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June 30 game chat

Mets at Dodgers, 4:15 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Elian Herrera, LF
Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
Juan Rivera, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Scott Van Slyke, RF
Juan Uribe, 3B
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Nathan Eovaldi, P

Roberto Baly of Vin Scully Is My Homeboy says he has a rare infection that might be connected to his lungs. Keep hoping he’ll get some good news.

  • Hiroki Kuroda tied his career high of 11 strikeouts in seven shutout innings for the Yankees today. He has a 1.65 ERA in his past seven starts.
  • Karen Crouse of the New York Times writes a wonderful story an interview, at age 13, with Olympic swimmer Mike Bruner that changed both their lives.
  • If the Dodgers don’t hit a home run tonight, it will be their first full month ever in Los Angeles with only one home run at home, according to research by Bob Timmermann.


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  1. Anonymous

    Reds just beat the Giants, 2-1.

  2. KT

    Well deaf and blind on this game so I would appreciate it if anyone would help me out on discribing certain situations
    All I going to get is “in play run(s)”
    Thank you in advance
    I get the pleasure of watching the Pods against the Rocks

  3. KT

    Jon game time is 4:15 pm
    for a second there I thought I would get the game because it was not going to be on Fox

  4. Anonymous

    Imagine if Uribe prevents us from achieving that dubious record!

  5. KT

    good article about Karen Crouse


  7. KT

    Gameday said out then error

    • Dee ran out into left field right up to Herrera only to let the ball drop in between them. How many times will he keep running into the outfield and almost collide with the left fielder??

      • KT

        Thanks Jeff

        Dee needs some special training during the off season

      • Anonymous

        Until Mattingly or one of the coaches tell him that enough is enough.

        • Anonymous

          You can’t be serious. You are going to blame the coaches? Might as well say the reason Uribe hasn’t hit fifty HRs is because the coaches haven’t told him firmly enough to hit fifty HRs.

          • Anonymous

            your analogy is ridiculous; it is obviously a coaching matter

          • Anonymous

            It’s no longer a coaching issue when a 24 year old professional baseball player keeps making fundamental errors. Thats an issue with a player being uncoachable, whether through arrogance, stupidity, or for whatever reason.

      • Anonymous

        Or bring back Jason Repko to play left and and see who is left standing.

  8. KT

    Come on U-less get out of this

  9. KT

    was the runner going on the play?

  10. KT

    Way to get on Dee…Now take second
    Dee hasn’t attempted a steal in a few games…It’s like he’s timid because of the lack of hits and he doesn’t want to make an out

  11. KT

    With Fox commanding I now have to listen to Homer Mark Grant..wanted to change the channel but then I’ll put on a movie and won’t pay attention to the game
    Way to go Dee
    Come on Jerry bring him home

  12. Anonymous

    48 out of 49 innings without scoring :(

  13. Strangely, I’m getting this game on the radio. It’s either ESPN’s announcers or the Mets’ team, but it’s better than Rockies-Padres on Big Fox.

  14. KT

    K-zone showed that 1st pitch a strike

  15. KT

    way to get on AJ

    • Anonymous

       Getting pretty tired of the DP. Not to mention Uribe.

      • KT

        I just let out a huge sigh…this is tough…It can only get better

  16. Anonymous

    49 out of the last 50 innings without scoring :(

  17. Anonymous

    With a man on first and no out, when said “in play, out(s)” with SVS batting, I just knew he had hit into a DP.  Does he remind anyone of Billy Ashley?

    • KT

      OMG scoop why do you have to bring up bad memories when we are already down ^_^

      • Anonymous

        Sorry about that, KT.   I remember going to a Dodgers-Giants game at Candlestick during the 1990s when Piazza and Ashley were teammates.  In batting practice, each of them hit one pitch after another deep into the stands.  Alas, only Piazza could replicate that during games.

        • Anonymous

          Van Slyke can actually play the outfield decently. Ashley, in addition to his penchant for striking out and GIDPing, was also a butcher in the outfield.

  18. KT

    Lee to give decision tomorrow on if He’ll except trade

  19. Anonymous

    Starting with the 7th inning last Sunday at Anaheim and continuing through the first two innings today, we are 2-for-31 with runners in scoring position.

