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Any runs in these stockings?

As painful as the Dodgers’ 21-inning scoreless streak has been, it’s hardly unprecedented.

Dodger Thoughts, August 8, 2007:

L.A. 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 - 0
Opp. 020 100 000 301 000 00x 001 000 00x - 8

Dodger Thoughts, July 30, 2003:

L.A. 000 000 000 01 010 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 010 000 000 000 000 000-3
Opp. 000 000 000 00 000 100 000 000 001 000 010 00x 000 000 000 020 000 00x-5

That latter link points to a couple of occasions in which the Dodgers were held to a total of two runs in a five-game stretch.

* * *

Dodgers at Giants, 12:45 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Jerry Hairston Jr. 2B
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Rivera, 1B
Bobby Abreu, LF
A.J. Ellis, C
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Juan Uribe, 3B
Chad Billingsley, P

Here is a link to Tim Lincecum’s history against active Dodgers, something I surmise influenced Don Mattingly’s lineup choices today. Juan Rivera is 6 for 14 with a walk against Lincecum, while James Loney is 8 for 42 with two walks.

Otherwise, for all of Loney’s problems, I don’t see the case for playing Rivera at first base against right-handed pitching.

But any discussion of the Dodger lineup these days feels like quibbling in the graveyard.



Dos Yechies


From bad to worse: Ethier injures left oblique muscle


  1. The comments in the 2007 post are a nice time capsule. 

  2. Anonymous

    If Abreu is a potential leadoff hitter, as people here have proclaimed, why can’t he hit second?
    And IMHO Rivera shout not be playing 1B.

  3. foul tip

    Maybe a new nickname….Los Angeles Binary Codes.  Every inning 0 or 1, not nearly enough 1s.  ;-])

  4. foul tip

    Also, following time-honored tradition, LATd.

    Item  at comes up with the first 4 teams likely to sell, using criteria of 10 games or more out of a playoff spot–

    Seattle, Cubs, Rockies, Padres.  Says Cubs & Padres likely to be most active of those.

    One comment below the item says Cubs need more than a rebuild, more like an overhaul.

    Answer: “Call in an air strike and just start over.”

  5. bcmaiden

    I think Donnie’s case is simply that he wants LH Abreu in LF and Rivera pushes Loney out of the lineup since Juan can’t play anywhere else. 

  6. Anonymous

    So is this hopefully more of an ’03 type team or an ’07?  Just askin’.

  7. foul tip

    Fannation also checks in with news that Mattingly’s nephew will play football at Notre Dame.

  8. heck artieboy, at this point I would be happy with YOU starting at 1st today, pretty sure you could hit medium deep fly balls and ground into a few DPs while merely catching the ball and being declared a defensive “wiz”…

  9. Jon:  Thanks for putting things into perspective.  It lessens the pain.  Here are the two similar three-game spans from my youth that came to mind.  These were far more important then what’s happening now and far more painful:  
    —End of 1962 season — Dodgers lose the final three regular-season games to the Cardinals, scoring just two runs — losing 3-2, 2-0 and 1-0, to fall into a first-place tie with the Giants.  We then lose to the Giants, 8-0, in the first playoff game and lose that series, three games to two, and the pennant.
    –Games 2, 3, and 4 of the 1966 World Series — Dodgers get blanked in all three by the Orioles, 6-0 (Koufax’ final game — 6 Dodger errors), 1-0 and 1-0 to get swept in the Series.

    • KT

      Yea that one hurt…thought they were going all the way that year

  10. Anonymous

    Speaking of Loney, what are the odds……..

    Dre “rakes” lefties exactly like Loney does.  

    30 year old Ethier career versus lefties: .252 .307 .362 .669

    27 year old Loney career versus lefties: .252 .307 .362 .669

    •  Looks like you misread Ethier, though it’s close. 

      .242 .303 .360 .662

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately, Loney’s stats against right-handed batters aren’t any better this year: 
        .243. 324. 349 .672

        And his stats against lefties are even worse:
        .246 .281 .295 .576

      • Anonymous

        Yep, I did.

  11. Anonymous

    The lineup without Kemp and Ellis is very much a 2.8 runs per game team.  Loney, Gwynn, Uribe, and Gordon are all getting on base less than 31% of the time, an OPS-ing less than .650.  You can’t score a lot of runs when half your regulars make quiet outs 7 out of 10 times.  Gwynn’s playing time will reduce when Kemp returns, but Uribe’s, Loney’s and Gordon’s won’t without an acquisition.  BTW, Rivera is no better than Loney with the stick, and worse with the leather. 

