think this is the first time i see Dee Gordon (or any Dodger SS or 2nd baseman) use the 2nd base bag as a “shield”.

    • Anonymous

      You forget that the height of second base is a significant percentage of the height of a guy like Gordon.  Less so for a guy like Cal Ripken. 

  12. Christopher Staaf

    First, I would say play Loney at 1B every day just for his fielding ability.

    Second, I really hope the new owners get rid of Steve Lyons. My goodness, he is atrocious. I realize no one is Mr. Scully but jeebus, Lyons needs to go. 

    • Anonymous

      What is so awful about Lyons?  I’ve asked this question numerous times, and have yet to receive a satisfactory answer.  To me, Collins is far worse, and Charlie Steiner makes games un-listenable.  He has a heart attack every time there’s a ball hit to the warning track, and in his excitement, you can’t tell what’s actually happening. 

      Who would you like to see when Vin finally does retire?

      • Anonymous

        Except for Vin, they’re all awful, though I’ll concur that Steiner is the worst. I honestly have no idea who might be a suitable replacement for Vin (can science clone him?), but I’d like it to be someone with an historic link to the Dodgers, and someone who knows when to speak and when to shut up, and who has the good sense to describe the game and avoid being a cheerleader.

      • Christopher Staaf

        Eric Collins is not very good either. I agree, when the new TV contract becomes official, I think the Dodgers will make some changes. I wouldn’t mind the Dodgers throwing some money at Matt Vasgerian to do play by play in games Mr. Scully does not do. As for the color commentator, anyone but Lyons (a guy who just sounds like he loves the sound of his own voice). 

      • KT

        I agree totally with your sentiments about Collins and Stiener. Collins constantly makes mistakes and we all know stieners inability to jugde a flyball

    • Anonymous

      When there’s a new TV contract, I’ll expect there’ll be a significant turnover in the booth except for Scully, presuming a) he’s alive and b) he feels up to it.

    • Lyons isn’t always atrocious, sometimes he’s amusing and sometimes he even gives very astute analysis. Yet at other times he says the most ludicrous things. No I don’t have a long ledger written down of all those, though I know some folks on TBLA who comment on it, but as examples:

      Last week he noted amazement that “Ethier had so many RBIs this season despite hitting behind Kemp.” Whaaa…t? Then he had this gem: “it didn’t take Clayton Kershaw that long to get to MLB, look at all those failure first round picks in Zach Lee, Chris Reed, Ethan Martin and Chris Withrow who are still only in AA”

      I mean, seriously, that’s just poorly reasoned nonsense. He’s not always terrible, and many other color guys are bad to mediocre, but let’s not give him more credit than he deserves. He’s bad.

      Collins isn’t very good, either, I agree. Steiner is likable but a poor play by play guy who still can’t judge fly balls.  Dodgers could do a lot better than any of these fells.  Sadly, the  Giants have two superior guys in Jon Miller and (especially, imho) Dave Flemming. 

      • Anonymous

        Underdog ->I agree. Steiner is likable but a poor play by play guy who still can’t judge fly balls.<

        Come on, he's gotten better thru the years.

        man, you guys are harsh.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t find Steiner very likable.  Lyons gives me an appreciation of what it’s like to be a player that none of the other guys (even Monday) offer. I sometimes forget that Monday played baseball.  

    • Anonymous

      I disagree.  Lyons occasionally says dumb things about not wanting rally-killing HRs, but overall, I find him funny, self-deprecating, and somewhat insightful about pitch selection, hitting approach, etc.  Among all the know-it-alls who nitpick, I like that Steiner appreciates how hard the game is to play well, and that he admires good play.  His praise of Hairston’s pinch-hit walk last night was a case in point – telling us just how hard it is as a PH not to be overly-aggressive. 

      I also like Steiner.  Yeah, he can’t judge a fly ball, but he mostly stays out of the way, and doesn’t commit the #1 sin of bad PBP guys – trying to be the analyst too.  Party for that sin, I can’t stand Eric Collins.  And of course Rick Monday is horrible.  I’d keep Steiner and Lyons and dump Collins and Monday.  I can’t believe one flag save has translated into lifetime tenure for Rick Monday.