    Given our lineup today and their pitcher, we will be hard-pressed to score even two runs.

  20. KT

    Good job Nathan

  21. Anonymous

    Matt Kemp has been doing way too many in-game interviews for my taste.

    Because I know they mean he isn’t playing.

  22. Eo’s pitching well again. No support again. I like consistency in my life but would be nice if the latter changed.  

    Sounds like (from listening on radio) that the Mets have now made at least 3 great plays on defense, too. Doesn’t help a team that is struggling.

    • KT

      That would be funny if it was sooo true…I actually laughed anyway

  23. KT

    Nice Juan way to make him throw a few pitches

  24. KT

    Padres rookie hit a 448 ft Hr for his 1st hit…They give him the silent treatment so he gives phantom high 5’s as he walks through the dugout to sit down…then they congratulate him

  25. Anonymous

    This is just painful to watch

    • KT

      This is painful and I’m not even watching

      • Anonymous

         They say you hit bottom when you put down the shovel. Our boys just keep digging and digging and digging and…

  26. Anonymous

    Van Slyk…..
    – didn’t run hard on that DP an inning or two ago…
    – poorly plays that sac fly…
    – totally blew that pop up last night….
    – has a hairline and a physique of a much older player…
    – moves like a much older player…
    Not impressed with this Dodger prospect.
    (No, one lucky, 3-0 home run vs. the Cards does not an everyday MLB player make) 

    • Anonymous

      So, it’s just time to take him out back and shoot him?

      • Anonymous

         Your methods are different than mine …. btimm.  :-)
        Sending him back to AAA is fine with me.

        • Anonymous

           For the prices this organization asks for a ticket…..
          Dodger fans should at least be treated to a team which is trying it’s hardest for a full 9 innings.  IMHO.

    • Anonymous

      I’m kinda a Sands guy. And before that, Hoffmann who is also stuck in AAA Twilight Zone.. 

  27. Anonymous

    Joy, joy, joy. Phillies 10 back.  Dodgers 1 and Angels 6 back don’t really seem so bad :)

    5 Freeway Series dream lives!

  28. KT

    At least miliwaukee is beating the snakes

  29. And that’s the dagger folks.. well at least the Giants lost already and the Diamondbacks are currently losing

    • Anonymous

      We’re just one 5 run homer from tying the score….with four innings to go. 

  30. Anonymous

    Sad that they would give an error to AJ Ellis on that throw….
    It should have been a stolen base… because the guy had it stolen anyway.
    In college, when a bad ball (short hop) is thrown to you and there is no play worth “trying to pick it”… what you do is get down and block the ball from getting behind you.
    Scott Hairston simply gives this ball a “half – effort” and “ole’s” it…..
    I do not like Scott Hairston.
    I haven’t liked him since he got on the radio after a “day game following a night game” in Colorado and complained about the schedule-makers.  “That cannot happen” said a frustrated Hairston.
    What a baby.
    And, a very poor 2B to boot!
    There’s a reason why he’s been on so many teams….
    I heard all I needed to hear from him in that interview.  A jerk.  IMHO.
    PS – I would have cut him after hearing that interview if I was Donny Ballgame. 

    • KT

      So are you complaining about the mets player or our player Jerry Hairston?

    •  It’s all well and good to not like Scott Hairston, but he’s not playing for the Dodgers. Jerry Hairston, Jr. is.

      • Anonymous

         Sorry….. Jerry is who I meant to say….
        I’m sure Scott’s a “peach” of a guy.  :-)

    • Anonymous

      Scott Hairston is on the Mets. You are the jerk. IMHO.

    • Anonymous

      Do you just want to summarize your hatred of the other 23 players on the active roster in one post or are you just going to space these out through the course of the game?

      • Anonymous

        I really don’t take any issue with anybody else, wise guy.  :-)

  31. Anonymous

    Would love to see Loney whack a pinch hit home run today as a going away present if he’s being offered to his home town.  (Although I doubt Lee wants to be a Dodger for a couple months, so the deal might not even be made unless more $$$ or cattle are are thrown Carlos’ way.)

    •  Don’t be silly. Where would Ned or Stan find cattle in Los Angeles?

