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Miles to sleep before he goes

Angels at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Elian Herrera, CF
Juan Rivera, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
A.J. Ellis, C
James Loney, 1B
Juan Uribe, 3B
Nathan Eovaldi, P

Aaron Miles, who re-signed a minor-league deal with the Dodgers during their May injury wave, is now going to retire, according to Christopher Jackson of Albuquerque Baseball Examiner. (In addition, minor-league third baseman Jeff Baisley has been released.)

“All the things with him, no spring training, all the things he was trying to get done here, the bottom line with him was that passion, that fire that’s allowed him to continue … it wasn’t there,” Isotopes manager Lorenzo Bundy told Jackson.

Matthew Pouliot has a wrap-up of Miles’ career at Hardball Talk, while you can read my Remembering 2011 piece on him here.


Vin Scully and Bob Miller in drive time


Dodgers pinched, 2-1


  1. Anonymous

    Wilson and Eovaldi matched up against each other for the last exhibition game of the season, a midweek day game that my wife and I went to.
    Pujols hit a home run into the loge where we were sitting. It was very loud.
    I’ve been to one regular season game this year. And Rivera hit a home run into the loge.
    I’m going again on July 1. I demand another loge homer!

    • Blue-eyed Gal

      Preferably not served up by a fella named Albert.
      But I think that’s a fine idea.

      A pity about Miles. Who knows how he was this year, but I find it hard to believe he was less useful a utility player than Kennedy. 

  2. Anonymous

    >> How often does our starting lineup have 3B hitting 8th?

    Not often enough!

  3. Anonymous

    Didn’t Dave Kingman hit a HR into the loge section?

    • Anonymous

       Frank Howard hit one into the third deck off Whitey Ford, if I recall correctly.

  4. Sad to hear about Miles, I was just wondering about when he might come up. Oh well, I guess we get more Kennedy.

  5. Anonymous

    Prior to tonight, the Dodgers have had their 3B bat in the 8 slot, twice. Justin Sellers once and Adam Kennedy once.

    I count 7 from last year. Four with Miles and three with Mitchell.

  6. KT

    Interesting 1st pitch

  7. KT

    Speed caused that error
    Nice pick off throw

    • Anonymous

      I think you can charge that pickoff to Trout. Eovaldi isn’t exactly the second coming of Andy Pettitte when it comes to pickoff throws.

  8. Anonymous

    Loney missed the tag – but that’s one of those “neighborhood” calls – the throw beat him, so he’s out.

    • Anonymous

      Looked like Loney swiped and got part of Trout’s sleeve.

    • KT

      no he actually brushed him twice on the front shoulder and on the back of the same shoulder

  9. Anonymous

    1. i like the lineup tonight, esp Hererra at 2.
    2. I think with his limited abilities, Miles was a good fit for us at the time and I’m sorry to see him retire

    • KT

      me too on both accounts
      Miles was good for us then but not now

  10. Anonymous

    I have a certain respect for Miles, but he’s ultimately fungible (except when his replacement is Kennedy).

  11. KT

    Good eye Elian way to work a walk
    Come on Juan

  12. KT

    Hunter tracked that on easily

  13. KT

    Dre!!! with the gapper

  14. KT

    I don’t see how they missed Dre on that good relay

    • KT

      Missed tag…Dre slide to the outside and was never touched…wow

  15. bcmaiden

    I’m so impressed with Elian. He rarely has a bad AB. Fire in the house Eman. The iceman has melted. 

    • KT

      Yea I think he should take over Uribe’s job permanently

      • bcmaiden

        Uribe is a better defender. I like Elian as the super utility sub who plays almost everyday. Dump the guy we can’t mention when Ellis & Sellers return. 

  16. KT

    Well that lead didn’t last long…but better than being behind

  17. KT

    so far very good at bat by james

    • KT

      He really battled for that single…nice to see him hit the lefty

  18. bcmaiden

    The thing that scares me about EO is his straight fastball. Guys in the majors can hammer a fastball with no movement. 

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t look that straight to me, and it looks it really jumps at the end. I think he’s looked much better than last year.

      • bcmaiden

        The homerun pitch was straight as an arrow watching the gameday video highlights.

  19. bcmaiden

    Giants leading 5-0 behind Cain who has been unbeatable since he signed his extension. They’re in an easy part of the schedule and taking full advantage by winning a lot. 

  20. Christopher Staaf

    Man, that was close. 

