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Luis Cruz to make Dodger debut

Reds at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Elian Herrera, CF
A.J. Ellis, C
Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
Juan Rivera, RF
James Loney, 1B
Juan Uribe, 3B
Scott Van Slyke, LF
Luis Cruz, SS
Chad Billingsley, P

Dee Gordon is getting a day off after suffering a cramp in his leg late in Sunday’s game. Given that the Dodgers don’t really have a backup shortstop and were contemplating adding a player to the bench, it comes as little surprise that they have brought up Luis Cruz to the big-league roster, with Shawn Tolleson returning to the minors.

Cruz has been viewed by some as, if not a savior, at least a viable improvement over the oft-struggling Gordon. Without ruling out an Elian Herrera-like hot streak, it seems unlikely. The 28-year-old has a lifetime .275 on-base percentage and .260 slugging percentage in 169 major-league plate apperances, and while he is at .348 and .529 for Triple-A Albuquerque this year, keep in mind that OBP is lower than what Gordon had with the Isotopes in 2011. (In addition, as the man from Cat Hell, Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness, notes, Cruz’s minor-league OPS on the road this season is .672.) But, as a backup’s backup, we’ll hope for the best.

Gordon, by the way, had a .342 on-base percentage with seven steals in eight attempts in his past nine games. That’s not to say that his overall performance this year hasn’t been disappointing, but again, we went into 2012 knowing that he’d be a work in progress.

Ted Lilly, by the way, was transferred to the 60-day disabled list. Lilly last pitched May 23. On the bright side, Mark Ellis and Javy Guerra have begun their rehab assignments and could be activated this week.

* * *

The Dodgers announced the signings of four 16-year-olds from Latin America today: pitchers Lenix Osuna, Victor Gonzalez and William Soto and catcher Julian Leon. Osuna is the son of former Dodger pitcher Antonio Osuna.


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  1. At the very least, Cruz’s defense is supposed to be solid. Still, he may only be around for a few days. I hope Ethier is back soon, and we know Ellis will be.  Dee could certainly use the night off.

    Dylan Hernandez ‏@dylanohernandez
    #Dodgers spent about $1 million on the four international amateur players they signed today.

    Dylan Hernandez ‏@dylanohernandez: That figure is about five times what the #Dodgers spent internationally all of last year.

    • Anonymous

      In all fairness, what’s being spent on the international market is a direct result of that July 2 deadline for changing the rules.

  2. I honestly think there’s a case for batting Billingsley sixth tonight. And it would be all I could do not to bat him cleanup. 

  3. Anonymous

    This line up looks like a 5 Minute Dating roster at Shakey’s.  It’s my Birthday guys – at least do something nice for me.

  4. Anonymous

    Any Rubby news or will that come tomorrow?

    •  Were we expecting any soon?

      • Anonymous

        It being Tuesday and all…actually not sure when he had his surgery after the July 31 game last year, but one might imagine having a sighting sometime in July, no?  Pitchers and organizations are different, but I believe that Strasburg had his first rehab start August 7, after being injured August 27 the year before.

        • Anonymous

          he is said to be working out in Ariz.
          some time ago he said he was feeling great and felt as if he could come back much earlier than expected but then threw cold water on that. 

  5. Anonymous

    At some point, we’re going to be bringing guys back from the 60-day DL, and we may regret putting some of these guys on the 40-man because we’ll lose them.

  6. RT @truebluela: Mattingly on Loney: “James has just really been an enigma. Last night he came into my office & said he felt like he’s got it, so we’ll see.”

  7. Adam Luther

    Gordon’s 2012, a work in progress.  Certainly, and he was booed big time after error #2 yesterday.  Interesting to note that Maury Wills in his first full season (’60) had 40 errors and was in on 78 DP’s.  In ’61 at age 28, he had reduced his errors to 29, and turned 104 DP’s.  Of course in ’62 he went bonkers on the base paths and in nearly 100 or so more chances from the previous year he only had 36 errors.  Hang in there C3PO…

    • Anonymous

      Was the cheer after he stole his 3rd base of the day bigger than the boo after the second error?
      We need an approval meter to measure I guess

      • Anonymous

        I definitely see Tommy as Jabba the Hut.