      • Anonymous

        Chino still has some dairy cows but not as many as Lee probably wants.

        • Anonymous

          As irony would have it, I was watching this one on Chino. The cows would be more entertaining.

  32. KT

    Grandal who homered for his 1st hit just homered again (2 runs) for his second hit to put the padres up 3-2

  33. Anonymous

    Way to go, Elbert.

    Ok, let’s get this last out and back in this game…7th inning rally time!

  34. Anonymous

    Woo hoo

  35. KT

    need at least another hit guys…come on

  36. Anonymous

    Wow. Looking at the NL qualified batters, not counting Dre who’s out….the first Dodger to come up is

    64th James Loney LAD


    61Corey Hart MIL .246.308.493.801
    62Todd Helton COL .246.342.420.762
    63Jordan Schafer HOU .237.318.323.641
    64James Loney LAD .236.303.323.626

  37. Anonymous

    Do they still play the rally cry, “Don’t Top Believing” by Journey in the 8th?

  38. Christopher Staaf

    This ain’t our month guys. Right now we would have issues with a decent college team. Thank goodness June ends in a few hours. 

    • Christopher Staaf

      BTW why in the world are we in the market for a guy who can’t play very good defense, is relying more  on reputation than current production, is 36, and can’t run to save his life? I thought we already have a few guys like that on the team. If Colletti is making a move for Carlos Lee just to get rid of Loney, he’s a worse GM than I thought.

    • Anonymous

      If the Dodgers played UofA, the CWS champion, they would likely win 9 out of every 10 games against them. Even with this lineup. Arizona would have a very hard time scoring against MLB pitching.

      • Christopher Staaf

        The Dodgers couldn’t score on U of A right now. 

  39. Anonymous

    What will it take to get Josh Hamilton to the Dodgers?  $200 million for six years????????

  40. Anonymous

    LOAD THE BASES, BOYS…everybody hits!

  41. Anonymous

    In Friday’s game, Loney was swinging the bat better than I have seen him for a long while.  He wore glasses instead of contacts later in the game.  Then, for his last atbat, he for some stupid reason that I blame the coaches for, crowded the plate and his last swing was back to bad again.

    I think Mattingley, even as good of a hitter as he was, makes his hitters stand too close to the plate.  Loney has paid a dear price for crowding the plate.  Or, is Loney getting married soon and has his mind in the same place that Kemp had when dating Rihanna.

  42. Anonymous

    Oh, baby!

  43. KT

    Way to go Tony

    3 hitter now

    Come on Adam…break the shutout

  44. Anonymous

    Ahhhh…Kennedy unlucky.

  45. Anonymous

    Someone is on third!!!

  46. KT

    need a wild pitch here

  47. Anonymous

    But not that.

  48. Anonymous

     Amazing how ineffectual we are right now.

  49. Anonymous

    Ok, here’s our 9th:

    E Herrera LF .252.333.333
    J Hairston Jr.  .299.375.403
    J Rivera 1B .263.301.355
    A Ellis C .286.413.422
    S Van Slyke RF 175.195.300

  50. Anonymous

    RIVERA, YOU ARE A BUM (and just ruined my 9th inning dream comeback)

    • Anonymous

       Coulda used the Lonester there.

      • Anonymous

        It will be weird having Big James in the AL West next season.

  51. This might be the funniest example of infield in I’ve ever seen.

    • KT

      Since I’m not watching could you explain please

  52. Anonymous

    Rivera has totally redeemed himself!  Maybe.

  53. KT

    Padres get their 1st 3 run hr of the year bu the SS who has hit two today

  54. Anonymous

    Lindblom is a stud….strike TWO!.

  55. Anonymous

    WOO HOO, Joshy!

  56. Anonymous

     Feeling for our poor pitchers.

  57. Anonymous

    Oh well… Herrera, Hairston Jr., and Rivera probably shouldn’t be our 2-3-4 hitters ever.

  58. Anonymous

    Gotta hand it to Josh right there…
    Way to “toughen up!” …

  59. Welllll, what are you going to do?

  60. Anonymous

    WAIT TILL NEXT SERIES Mets!!! [pumps fist at team bus as it leaves DS]

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