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It’s official: Kemp, Ethier return

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Kershaw CXXXV: Kershawma Lama Ding Dong
Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Rivera, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Juan Uribe, 3B
Luis Cruz, SS
Clayton Kershaw, P

Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier will reappear tonight before a salivating Dodger fan base, with Scott Van Slyke and Elian Herrera going to Albuquerque.

On Sunday, we discussed the possibility of Herrera being optioned.

… He’s been 100 times more fun to watch than Uribe and his versatility is an asset, but once Kemp and Ethier are back in their starting roles, Mark Ellis is re-entrenched at second base and Bobby Abreu, Tony Gwynn Jr. and Juan Rivera are holding down left field, there’s going to be less call for Herrera to roam around the diamond. That’s not to say that he’s without a purpose, but with his own slump to a .326 on-base percentage and .335 slugging, the difference between him, Uribe and Kennedy (.315 OBP, .309 slugging) isn’t overwhelming.

By optioning Herrera, the Dodgers can put off making a final decision on Uribe or Kennedy, neither of whom can be sent down. …


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  1. That’s disappointing. I hope when Dee comes back Cruz is still playing well and they instead think about getting rid of Uribe or Kennedy.

    • Anonymous

      I hope when Dee recovers Cruz is still playing well and they send Dee down to ABQ for additional development work.  I think that would help Dee become a good major-league shortstop and batter.  Then he can come back to the team with the roster expansion in September.

  2. Anonymous

    Does Uribe have cement shoes, or are they showcasing him?

  3. peter drysdale

    Nooo! Keep Herrera & dump Uribe. Oh well. At least the big guys are back. Maybe we can now win 15 of 20 instead of lose 15/20

  4. how much would you pay for one of tonya hardings minions to to billy club uribe repeatedly in the balls and kneecaps?

    • That’s over the line.

      • 15 months ago I paid $75 dollars for a Uribe jersey. (You probably seen it in that fat Dodger players video)  I really did.   He seems like a good guy and a hard guy to hate.   He has 1 week.  1 WEEK!!!!   Magic in a bottle Juan, you better find it.  And Jon, dont be such a wuss.   It’s all good.

        • Anonymous

           I wouldn’t pay 75 cents for such a jersey.

        • Go take a hike, Troy. I don’t need this. The line is out of bounds for this site, and no, calling me a wuss does not make it all good.

        • Anonymous

          it’s still uncalled for man. What if a kid is reading this…

  5. Anonymous

    There’s no need to put off a final decision on Uribe and/or Kennedy. They’ve already proven their (lack of) worth.

  6. Anonymous

    Herrera sent down :(
    Rivera at first base :(

    But Kemp and Ethier so I guess that outweighs everything else.  A few more minutes to “Its time for Dodger Baseball”

    • Anonymous

      I was arguing with my wife, but convinced her to shut up long to hear, “it’s tiiiiiiime for dodger baseball”

    • Anonymous

      sure hope they call ’em back up in september.

  7. Anonymous

    I’m disappointed.  Other than sending Herrera down to get his game back on track, I really, really don’t see any logical explanation to keep Kennedy over Herrera.  Is there one?

    • Anonymous

       No, there isn’t.

    • Anonymous

       veteran fetish.

    • Anonymous

      >> Other than sending Herrera down to get his game back on track, I really, really don’t see any logical explanation to keep Kennedy over Herrera.  Is there one?

      As Jon noted, there’s not much difference between the two, as far as numbers are concerned.  But Herrera can get sent down without losing him; Kennedy can’t.  If you feel that Kennedy doesn’t provide enough offense to stay on the team, you should be feeling the same way about Herrera, since their offense is virtually identical.