  21. Anonymous

    Thought for sure Dee was going to get that one.

  22. Awe. Some. 

  23. Christopher Staaf

    James Loney proving his worth with that Gold Glove. Great DP. 

  24. KT

    I just facebooked to my friend at the game here’s to a 1-2-3 DP….I was off a little

    • Anonymous

      Loney really unloaded that well.

      • KT

        Hey Bob…I guessing you were some where else because you haven’t been here so I’ll say welcome back

  25. KT

    Way to get out of that inning U-less

  26. Christopher Staaf

    That was  good recovery by young Nathan. Loney definitely did his part. 

  27. bcmaiden

    Out of the jam with no damage. Stop benching Loney. 

  28. Walk Pujols here.

  29. KT

    way to go U-less

  30. Christopher Staaf

    Way to get out of another jam! 

  31. KT

    Start it off Elian

  32. bcmaiden

    Man, why can’t we get this kid some run support. Score now, dangit. 

  33. KT

    Good at bat Juan
    Come on Dre

  34. KT

    A little trickery will get you in trouble…hand caught in the cookie jar scenerio

    • Christopher Staaf

      Yes, Aybar tried to pull a Loney! Good interpretation of the rule. 

      • KT

        yea but loney never touched it just let it drop straight out

        • Christopher Staaf

          Exactly! Which is another reason why Loney is gonna have a Gold Glove and Aybar won’t!!!

          • Christopher Staaf

            I realize that Loney’s situation was a pop up and Aybar’s was a slow line drive. 

  35. KT

    Come on Jerry make it hurt

  36. KT

    vinny giving a special situation alert for San Francisco game

  37. Despite the score — 10-0 Giants over Astros after 5 1/2 — there is nonetheless an interesting game going on in Baghdad by the Bay, which the late, great columnist Herb Caen used to call it.

  38. KT

    Make him pitch to you AJ because they want to go after Loney

  39. KT

    Come on James…Make him pitch to you

  40. Anonymous

    When the pitcher’s been that wild, you need to take until he’s thrown a strike.

  41. Anonymous

    I’m excited to see if we can pick up a first baseman who can hit, should be fun

    • maybe one who dosen’t lead baseball in runners left on base and in scoring position please!

  42. Anonymous

    The Mets are appealing the official scorer’s call of a hit in the first inning of Dickey’s one-hitter today.

    After Santana, the Mets now have a taste for blood when it comes to no-hitters.

  43. KT

    Nice play Jerry!!

  44. KT

    definitely a good call

  45. Has Uribe always thrown like he’s got alligator arms?

  46. Wow, that play in SF was pretty amazing.

  47. KT

    Come on DP

    • Anonymous

      Ask and you shall receive.

    • Christopher Staaf

      Delivered…Uribe got saved by Jerry again. I hope that’s not gonna be a recurring theme. 

  48. KT

    Another Excellent play by Jerry…Fine turn on a bad throw…He’s looking much more comfortable at second now

  49. KT

    still special after 6.5 in SF

  50. Matt Cain has a Game Score of 90 through seven innings.

  51. Anonymous

    Uribe actually took a pitch. Even Kennedy usually makes the pitchers work a little more.

  52. KT

    Come on Dee make him pitch to you

  53. So, here’s a question for you… The minimum amount of pitches a pitcher can throw to have a perfect game is 27, right? What’s the least amount of pitches that have been thrown for a perfect game? 

    • Christopher Staaf

      Right off the top of my head, I know Don Larsen threw 87 pitches in his. David Wells was well over 130. 

      • Anonymous

         For the earliest perfectos, probably no records.

  54. KT

    way on the second base side on that popup Dee

  55. The broadcast team in SF is a jinx machine up there…. Sheesh, even showing Cain’s wife.

    • KT

      sorry I won’t switch my game to watch the Gnats do anything…even lose ^_^

    • Anonymous

      The dullest Dodger game is inherently more interesting than the most absorbing Gnat game.

      • KT


        • Jibin Park

          I’d have to respectfully disagree with that.  I dislike the Giants, but it’s quite awesome to see the ending of a perfect game.  It’s happened only 22 times.  Glad I’m subscribed to for the month of June!

          • KT

            If you not there in person does it really matter…It’s not like I haven’t seen a perfect game before

  56. KT

    I winning at solitaire again Dre…Let’s go

  57. Blue-eyed Gal

    I can’t believe I’ve got Vin Scully’s volume turned low so I can watch the last inning of a Giants game. (Multiple screens woot).  I hope I don’t go to Dodger purgatory for this. 