      But as much as I think that everyone should share my tastes exactly, I recognize that different fans want different things.  Overall, even with the flaws of everyone not named Scully (and heck, even with his quirks) I’d say the Dodgers are  better served than almost every other team in the league (weirdly, I think the Giants are probably #2).

      • Anonymous

        Jon Miller is among the best in the business, and Kuiper and Fleming are by no means bad, but Krukow yuk-yuk act is really tiring.

      • KT

        I also think a Hr kills a big rally since now no one is on base and everything has to start over and the pitcher now throws from the windup. If the batter gets just a hit other than a hr men stay on base the pitcher remains in the stretch and he has to worry about them the next hit scores a run and the cycle continues

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree with you.  I’ve never gotten what’s so bad about Lyons.  Very astute analyst.  

        Charlie Steiner is absolutely incapable of calling games on the radio.  He belongs on TV.  Everybody points out the fly ball thing, but my #1 beef is that he FREQUENTLY goes silent while a crucial play unfolds, and then attempts to (poorly) describe what happened AFTER the play.  Really maddening stuff if you’re a listener.  I like Steiner and Lyons as the away TV guys, but unfortunatley, Steiner can’t seem to stand Lyons.  Won’t crack a smile for Lyons’ wisecracks but will heartily guffaw at Rick Monday’s puns.  

  13. Speaking of Loney, was funny (or lazy) that Eric Collins just now was talking about how Loney earned a start today after doing pretty well against lefties yesterday. Doesn’t mention Loney’s past success against Hamels which is another reason he’s starting today.

    Harang’s gonna have to be at his best today with Hamels pitching. 

  14. PS: What’s with Phillies phans who wear blue Phillies shirts during Dodgers series instead of their red or magenta options?  Eh, maybe there are more important things to wonder about. ;)

    • Anonymous

      Some of the fans wearing blue in the stands are Dodger fans.

  15. Anonymous

    Hairston was too casual on that play, with Victorino running.

  16. Anonymous

    Both plays that Ellis would have made, Herrera might have made (almost certainly the first, borderline the second), and that Hairston could not make.

  17. bcmaiden

    So, all you bcm detractors and your stats. Hairston cannot manage 2nd base efficiently any longer. His range is bad, he is blowing tag plays, he doesn’t convert enough DP’s, and he is single handedly killing us right now. @3rd his range is not a factor nor his DP ability. 

    • He’s not Mark Ellis that’s for sure. He’s better at 3rd. That said, I’m not sure about “blowing tag plays”, His tag on the Pierre SB was about as good as you can possibly make it, Pierre just made a nice arm slide. He had to whip glove down as quick as possible, and some umps would’ve called that. 

      I guess we need a scapegoat every game, win or lose, so Hairston is today’s designated goat.

      • bcmaiden

        I have the Phillie feed and their camera clearly showed he missed the tag. The ball beat him, the throw was great, and Pierre should have been out. 

    • KT

      I agree Hairston should be the third baseman when there are other 2nd basemen available playing

  18. bcmaiden

    I also agree with Jon on Loney. Stop benching him. I already posted about our 2012 pitching and defense as the reasons we have started so well. I was surprised IDJ didn’t get the call @2nd today. No more Hairston. 

  19. Anonymous

    Terrific job to work out of the inning!

  20. Christopher Staaf

    Great strike em out- throw em out to end the inning. 

  21. Hairston saved the Dodgers’ bacon almost singlehandedly two or three times earlier this season, on defense alone. (Not to mention with the bat.) It is ludicrous that you are ripping on him today. 

    • bcmaiden

      @3rd not 2nd

    • Anonymous

      I like Hairston as a player, but he did misplay Victorino’s ball. I don’t think it’s ripping him to say Ellis would have made both plays, and Herrera certainly one of them.

      • Criticizing Hairston’s play there is not something I have a problem with, though subsequently we saw much worse defense from about 6 other players on both teams. ;) But yeah, I agree. I’m referring to his two  comments above that are more general about how Hairston is single-handedly killing the Dodgers and should be benched. I call hyperbole. :)

  22. Anonymous

    Whenever I see Michael Milken, I see a guy who belongs behind bars.

