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June 21 game chat

Dodgers at Athletics, 12:35 p.m.
Kershaw CXXXI: KershaR2D2
Dee Gordon, SS
Elian Herrera, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Rivera, 1B
Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
Ivan De Jesus Jr., DH
Juan Uribe, 3B
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Matt Treanor, C
(Clayton Kershaw, P)




At least Kershaw pitched well


  1. Anonymous

    It’s sorta nice to see De Jesus get in the lineup, but why not put Hairston at third, IDJ at second, and have Ellis DH? And I didn’t even have to risk a Rule 8 violation, I don’t think.

    • Managers don’t like to use their alternate catcher as a DH because if you have to put him in the game, you lose use of the DH and the pitcher has to bat. 

      I’m not saying that you should bet on the worst-case scenario happening, but I’m sure that’s what’s in play. Plus the Dodgers not having another off day until July 9, so the idea of giving Ellis a full rest when they can makes sense on some level.

  2. Anonymous

    Ivan De Jesus is now running neck and neck for title of “most surprising Dodgers choice for a DH” with Trent Oeltjen, who did it twice last year.

    Oeltjen is the last Dodger DH to get a hit. He singled against Tyler Chatwood of the Angels last July 1.

  3. From the last thread: Terrible news on Roberto Baly; I’ll be hoping for the best.

    Conversely, an uplifting story from Tim Brown on Josh Lindblom’s volunteerism.

  4. Anonymous

    Mattingly is trying to get as many right handed hitters in there as possible, which is why IDJ is there.  Ellis would be a good pick for DH, except I think Mattingly wants to get him a complete day off, which makes sense since we are still in the first half of the season.

  5. Anonymous

    When an overmatched IDJ is the DH, desperation about this slump is setting in. I know a lot of folks here think he’s a quality player, but I’m not in that group.

  6. foul tip

    The headline belies what little content there is here.  But Ned does have a point that with the 2d wildcard spot, teams are not willing to talk trade as quickly.   Says he’s been trying since May. Report seems to have come from LA Times.

    • Anonymous

      Not much in the article, but when I read the comments, it really made me appreciate the intelligence level of those here at DT.

  7. Anonymous

    Is Vinny doing the game today?

  8. KT

    Blacked out on PTHD…have to watch the Oakland feed

    • KT

      Oakland is being stingy and making us out of area people watch their broadcast

  9. KT

    way to end the streak Clayton

    • KT

      Crisp had 36 consecutive steals before being caught

  10. Anonymous

    Exceptional play by Dee after Rivera’s Garveyesque throw.

  11. bcmaiden

    So, Eman has been slumping for a month. I guess I was premature last week thinking the ice was melting. Love Kid K and the great pickoff move. Dee saves a bad throw from Rivera. 

  12. Anonymous

    Well put Vinny. Hitting is contagious ….both ways!

  13. bcmaiden

    Looks like our team has finally been exposed. Utility guys and old rejects playing out of their minds is history. The schedule is not getting easier. 

  14. KT

    hererra is an infielder

  15. bcmaiden

    Elian has played poorly in the outfield and Jerry/Adam have played poorly in the infield. You think Donnie would switch those guys. Why keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results?

  16. Christopher Staaf

    Well, that’s not good. 

  17. KT

    Come on DP

  18. bcmaiden

    Please don’t get swept Dodgers. 

  19. The Dodgers just got swept in Oakland.  Unbelievable.  I expect to also be swept in Anaheim and San Francisco now.

    • KT

      what game are you watching…it’s 1-0 in the bottom of the 2nd and you already gave up

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps he’s watching a soccer match.

        • LOL.  I feel like it sometimes.  Yesterday I watched parts of the games in Arizona, Milwaukee, and Yankee Stadium.  Why can’t the Dodgers mash like that?  That’s real baseball.  I get frustrated when the Blue struggles to score so often, while other teams seem to be able to score at will.  I’d rather have bad pitching than bad offense.

          • Christopher Staaf

            Great pitching will keep you in more games than great offense will. 

          • Debatable.  Most recent championship teams have had good-to-great offenses.  All pitch, no hit teams don’t win the WS — the 2010 Giants being a fluke when you look over the past 20 years or so.  And if you are watching a losing team, it is a LOT more fun to watch a team lose 9-8 than lose 2-0 every night.

        • Funny thing is this game has been much more exciting than the Czech v Portugal Euro match. What a snoozefest.

      • I’ve watched the last two games.  This is a team (and a ballpark, especially with the DH) that the Dodgers should be putting up lots of runs and homers against.  The fact that they aren’t is telling.

        • Christopher Staaf

          Don’t give up just yet! It’s only the 3rd inning!

        • foul tip

           As currently constructed, this team isn’t going to put up a lot of HRs v. anybody anywhere.  It may have been overachieving at scoring until lately.  It’s probably better than very recent results, but an offensive juggernaut it ain’t.

          Oakland’s park is not anyone’s hitting paradise.

        • Anonymous

          i’ve been up there (SF actually) the air is really thick in the bayarea, & from what i remember (it’s been a while) it gets cold really quickly too.

          • True, but the power alleys are very short and the ball flies during the day.  I went to a lot of A’s games in the early 2000s when I was living up there and there were a lot of homers hit and runs scored in that ball park.  But the A’s had a good hitting club then (Giambi, Tejada, Chavez, Dye, etc.).  It’s not a good hitters’ park overall due to the huge foul territory, but the fences are reachable.

