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Kershaw CXXXIV: Kershawn Golden Pond

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Bobby Abreu, LF
Juan Rivera, RF
Adam Kennedy, 3B
James Loney, 1B
Luis Cruz, SS
A.J. Ellis, C
Clayton Kershaw, P

Clayton Kershaw has had some dominant performances against Arizona, as Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. notes. But I still find myself a little nervous when he faces the Diamondbacks, for reasons that A.J. Cassavell of describes.

… At Dodger Stadium last September, Kershaw was ejected for hitting Arizona outfielder Gerardo Parra on the elbow with a pitch. That came a day after Kershaw took exception to Parra admiring a home run off then-Dodgers reliever Hong-Chih Kuo.

When the two clubs met in Los Angeles on May 14 — the first time Kershaw had faced Arizona since the ejection — D-backs starter Ian Kennedy threw behind Kershaw, who responded by brushing back Kennedy. Both pitchers were warned and no fireworks ensued. …

I don’t want shenanigans. I just want to see Kershaw pitch.

Reports of the demise of Kershaw, by the way, continue to feel exaggerated to this intrepid analyst. In the past month, Kershaw has 43 strikeouts in 34 innings (11.4 per nine innings) with a 2.91 ERA. A year ago at this time, Kershaw had a 3.23 ERA and 10.1 strikeouts per nine innings.


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  1. Since June 21, Uribe is 0 for his last 24 with three walks and eight strikeouts.  I can’t speak to how hard his outs have been hit or how many pitches he has taken without further research.

    •  Uribe is venturing into Andruw Jones territory there.

    • Anonymous

      Jon do you think that the dodgers would ever DFA Uribe?

      • Anonymous

        Uribe’s actually worth his weight–well, Gordon’s weight, anyway–as a defensive replacement for Herrera or Hairston or whoever ends up playing there.  And I like him in the role of “sixth-inning, might as well pinch hit for the pitcher because he can’t throw another inning anyway.” If he happens to run into a fastball middle middle, he offers more than Ivan DeJesus Jr. other than pedigree.  

        • Anonymous

          His defense is definitely major league caliber, and given the other options on the current roster there I suppose there is room for him. Watching his at bats though really have and always will make my head hurt.

          • Anonymous

             Actually, his ABs make my neck sore.

        • Anonymous

           Uribe is worth his weight, in the sense that ballast is worth its weight.

      • If they ever got more depth, yes. 

    • Anonymous

      Just curious if you are working that research into your busy schedule

    • Anonymous

      Nothing I’ve seen from him recently remotely resembles a hit. His contributions are virtually zero.

  2. Someone wanted a new rumor:
    D’Backs Could Consider Offers For Justin Upton


    • After reading the MSTI piece on the prospects of trading Lee, and then these rumors of Upton possibly being available, I have to say Juston Upton is one of those guys I could see trading Lee for. Plus a few others probably.

      • Anonymous

        If Ned offers Zach Lee + pupu platter for Upton, AZ doesn’t even pick up the phone and they post the offer on Facebook so everyone laughs at it.

    • Anonymous

       Upton is a fine example of the difference between talent and achievement. Especially in the field, he looks truly lackadaisical.

      • Anonymous

        Glad you posted it first WBB. With the exception of one year, Upton has always been labeled an underachiever. A change of venue might be just what he needs, but the price has to be right.

        • Anonymous

          At one point, I thought Upton might be superior to Kemp, but it’s obvious now that Kemp applies himself better. With maturity, though, Upton can still be a great player.

      • Anonymous

        Upton is 24 years old, and he’s already had two MVP-type seasons. What exactly would he have to have done to show “achievement”? 

  3. Anonymous

    Tell Parra to relax with the applause on a base hit!

    • Anonymous

       I like Herrera, but he overdoes the sky-pointing on routine base hits.

  4. Anonymous

    FYI: The good luck charm is playing 3B, not 2B.  They always win, no matter how badly he plays.  His swing is like the anti-John Olerud. 

  5. Attention Jon! 
    David Vassegh ‏@THEREAL_DV: Don Mattingly just told me @springsteen is his favorite musician. Now that’s a manager!

  6. Rubby De La Rosa threw a couple of innings in simulated game today. woo!

  7. Anonymous

    Luke Scott got to 0 for 41 tonight before he hit a 2-run homer. The Rays bats have awoken tonight in Cleveland.

  8. KT

    Nice hit Tony

  9. Anonymous

    vin: “he looks like a human pitching machine”.

    we already have our vinsim of the night

  10. KT

    thought that was strike 3…a break yes!!

