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Farewell, Andy Griffith


Luis Cruz to make Dodger debut


Pedro Astacio: 20 years ago, the epitome of joy


  1. Charles Cherry

    Will Stockdale was a favorite, and the under appreciated Howard Pike (Billy Pueblo) in Hearts of the West.

  2. Anonymous

    Well, that’s sad news for an underrated (in his younger years) actor. Bye, Andy.  Say “hey!” to Don, George, Aunt Bee, and the rest of the town.  Is Ron Howard now the only one left? Man, we’re getting old.

    • Anonymous

      Jim Nabors is still with us. As is Elinor Donahue.

  3. Rest in peace, Andy.  If people haven’t seen A Face in the Crowd, get right on that. Great film, Griffith is so good in it, and man, it’s still timely. 

  4. From Variety, October 1, 2010: “Andy Griffith: TV’s conscience”

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