  58. KT

    Dam I knew it was gone as soon as it hit his bat

    • KT

      Time for Javy to get better again…Tag team closers

      • Christopher Staaf

        I dunno if I would go that far but maybe look to the trade deadline to get someone else. Jansen just gives up way too many HRs for my liking. 

  59. Christopher Staaf

    Man, Aybar?? Really?? 

  60. Anonymous

    Terrible pitch by KJ, to a weak hitter.

    • bcmaiden

      Another straight fastball right down the pipe. The thing that bothers me is that our hitters can’t hit HR at all, while weak hitters everywhere do it. 

  61. Wait, what. Coffey is coming in? is Donnie giving up? I’m confused.

    • KT

      He’s expecting to go extra innings

      • Christopher Staaf

        Let’s hope it does go into extra innings. 

    • Anonymous

      Probably didn’t want him to throw too many pitches. He’s been working a lot recently.

      • Jansen — 10 pitches Monday, 24 last night, 14 tonight before being removed..  Mattingly has to be more judicious in his use of Kenley.  I don’t think using him three days in a row is the right way to go.

  62. KT

    Good Eye AJ

  63. KT

    Make him pitch to you James…Take until you get a strike

  64. Anonymous

    You have to run for AJ!

  65. Cain ties Koufax and Ryan for second-best game score (101) in MLB history for nine-inning game.

  66. KT


    • Christopher Staaf

      That was awesome…I would say pinch hit for Uribe but the alternatives aren’t that much better. 

      • Christopher Staaf

        Take that back. Where is Abreu????

  67. Anonymous

    Can Uribe make contact?

  68. Uribe in his brain is figuring out a way to hit a 5 run homerun right now 

  69. I don’t think I’ve been so scared of a double play all season. 

  70. KT

    Good play by James

  71. Man, I think the Angels could have ended the game right there. 

  72. KT

    Come on Tony

  73. Anonymous

    I’m amazed Uribe even made contact. At least Mattingly isn’t using Kennedy to PH.

    • Christopher Staaf

      But Abreu was available. 

      • Anonymous

         Really, a much better choice unless he’s unavailable for some reason.

        • Christopher Staaf

          He’s up now. Come through for us Bobby. 

  74. Seriously, goes on the fritz now?

  75. Jibin Park

    Really? Gwynn?  No swing?

    • Anonymous

      I can’t blame him for not swinging at that.

      •  Well it was a bad pitch but with 2 strikes with RISP down a run in the ninth, you just can’t get caught looking. I learned that when I was 8

  76. have they been calling that a strike all night?? jeez

      •  I didn’t think so. I have been watching. Not every pitch as I was getting the kids to bed, but most pitches. I didn’t want to be THAT guy cause I think umps are part of the game u just have to deal with it, but that was a terrible call. Then again a good hitter fouls it off. Gwynn isn’t a good hitter.

  77. Anonymous

    OK, the strike zone starts at the ankles. Why not Abreu earlier, Don?

  78. Watch.  Abreu will hit what wold have been a sacrifice fly with no outs.

  79. KT

    ump wants this game over with

  80. Anonymous

    Well, in this series Mattingly outmismanaged Scioscia.

  81. Jibin Park

    squeeze with gwynn would have been best bet, IMO…

    • bcmaiden

      I know, our bunt happy manager fails to use the squeeze in opportune situations. 

  82. Christopher Staaf

    Optimist…40-24, still the best record in the league. 

    Pessimist: closer situation isn’t resolved and the offense still needs vast improvement. 

    I still want to know why Abreu wasn’t hitting for Uribe. If the game gets tied and goes to extras, Herrera or Hairston can move to 3B. Oh well. 

    See you all in a couple of days when Kid K goes against the White Sox.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with your pessimist view, we won’t be able to hold onto the best record for long if we keep throwing games like these out there.

    •  we pay Uribe 8 million a year that’s why.

  83. Well, that was a let down.

  84. Anonymous

    Wow that was pretty ugly. Man on third, no outs and we can’t even get ONE run?

  85. Anonymous

    The called 3rd strike to Gwynn was definitely low. Then another to Bobby there was low AND outside. Ump wanted game over.

  86. Meaningless correction of my own recent error:
    Jansen’s pitch count this week — 24 on Monday, 10 on Tuesday, 14 tonight.
    Good night, all

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