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Harang walks eight, and it ain’t so great

Aaron Harang, who struck out nine batters in a row two months ago, had another distinctive outing tonight.

Harang walked eight batters in 3 2/3 innings at Oakland. According to

Oddly, only one of the eight walkees scored. Harang, who threw 105 pitches to get 11 outs (striking out six), left with the Dodgers down, 3-0 – all three runs coming in the first inning.


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  1. Anonymous

    That game by Koufax was just his third appearance in pro ball.

  2. Anonymous

    Someone forgot to pack the bats on the plane ride.

  3. KT

    A’s announcers talking about Kemp tackling Dee…Not very favorable about it

    • Anonymous

      i remember coach use to put us up on his shoulders, sometimes, if the guy was to heavy he’d ask for help, but is was all fun & innocent…

  4. Games like this make me start surfing over to rumors sites to see who’s available.

  5. KT

    Nice play james

  6. KT

    Come on Bobby

  7. Anonymous

    don’t know what the stats say, but i think Abreu has held his own, nice move by management…

  8. Anonymous

    is he around the strike zone, why arent’ the Dodgers taking more pitches.

  9. By the numbers:
    The Dodgers started out 9-1.
    Then went 10-10. (19-11 cumulatively)
    Then went  13-4 (32-15)
    Then went 10-10 again (42-25).
    So, tonight should be the start of 17-7 run, by adding 4-3 to 13-4, as 13-4 was reached by adding 4-3 to 9-1.
    OK, it isn’t terrible logical.

  10. Anonymous

    The cure for insomnia, tonight’s Dodger offense.

  11. Anonymous

    well, the pen is doing a nice job.

  12. Strike out, strike out, fly out… Am I being too cynical?

    • Anonymous

      Uribe did his part, striking out on a terrible pitch

  13. KT

    New pitcher…new game

  14. I’m Rule 8ing myself about Juan Uribe.

  15. Christopher Staaf

    At least Uribe didn’t GIDP this time. 

  16. Anonymous

    Looking like a shutout loss….to the A’s….

  17. Anonymous

    Tolleson seems to have a deceptive (sp) delivery, not sure what his K rate looks like but it seems like it would be up there.

    • Anonymous

      13.2 per 9 IP in AA, 14.5 per 9 IP in AAA

  18. Well now maybe Tolleson can get his first career win…. let’s go boys!

  19. Anonymous

    Ok….. Long day…
    1.  Jon Weisman… I love the Schoolhouse Rock!  My wife is a teacher….required viewing for me.
    2.  While much of the talk from Vinny concentrated on the error by TGwynn Jr. in the first inning, I’m quite critical over another play.  I’m sorry, but Andre Ethier absolutely has to take charge and get his “rear in gear” and catch that popup by Coco Crisp.  That’s the RF ball all the way… and if I’m Donny Ballgame, I’m pretty bummed with ‘Dre on that particular play.  IMHO gratuity, of course. :-)

  20. KT

    is that our break

  21. KT

    two on
    Come on BGJ

  22. Jibin Park

    oh james….

  23. Anonymous

    No wonder we only got 2 hits tonight, with more Dodger fans than As fans in the stadium it must have felt like a home game lol.

  24. Anybody else surprised Loney went up to bat there?

  25. KT

    The way it came off the bat i thought it was through the middle

    • I did, too, thought for sure it was a liner up the middle. Instead it was fool’s gold. A broken bat nothing. :(

  26. Christopher Staaf

    For those who always wonders why Donnie sits Loney, the game ending at-bat serves as good evidence. 

    BTW I really like James and his glove has saved a lot of runs. However, I can’t defend him hitting into what seems like his umpteenth double play of the year. Good night guys. See you all tomorrow and let’s hope Eovaldi brings it for at least 7. 

  27. Anonymous

    i always feel kind of bad for Loney, he really needs to be in there on a regular basis to be productive (long swings tend to need every day play) just my opinion but i think management could handle that siituation a little better. He’s shown in the past that his bat is at least serviceable…

  28. That game was bull dooky, but hey, our arguably 5th best starter going against their best (coming back after long layoff). Very meek effort to be sure but I will expect better than the goose egg they laid tonight.  I know Eo is due, confarnit.

  29. At least the Giants are being clobbered in Anaheim. Hopefully to the point where their pen is wasted and they’re demoralized. ;)

    • Christopher Staaf

      I doubt the Giants are demoralized. They had Zito going tonight and from the looks of things, the other shoe has fallen off for Zito. I expect the Giants to be hanging around all summer. 

  30. Does Coco Crisp have a stud in his neck?

  31. Anonymous

    On the bright side, the last time they started out a series against a lousy NL West opponent and got shut out, they came back to win the next two.  As I see it, they’re already two hits up on the situation a week ago.  Plus the bullpen was pretty good again. 

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