  11. KT

    Come on Juan

  12. KT

    Looks like Peter O’Malley’s group purchased the Padres for $800 million

  13. Anonymous

    I think timmer made an attempt at humor at the expense of Dick Whitman. Could I get an explanation?
    Here is his BR page:

  14. KT

    Nice catch Bobby

  15. Anonymous

    Kershaw’s breaking pitches look crisp tonight

  16. Anonymous

    Does anyone know when Rubby could be back? I hear that it might be late aug. Is it true?

    • Anonymous

       De La Rosa is beginning to make significant strides in his return from Tommy John surgery.The 23-year-old threw two innings in a simulated game Friday in Arizona.Mattingly said the next plan for him is to get in a regular rotation of pitching every few days. That, too, will likely take place in Arizona.

    • Anonymous

      A late August return would parallel what Strasuburg did last year in terms how long it took him to get back to it.  Just got back from seeing Strasburg pitch tonight.  I have gone to see him three times.  The first time he was scratched coming out of the pen.  Second time he stuggled against the Braves and tonight the Rox got to him with a couple of dingers.  They pulled him early in a losing game, as I guess they are inning watching.  They say he is great, but you wouldn’t know it by me.

  17. KT

    Way to get on Tony

  18. Anonymous

    Hairston vs Kennedy against RHP 2012 season. Hairston 58 points higher in BA, 28 points higher in OBP, 63 points higher in SLG.
    Hairston beats 6 of tonight’s starters in BA vs RHP this season, 5 in OBP, and 3 in SLG
    all this with 4 off days coming up

  19. KT

    Bobby!! Nice Double

    Come on Juan

  20. Anonymous

    Awesome, 1-0

  21. Minor-league news: Red Sox sign Andy LaRoche, Cubs release Hong-Chih Kuo 

  22. Anonymous

    Who are these guys who score runs as Dodgers. I imagine and hope that in 3 or 4 years I will know most Dodger players who were developed by the Dodgers system, or are exceptional players aquired through trade or Free Agency. This is the promise of a decent ownership group! Believe me when I say, I don’t want the Dodgers to win through outspending everyone: but a good franchise with a good base, should surely be competetive!

  23. KT

    Good inning Clayton

  24. KT

    ADAM with the HR!!!!

  25. Anonymous


  26. KT

    BGJ with the long Double!!

  27. Anonymous

    Kennedy hit a home run, this month is gonna be crazy.

  28. Anonymous

    If I recall correctly, it was about this time that Clay got great in 2011.  Adam has hit it out!!!! this is truly a bizzaro day in a bizzaro world. Loney managed to keep a mighty shot in the park for a double!! Bizarre indeed. It may even be that Clay got good this date in 2010, although I am not sure. Anyhoo, I am more optimistic than during that crappie streak we just went through!!!!

  29. Players who homered for the Dodgers last year but are no longer with the team: Gibbons, Mitchell, Thames, Miles, Blake, Navarro, Barajas.

    • I miss Aaron Miles.  #thingsIneverthoughtIwouldsay

    • Anonymous

      Russ Mitchell would have solved a lot of problems had he ever developed.

  30. KT

    Nice bunt Clayton
    Come on Tony

  31. KT

    Great Throw AJ!!

  32. Anonymous

    Hanging him out to dry!, says Vin.

  33. KT

    Clayton racking them up

  34. Anonymous

    Kershaw looking sharp!

  35. Loney has a .500 OBP in July (18 PA). 

  36. KT

    Good hits James / AJ
    Come on Clayton help yourself

  37. KT

    Come on DP

  38. Anonymous

    There goes the lead, those LOB bit us in the butt

  39. KT

    Jerry probably would have got to that one

  40. KT

    Clayton’s hanging them

  41. Anonymous

    I’m ready for 2nd Half Kershaw and his 0.5 ERA to get here lol

  42. Anonymous

    Awww. I really wanted Clayton to win this one.

  43. Anonymous

    Get the terrible pitching out of the way now so we can take the last 2 games before the break.

  44. Anonymous

    Wright is so wrong tonight.

  45. KT

    GREAT Catch Bobby!!!!

  46. Anonymous

    Chase is a Chamber of Horrors.

  47. Anonymous

    I don’t like to blame coaches, because ultimately the players win and lose the games, but I’ve noticed Honeycutt (for all the good he does with pitchers) is really lazy at coming out and coaching during a game. When Clayton started struggling, he should have come out immediately and tired to calm him down and the game situation. He does this with all the Dodger pitchers and it is kind of annoying. 

  48. KT

    Good Eye Tony
    Come on Mark

  49. Anonymous

    Deja vu all over again vis a vis Chad’s last game . . . 2-0 lead after 5, then a bad inning.  Hopefully the bats respond better tonight!

  50. KT


    Come on Juan

  51. KT

    Come on Adam

  52. KT

    Umps calling the Loooowww strike

  53. Anonymous

    Wow, just…wow.