  8. Anonymous

    I am somewhat excited by tonight’s Dodger line-up because it is full of RHH against a RHP. I have never seen Mattingly do this before. Bailey’s career splits almost perfectly even but the year-by-year splits are unusual.
    2007 LHH beat him up, 9 games
    2008 RHH beat him up, 8 games
    2009 LHH sig. better than R, 20 gams
    2010 RHH sig. better than L, 19 games
    2011 LHH better but very close, 22 games
    2012 RHH a good deal better, 15 games ytd
    There have been more than a few games where Mattingly has clearly gone by handedness rather than by the pitcher’s 2012 splits even after taking pitcher-batter histories into account and making sure that this years splits were not an aberration. 
    Thus, this game is a first; doubt it will work our hitters are so poor, but I do have hope. 

    • Anonymous

      So he’s another guy doing an odd-year/even-year thing, but in this case with his RHB/LHB splits.  :)

  9. i think it was 1964 and i was sitting in the general admission section at dodger stadium with my dad. it was a night game and willie davis was playing center field. A lazy fly ball was hit out to Davis. As he was want to do during his career he got under it, put his glove out and preceded to drop the ball. my dad stood up and said if i had a gun i would shoot him. i knew then that being a dodger fan was going to be a tough business. and of course Willie went on to set the record for errors in an inning during Sandy Koufax’s very last game in the 1966 world series. I remember the final inning. I ran home from school to see the end of it. An Oriole hit a fly ball to left center. Willie got ready to catch it and all of a sudden sweet lou johnson darted in front of him grabbing the fly. as he ran by he looked back at Willie with disdain. I always wonder what would have happened if sweet lou had a gun.

  10. KT

    Nice pitch Billz

  11. Well done Bills! Nice stuff that inning.

  12. KT


  13. What the… a home run? I don’t believe what I just saw.

    Hairston Homer against Homer!

    • Anonymous

      I missed it. Thanks for the update.

      • Anonymous

        I saw it Artie and i didn’t believe it

  14. Anonymous

                        Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  15. KT

    Homer and Billz with the same pitch count after 1 (16)…I like billz line score a little better ^_^

  16. bills doesn’t look like bills. decisive , putting them to sleep

  17. KT

    Another nice inning…Billz @30 pitches after 2

  18. KT

    Good hit James

  19. KT

    For those of you without Vinny He just told us Uribe was in the batting cage today hitting off the tee trying to go to RF…will wonders never cease
    Then he gets another walk…Wow, way to go Juan

    • Anonymous

      2 walks in July versus zero in June!

  20. KT

    Nice hit SVS
    Come on Juan pay attention on the basepaths

    • Blue-eyed Gal

      Wow, PMS makes for exciting baseball viewing. Good thing I prize my iPad more than a TV remote.
      JUAN URIBE, YOU ARE FIRED! (there, I feel a little better.) 

      *Loney scores* Okay, that helps, too.

  21. KT

    Nice SAC Cruz…good hustle BGJ

  22. Anonymous

    DFA Uribe please.

  23. what kind of hit did SVS get?. i was turned away

  24. KT

    Homer @ 32 pitches, Billz @ 30…2 pitches more = 2 runs more for us

    • Anonymous

      don’t want to say it because i don’t want to jinx ’em but his pitches look really sharp SO FAR.

  25. Anonymous

    So this is the first time the Dodgers have scored first in a game since… 2008?  :)

  26. KT

    Come on Elian start it off

  27. Anonymous

    beginning of a story at
     Dodgers shortstop Dee Gordon has been experiencing cramping in his left leg over the last couple of days and the shortstop was given the day off on Monday. Luis Cruiz, whose contract was selected from Triple-A Albuquerque, got the start in Monday night’s series opener against the Reds

    • KT

      saw him cramping up in yesterday’s game…actually thought it was a hamstring injury until I saw him on the rail in the next inning and then confirmed earlier today

  28. KT

    just a little out of reach

  29. KT

    Come on Uribe that was easy to catch

  30. KT

    Billz @ 63 because of Uribe but still not too bad

    • KT

      Homer @ 62…Vin said once he reaches 78 his era/  batting avg against (not sure which) really drops

  31. KT

    Come on juan start it off

  32. Anonymous

    Let’s not lose sight of  what Billz did last inning — he got the 3rd out after Uribe’s miss AND the passed ball.  He did NOT lose focus.  That is just as encouraging as the fact the Blue are scoring!

