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June 19 game chat

Dodgers at Athletics, 7:05 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Elian Herrera, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Bobby Abreu, DH
James Loney, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Adam Kennedy, 2B
Juan Uribe, 3B
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
(Aaron Harang, P)


Dodger Stadium’s ongoing wireless problems


Harang walks eight, and it ain’t so great


  1. Anonymous

    Have not seen the passing of Dave Boswell reported here at DT. He pitched in the 1965 WS for the Twins against the Dodgers. RIP

    • Anonymous

      A Baltimore native, finally got to pitch for the O’s in his last season in 1971.

  2. Anonymous

    if i remember correctly, we had a 17 inning affair with the A’s a few years back right fellas?

    • Anonymous

      Pretty good memory.  June 17, 2006.  Seo had 3 BBs in the 17th and walked in the winning run.

    • I was at that game. Steve Karsay got the win, and then decided to go out on top, and retired after the game.

  3. Karros just said on Think Blue TV that he hopes the Dodgers trade for a guy like Dempster because teams can win in the post season with two dominant pitchers. Wait, Dempster would be that other dominant pitcher along with Kershaw? I don’t see it.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see it either.  At age 35, Dempster’s numbers are way better than they have ever been before.  We already have two guys just like that in the rotation – Capuano at 33, and Lilly at 36.  Throw in the kid, and Dempster isn’t any better than three guys we already have.  (And while Bills, Harang, and Eovaldi have their flaws, all can come up with an occasional gem as well.)  No thanks.

      • Though he isn’t dominant either, I’d prefer the Dodgers looked at Garza.

      • Anonymous

        Dempster has pitched better than any Dodger in 2012 yet you say no thanks without any mention of what such a trade will cost. I think another team will offer more than the Dodgers will but the trade should be considered.
        Dempster’s ground ball to fly ball ratio is 0.71, last season 0.79, the 3 years before that at least .93 yet his ground out to fly out ratio is 0.80, the previous 4 years at least 1.22. He is getting outs that used to be hits and throwing fewer pitches thereby. Now, his BABIP is a very low 237 (his BA against is 11th best in MLB at 204) I don’t dismiss that as luck as readily as others. Perhaps you have some facts that you have seen in Chicago that speak to what knowledgeable baseball people say as to how Dempster is pitching so well, if so please post such.
        His line drive % is about the same as last year but H/9 is 29% lower. Could be luck, could be a 10 week hot streak, could be lasting. You are too quick to say No thanks.

        • Anonymous

          >> You are too quick to say No thanks.

          And you are WAY too quick to hop on the unsustainable bandwagon of a 35-year-old whose numbers have never looked anywhere near this good before, not even close.  Just to cite one stat as an example:

          Age 32 2009 WHIP 1.305
          Age 33 2010 WHIP 1.319
          Age 34 2011 WHIP 1.448
          Age 35 2012 WHIP 1.012

    • Anonymous

      Dempster has been dominant in 2012. Does that help you see it? If not perhaps you will be nice enough to elaborate on what you don’t see. 

      • Yeah his 2012 numbers are nice. But do I think he will be a dominant force in the post season that the team could rest their hopes on? No. Something like Hamels/Lee or Halladay if healthy is a dominant duo one can depend on. That’s all.

        • Anonymous

          you did not answer the question imo

          • I think nsxtasy has done a nice job of that. We are not debating his current 2012 numbers, but a 35 year old doing it for the first time and sustaining it seems very unlikely. Obviously none of us truly know how he will pitch for the rest of the season.

  4. Blasted Prime Ticket/KCAL deal. It sure seems like there are more KCAL games this season than the last four or five. (I may have said this before, but I still believe it.)

  5. Anonymous

    Ken Arneson has a chia of Coco Crisp. hehe

  6. I’m already glad I decided not to go to this one tonight. Of the 3 Dodger starters in this series, Harang is the one by far I’d least enjoy watching pitch.  Anyway, not a great start. 