  12. Anonymous

    Lincecum to the rescue!

  13. Dodger team splits this season:
    March-April — .254/.333/.390/.723
    May — .285/.351/.419/.770
    June — .222/.299/.299/.599
    March-April — 3.13/1.164
    May — 3.25/1.251
    June — 3.52/1.333

  14. KT

    Anyone catch what they said about the injury updates…my wife Skyped me from Morocco when they were talking about it

    • Where are your priorities? LOL.

      • KT

        My son who is almost 2 (July 5th) was dominating the “conversation” so I couldn’t ignore him like I do my wife ^_^

        • KT

          That’s okay I rewound to find out and still made Gametime

  15. “Hey National League First Baseman Not Named Joey Votto – you suck.
    Okay, Goldschmidt is having a solid enough year, but the lack of depth
    behind Votto at the position in the NL is pretty staggering. There are
    seven qualified NL first baseman with less than +0.6 WAR. Essentially
    half the team’s in the NL are getting nothing from their first baseman.
    Let’s move on”

    • Anonymous

      Pujols and Fielder going to the AL has lowered the bar.  But that doesn’t make Lonevera any better except in relation to their equally lousy counterparts. 

  16. KT

    Nice hit Jerry
    Good Eye Dre
    Come on Juan

  17. Baserunners!

  18. The possibility of that Rivera double play seemed so high … I wanted to think it was too high. 

  19. bcmaiden

    Somehow I knew Rivera would GIDP. That sets the tone for the rest of the game as was the first 2 games. 

  20. KT

    Dre spikes caught in the ground while trying to break up the DP

  21.  ya I mean Loney could have easily done that! sheesh.

  22. How bad does it look for Ethier?

    • bcmaiden

      Looked like nothing but what do I know. The head shaker is that Donnie didn’t put Loney in have Rivera in RF.

    • KT

      it was brief so it doesn’t look like he did any real damage hopefully

  23. Just watched the top of the 1st, and I am calling it a day.  I will check back in about three hours.   Good luck to all of you.

  24. Anonymous

    What happened to Ethier?

    • KT

      Looks like his left foot spikes caught briefly in the ground while sliding into 2nd….looks like a tweak to me because it didn’t stick hard

  25. Let the record show that Lincecum has lowered his ERA below 6.00.  He’s on his way back. 

  26. bcmaiden

    Of course, Lincecum is gonna’ get right vs Dodgers. That broom loometh. 

    • KT

      “moriarty, always with the negative thoughts”

  27. bcmaiden

    Belt and Vogelsong look like twins/brothers. 

    • Anonymous

      Too bad Belt’s already Loney’s twin brother.

  28. Anonymous

    What’s the record for Dodger scoreless innings?

  29. Anonymous

    Vinny with the dreaded “balance their books” statement!

  30. Anonymous

    Let’s go, Chaddo!

  31. KT

    Come on DP

  32. Anonymous


  33. Anonymous

    Sit down, Panda.

  34. I’m not sure whose been spreading the rumor but Timmy doesn’t looked washed up to me. that’s some pretty nasty stuff he’s throwing today. not like the timmy of old but who is. 

    •  His K/9 was still very high, so I assume it was just location issues that have been giving him fits.  But I haven’t been watching him.

  35. Anonymous

    Chad dazzling.

  36. bcmaiden

    Very encouraging inning from Billz. Keep that up. 

  37. Anonymous

    notice the mets don’t have our problem today ;)

  38. Anonymous

    Cubs’ roster up for grabs.

  39. I discovered that I’m going to see Dickey v. Harang at the ballpark Friday. 

  40. Anonymous

    C’mon Uribe, get on for Bills!


  41. KT


  42. Anonymous

    Our best hitter in the lineup connects.

  43. bcmaiden

    Billz = best hitter in June

  44. Juan Uribe is 57 points from the Andruwza Line.  Uribe has .562 OPS, Jones had .505 OPS in 2008.

  45. KT

    Come on Dee

  46. Anonymous


  47. Anonymous



  48. KT

    High tag Blue

    • KT


      • bcmaiden

        It’s very difficult for me to be positive when absolutely zero is going right in June. 

  49. bcmaiden

    I’m not believing this. 

