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Vin Scully and Bob Miller in drive time

In case you missed it Tuesday, here’s the great chat between Vin Scully and Bob Miller on ESPN AM 710.


Dodgers escape their Waterloo, 5-2


Miles to sleep before he goes


  1. Anonymous

    Bob Miller, with former color commentator Dan Avey, back in 1975. 

  2. Anonymous

    The guy in the middle looks like Chick Hearn.

  3. Anonymous

    In one single picture, it sums up why I love LA sports.  Thanks Jon.

  4. That pink glove with no webbing that Jerome Williams used last night was awesome in it’s ugliness.

    • Anonymous

      Ha – my 10-yr-old son saw that thing and asked me, “Dad, why the heck is he wearing that glove?”

      • Anonymous

        Is Abreu still using that red glove he had when he first came over from the Halos?

      • KT

        And my daughter love it because it matched her glove

  5. Anonymous

    Speaking of scoring without an RBI, remember the fourth out play, when Ethier scored from third on a line drive out before Pierre got doubled up off second base?….In the box score, the batter, Randy Wolf is credited with an RBI, but also an at-bat.  To my mind, if the run scores, he should get a sac fly, since the play is no different than two runners tagging up and the one going to third being out.  But he also hit into a double play, which should negate the RBI.  Ahh, inside baseball!

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for the link, Jon.  I agree with Ireland’s sum-up at the end.  That was one of the coolest things I’ve heard on the radio.  Vin Scully is the best – so classy.  I was also missing Bob Miller’s call of the Finals games, and I’m glad Scully pointed that out. 

    We’ve been pretty spoiled in LA with the talented announcers we’ve been privileged to enjoy.  Most announcers detract from the game (thank goodness for the MUTE button).  But Scully, Hearn, and Miller were reasons to tune in, over and above the action between the lines.

    • Ditto. I really appreciate Jon posting the link, and I will listen to it later today, when I have the leisure to savor it.

      Having been a Kings fan for almost 40 years, I’ve been both ecstatic and a little choked up this week, all the more so because Bob is as dear to the Kings’ fan base as Vin is to Dodgers fans, and as Chick was to Lakers fans. And now he finally has a Stanley Cup ring.

      In particular, I thought about that episode of Bill MacDonald’s old Sports Roundtable show where he got Vin, Chick and Bob together to chat and reminisce. Vin wore one of his World Series rings, Chick wore one of his NBA Championship rings. And Bob quipped, “Well…. I’ve got a wedding ring.” I find myself wishing that Chick was still with us, if for no other reason than Billy Mac could get them all together again, except that Bob Miller wouldn’t be the only one without a championship ring this time. :-)

  7. Anonymous

    Sure glad you provided that link Jon – I would not have gone looking for it – yeah, Vin and Bob sure ooze class don’t they? Great picture up top too – I used to really love listening to Chick do his thing back in the “Showtime” days. Was given a book for Christmas years ago, “CHICK” by Hearn and Steve Springer that came with a CD of some of Chick’s greatest calls with Al Michaels narrating it.
    It’s a cool thing to have.

    • Anonymous

      If you can find it, there’s a LP from 1972 with some of Chick’s best calls and interviews during the 33 game win streak.

  8. Tonight’s lineup: Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers:  ‘@Dodgers lineup: Gordon SS, Herrera CF, Rivera LF, Ethier RF, Hairston 2B, AJ Ellis C, Loney 1B, Uribe 3B, Eovaldi P #VoteDodgers

    • Anonymous

      I’m pleased to see the lineup is Kennedy-free, and that Uribe, if he must play, is at least batting eighth.

      • Anonymous

        8th because Eovaldi probably can’t hit a lick.  

        Mattingly, not knowing any better, flipped a coin to decide whether Loney or Uribe would hit 8th.

        •  If Loney and Uribe could just match their career numbers Ned is still mumbling to himself.

          • Anonymous

             Loney, for all his shortcomings, remains a far greater threat than Uribe.

  9. Anonymous

    What a wonderful photo. God bless those three gentlemen.

  10. Anonymous

    Those wondering whether Aaron Miles would make the Dodgers again this year, the answer is no:

    •  Hairston’s performance this year has certainly eclipsed last season dynamic duo of Miles and Carroll, but they were a lot of fun to watch. Scrappy!

  11. Anonymous

    Wilson and Eovaldi matched up against each other for the last exhibition game of the season, a midweek day game that my wife and I went to.

    Pujols hit a home run into the loge where we were sitting. It was very loud.

    I’ve been to one regular season game this year. And Rivera hit a home run into the loge.

    I’m going again on July 1. I demand another loge homer!

  12. Anonymous

    How often does our starting lineup have 3B hitting 8th?

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