  7. Christopher Staaf

    Wow, I never thought I would see Gwynn Jr. misplay a bounce. 

    • Anonymous

      it has some english on it, it seemed to me it took a funny hope.

  8. KT

    Seems like Tony is regressing in all aspects right now…time off might be a good thing for him

    • Christopher Staaf

      I dunno, I really don’t want to see Ethier or Elian play CF too much. I hope Kemp starts that rehab assignment this weekend and come back for the series against the Mets. 

      • Anonymous

        we must resist Christopher, i’m hoping he comes back till after the all-star break.

        • KT

          I agree blue after the break to make sure

        • Christopher Staaf

          Oh I am all for making sure KeMVP comes back 100 percent, even if it means after the the break, but we can’t keep hoping the offense will get timely hits consistently. Right now, no one fears anyone in our lineup, including Ethier. That’s got to change soon. 

  9. Anonymous

    a blame all this on Kennedy.

  10. Anonymous

    The first 5 Angels reached base against Zito tonight in Anaheim. 3 of them scored on a Pujols homer.

    The 6th batter sacrificed!

  11. KT

    Well time to get some back guys

  12. Anonymous

    40 pitches in one inning, terrible.

  13. Jack Dawkins

    That half inning felt like it was 2 hours long.

  14. Anonymous

    And we go down without a fight, 1-2-3.

    • Yeah the current pitch count comparisons are… not good.  Offense needs to get a couple runners on at least…

  15. On the bright side, maybe my friends at the game tonight will get to see Tolleson!

  16. Anonymous

    Harang is going to ruin the off days the bullpen had on the first day back.

  17. Anonymous

    Another walk by Harang. Don’t know why the As are even swinging.

    • Anonymous

      everything seems to be up (at least to me) i’m wondering if he’s tired or something.

  18. Anonymous

    Instead of trying to take pitches, Kennedy swings at the first one for a pop fly out…

    • Anonymous

      and Uribe tries to hit it to Neptune but comes up empty.

  19. Anonymous

    meanwhile McCarthy only has 20 plus pitches.

  20. KT

    Good Tony made contact…nice to see

  21. Anonymous

    Dee with a flyball, fine him.

  22. This feels like first game of the Mariners series (though they have a hit now), in that the offense looks flat and like this will be another long interleague road series. And yet, that series worked out okay ultimately.  No time to panic!

    So I won’t mention that I miss Matt Kemp. 

  23. Anonymous

    Walk them all Harang, go for the record books.

    • Christopher Staaf

      No. Crisp got a double and scored. 

  24. Anonymous

    Pitch count is now Harang-85, other guy-39, way to make him work guys.

  25. Anonymous

    Harang is a strike out pitcher so you’d expect him to make a lot of pitches but almost 70 in 3 innings!! err.

  26. Jack Dawkins

    Josh Reddick walks up to bagpipes.  I like.

  27. Anonymous

    that story Vin just mentioned touched my heart man. really cool.

  28. Anonymous

    ANOTHER walk, terrible game from harang, now the bullpen has to suffer.

  29. Christopher Staaf

    Well, that turned into a bullpen game quickly. Here is hoping Eovaldi and Kershaw go at least 7 in the next two days. 

    • And here’s hoping Zito goes all 9 for the gnats.

      • Christopher Staaf

        lol Bochy threw the towel on that one. 

    • Anonymous

      If we can get out of this quickly, it just means 2 more innings for Wright, right.  Harang usually goes only 6 anyway. Still in the game, for now.

  30. Anonymous

    there showing Harang with a PO’d face. No worries Harang, you didn’t have it today, it happens.

  31. Anonymous

    as Vinnie would say, Elbows & Knee Caps…

  32. Anonymous

    Please get us a real third baseman!

    First pitch swinging…

  33. I’ve been away for a couple of days on a crazy deadline… Who were we Ruled 8ed about? 

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