  8. KT

    Up in LA @ the folks house in preparation to tomorrows game. I have no “eyes” tonight and I’m stuck listening to a cheap radio with a lot of static because something happened to my dad’s good radio.
    At least I hooked up wireless today for the so I can watch Gameday and Chat with my friends

  9. Belisario arrived in Los Angeles at 9:45 last night

  10. Anonymous

    Descriptive thread for KT

  11. KT

    Good inning Clayton

    • Anonymous

       we get to see #27 AB.  I hope he doesn’t try to do too much

  12. KT

    Wow …I didn’t realize we resorted to JH jr leading off

  13. Anonymous

    is it just me or is something weird with Vin’s mic?

    • Anonymous

       he sounds vin-;ike to me on extra innings via directv

      • Anonymous

         ” vin-;ike” ? I’ve got the PT feed on Dish here, sure it’s the same telecast.

        -Dunno, mebbe it’s the meds….

        • KT

          Atmospheric conditions are playing havick with the over the air broadcast…maybe affecting PT

    • There was a weird nose early in the broadcast, sounded like a crash so I went outside to see what happened. But just now Vin got a bit louder, especially in my left speaker. Maybe he was only coming out of one.

      • Anonymous

         Ok, so it wasn’t the meds, that describes what I heard as well

  14. Anonymous

    Can’t wait to hear the roar when Matty steps into the box!

    • Anonymous

       here he comes

    • Anonymous

      It’s too hot to roar appropriately. The monsoonal moisture has made everyone in L.A. a bit torpid.

      • Anonymous

        Hmmm…you were right.  Here in balmy Jakarta I let out my own roar.

  15. Anonymous

    this is the closest we’ve come to our opening day lineup in quite sometime.

  16. KT


  17. Anonymous

    Bison’s back!

  18. peter drysdale

    Great start to his return

  19. Anonymous

    An extra base hit from our #3 hitter, I think I’m going to cry.

  20. Wow, that felt good.  Welcome back, Matt. 

  21. peter drysdale

    oh well

  22. A bit rusty in the field I guess…

    • Also Dylan Hernandez said on twitter that Matt walked out to “Return of the Mack”, wish I had been there to hear that.

  23. Kemp looked unsure about diving on that short fly to CF by Grandal. 

  24. Anonymous

    Kemp did not look 100 percent on that.

  25. Anonymous

    Posey 2-run homer in the 1st against the Astros. With Bumgarner pitching at home, I will say that the Dodgers need to win to stay in first.

    • Anonymous

      and I say, Bumgarner should go to the stadium if he wants to be effective.

      • Anonymous

        He’s got a strong arm. He can throw strikes from his apartment.

  26. Anonymous

    Russell Martin nailed 3 baserunners (including the final out of the game), and had the game-winning RBI single in the 8th to lead the Yanks over the Halos, 6-5.

    • Anonymous

      i seriously thought the Yanks were going to loose on the Trumbo HR.

  27. Anonymous

     Kemp played Grandal’s ball very poorly.

  28. KT

    Did Clayton misplay the ball to him?

    • Anonymous

      He seemed confused as to who was covering second. Ellis was pointing over to Cruz, but Kershaw couldn’t figure it out, so he just wen to first. It would have been an easy DP if he had tossed it to Cruz.

  29. Anonymous

    I have to wonder why Kershaw is being mediocre–at least for himself. I know–expectations are probably too high and a guy can’t be “Cy Young” stuff every year. But often missing with the first two pitches is so unlike last year!

    • Anonymous

      his foot has got to be bothering him still.  i hope they skip him in the rotation once or twice so it has a chance to heal up.  I’m concerned he’ll get another injury if he keeps pitching through it.  If you watch his mechanics he’s all over the place with hesitations in his delivery and follow through.

  30. Anonymous

    Padres D has the ball surrounded!

  31. Juan Uribe basically just hit an infield double.

  32. Anonymous

    Good base running by Uribe. Gotta give him that.

    • Anonymous

      i always feel like he’s going to pull something when ever he does anything. So stiff. Just odd man, just odd.

    • KT


    • Anonymous

       Credit where none is due.

