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The cruel shoes

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15 p.m.
Kershaw CXXXII: Kershawn the Waterfront
Dee Gordon, SS
Elian Herrera, 3B
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Rivera, 1B
Bobby Abreu. LF
Jerry Hairston Jr. 2B
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
A.J. Ellis, C
Clayton Kershaw, P

My latest piece for Los Angeles Magazine’s CityThink blog looks at how the past week for the Dodgers has played mind games with us, not unlike a certain pair of shoes made famous by Steve Martin.

Though it might seem as if the Dodgers have been struggling for quite some time, the team was 10-7 (.588) in June and held the best record in Major League Baseball until just a week ago. As it is, despite losing six of its past seven games, Los Angeles still has the top mark in the National League, a two game lead in the NL West and a four-game cushion for a playoff spot.

Nevertheless, the month has taken an ugly turn. The Dodgers’ on-base percentage (.301) and slugging percentage (.302) in June form a nearly matching pair of cruel shoes. The highest OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging percentage) belongs to Bobby Abreu at .740; no other Dodger is breaking the .700 club. …

Read the rest at CityThink.


Mickey Hatcher a Dodger again (Note: not on active roster)


Dos Yechies


  1. Anonymous

    Taking 2 of 3 from the team that followed us out west – like a mongrel dog on a leash – is what I expected before the series began – nothing has changed my mind.

  2. Farewell, Nora Ephron.

  3. Jack Dawkins

    Guess it makes sense for the Karros bobblehead to have a helmet on, how would they pick a hairstyle otherwise?

  4. Baseball is funny. You are right in what you said, If you were to ask me on April 1 or even May 1 if I would be  happy with a 2 game lead and the third best winning percentage in baseball I’d say where do I sign and yes please.

  5. KT

    Have to suffer through the Gnats feed tonight (KCAL strikes again)  Ughhh

    • Anonymous

      My condolences.

    • don’t kill me. i think kuiper and his buddy are good. in exact opposite of say sutton and grace.

      • KT

        Oh I agree but they are still Homers

      • I have to listen to them a lot and I can’t stand them. Better than the White Sox team, but man, there is no objectivity with these two.

    •  I don’t watch much baseball aside from the dodgers…so those who do, what announcers are good? Anyone come to mind?

      • i actually think the giants guys are the best in the business. diamond backs worst in the business. all broadcasters are homers these days. of course vin is the exception.  i always listen to the other folks becase – i remember when vin was king of the universe – so it’s hard for me to listen to him now. i only do when it’s the diamondbacks.  for me no one approaches the giant guys for making being homers work.

      • KT

        I like Endberg

        • san diego broadcast team isn’t bad. but i think better play by play guys have moved on from san diego.

          • KT

            I just like Enberg not Mark Grant so much and I do like one of the Gnats announcers but not the other…not sure which one is the one I like I think it’s Kipper

  6. KT

    Free MLB game so I actually get Vinny..YES!!!

  7. KT

    Good miss…love that the mounds got in the way

  8. KT

    Good eye Dee way to bring up that walk stat

  9. Anyone who wanted to see Dee Gordon be patient and work the count, there it was.

  10. Cannot believe Herrera has hit into first-inning DPs two days in a row. 

  11. The Arizona Diamondbacks have suspended broadcaster Daron Sutton for “insubordination”

  12. KT

    Come on Bobby

  13. KT

    They gave Theriot an error…That was a hit in my opinion

  14. KT

    Nice hit AJ
    Come on Clayton help yourself

  15. KT

    SF just showed Matt breaking the bat over his thigh…since I have it muted not sure if they are putting him down

  16. Anonymous

    Sky high pitch.

  17. KT

    Come on Juan start it off

  18. KT

    Good job Juan
    Come on Bobby move him around

  19. Anonymous

    Pandas don’t run, says Vin.

  20. KT

    Come Clayton…Let’s get out of this

  21. KT

    Gnats replay says swing

  22. KT

    Beautiful pitch

  23. Anonymous


  24. That was obscene.

  25. Anonymous

    Love to get a couple of runs in response.

  26. KT

    Nice AJ

  27. Anonymous

    Dodgers still with only two sac bunts in June.