  54. Anonymous

    James is a psychological wreck.  Most methheads have a more “together” look in any given time than he did in his timeout right before that piece of low-A batting.

  55. Anonymous

     Lots of wasted opportunities tonight.

    • Anonymous

      Chief among them the chance to use a $50 greyhound ticket to put Fields in the infield.  But, no, wait, he’s only 29…  needs more seasoning before he becomes a .646 OPS guy like James.

      • KT

        James is batting .489 in chase field

        • Anonymous

          which means he’s under .180 this year in the other 30 stadii

          That’s fine, though, he’s an exceptional defender, and 1Bs, like starting pitchers and great catchers, aren’t supposed to…  no…. wait….

      • Anonymous

        you’re getting boring

        • Anonymous

          As boring as another late-game James Loney weak flyout to shallow left-center with men in scoring position and a one or two run deficit?

          Except that’s not boring.  That’s enraging.

        • KT

          been boring

  56. KT

    Nice hit Luis!! Way to start it off
    Come on AJ

  57. KT

    Come on tony

  58. Anonymous

    Jut got home from the office to watch that “cluster – bleep” of a 7th inning…

    My only comments would be…

    1.  I can’t imagine Wallach urging Ellis to tag on that ball.   I’m thinking that was Ellis.

    2.  Zagursky…. Dodgers need to trade for this guy, and give him Terry Forster’s old number.  :-)

    • Anonymous

       Or somehow raise enough money to buy out Frank’s parking lot shares by organizing a Coffey/Zagursky pie-eating showdown in said lots

      • Anonymous

         Good call Isotope….
        I’d buy a ticket to see that.

  59. Anonymous

    Man on 2nd and 3rd, and cant score.

    • In the last two innings, we have had three times where we singled and the player at 2nd did not score.  Some bad luck (in that the balls were well hit right at the outfielders), but it feels like some conservative base-coaching, too.  Aarrgh!

      • Anonymous

         “Luck” has nothing to do with the fact that the lowest OPS 1b in the bigs is at the plate in a textbook sac situation and can’t even put it halfway into right field.

        • Anonymous

          very boring

        • Anonymous

           Repeated Rule No. 8 violations.

          • Anonymous

            They would be rule 8 AND 11 violations, had I not bit off the breathalyzer mouthpiece and spat it out in manic anger.

            No, wait, no one does that under police custody. 

            Unless they’re on “cops”. Or have blackmail material on Ned in a safety deposit box.

        • KT

          Same story over and over…quite beating the dead horse…your complaining on here won’t change anything so give it a rest

        • Anonymous

          you made your point with your name; I would like you to stop your pointless comments here and direct them to the Dodgers’ front office.

          • Anonymous

             I understand, and I agree that I have probably violated the spirit if not the letter of rule 8.

            I really don’t want to devalue anyone’s signed jerseys or bats.  Or bumpers.  Or hoods.  Or doors.

            So, in the spirit of brotherhood and non-boorish blogging, I’ll refrain from bashing James until he puts up another 50 ABs without a homer. 

            I’m just happy this crew of 150 lb weaklings looks to have a .500 stretch for a few games until our outfield comes back.

            Who knows, maybe Loney’s magic at chase field comes into play in July dealmaking.  Dream a little dream.

        • loney had some good swings nite especially the one he rocketed off the center field fence. i think he’s actually on a hot streak. find someone else to blame this one on

      • it’s actually the dodger team fielded perhaps the slowest team on record. Gwynn can run but man it was sad to see up close. station to station. can’t score on medium fly balls. eeks. 

        • Anonymous

          Ellis is well into his 30s and is coming off a nasty leg injury – don’t lay that play on him.

          Nice throw for the twinkie trash in any case. 

          • i think you have to send him there. had to be a good throw. still an average runner would have scored. not blaming ellis. i believe i said team. 13 hits or whatever 3 runs. speed or lack there of was an issue.

  60. KT

    wasted opportunities…Come on guys, this is AZ where runs are in abundance

  61. Anonymous

    They’re as frustrated as we are.

  62. Anonymous

    Hey guys… with the way this game has gone…. just got the “low down” from my wife….
    My advice is for you to head for the fridge for that comfort food / beverage now….
    “Prime the pump” if you will.
    A nice bowl of ice cream
    A beer
    Pop come popcorn….
    Whatever does it for you…

  63. Anonymous

    Endless wasted opportunitiies.

  64. KT

    Nice DP

  65. KT

    WOW 11 LOB for the Dodgers through 8

  66. KT

    Nice hit Bobby
    Come on Juan

  67. Anonymous

    Putz is 1-4 with 3 blown saves 

  68. Anonymous

    Slow Rivera hits into the DP.

