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June 8 game chat

Dodgers at Mariners, 10:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Elian Herrera, 3B
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Rivera, DH
Bobby Abreu, LF
Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
James Loney, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
(Nathan Eovaldi, P)


Dodgers order a 4 x 4, eat up Phillies


Oh oh oh: Mariners say yes to no-hitting Dodgers


  1. Rule 6.10
    “A hitter may be designated to bat for the starting pitcher and all subsequent pitchers in any game without otherwise affecting the status of the pitcher(s) in the game. “

    • Anonymous

      A friend of mine who coached junior high was able to use the DH for his second baseman and let the pitcher hit, for what that’s worth.

      • Anonymous

        Up through high school ball, you can use the DH for any player. In women’s softball, the position is called DP (designated player) and she can bat for anyone on the field.

  2. Anonymous

    Jon, I just posted on the 4×4 posting, literally 2 minutes after you started this thread. I do not know if you wish to transfer that post and I will not take that responsibility upon myself. Long story short, my neighbor and his family could use whatever thoughts and prayers the board wishes to send. If you do not feel this is the proper setting, I completely appreciate it, but since so many were kind enough to respond a few days ago, I thought a very sad update was appropriate.

  3. bcmaiden

    The last thing needed for the Dodgers to convince me this a truly special year would be to erase the interleague demons starting tonight. We erased history by sweeping both the Cards & Phils and now need to have a winning record vs the AL in 2012. Do it. 

    • Anonymous

      To me, it would be a special year if the Dodgers (a) win the division, and (b) take the season series from the ‘ants.  The last time they did either one was 2009.
      Actually, it would be a TRULY special year if the Dodgers win it all.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m planning to see the Boys of Summer when they play in St. Louis in late July.  Anyone have any comments or tips about going to Busch Stadium dressed in Dodger blue?  :)  (I know it will stand out more than blue does at Wrigley or Miller Park.)

  5. Anonymous

    Five players in the Dodger starting lineup have a higher batting average than the highest in the Mariner lineup.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but the M’s have looked much better at the plate lately, especially against the Anaheimers. I would not underestimate them.

  6. Anonymous

    Who does AJ Ellis have to bribe to hit higher than 7th?

    • Anonymous

       He needs to get those incriminating photos from Velez.

  7. bcmaiden

    Pitch count – Ugh

  8. bcmaiden

    Yo Blue, Eo is begging for some run support. 

  9. Anonymous

    So, we should try hitting the ball

  10. KT

    Who would have thought a pitchers duel so far

  11. Christopher Staaf

    Eovaldi definitely has the good fastball tonight but at this rate, he’s gonna have trouble getting past the 5th inning. 

    • Anonymous

       He’s clearly got a live arm, but he’s gotten squeezed a bit and his command is not quite there.

  12. KT

    Way to get out of it U-less

  13. Anonymous

    Lets at least make millwood throw more than 9 pitches this inning

  14. Anonymous

    Our Seager implied he was a better hitter than his brother right now. Our 2nd pick was more direct in comparing himself to the #1 pick in the draft with whom he played in H.S.
    “Definitely, I know I can do a lot better things than him,” said Valentin, a shortstop who moved to second base so Correa could play short in high school.”I don’t care if he was the first selection. I’m more physical and more mentally ready to play. That’s not saying he’s a bad player. He’s really good. He was selected where he was supposed to. But I know I can do a better job, too.”

  15. bcmaiden

    Cy Millwood on a complete game pace. Sheesh!

  16. Anonymous

    That was a nice play to get Dee last innings

    • Anonymous

       John, “innings” is cricket. “Inning” is baseball (unless you specifically mean more than one).

  17. Man, I hope this isn’t another tough-luck loss for Eo because he’s pitching great. So is Millwood, obviously.  Runs always tough to come by in this park, too.  Eo’s pitch count too high but otherwise he’s been dealing.

  18. Anonymous

    Come on guys, its just kevin millwood. No hits yet…

  19. Jibin Park

    Does Rule #9 apply when it’s being done against the Dodgers?

  20. Anonymous

    I’ve never seen Gwynn play a ball so poorly, and it may cost Eovaldi, who needs a short inning.

    • Christopher Staaf

      It didn’t cost him. I am gonna say Gwynn had issues with the lights at Safeco because normally he gets great jumps on fly balls. 

  21. Anonymous

    They have 2 players in the line-up hitting 1 something, 2 on the bench, and 1 on the bench hitting 202.
    Plus they have no significant injuries except old friend Franklin Gutierrez who hit 224 last year.

