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Tommy Lasorda’s game for the ages

Tommy Lasorda recalls the time he struck out 25 while allowing 23 baserunners in a 15-inning game — with documentation! Lasorda also drove in the game-winning run (link from May via Baseball Think Factory).

The headline for the post is, “If you believe in pitch counts, read this.” I wonder, though, if Lasorda might have had a better major-league career if he hadn’t pitched a game like this.

Or not. In the minors, Lasorda walked 1,158 and struck out 864.

  • You think you had it rough? Hiroki Kuroda had it rough. This profile by David Waldstein of the New York Times is something.
  • Addressing increasing trade rumors about top Dodger pitching prospect Zach Lee, Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness brings the rationality.
  • Luke Scott of Baltimore is channeling Eugenio Velez with an 0-for-39 slump, notes David Brown of Big League Stew.
  • For an overseas perspective on the MLB All-Star Game, read Nat Coombs’ piece for ESPN America.
  • This piece by David Goldman for CNNMoney sums up all the reasons why wireless service is lacking at sporting events.
  • I wish teams would stop releasing Jamie Moyer.


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  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like Kuroda’s old coach wanted to emulate Colonel Saito from “The Bridge on the River Kwai”.

  2. Anonymous

    I believe the Lee scenario exemplifies the whole prospect issue. While highly valued, two weeks ago he projected as at best a #2 starter.

  3. Anonymous

    Not a peep nor a rumor that Ned is looking at anyone though we know he is. Brutal! It would be kinder to leak a rumor or two every day, even if they’re false. The fans need to smell something cooking in the oven….

    •  Since you know something’s cooking, what good does it do to read false news?

      • Anonymous

        It gives us something to argue for…. or against. As blog owner, that is in your best interest. More views, more money, right?

      • Anonymous

        Maybe once in a while we need to smell something, even if the aroma then drifts away on the wind

        • Anonymous

          The problem with smelling something is that, too often, it’s not a good smell.

          • Anonymous

            not my wife’s cooking, I could smell that all day ;)

        • foul tip

          Even if your friendly neighborhood local skunk visits? 

          Except I don’t think you have skunks Down Under.  Sewer gas, maybe?

          Believe me, skunk is far worse.

          Let’s just hope there are no stinker trades.  ;-])

  4. chris nelson

    Can we all agree to start calling hits “safeties”.

  5. From the Dodger press notes:
    FLASHBACK – Elian Herrera blasted the first home run of his big league career and Scott Van Slyke hit his second homer last night as the Dodgers posted their first multi-homer game since May 21, also at Arizona. Nathan Eovaldi
    earned the victory, marking just the fourth time in Dodger history that
    a rookie pitcher earned a win and two different rookies hit homers in
    the same game. The other three occurrences were July 17, 1948 at
    Cincinnati in the second game of a doubleheader (Paul Minner was the pitcher, George Shuba and Roy Campanella hit the homers), Sept. 19, 1958 at Chicago (Ralph Mauriello earned the win, Ron Fairly and Don Demeter homered), and July 14, 1984 at Chicago (Orel Hershiser was the winner, Franklin Stubbs and German Rivera hit the homers). Thanks to Elias for the note.
    ►Luis Cruz went
    2-for-4 last night and has knocked in a run in each of his first four
    games with the Dodgers. According to Elias, he is just the fifth Dodger
    since 1920 to drive in at least one run in his first four games with the
    club, joining George Shuba (6 G, 1948), Jimmy Wynn (6 G, 1974), Dick Whitman (4 G, 1946) and Jimmy Ripple (4 G, 1939).

    • Anonymous

      There is no Dick Whitman. You must be mistaken.

      • Anonymous

         There was a Dick Whitfield, if I recall correctly.

      • Anonymous

        please explain this attempt at humor which ensnared WBB I think

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for that, I wish we didn’t have so many rookies playing at the same time to make this list, but they are doing OK

  6. Anonymous

    LaSorda? A little different.

  7. now everyone take a deep breath before responding if you don’t just stroke out with anger instead.

    The last I’d say about 10 at bats that I’ve seen Mr. Uribe has made an adjustment. As usual i don’t have the stats in front of me. Strictly remembering my observations at the time. He’s clearly started to take pitches. He’s cut down his swing a little. He’s not lunging at the ball quite as much. He’s hit the ball hard a few times and i believe i remember some walks. Just letting you kknow in case … you know… he actually starts doing something positive.

    • Anonymous

      ABQ to PHX is a short ride.  Fields has a .911 OPS and has been recently hot.

      Anyone want to crack open a map and SLOWLY explain the above to Ned?

    • I was also surprised to see how big a guy Cruz is. He’ll be interesting to watch. He definitely is not afraid. Elian’s HR worried me a little at first because i thought he might keep his swing a little too long.  but now that i think about the adjustments the pitchers made were to challenge him. if he proves to them he can hit maybe he can get back to his strength which is working the count.

  8. Anonymous

    Well, the Corsarios have already taken a 1-0 lead over the Gnats in the first at Pittsburgh. Zito is doing his best Lincecum impression, starting off with three straight hits.

  9. foul tip

    Vintage Lasorda commenting lightheartedly after his June heart attack (which was at least #2)–

    Said he was given no diet restrictions.  Then…

    `People asked me if they told me to lose weight,” said the portly former Dodgers manager known for his love of Italian food. “I knew that before anybody told me, just when I put my pants on. I’d be really mad if I died thin, I’d miss all that great spaghetti. I don’t want to lose too much weight or my nose would look too big.”

    No word if anyone asked his opinion of the ER doc’s operating performance…

  10. Anonymous

    I wish teams would stop releasing Jamie Moyer.

    Moyer should re-sign for one day with the team he first came up with so that he can retire as a St. Louis Brown. 

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