  33. Anonymous

    So I guess Dusty ditched the toothpick but man, dude’s tongue is constantly in motion – he reminds me of either a lizard or a snake with that constant openning and closing of his mouth with his tongue darting all around. Hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      He still (Stupidly) plays with that toothpick, I saw it several times tonight.

  34. Anonymous

    I like Juan Uribe….   (feels good to get that off my chest….)

    – He makes too much money for what he has delivered thus far…
    – His contract makes it impossible to trade him…
    – He looks lost at the plate much of the time….

    However, from all that I’ve seen and read…
    – He’s a dynamite teammate…
    – He’s got a great attitude and loves playing this game…
    – With as “cold” as he’s been….just think if he were to “thaw out” a bit, and heat up….

    What I’m saying is… wierd as it may sound… Rather than looking at him with disdain when he blows a play at 3B or strikes out – flailing or as another one of Ned’s mistakes….
    I prefer to look at him and smile… know that his teammates love him….so, why shouldn’t I?…
    And, root for this guy to be the 2nd half “Turnaround” player of the 2012 season….

    • Jonny you’ve had an attitude change?

      • Anonymous

         VODF…. Some guys just ‘ get to me’ , ya know?
        I have a soft spot for Juan…. I just don’t know why…. :-)

    • Anonymous

      You missed great baserunner. Sorry, Rule 7

    • Anonymous

      He’s really been great defensively at third base.

      Just sayin’…

      • Anonymous

         Yeah… he made a real nice play yesterday on that rocket he fielded and threw an absolute bullet to Kennedy at 2B….

  35. KT

    much better Billz…73 after 5

  36. KT

    Nice hit Billz

  37. Anonymous

    As competitive as I am….and, with as much baseball as I’ve played in my time… (collegiate)….
    I have never understood why a pitcher just won’t actually go over to a guy they just drilled in the head and help him, pat him on the butt, and apologize….

    Just makes sense to me.
    He’s got nothing against that guy….
    If I’m a Dodger hitter in the next inning, I’d REALLY like for Chad to show that guy some love…
    Otherwise, I’ve got to “guard my earhole” …. 

  38. Anonymous

    So Bills has the first hit after 10 Dodgers go down in a row.  Shoulda batted sixth.  :)

  39. KT

    Come on K then DP

  40. Anonymous

    Ivan De Jesus plays in first game since being sent to AAA last Thursday. He is 3 for 5 playing 3rd as game goes into the 11th.
    Ely gave up 2 hits with 9 K in 7 but Wall gave up 2 runs in the 9th all with 2 outs for a 2-2 tie

  41. KT

    that works…Nice play Adam

    • Anonymous

      Seemed to be positioned a bit far off the line on that one, but I guess he didn’t know it was going to be a change up.

  42. KT

    Come on guys let’s get those back

  43. 8 hole hitter hitting .204 drives drives in 2.

  44. KT

    Nice hit James
    Come on Adam

  45. KT

    good bunt adam
    Come on Cruz

  46. KT

    Good to see Loney smoking the ball again…Second half surge anyone

  47. KT

    Good catch by bruce keeps the lead

  48. Landon Kelt

    Jay Bruce – Giant’s fan.

  49. Uribe is hurt again. Oh well Jonny.

    • Anonymous

       I had to take the dog for a long walk….
      Just got back to the game here….
      Less than enthused about the score….
      But, what happened to Juan?

  50. KT

    Herrera miss played that ball

  51. Anonymous

    Rally Caps time……..too soon? Six outs to get two measly runs…oops, three.