  22. Anonymous

    Collins just violated Rule No. 9.

    • 1) The rule doesn’t apply to sportscasters
      2) “No-no” does not violate the rule, by the way. 

  23. Anonymous

    The Rangers have a 4-0 lead over the Gnats in the sixth. Their offense has been spotty lately, but Zito’s helping them get well.

    • Anonymous

      I see Melky is not playing tonight

      • Anonymous

         Melky has a bad hamstring, but they’re not saying how bad.

  24. Anonymous

    Eovaldi’s hanging in there

  25. Christopher Staaf

    Eovaldi is starting to settle down and should be good for one more inning. Which means Donnie will probably pull him now lol 

  26. I imagine Eovaldi’s night is done at 103 pitches. Six innings, five hits, two walks, no runs, season ERA at 1.93.

  27. Milwood has been pulled from the game. Injury?

  28. Christopher Staaf

    OK, what is going on with Millwood??? Thank you baseball gods. 

  29. KT

    Break for us

  30. Milwood left after throwing one warmup pitch and then cutting himself short before throwing another. 

  31. bcmaiden

    Gameday here. Can someone watching explain the pitching change?

    • Christopher Staaf

      Looked like Millwood hurt something during his warmups. He didn’t even attempt his second warmup pitch and Wedge and the M’s trainer pulled him from the game. 

    • KT

      millwood came out to warm up and after 1 pitch knew something was wrong

  32. Anonymous

    Melky Cabrera is out of the Gnats’ lineup with a hamstring injury. While he’s been playing far over his head, they can’t afford to lose him.

  33. KT

    Looks to me like Millwood hurt it last inning and then tried to warm up and knew it wouldn’t happen after 1 pitch

  34. High chopper to the left of the mound.  Pitcher throws it in the dirt.  Should be ruled two-base error. 

  35. Anonymous

    Here’s our chance!!

  36. Bad break for Millwood.  I was at his final minor league in the summer of 1997 before he was called up to the majors (Braves) for the first time.  He was pitching for Richmond in a game at Toledo, and he totally stifled the Mudhens.  He looked very good, and he was 7-0 in AAA that year when the Braves brought him up.  I had just become the managing editor of the Toledo Blade, it was reader appreciation night, and I got to throw out the first ball.  Great fun.

  37. Anonymous

    Let’s win this thing – even if we don’t get a single, double, triple or homerun.

    • KT

      like we did against the Angels

      • Anonymous

        this has the feel of one of those 1-0 games last year, when we did nothing all game and then Navaro won it for us

  38. Anonymous

    Too bad for Milwood, but Furbush is in!

    *inner twelve-year old*

  39. Sakes alive, Ethier was brutalized on that pitch.

  40. KT

    Come on Juan

  41. Anonymous

    Ethier has been swinging at some really bad pitches lately

    • Christopher Staaf

      He’s pressing. I thought he got a gift from the scorer yesterday and that would jump start him today. It remains to be seen. 

      • Anonymous

         He hit the ball very hard yesterday, though.

        • Christopher Staaf

          Oh he smoked it. However, I think the scorer took the fact that the ball was hit to Mayberry (who is not a 1B). I mean, I am happy. I have Dre on my fantasy team. 

    • bcmaiden

      He’s a sucker for that slider down and in every time. 

      • Anonymous

        I know it’s easy from home, but I could just tell it was going to be low and away

      • Anonymous

         It was down and away.

      • Anonymous

        Before you were on gameday, bcm., I realize that may have changed but if you are still on gameday I have 2 questions: How could you tell the pitch was a slider? Do you know what “down and in” means? The second question applies on gameday or not.

        • bcmaiden

          Gameday had a free look in during his AB. Yes, I do know what down and in means. Eman is a sucker for a slider down and in, but this pitch was down and away. 

  42. Anonymous

    that was an ugly hack from Rivera at 2-0. A single would have done the job, not necessarily all or nothing

  43. KT

    groin strain for millwood…I think it happened the inning before because he didn’t show any signs after the weak warm up pitch

  44. KT

    Dee needs to take lessons from ichiro

  45. Anonymous

    I was surprised to see Ichiro flinch at Elbert’s curve ball.

  46. Christopher Staaf

    Well, the shopping for another LOOGY continues. 

    • Anonymous

       Elbert had some bad luck there. Ichiro’s hit was a dribbler.

  47. Jibin Park

    Sometimes, it’s better to bring in a righty to face a lefty if that righty is better than the pitcher who happens to be a lefty.