  23. Anonymous

    Hamels with the sweet stroke, wow, that was a riffle to center. Is there any truth that we might go after him this off-season?

    • Christopher Staaf

      We better go after him with everything we got this winter. 

  24. I still like Steiner.

    We’re halfway to another four-error game. 

    • Anonymous

      I respectfully disagree. I think he’s insufferable and, what’s worse, unable to distinguish a routine fly ball from one that lands 20 rows back into the seats.

      •  I think he’s fun and easy on the ears. 

        • Anonymous

          I find Steiner rarely says anything useful, is horrendous on fly balls, and grating on the ears. The funniest baseball broadcaster I’ve ever heard was Hank Greenwald, who did both the Giants and the A’s (at different times, of course) and briefly the Yankees (who fired him because he was too much fun).

  25. bcmaiden

    Gee, bad defense cost us 2 runs. Go figure. Just read (LAT DHernandez) that Donnie plans on keeping Jerry @2nd when Uribe comes back. Major fail. 

  26. Anonymous

    Well, at least the Dodgers have figured out where to hit the ball.

  27.  Gameday seems to be broken.  They keep having Dodgers reach base on fielding errors by Ty Winnington.

    • Anonymous

      he made errors on 2 riffles by our Dodger bats.

    • Anonymous

      nice play on the 4+1 game.

  28. Anonymous

    Rivera should have tagged and gone to second on Pierre’s arm.

  29. James Loney drives in runs with his glove.

  30. KT

    Nice bare handed grab by Hamels

  31. Anonymous

    I would score that an error.

  32. KT

    Looked like Rivera was pissed that Dee didn’t pull off on the foul ball

    • Anonymous

      yup, Rivera didn’t even want to look at Dee.

  33. Anonymous

    Great story by Crasnick on Ellis and Capuano on

  34. Anonymous

    held my breath on that play by little Dee & Rivera…

  35. Anonymous

    All I really was hoping out of Harang today was to take on that over-used and perhaps mythical role of “inning-eater”. So far, so good. In terms of pitch count, he is on par with Hamels.
    And as far as Loney, here’s a big spot for him to produce with his bat.

  36. KT

    Nice Hit BGJ!!

    • Christopher Staaf

      He’s starting to hit those line drives up the middle again. Great sign. 

  37. Anonymous

    Great timing on that hit and run!

  38. KT

    Come on Alex…hit the ball

  39. KT

    Tony two out RBI again!!!

  40. Christopher Staaf

    Tied ball game! Way to fight back, men!

    • Christopher Staaf

      Spoke too soon! Now we have the lead!!!

  41. KT

    Broken bat hit by MATTY!!!

  42. Anonymous

    Take that, Hamels!

  43. KT

    now Harang leads off the inning…was it a good move?

  44. Christopher Staaf

    OK, what was Tony Gwynn Jr. and/or Mattingly thinking there? Come on! Treanor cleared the pitcher! Ugh. Well, good comeback nonetheless. 

  45. bcmaiden

    Jr. is good with RISP, James has been good, and we take the lead with house money lineup vs Hamels. WOW. I think I’ve seen enough of Castle. 

    • Anonymous

       It’s too early to write off Castellanos, though he may not be ready at this point.

      • KT

        I agree more minor league seasoning 

      • bcmaiden

        Well, his swing is too big, especially for a small guy. Wouldn’t that flaw be hard to correct? His arm is big but not accurate, another skill that may be iffy and he made a mental error trying to get the runner @3rd rather throwing to 2nd. Minor league seasoning should help with the mental errors. 

  46. KT

    Beautiful Catch Juan!!

  47. Christopher Staaf

    Awesome catch by Rivera! Now let Harang pitch the 7th. The bullpen would appreciate that. 

    • KT

      He leads off the inning

      • Christopher Staaf

        See, I just don’t get that. Why not let him go in the 7th? So what if he was gonna lead off the inning? 

    • KT

      No more Aaron

  48. Anonymous

    looking ahead, we have Belly, Elbert Wright, Coffey & Tolleson available to relieve Harang.

    • Christopher Staaf

      Belisario will get the first chance to close. I would love to see Tolleson go in the 8th today. 