  20. KT

    At least Matty hit it hard…1st hard hit ball by the club..need more of those so they can start getting through

  21. bcmaiden

    Good inning for Kersh. Keep them down and pray for some offense. 

  22. bcmaiden

    Can’t believe this long-standing issue hitting vs LH junk ballers. Our RH hitters without Kemp just aren’t good enough and Donnie is forced to use LH who can’t hit LH either. 

  23. KT

    TIE Game….Nice Juan!!!

  24. bcmaiden

    Rivera says I can still hit LH on occasion.

    • Christopher Staaf

      He needs to be more wary of that Blackley pickoff move though. 

    • bcmaiden

      But, I don’t know how to stay on 1st base because it’s been so long. 

  25. Anonymous

    So when teams score a lot that’s “real baseball”? Except when the games get too high-scoring, then people want low-scoring games?

    The Dodgers are above the league average in runs scored. If you want the team to score more runs, tell Stan Kasten to have the fences moved in 30 feet. Or have the team play in Lancaster.

    • Don’t need to move the fences in — Dodger Stadium is a decent hitter’s park now with less foul territory.  We already have the shortest CF in the majors, and park factors show that Dodger Stadium has favored home runs over the MLB average since the late 1990s.  We just need to hire/produce better offensive players, as other clubs do.  I’d gladly accept a team ERA in the low 4s if we could have a club that reliably scores 800-900 runs and hits around 200 homers per season.  Yes, to me, that’s real baseball.  And if you look back over the last 15 years or so, it is almost a requirement to win the World Series.

    • Anonymous

      But they would have to change the zippers on their sports bags to drawstrings.

  26. KT

    why wasn’t rivera standing on second after his hit…thought for sure it was a double…did he slip or something

    • Christopher Staaf

      I will say because he’s slow and didn’t want to test out that hammy. 

  27. bcmaiden

    Why is Kersh throwing so many sliders? 

  28. KT

    Come on DP

  29. KT

    Got to go to the VA for an appointment…hold the fort…I expect a win when I get back guys…Do your best

    • Anonymous

      But I am already giving a 110%!  Take care KT.

  30. bcmaiden

    Ned is pounding the phone lines looking for trades and I don’t trust him. I see him getting more over-the-hill players and parting with some young pitching. Scary thought. 

    • Anonymous

      if i were Ned i’d know i’m being watched by our new ownership, i’d be slow to make hurried moves, i’m hoping he makes well thought out moves with all that’s going on right now…

      • bcmaiden

        Hope you’re right, but Kasten & Co. is an unknown until they actually make transactions. 

  31. Two runs and seven hits in 24 innings in Oakland.  I truly think that we will break out of this funk in the 7th inning with our 2-3-4 hitters due up.

    • bcmaiden


    • Anonymous

      The Kid making sure that we don’t have to demand too much from our offense today.

  32. Anonymous

    you guys know how long Ethier’s slumps last?

  33. bcmaiden

    The ‘Cy Athletics’ completely baffling the Dodgers. So, so sad. 

  34. Anonymous

    Juan is so disappointing that he no longer disappoints.

  35. bcmaiden

    The team is depressing but Uribe makes it unbearable for me. 

  36. When Uribe is due up, the announcer should say, “For the Dodgers, lunging 7th, Juan Uribe.”

  37. Anonymous

    Way to go, errr, Matty!

  38. bcmaiden

    Damn, Dee learn to bunt. 

    • Anonymous

      But, if he just steals 2nd we are ahead of the game. (Dang!)

  39. peter drysdale

    Y can’t we score dangit?!

  40. Catcher for Oakland is making his major league debut today.  Run, Dee, run!

    • He can’t bunt, and he is thrown out stealing.  Sort of like hitting into a DP. Well, I did want him to go.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong ;-) I mean :-(

  41. bcmaiden

    OMG, please make it stop. 

  42. peter drysdale


  43. Anonymous

    first 2 batters Limblom’s control is a bit off…

  44. Anonymous

    I have been amazed to see this small losing streak cause almost a panic and be called a “severe slump”. Actually I had figured the Dodgers with Kermp this year as a .500 team, depending on the pitching. But I was wrong–with their good pitching and some good breaks they have been great. Now they are not getting the breaks, but they are still playing some great ball, and I love it.

  45. Anonymous

    Not getting any breaks, just when we need them the most.

  46. Anonymous

    i’m being made fun of at-work (a Halo fan & Yankee fan) because of this A’s series, i have no witty answer for them…

  47. bcmaiden

    Team wide failure. My worst nightmare come true. Very unhappy. 

  48. Anonymous

    just saw the re-play, man, that thing was smoked.

  49. Losing three in a row is bad, losing three in a row to this team is worse, losing three in a row to this team in the manner that we did — two runs and eight hits in 27 innings — is the worst.  We need some bats and some fire.  Lasorda would have dumped the post-game spread on the floor if he were still the skipper.

    • foul tip

       And later had nightmares about wasting all that food, maybe getting chased around by the ghost of lasagna tossed, not eaten.

      • Anonymous

        Or he would’ve just eaten it after he dumped it.

  50. Anonymous

    dodgers w/o kemp is a .500 team?  let’s not be blinded by the good luck we have enjoyed, just be thankful we’ve built a little cushion because of it.

  51. I don’t care how good our pitching is, unless we can consistently score runs, we won’t win the division.  The Giants have much the same problem, which is why I can see the Diamondbacks eventually prevailing.  They have a legitimate major league offense. 

    • Anonymous

      Belt is looking pretty good recently. Their middle infield is a mess, though.

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