  33. Anonymous

    Uribe’s last two hits have been doubles which have only occurred because the fielder trying to make the play knocked the ball further away. He doubled in Oakland on June 20 and I believe Josh Reddick playing in RF knocked down a fly ball hit back into the infield for a double.

  34. Anonymous

    Kershaw is not dominating as he should v. this lineup.

  35. Anonymous

    Is it just me or is Kershaws delivery rushed?

  36. KT

    Come on Clayton

  37. peter drysdale

    welp, still no offense

  38. KT

    Come on DP

  39. KT


  40. peter drysdale

    I say we put a ghost runner on and let Matty bat again

  41. Nice to see Matty getting hits. Now if only Ethier wouldn’t waste them.

  42. Anonymous

    We need to clone Matt so he can hit after himself and drive in the run.

    • Anonymous

      no kidding man, that last one was a rocket.

  43. Anonymous

    interesting – i was looking at the original 1969 Padres roster & at least a few names that i’m familiar with contributed to that expansion team.

    Wally Moon
    Roger Craig
    Sparky Anderson

    • Anonymous

      Al Ferrara, Tommy Dean and Johnny Podres.

    • Anonymous

      Johnny Podres was on the team too. He retired after a few games.
       Duke Snider was in the radio booth.

      • Anonymous

        Willie Davis eventually played for the Padres.  But that’s because he owed Buzzi Bavasi money.  Buzzi signed him then embargoed a portion of his check.

  44. KT

    Come on DP

  45. Anonymous

    Wayyyy too many pitches again for Kershaw tonight.

  46. Anonymous

    Ah, the good old days, when we dumped managers for losing the WS two years in a row.

  47. KT

    Come On DP…Clayton Needs one

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t get that call on the black from the ump.

  48. Anonymous

    Please watch Kershaw’s pitch count. Actually —get him out of there—now.

  49. Anonymous

    Only seven swings and misses? Against these Madres, that’s just wrong.

  50. KT

    Nice Tony…

    Come on Jerry….Let’s get Clayton this win

  51. Anonymous

    Man–Hairston should have creamed the previous pitch. I can’t believe he let it go, although he may have been trying to let Guinn steal.!

  52. KT


  53. peter drysdale


  54. Anonymous

    Ellis steals the drama from Matty!

  55. Anonymous

    Mark Ellis wooo!

  56. Anonymous

    What was that?

    • KT

      your guy coming through…I remember you saying you liked the aquisition

      • Anonymous

         I did like the acquisition, and still do.

        • KT

          Me Too…I just reminding everyone thay you were the 1st to push the like button on that one ^_^

  57. Anonymous

    Bumgarner has only allowed two hits so far.  And those were on comebackers to his apartment that were beaten out.

    • Anonymous

      I thought 1 was a HR?

    • Anonymous

       Undoubtedly, he’s had a more generous home plate umpire than Kershaw got.

  58. Anonymous

    Uribe would never have reached Headley’s ball.

    • Anonymous

      And the only reason for keeping Uribe was his defense!

    • Anonymous

      I would guess that he would have.

      • Anonymous

         I continue unconvinced. Not a lot of mobility there.

  59. KT

    Way to hold them Javy

  60. Anonymous

    Vin not impressed by advanced stats:  Quentin has an OPS+ of 160.

  61. Anonymous

    Nice job by Guerra.

  62. KT

    Another good outing by Belli

  63. Anonymous

    Can Belli be more impressive?

  64. Anonymous

    I, for one, am glad the Dodgers were patient with Belisario.

  65. KT

    Nice hit Jerry
    Come on Mark

  66. KT

    Come on Matty Bring im in

  67. Anonymous

    Jansen’s fastball looks like it picks up velocity as it approaches the plate.

  68. Anonymous


  69. KT

    YES…Good start
    I’ll be there tomorrow rooting our boys on….If anyone gets on 3rd you’ll see me

  70. peter drysdale

    Still can barely score but won anyway. WOOHOO!