  49. KT

    Come on IDJ jr

  50. KT

    Good at bat Elian

  51. KT

    He was out…I blew it

    Good call Mr. Wolf

  52. KT

    Good inning by Jamie

    • Christopher Staaf

      Does Tolleson or Coffey get the shot in the 8th? 

      • KT

        I say keep him out there

      • Anonymous

        i hope Tolleson gets the call (i don’t know much about him) curious to see what he throws.

        • KT

          I can wait until a game that isn’t so close

  53. Anonymous

    So are we going to get to see tolleson in the 8th or someone else

  54. KT

    Nice hit Jerry

  55. KT

    James is definitely going back up the middle…that’s 4 times today

  56. Anonymous

    Am I to assume that the Gameday description of Loney “lining out” from pitcher to first mean that he hit a ball that the pitcher knocked down and threw Loney out at first. Because I can’t figure out how Hairston would get to second.

    • KT


      • Anonymous

        initially i thought it would have gone to center but the replay showd it was curving & heading toward the shortstop..

  57. KT

    Dang…would have loved an insurance run

  58. KT

    Come on DP

  59. bcmaiden

    Damn Fontenot can’t get a starting gig but hits light out vs Dodgers. 

  60. foul tip

    And, yea, it came to pass that after three times making the lumber of the team from Philadelphia into sawdust, Kenley Jansen rested on the fourth day.

  61. Anonymous

    wondering how the strike 3 swing by Mayberry looked on gameday, it looked absolutey SICK live.

  62. Christopher Staaf

    Don’t pitch to Chooch. 

    • Anonymous

      That only applies if Broxton were pitching.

    • Christopher Staaf

      Gotta hand it to Wright. He got 6 outs. Good call KT. 

  63. KT

    Nice 2 Innings Jamey!!

  64. bcmaiden

    There’s rumblings of AJ injury by that HBP in Colorado. FedEx on notice.

    • Anonymous

      Who’s rumbling it?

      • bcmaiden

        Sorry, had to leave and didn’t see your question. Rick Monday reported it today and Mike from MSTI tweeted it. 

  65. KT

    good hit Matty! Nice 2 hit day

  66. Anonymous

    you have to think Tolleson won’t come in with a 1 run lead, Belly makes more sense if we don’t score in this inning. i heard Limblom might be available…

  67. KT

    Good hit Bobby

  68. KT

    Dee needs more bunting practice

    • Christopher Staaf

      Well, he made up for it with that hit. But yes, he needs to go to Maury Wills for lessons. 

  69. KT

    Good hit Dee

  70. Anonymous

    Poor bunting by Dee, on pitches that would have been ball four.

  71. KT

    Nice Elian!!

  72. I love hearing angry and impatient Philly fans all series; it’s like music to my ears.

    And the Phils announcers sound like they’re commenting on a golf funeral.

    We’re almost in Tolleson Debut Territory!

  73. Anonymous

    room service DP that the Phills can’t make. 5-3 Dodgers.

  74. KT

    Nice Dre!!!! but wrong move to send Elian Home

    • Christopher Staaf

      OK, now let’s see Tolleson in the home 9th. 

  75. Anonymous

    Cheap shot by Ruiz on Herrera, who should have been held at third.

    • KT

      Elian went in high then tried to drop down and slide…Ruiz just kept his glove level…looked like that to me also until I reviewed the tag

  76. KT

    I say leave Jamey in or did they pinch hit for him

    • Anonymous

      Abreu came in and PH for him

      • KT

        thought so just wasn’t sure…now tolleson is warming up

  77. Anonymous

    Ok up by no longer a save situation lets hope donnie has some balls and puts tolleson in 

    • KT

      I also think that they should try him out now

  78. KT

    Good hit Jerry!

  79. Anonymous

     Odd sounds in the City of Brotherly Love.

  80. bcmaiden

    Damn, I have to leave when it’s getting awesome and Tolleson should pitch. Go Blue!

  81. Anonymous

    The sky is rising! The sky is rising!

  82. KT

    Tolleson is warming up

  83. Anonymous

    ok fellas, just saw Tolleson moving around in the pen…

  84. Anonymous

    Why do Phillies fans leave games early?