  48. KT

    Good Eye Bobby

  49. KT

    Come on Jerry make him pitch to you

  50. Anonymous

    Pryor does the full Tolleson, but with less margin for error.

  51. Anonymous

    Here is your chance James

  52. KT

    Come on James, Line driveup the middle

  53. Anonymous

    Now is the time.

  54. Jibin Park

    Please, no bunt, Mattingly.   No bunt.

    • Anonymous

      At least it was executed well

    • Anonymous

      Loney had GIDP 7 times in 34 opportunities this season. I prefer the bunt.

  55. KT

    that was a ball james

  56. KT

    Good bunt James
    Come on AJ

    • Christopher Staaf

      That was an excellent bunt. I hope Dee Gordon was paying attention!

      • bcmaiden

        His first of the season. To bunt or not to bunt? That is the question. 

  57. KT

    AJ you are going to have to go to rf with this guy

  58. Christopher Staaf

    That just might do it guys. 

  59. KT

    two hit tony…you know your good at it

  60. Jibin Park

    Bad baserunning.

    • KT

      he would have been dead meat

      • Christopher Staaf

        By 10 feet. Figgins had all the momentum coming forward and the throw was less than 200 feet from the plate. 

      • Anonymous

        He barely would have got halfway

        • Jibin Park

          I don’t think so.  He was late to tag.  If he went immediately and read the play, he could have slid to the inside.  It would have been close.

  61. KT

    wasted opportunity

  62. Jibin Park

    A) No Sac.
    B) Gotta Challenge Figgins’ arm.

    • KT

      his throw was a strike on line on the fly to the plate just a little high…out by 10 feet

      • Anonymous

        The throw was there in plenty of time, but a good slide might have avoided a tag because Montero had to leap to get it.

  63. Anonymous

    This is a real jetlag game.

  64. KT

    top of the lineup in the 9th

  65. bcmaiden

    I really hate giving up the out. We don’t have enough hitters on this team to give away outs. AJ lifted the ball off the ground instead of just taking it. 

    • Anonymous

      Loney had GIDP 7 times in 34 possible AB’s. Too many to take a chance.

  66. Anonymous

    Can we still say last licks, if they haven’t really licked yet?

  67. Anonymous

    OK. Last call!

  68. Anonymous

    The Rangers swat the Gnats, 5-0.

  69. Anonymous

    just curious since I don’t know the DH rules, could Loney (or any hitter) have been PH for with the PHer becoming the DH and Rivera moving, in the case of Loney, to first.

  70. Anonymous

    Strap yourself in, here we go

  71. Christopher Staaf

    OMG he was safe. 

  72. Anonymous

    Bad calls are part of the game.

  73. Anonymous

    My goodness!!!!
    Wow that was close

  74. Anonymous

    What happened to tie goes to the runner? He was safe.

  75. Anonymous

    i think he was out, but you need instant replay for situations like that

  76. KT

    replay says safe

  77. Jibin Park

    That was BS. BS!

  78. KT

    Can we say dre to break it

  79. bcmaiden

    I hate interleague play.

  80. KT

    and for those of you who said this was going to be a walk in the park series…I say look at today’s line score

  81. Anonymous

    armando rule: tie goes to pitcher who’s throwing a no hitter. umpire made the right call bang bang play

    • Anonymous

      In a 1-run game with a guy who would be at second on the next pitch. Ludicrous call.

  82. Christopher Staaf

    Oh well. Congrats to the Mariners. Can’t blame it on Ted Barrett. The Dodgers couldn’t break the Seattle bullpen. 

    Tomorrow, please PLEASE bat Herrera or Abreu in the leadoff spot. For the time being, Gwynn and Gordon should be batting later in the lineup. 

  83. Bob T., you here?  Is 6 pitchers the record for a combined no-hitter?  

  84. Anonymous


  85. Anonymous

    Well, with a no-hitter going there was no way the ump was going to call safe on a tie.

  86. Anonymous

    At least the Hated Ones lost as well.

  87. Anonymous

    I was just settling in for the pre-game show.  According to this blog the game was supposed to start at 10:10 pm.

    Just kidding :)

    Congrats to Seattle on this historic no hitter.  Lets not overlook Eovaldi’s solid outing.

  88. Anonymous

    Another good start by Eovaldi – I’ll take consolation in that.

  89. Anonymous

    I always found it interesting that the 1981 Dodgers had a no-hitter thrown against them (Astros/ Ryan), and the 1988 Dodgers had a perfect game thrown against them (Reds/Browning). For a while, I thought it was a good sign when it happened.

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