  71. peter drysdale

    good way to kick off the second half of the season

  72. Anonymous

    I was about to second-guess Mattingly for not inserting Loney on defense.

    • Anonymous

      Me too.  It’s OK to be lucky but I still think Loney should be playing first at that point of the game.

      • Anonymous

        But if SD scores the Dodgers wouldn’t have Rivera’s .250 batting average in the lineup for possible extra innings.

  73. Anonymous

    Kershawma with the 6 innings of 1-run ball.
    The bullpen with the Lama of 3 innings of shutout ball.
    Gwynn with the Ding leadoff base hit.
    Mark Ellis with the Dong two run homer.

  74. Heh. AP gets its Ellises mixed up.–mlb.html

    ” Clayton Kershaw pitched in and out of trouble for six innings, batterymate Mark Ellis hit his third homer of the season. . .”

  75. Anonymous

    Like the defense.  Mark Ellis covered for our less than stellar offense.  This should improve with time, great start to the second half.  Go blue.

  76. Anonymous

    I love to hear Randy Newman in the background of Vin’s wrapup.  :)

  77. Anonymous

    I was reading this article about Yasiel Puig, and I noticed that the Dodgers have a director of cultural assimilation, who has the perfect name for his job: Tim Bravo.

    • Anonymous

       “Adaptation” sounds better than assimilation, to me at least.

      • foul tip

        Are we sure it’s not the Borg from Star Trek, trying to lull us to sleep before assimilation?   ;-])

        • Anonymous

           Never having seen Star Trek (though I’ve heard of it), I find the comment bewildering.

          • foul tip

             Sorry for the too-obscure reference.

            In the sci-fi TV series, the Borg were half-human, half-machine beings who medically took over the bodies of victims they thought had something to add to their “collective.”   They called their absorption process assimilation.

  78. Anonymous

    We’re going to be losing Javy Guerra for the next three to seven games.  He’ll be on the leave list while he returns to Mexico to tend to his dad, who suffered a heart attack.

    I assume we’ll see Shawn Tolleson back for another cup of coffee.

  79. Anonymous

    Every pitcher has a bad day once in a while, and Chris Reed just had his first for Chattanooga today.  This was his sixth start, but he’s on a three-inning limit so he doesn’t have any wins yet.  Four of his six outings were scoreless, but today he allowed 5 runs in the third inning in the second game of a doubleheader.

  80. Anonymous

    Youkilis has now had 5 game-winning hits for the WhiteSox – in 14 games played.

  81. Future Dodger Ryan Dempster has shutout the snakes through 6 giving up 4 hits, 3 walks, and striking out 5. 

  82. Anonymous

    Dana Eveland DFA by Baltimore.

    • Anonymous

      He’s played in eight major league seasons.  Seven of them ranged from just so-so to terrible.  But he was actually pretty darn good with the Dodgers last year (small data warning – five starts).

      • Anonymous

        He was pretty good, and embarrassed the Gnats at a moment when they had deluded themselves that they were contenders.

  83. Anonymous

    Happy anniversary Ramon Martinez. No hitter this day 1995

    • Anonymous

      Wow 1995. I really thought we were going to get to the WS that year.

      • Anonymous

        Went to both home playoff losses. 96 too. Very disappointing both.

    • Anonymous

       In retrospect, the Dodgers should have kept Pedro and traded Ramón.

      • Anonymous

        But Tommy did not think Pedro was durable enough to be a starter. Genius.

        • Anonymous

           It looks even more foolish now than it did then, though I cringed when I heard the news.

    • foul tip

       If Harang repeats that kind of Dodger history tonight, I’ll probably think this is a team of destiny.

      But  I’d be content just with a strong start.  And some offense.

  84. Anonymous

    Down goes Pujols and the Halos

    • Anonymous

       I detest the Yankees, but I can’t cry for the Anaheimers.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting that with the incredibly hot start the Dodgers got off to and the equally terrible start the Angels got off to, both teams now sitting with the exact same record of 48-40.