  85. KT

    Time to take him out

    • Christopher Staaf

      Kid looked way too pumped up. I guess I would too if I was making my big league debut. 

      I always said Donnie has the fastest hook since the late Joe Frazier. 

  86. Anonymous

    Wow – I would have gone probably one more batter. But, better one batter too few than one batter too many I suppose.

    • Yeah I agree. Maybe one more batter. But that would’ve been the max. 

      He’ll be fine but looked way too pumped up for his big league debut. I think Mattingly saw that. I like his stuff. 

  87. Anonymous

    Whew, got him out before he walked the lead away

  88. Anonymous

    That was quick.

  89. Anonymous

     Collins and Lyons NEVER give the scores of other games, at least that I can remember.

    • KT

      I’ve heard them say the giants have won already but that’s it

  90. KT

    He couldn’t throw strikes…he’s gone…we didn’t to give them hope

  91. Anonymous

    Belly has some nasty movement today…

    • Anonymous

      so much so that Treanor was fooled on his first pitch.


    Dodgers sweep Philly in Philly in 4 games for first time since 1940s. WOW. 

  93. Anonymous

    Just woke up, 8-3 cool!

  94. KT

    So sweep it is…Love it

  95. Anonymous

    Great job Beli! Sweep!

  96. Christopher Staaf

    Sweep!!! Have a great rest of day guys! See you all tomorrow as we go to Seattle! 

  97. Anonymous


  98. Anonymous

    10 game road trip and we have already won 5 – with 3 left to play. It would be great to go 7-3 on this trip! 

  99. Anonymous

    Interesting that the Rangers are playing their third straight in Oakland this afternoon, and have three in SF starting tomorrow.  Rough travel schedule.

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully they sweep em, those gnats are getting annoying

  100. Anonymous

    Too bad the Giants already have another win in the bag.  Oh, how I hate them and everything they stand for…

    • Anonymous

      There’s no reason to hate the Gnats, but Gnatfans deserve our pity.

      • Anonymous

        My childhood scars from growing up with Giants fans do not afford me the ability to pity them.

  101. Anonymous

    So does Tolleson get a hold?

    •  haha, another silly stat!

    • Anonymous

      No – there was not a save situation in place when he entered the game. The requirements for a HOLD say that the pitcher must enter a game in a save situation and leave with the lead intact (despite how well or poorly they pitch)
      The Dodgers had a 5 run lead. If He had come in with a 3 run lead or less, he would have gotten a HOLD despite how unsuccessful he was. Had he done well and finished the game, he would have gotten no SAVE. Another example of how weak a stat the HOLD is. Had Tolleson or any pitcher come in with a 3 run lead and given up 2 runs and left with the bases loaded with no outs and another pitcher gets the final outs, he/they would have gotten a HOLD even though they had done poorly.

  102. The thing about Loney’s glove is that it is the perfect counterpoint to Dee’s often bumbling plays and the 2B/3B stand-ins defensive shortcomings right now. Although I must say Dee has made some amazing plays this past series. Second base is problematic right now, because without Mark Ellis it seems like a lot of double play balls are turning into mere force outs with Hairston there. I too would rather see Hairston at 3B and Herrera at 2B. But we definitely need some more power from our corner infielders. Loney & Uribe are not cutting it, and I expect changes.

  103. Blue-eyed Gal

    What Stacie says, and I belatedly agree entirely with this assessment of Loney’s worth: mediocre offense, but he takes runs away from the other team.

    And sine I don’t want to post two comments: Poor Juan Pierre. Speaking of a player with worth in some areas but not much in others. I liked him, because I love small ball, but good grief aren’t we lucky not to have had to watch him patrol left field for the last few years? 

    • Anonymous

      Pierre was a fine defender at LF until 2011, and he was average in CF for us in 2007. We had to watch Ethier in RF and Kemp in center. If we can stomach that, then we can handle whatever Pierre can throw at us.

  104. Anonymous

    I’m very late and very predictable in my agreement with Jon about Loney. In years past I was probably irrational in my defense of Loney, but I’m still as impressed with his defense, and I think many undervalue defense. Jon’s other argument is also good—he is the best we have at present and playing almost everyday is the only thing that might ignite one of his hot stretches.

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