  52. KT

    that’s twice he’s bunded us

  53. Anonymous

    We only need two baserunners and a bomb. Or two bombs, a baserunner, a bunt, a wild pitch, and a balk..

  54. Anonymous

    Hey, the Giants didn’t win tonight.  So, there’s that!

  55. Anonymous

    Is Drew Stubbs related to Franklin? 

  56. Anonymous

    We are sooooooooooooooooo in trouble.

  57. Anonymous

    That was a terrible throw but a GREAT idea.

  58. Anonymous

    Might as well walk Brandon and set up the triple play.

  59. Anonymous

    I guess it was Star Wars night out there at Chavez Ravine?
    Did they show any Ewoks?  Darth?  Yoda?  Jabba? ….

    • Anonymous

      There were several sightings of Uribe the Hutt :)

      • Anonymous

         Craig…. That comment made my night…. plain and simple….. LOL
        So, it’s pretty safe to say that the ‘force was not with the Dodgers tonight?”  :-)

      • Anonymous


  60. Anonymous

    A Texas Leaguer and some whatnots. And now we’ve been routed :(

  61. I honestly didn’t realize until now it was going to be one of those games. 

  62. Anonymous

    Refund! Refund! Refund!

  63. Anonymous

    .500 ball in July will keep us in the hunt while we wait for the trade deadline surprise(s).

  64. Anonymous

    Jon Weisman…
    Speaking of Star Wars Night…
    I think the most appropriate video clip to represent June’s futility at the plate would be that scene in Star Wars where Luke is trying to use his light saber to fight that little floating ball while his blast shield is over his face….

    “Use the force Luke…” 
    Meanwhile…. whif, whif, whif….. Ha. 

    • Anonymous

      People would be more entertained if they showed Phantom Menace at Dodger games instead of their at-bats, yuck.

      • Anonymous

         or Ishtar…. or Waterworld….. :-)

    • Anonymous

      Swing the bat like Vader!

      • Anonymous

         Just as I’m about to log off…. I run across that cinematic gem….
        Swing like Vader is right….
        In fact, I’d like for the music from that video to be Juan Uribe’s new “walk up” music for each at-bat.

        • Anonymous

          I think if they played that as Juan slowly approached the plate, the pitchers would be laughing so hard that they’d be thrown off their game.   

  65. Anonymous

    Night, guys………………………

    • Anonymous

      Good night, Jon…you may miss a run though.

      • Anonymous

        Ahhhhh…didn’t miss anything.  Cincy owns us lately at the Ravine.

      • Anonymous

         Hey…. Just because I’m going to bed doesn’t mean that I don’t have my earphones in, listening to the game….
        PS – Don’t tell my wife….
        “Coming Dear……..”… ;-)

    • Anonymous

      Night, sleep well and dream of large players.

  66. KT

    Night all

  67. Anonymous

    This team has managed to ruin the fun of watching baseball, congratulations guys.

    • Anonymous

      Scoring runs is kinda like watching Laurel and Hardy move a piano.

  68. Anonymous

    Come on, Kaston, no time to slack off now…. My main wants: K Morales, Victorino, Cody Ross or any good player. Try this with the Angels: Wells and Morales for Uribe, Guerra, Coffee, and a couple of prospects. They loose Wells who’s grossly overpaid, we loose Uribe who is also, we have deep pockets now, we can afford that. We get Morales, they get some nice players. This is a deal that both sides can afford to make.

    • Anonymous

       nothing is worth taking on that wells contract

      • Anonymous

        I intended that the Angels eat half the contract. How about no trade, we just take Morales and Wells and they pay half the contract ($20M?)?

  69. Fun with iphone autocorrect…Uribe continues to come up as “urine”.

    • Anonymous

      So? I can agree with that. Caca wouldn’t surprise me either. That line drive he watched go over his shoulder last night would have been the last straw, I would have pulled him right then and DFAed him this morning. Maybe that’s why he keeps getting injured, the team can’t DFA him when he is…

  70. Anonymous

    If you need five good innings, Chad’s our man.

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