  69. KT

    Come on BGJ

  70. Anonymous

     ….and, just for good measure, the tying run will come to the plate one final time in James Loney…

  71. Anonymous

    What’s with the “chubby kid from Goonies” in the neon shirt behind home plate? 

    • Anonymous

      Darn I missed the chubby kid!
      Still angry over the runners left on base

  72. Anonymous

    Only 2 more games until Kemp
    Only 2 more games until Kemp
    Only 2 more games until Kemp

  73. KT

    Night all

  74. Anonymous

    Anyone else wondering why Wright was brought in at such a crucial moment?  Isn’t that the type of situation where you bring in one of your better relievers?

    • Anonymous

       Yes, I was internally screaming for Jansen instead.

      That’s the thing – La Russa created the concept of the “closer”.

      La Russa is an extremely smart, sensitive man. 

      Donnie Baseball was born with exponentially more athletic talent than myself, but his tactical abilities are almost as wanting as my ability to hit a 80mph fastball, let a lone a 95mph one. 

      • Anonymous

        Jansen pitched the previous 3 days, how many days in a row should he pitch?
        The other reasonable candidate was Lindblom

        • Anonymous

          Sometimes, the pansy-ass standards of american baseball drive me up the wall, and it possibly isn’t because I read the well-done Kuroda piece in the nytimes this morning.

          Unless he (or his agent) is lying, Jansen is 24.  Homo Sapiens maximum endurance and focus.  I assume if Wright was called, it was a righty situation, but the general wasteland in the bullpen is something better placed at the feet of Mr Parking Lot.

          Incidentally, Jamey is almost my age. Really, not incidental, in terms of Donnie’s judgement.

          • Anonymous

            If, as you were “internally screaming”, Jansen had come in it would have been the first time this season he had pitched in 4 consecutive days. I have no interest in your views on what is pansy-ass or what age correlates with maximum endurance and focus. I suggest, as I have with your views on Loney, that you take them up with the Dodger front office. Your claim that the Dodger bull-pen is a wasteland makes me fear even more than I had that your connection with reality is tenuous. Your comment on Wright’s age is fatuous. 

          • Anonymous

             Precisely – Donnie B would have been breaking out of the mold by calling Jansen, despite a healthy Guerra back in the pen.  Remember?  Guerra? Our “closer”?

            I’m more than happy to claim that the McCourt/Colleti regime of the past few years has left our pitching staff as a wasteland.  Nice to see you, Mike_Tink, take the opposite stance.  Conflict breeds resolution.

            In the mean time, I’m happy to adopt the stance that Jansen is a good call when we need a hold or a win.  Clutchiness.  Didn’t Bill James write a dissertation on the subject?

          • Anonymous

            I gotta go with Mattingly here. Overpitching ruined Broxton and Wade. Better to lose this one game than to lose a good reliever.

          • Anonymous

            Our “wasteland” of a pitching staff is ranked 2nd in MLB (behind the Nats).  That includes a rotation ranked 2nd and a bullpen ranked 5th.  Not too shabby!!!

      • Anonymous

         For that alone, La Russa deserves infinite scorn.

  75. Anonymous

    Just caught up, Kennedy Hr, I’m stunned.
    I know we left a lot on base and the 7th was a mess, but on the positive side at least we got 13 hits

    • Anonymous

      That just means there were a lot of opportunities missed.  And there were.

  76. Anonymous

    In Corey Seager’s first game last night, he went 1 for 3 with a walk and a run scored.

  77. foul tip

    R.A. Dickey’s success probably prompted this look at successful knuckleballers–

    A couple on the list were prominent as Dodgers, Hough and Candiotti.  Some of the names probably aren’t familiar, since they’re not exactly household names.

    Also ran across a couple good descriptions of the pitch:

    “Explaining how a knuckleball behaves is akin to explaining how someone saw a lobster and determined it would be good to eat.”

    “Throwing a knuckleball for a strike is like throwing a butterfly with hiccups across the street into your neighbor’s mailbox,” Willie Stargell once said. He said he never tried.

    “I wish it were that easy,” Dickey said last year when told what Stargell said.

  78. Sorry to see it got out of hand in the comments after I went offline. IsotopeLoneyNow, please try to rein it in next time. 

    New post up top. 

  79. foul tip

    Also a link to a Will Caroll piece trying to find similarity between Lincecum’s struggles and Koufax’s demise.  Maybe it shouldn’t have, but the piece made my eyes glaze over.

    Carroll says Koufax was the model for Chris Linceum in constructing his son’s delivery. I’d never heard that.  I had heard he was adamant at every level that no one try to change Tim’s delivery, which  makes more sense in that light, I suppose.

    Says Koufax was the elder Lincecum’s hero.  If so, not out of the question that maybe he hoped Tim would wear the Blue instead of the orange.

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