  28. This is getting ridiculous. 

  29. KT

    So theriot loses his error and Tony gains a hit…just like I thought

    • I wish I could remember that line from the movie Airplane right now, but I can’t. Woulda been really funny if I could….

  30. Kershaw hit on right side by liner up the middle.

  31. KT

    Good play Clayton

  32. Where is everyone?

  33. KT

    Nice we caught a break come on AJ cash him in now

  34. bcmaiden

    SF graphic showed Loney 6 for 12 vs Vogelsong and Donnie sits him for Rivera who is awful defensively and not that great offensively. 

    • Christopher Staaf

      Which begs the question: does Mattingly not like Loney at all? I was never a big fan of Mattingly being hired and he hasn’t done anything to change my mind. 

    • ya obviously he has just given up on Loney. for right or wrong…but to not play a better defensive player who was hitting .500 off the starter sums it up.

      • bcmaiden

        Sums what up? James is not the only guy who can’t hit on this team and he still plays them. In fact, IMO Uribe, Kennedy, Rivera, Gwynn,  and Gordon are worse with Abreu and Elian now regressing to their real numbers. 

  35. KT

    definitely low

  36. I feel like James Loney is now one season long Wonka Tweet: Oh, so you CAN hit a weak fly ball to center. You’re quite a big leaguer.

  37. KT

    Great Turn!!!

    • Anonymous

      Very nice DP there!

      • KT

        welcome Mr. Melbourne

        • Anonymous

          Brisbane actually – but at least you didnt say Sydney… now that would have been offensive! :)

          • KT

            I meant Brisbane…don’t know why I typed Melbourne…Sydney and Brisbane were the only two cities I’ve been to in Aussieland

          • Anonymous

            All good KT. Sydney is our big rival when it comes to Rugby League as you would have worked out by now. But Sydney & Melbourne have an even bigger rivalry so us Brisbane & Melbourne folk have some common ground…

          • Anonymous

            I never had a chance to fully introduce myself about 2 days ago due to the vagouries of hotel wi-fi but I am actually on holidays in the USA at the moment…just arrived in Denver this evening and will be catching the Rockies tomorrow night…and all being well will be at Dodger stadium fulfilling a dream early next week! Very excited! 

          • KT

            Enjoy Denver it’s a nice city….I’m heading to D. S. from San Diego the 1st series after the all star break for my 1st time this year
            I’m originally from L.A. but spent 20 years in the navy and all my duty stationed were overseas except for my 1st and last one…Loved my time in the service because of the travel having seen 47 countries
            Yea I spent 12 days in Sydney and 13 days in Brisbane back in “92…actually went bungie jumping on the gold coast down south of Brisbane so I know of the rivalries

          • Anonymous

            you will never forget the experience

  38. “Held at Bay” Good one Vin

  39. bcmaiden

    Does anyone think we have some hope  that Kasten sees this terribly constructed team and will do something soon? 

    • It’s not like going to Target and picking up a pair of blue jeans and some snacks. Kasten is plenty aware of the team’s problems – as is Colletti. Wanting to do something and finding a good trade to make in June are two different things. 

      • Good point. That’s all.

      • bcmaiden

        I know, but Ned created this mess so his awareness I question. He likes these guys and thinks they’re good. 

        • I think you’re mistaken. I think Ned makes mistakes but I don’t think he’s under any illusion that this is a good offense. 

          • bcmaiden

            I really hope you’re right but his moves make me wonder. 

    • Anonymous

      I would love to see them call up a bunch of young players to take over at LF, 1B and 3B. We aren’t getting production from those spots anyways so might as well get some ML experience for some players with potential.

  40. Anonymous

    This offense is a slap in the face to Dodger fans everywhere. Hey guys come see Andre Ethier and a bunch of other random players we just threw together.

  41. KT

    good eye jerry make him pitch to you

  42. Anonymous

    I googled *Dodgers offense* and nothing came up.
    Then I googled *anemic* and a bunch of articles on the Dodgers’ offense came up.

  43. KT

    Night / good Morning all

  44. bcmaiden

    Flyballs in SF = bad
    Line drives = better

  45. Anonymous

    Night KT & all. I am going to bed tonight humming “always look on the bright side of life”… might make me feel better…or not… :)

  46. Anonymous

    Hey, at least we made only 1 error in 2 games ;)

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