  50. Anonymous

    Kinda slid under the tag. Oh, well.

    • KT

      He did slide under the tag…that’s a throw beat the runner call

  51. Anonymous

    There just doesn’t seem to be a break we can catch these days.

  52. Anonymous

    The balls all bouncing the wrong way. Unbelievable.

  53. Anonymous

    Vinny sorta rubbing in this scoreless string thingy :(

  54. Anonymous

    Lawler’s Law; 1st team to 1.00 wins.

  55. Anonymous


  56. when it’s it’s bad. gosh.

  57. bcmaiden

    That’s how you pay for expected offense over good defense. 

  58. hopefully Billz makes it out of this inning. I have my doubts. 

  59. Anonymous

    Bring in that “2nd Inning Billingsley” version!

  60. Anonymous

    Wild thing.

  61. Anonymous

    Just a tad high.

  62. bcmaiden

    Well, is this that inning where we say “just one bad inning” again. My lord, help this poor team.

  63. Anonymous

    Being wild versus the Panda ain’t necessarily a bad deal.

  64. Anonymous

    Just saw that Ethier’s hurt, as well. Somebody, make it stop.

  65. KT

    Come on Chad put him away

  66. Anonymous

    Way to go, Chadley Billingsley!!

    Now we only need three to (possibly) win.

  67. ok well thankfully he did it. though 2 runs seems impossible even if I was throwing for the Giants today..

  68. Anonymous

    Three runs for this team right now is a lot to ask.

  69. KT

    Nice start Jerry

  70. Anonymous

    Everybody hits………..

  71. KT

    Well the bunt worked

  72. Anonymous

    As I watch this series….. I’m impressed by the Giants.

    They smell blood….
    Just look at their energy….

    It’s obvious that there’s been absolutely no doubt in their minds that they will conclude this series with our Dodgers with a share of the NL West Division lead. 

    As for our boys….. Well…….

    • Anonymous

      I have noticed from your comments what an incredible judge you are of athletic confidence. Perhaps you could help me win the $1 million fantasy challenge of MLB by predicting the winners of the games on Tuesday and Friday of next week. Just post them here before the start of the earliest game Tuesday and we all can share in your obvious wisdom.

  73. Anonymous

    so, uh, does Herrera get credit for a sac bunt?

  74. KT

    Sanchez was hit hard in the mask yesterday so the whip lash probably messed him up a bit

  75. OK show of hands. who would you rather have Tim or Chad?

    • When has anyone ever said they’d rather have Billingsley over Lincecum?

      • say it all the time at tragic illness chatroom

          • Ok…we get it…you don’t like stats. The fact is that Billingsley has been better than Lincecum up to this point in the season…because just about every pitcher in baseball has been better than Lincecum. Those are what are called facts.

          • who would you rather have chad or tim?

          • there’s a significant difference in who has pitched better the last two months than who is the better pitcher.

          • I’d prefer Lincecum, of course. Any sane person would prefer him. And…he has the kind of pitching aptitude that will allow him to be very successful once he adjusts to dimished fastball velocity. He has struggled this season while making that adjustment in my view…but he WILL make it.

  76. Most importantly, does Herrera get credit for a productive out?

  77. Anonymous


  78. Anonymous

    They’re saying left oblique for Andre. Not good.

  79. Vinny just said it’s an oblique injury and that Ethier may be out quiet awhile. 

  80. Anonymous


  81. Anonymous

    Think I’ll switch to soccer – at least the team I pick to root for will score now and then.

  82. Anonymous

    Caught up on game and comments here;Now, on Loney vs Rivera today: Lincecum’s career splits are about even LHB vs RHB, tOPS+ 102 and 97 meaning he is slightly tougher against lefties in his career but in both 2011 and 2012 RHH did better against him. This year, before today, 268/349/482 vs 244/342/375 stemming from esp 7 RH HR, only 1 LH HR. Loney vs RHP in 2012 243/324/349; Rivera 257/280/351. The OBP difference is relatively large in Loney vs Rivera as Loney has 18 BB vs RHP and Rivera only 4 but record against Lincecum cuts the other way: Loney hitting 190 4H in 42AB while Rivera hitting 429 as in 6 for 14 and 5 for 10 as a Dodger. 
    Well that’s the case for starting Rivera as I see it; it’s not all that compelling but I would very slightly favor that choice over Loney.

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