      • Anonymous

        The Dodgers did not have the advantage of having the second coming of Mickey Mantle available to bring up from AAA.

      • Anonymous

        I have always advocated that the regular season should end in May starting this year.  Not sure about next year, yet.

  85. Anonymous

    When I have stated numerous times.. that I’d be willing to part with Andre Ethier……..
    Exhibit A:  That effort on that ball that just dropped in front of him.
    Don’t tell me it was in the sun.
    Don’t tell me he couldn’t have gotten there.
    That’s your veteran RF in his own park.
    The ball landed 3 feet in front of him.
    5 – year deal? ….. You need to seriously be “laying it out there” in order to make that play.
    I want to see my RF diving….

    • Anonymous

      The ball, by a RH hitter, virtually landed on the line, and Ethier had a long way to go for it. Rivera and Kennedy bear the blame for that inning.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Dre is a known slouch.  Gimmie a break.

    • KT

      I was there…No way he got to that ball

  86. Yes, the dangers of playing River and Kennedy at first and third. Who wants to bet they don’t make up for it with their bats?

  87. Anonymous

    Quentin really butchered that ball.

  88. Anonymous

    Bobby frustrating Volquez.

    • Anonymous

       Why are you trying to frustrate the young man… “Bobby_Hendley” ???  :-)

      PS – Going 3rd person these days here on DT?  Nice.

  89. Anonymous

    Come on Dre, show JonT what you can do!

    • Anonymous

       Nice to see Andre is… (insert English accent) ” enough of a gentleman to return the run that he had a hand in costing us in the first inning” …. :-)

  90. Anonymous

    Great piece of hitting by Kemp. Like the fact that he took it to right field.

  91. Anonymous

    it seemed to me Kemp was a bit anxious in the first part of that AB if you guys have TiVo or a DVR check it out, you’ll appreciate how good he adjusted, maturity in action….

  92. Anonymous

    Wasted opportunity to blow the game open.

  93. Drat. From bases loaded no out to no more runs, and now give up one. Kennedy and AJ really failed there.

  94. Anonymous

    is something wrong with James Loney or is he in Don Mattingley’s dog house.

  95. Anonymous

    Last few games Loney played it seemed he was finally coming around at the plate – no reason to sit the “hot hand”.

    • Especially against the rightie, would have liked to see him in there.

    • Anonymous

      Especially since he seems to be so streaky.  .810 OPS in July.

      • Anonymous

        i’m trying to understand this from a logical point of view, the only thing i can think of is that Loney is doing some off the field stuff that interfears with his play or maybe Mattingly is just not patient with him anymore, i don’t know man, i just don’t get it.
        at the moment, i think he’s our best option, you play your best option, wonder what it does to Loney’s psyche too. (sp?)

  96. Anonymous

    & what is Harang doing throwing a 0-2 TASTEE FASTBALL right down the middle. ugh!

    4-4 tie

  97. Anonymous

    oh yes. that sweet swing of Ethier.

    6-4 Dodgers!!!

  98. Anonymous

    That was satisfying. I am pleased Kemp did not try to steal.

  99. “This one’s for you JonnyTAFKAJ” – Andre Ethier

    ; )

  100. Anonymous

    how did Kennedy hit that thing, it was almost on the ground.

    a) he got lucky.
    b) Kennedy just has a weird swing.

  101. Anonymous

    I guess its enough for the glove to be on the ball when its on the ground, even if it pops out when you lift it up.  Learned something, I think.

  102. Anonymous

    Vin, cherry picking.  Quentin has an OPS+ of 156.

  103. Anonymous

    The Gnats’ pen failed to hold the lead, and it’s a 2-2 tie heading to the 10th at the Phone Booth to Be Named Later.

  104. Anonymous

    Dee woulda had that.

