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Mickey Hatcher a Dodger again (Note: not on active roster)

Some afternoon news and notes …

  • Mickey Hatcher has returned to the Dodger organization as a special assistant to the general manager, according to Alden Gonzalez of (via Hardball Talk).

    Update: An official Dodgers press release says Hatcher “will devote time helping with player development as well as assisting the major-league staff.”

    Hatcher hit one home run in the 1988 regular season, two in the ’88 World Series and two more for the rest of his major-league career. In 1990, his final season with the Dodgers, Hatcher OPSed .498 in 85 games. So don’t expect him activated.

    Manny Mota, on the other hand …
  • A man wearing a Dodger jacket disappeared after Monday’s game and is suspected to have fallen into the bay adjacent to AT&T Park, according to Ellen Huet of the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • The ownership group that includes Peter O’Malley, his sons Brian and Kevin, nephews Peter and Tom Seidler and golfer Phil Mickelson have been given an exclusive negotiating window to buy the San Diego Padres, according to Scott Miller of Sale price is expected to be in the $800 million neighborhood. Though the former Dodger owner is the biggest name in the group (at least for readers of this website), it’s the next generation that figures to be the long-term key players.
  • Still not much new on the disappearance of Daron Sutton from the Arizona Diamondbacks broadcast team, as Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic notes.
  • Clayton Kershaw reached Double-A 14 months after being drafted. (He had the advantage of pitching in Rookie ball the year he was picked.) Zach Lee, who was drafted in June 2010 and began his pro career in April 2011, has been promoted to Double-A. Writing more on the subject for True Blue L.A. is Craig Minami.
  • The one-time Fabulous Forum has been purchased by the Madison Square Garden Co., which will renovate the venue for performance use.
  • Here’s the latest health update from Roberto Baly of Vin Scully Is My Homeboy.


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  1. Anonymous

    Does he get Bill Mueller’s office?

    • Anonymous

      Two other Old Friends have job titles similar to Hatcher’s “Special Assistant to the GM, Baseball Operations and Player Development”: Aaron Sele and Jose Vizcaino.

  2. Anonymous

    Welcome back, Mickey our savior.

    • Anonymous

      Care to get Albert Pujols’ take on that?

      • Anonymous

        Just ask the 2002-2009 Angels ;) And ’88 LAD fans.

        • Anonymous

          Just a joke on my part.  I’ve always thought of Hatcher as a scrappy winner.  One of the guys that would do whatever it takes.

  3. Hatcher’s back. Oh good. Now we have a mascot without having to buy the costume.

  4. Anonymous

    I thought Mickey had two stints with the club.

  5. Anonymous

    Terrible story on that poor fan.

  6. First Hatcher edict: Goggles mandatory!

  7. For all the discussion about Mattingly bunting, the Dodgers have two sacrifices by non-pitchers in June.  

    • Anonymous

      Maybe hint of better things to come, or maybe because no one got on base.

    • the whole bunting debate is about as overwrought as it gets. almost as much as the aj ellis for leadoff campaign.

  8. Now we know, IT IS THE BUTT,  LOL!!!!

    Dodgers manager Don Mattingly held a tutoring session at
    the batting cage with struggling third baseman Juan Uribe during early
    batting practice Monday.

    The mechanical flaw Mattingly targeted will be familiar to any Little Leaguer.

    “He needs to keep his butt underneath him and the bat in the
    strike zone,” said Mattingly. “His head gets in front and the bat drags
    behind. He’s got to try to get that drag out of there.”

    Uribe, a former Giant, missed nearly a month with an
    arthritic left wrist, returning June 11. He’s hitting .225 with one
    homer and 12 RBIs in 36 games on the season, and the Dodgers are known
    to be looking for corner infielders because neither Uribe nor first
    baseman James Loney are producing as hoped.

  9. Andy LaRoche sp? released again. this time the indians. dodger 3b of the future. if only?

  10. Anonymous

    They shoulda hired him before interleague play so he could help Pujols resume slumping.

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