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In five games over the past seven days, the Dodgers a .201 batting average, .273 on-base percentage and .252 slugging percentage.  No Dodger starter has an OPS above .700. No Dodger has hit a home run.

The Dodgers’ best hitters in this period have probably been Elian Herrera (5 for 20 with two doubles and two walks) and Juan Uribe, who has a single and three doubles in 17 at-bats. The remaining Dodger hitters have one extra-base hit in 141 at-bats.

They have five home runs in June, none since Juan Rivera’s three-run shot off the Angels June 12.

And yet, as Baseball Prospectus writes, “The Dodgers’ winning percentage without Matt Kemp is better than any National League team’s winning percentage.”

Not that we don’t want Kemp back …

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  • Josh Lindblom’s efforts to help the people of Skid Row are chronicled in detail by Tim Brown at Yahoo! Sports.
  • Here’s a great four-minute video piece on Bill Murray and baseball by Amy K. Nelson of SB Nation.



Hey, don’t all stop hitting at once


June 21 game chat


  1. Anonymous

    “Have probably been”….I guess that allows Uribe to be mentioned. Interesting double yesterday.

  2. KT

    You could see everyone trying too hard yesterday…lunging at the low change up pitch. I know it’s easier said then done but the guys have to stop pressing and the hits will return
    Come on Clayton let’s have a good game today

    Reminder: todays game starts at 12:35

  3. It doesn’t help that our increasingly challenged manager puts his highest OBP performer (.428) in the 9-hole, thereby guaranteeing he’ll get fewer at bats than anyone.

  4. Anonymous

    Tripleheader in Omaha today. The older USC is beating Kent State now 4-1. If the Gamecocks hold on, they’ll play Arkansas late tonight. In between, Florida State plays Arizona. Arkansas and Arizona can both afford to lose. Nobody else can.

  5. Update on Roberto Baly:

  6. Big game for Kershaw today. Last week, he said the pain was diminishing…he got an extra day’s rest this time around due to the off day. I’m very interested in seeing how he does against a bad offensive team.

  7. Anonymous

    Hey… it happens.
    This ball club needs a bounce here and a bouce there….
    A call here and a call there…
    Haven’t been getting them….
    Combine that with some outstanding performances by opposing players / teams….
    And there you have it….
    A little “skid”
    No worries. 

    • Anonymous

       I just came back to the computer and re-read my comment….

      “Gosh.  Have I gone ‘soft’ …. ”

      Perhaps being a new parent (no sleep) has taken all my “rant energy” …
      Whatever… :-)

  8. Today’s lineup:

    Gordon 6
    Herrera 7
    Ethier 9
    Rivera 3
    Hairston 4
    De Jesus DH
    Uribe 5
    Gwynn 8
    Treanor 2

    Kershaw 1

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