  105. Anonymous

    Nice hit by the Padres Alonso, bad pitch selection by Jansen. hinsight & all.

  106. Anonymous


  107. Anonymous

    great drama at DS

  108. Anonymous

    oh man…

  109. Anonymous

    10 pitches. 1 out.

  110. Anonymous

    ha! a buddy of mind i worked with at L.A. international played footbal with Mark Kotsey.

  111. Anonymous

    Amarista is a tough out.

  112. Anonymous

    Jansen seemed a little upset over something while Mattingly was on the mound., didn’t quiet catch what general direction he was looking.

  113. Anonymous

    I don’t believe that. Ugliest blown save I’ve ever seen.

  114. Wow that was like little league stuff.

  115. After Cabrera had been jumping down the line on the last pitch how do you turn your back? Terrible Kenley, terrible.

  116. Anonymous

    i’m still wierd it out by that play, i need to go thru the emotional process i guess.

    • KT

      I was there…tough..people couldn’t believe their eyes and most of the people around me missed it

  117. Anonymous

    I was just telling my wife, “You cannot possibly handle this inning any worse than the Padres have.  There’s a reason why they’re in last place.  Jansen is anything but ‘ in control ‘ in this inning and the Padres just keep bailing him out…”
    Then…. ( as I’ll call him “Complacent Kenley” ) goes to sleep on the hill…..
    No words are even necessary to describe my feeling on what happened next.
    Wake up, man!

  118. Anonymous

    for those of you out on the town (catching up on the team on your phone like i do sometimes) think Chad Billinglsy getting his pocket picked by Cabrera a few years back…

  119. Anonymous

    KT, i’m sorry you had to see this. in person no less, ugh.

  120. Anonymous

    Why is Donny going over to give him support? …
    That’s the LAST thing I would do…
    Despite the false humility you may see in interviews, these are big boys with big salaries, and BIG EGOS. 
    They stay in the nicest hotels…They eat the best food…They get free-bees in just about every bar they go in….They have 6 cell phones so they can hide their mistresses from their wives, they live a very fine life…..
    “To the victors go the spoils”  …. I’ve said when describing the lives of most pro athletes.
    I have a real hard time with a guy falling asleep like Jansen did… then, pouting instead of covering home plate in time to prevent the winning run….
    If I’m the manager…. I’m coming down real hard on Kenley….
    It wouldn’t mean I don’t like him and root for him….. You’ve just got to draw the line somewhere…
    And, to me…. “Attention and effort” … are the hallmarks of performing ANY job effectively.
    Kenley, let himself and his teammates down tonight. 

    • Anonymous

       Lastly, it’s not as if he’d just pitched 8 arduous innings… and he was mentally and physically exhausted….

      Dude!  he’s been sitting there watching for 8 innings….
      And, he’s asked to focus for a very short period of time……
      I’m done.

      • Anonymous

         Lastly #2 – see first statment…..
        I am, in no way, saying that having mistresses makes for a good life as I’m a family man.
        I’m just trying to illustrate that they get just about anything they could ever dream of wanting.
        I’ve had friends that were ball players….And, I’ve had friends that have worked in the hotels in which the teams stayed…. That’s how I know that stuff.  Not that it’s hard to figure out.  :-)

        • Anonymous

          Good recovery on the mistress stiuff, JonnyT.

          • Anonymous

             Thanks Bob…. I had to even cringe myself after I typed that statement.

            Umpire’s call:  “Saaaaaaaafe!” … :)

    • No reason to come down on him. He knows. He is down. You gotta build him back up. There is a bigger picture than  tonight. Jansen is a young guy who made a 5 second mistake while battling out there for what seemed like a half hour. He will learn this lesson and move on. It sucks but that’s the way it is.

      • Anonymous

         Good Morning Jason….  I think Don Mattingly was thinking exactly how you are.
        That’s fine.  And, it may be just one of many reasons why this team is playing so darn well this year.  He certainly knows Kenley, and his demeanor better I do. So, good call. :-)
        However, the reason why I made such a point above (over-made it, really) was that I don’t see any reason to “baby” these guys.  I certainly realize each guy has a different personality…and responds differently to different approaches….

        But, Man! – That was an absolute “joke” the way that went down last night.

  121. Andrew Shimmin


  122. Anonymous

    One strike away from closing out the win and Jansen decides to forget about the guy 90 feet away from home? Amazing.

    • Anonymous

      And yet, a decent throw to the catcher and the runner is out.  And, had Ellis not dropped to his knees in anticipation of a good throw and a block of home plate and he catches the throw and the second run doesn’t score.

      Jansen made quite a few stressful, game on the line pitches and was regathering his thoughts, slowing down the game, and made his throw while startled.  Sometimes lessons are learned without the spotlight and sometimes with it brightly shining.  We learn from experience and regardless of what we read or hear, we usually have to learn the hard way through experience before we fully appreciate what someone was trying to teach us verbally.

  123. Anonymous

    Giants win in 12.

  124. Trying to explain that steal of home and lapse of attention by the pitcher to my mother without cursing was a challenge.

    •  Yep my 4 almost 5 year old is obsessed with two things now all of a sudden. Hitting a baseball and the Dodgers. So he was up watching it with me and I did all I could to maintain. Really the whole inning, let alone that play. 

  125. Anonymous

    i can’t sleep – i feel like that time when i went to see The Departed (Scorsese) & (i felt) the ending was horrible, it’s like i was there for 2 hours, liked the movie & then we saw the ending…

    uncool man.

  126. Anonymous

    Back in 1986, Charlie Hough of the Rangers (38 years old at the time and in his 17th season) lost a game in Anaheim 2-1. He had a no-hitter going into the 9th. The Angels tied the game on a 3-base error by the left fielder and a single by Wally Joyner. A passed ball moved Joyner up. Hough struck out Doug DeCinces and then intentionally walked Reggie Jackson to face George Hendrick.
    Hendrick struck out, but catcher Orlando Mercado (the Angels current bullpen coach) couldn’t handle the pitch. Hough stood at the mound perplexed. Jackson and Joyner moved up a base. Hendrick was at first.

    But Hough never moved from home. And Joyner came in to score the winning run.

    So, it happens.

  127. KT

    Great game until the last of the ninth…

    I can’t wait to go home (SD) tomorrow and see that play…

    Kenley isn’t a situational ballplayer…If he covers homethe players out and it’s a tie game
    Good thing about the day: My daughter got two baseballs a new shirt and hat that Andre Ethier signed along with her ball According to her “Best Day Ever”. Also got Dave Hansen and Jim Leyritz signatures.

    Dre signed my Dre jersey on the front

    • Anonymous

      Consolation.  Looking for anything to feel better right now, many thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like a great time in any event!  Best days ever are good.

  128. It’s funny — when you watch a lot of your team (especially in the new world of internet baseball), you think “Why is it that MY team does all this stupid stuff.”  I think the reality is that each team probably has 5 or so cuckoo things happen each season, it’s just that we didn’t use to see every one of them.

    Walking through my mental database of similar plays, I immediately came up with two:

    1: Remember Werth (on the Phillies) timing Martin’s lollypop throw back to the pitcher and stealing home with no throw?

    2: This one goes back to somewhere in the early 80’s.  Bases are loaded and the Dodger pitcher (I’m going to say it was Reuss, but I’m making that up) throws a ball four wild pitch.  This was the Dodger stadium with more room behind the backstop.  So, the runner at third comes home, but the runner who was at second alertly runs hard and there is a play at the plate.  Yeager throws the ball past the pitcher covering home and more stuff happens (like an infielder picks it up and throws it away again)… At the end of the fiasco, the batter, who walked is at third base and three runs have scored.  Anyone remember that play?

    A nice win today will wash away the stink.  A loss will add salt to the wound.

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