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Sunday evening TV chat

Seemed like a good night for it …




Batting first and fourth in the same season


  1. Breaking Bad – a calm episode for the series, but stil a strong and thought-provoking one. 

    Newsroom – mostly a mess.  The relationship stuff is just a trainwreck. Most unnerving is the phony conceit that WIll is tiptoeing back into dating like a frightened squirrel – when the previous week’s episode showed him dating on a regular basis for months.  

  2. Political Animals – Almost turned it off in the first 15 minutes because of how awful it was, but Sigourney’s performance held me in.  I ended up making it through the episode largely on the strength of her, and to a lesser extent Carla Gugino, though I wasn’t fans of the latter’s character.  Haven’t ruled it out, but I don’t know if I’m going to bother with episode 2. Ciaran Hinds is hard to take as the improbably popular ex-president. 

  3. Anonymous

    Thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s episope of Newsroom. Despite this show’s familiarity to ‘SportsNight’, i enjoy the tone and – so far – every episode’s topic. Sam Waterston’s GREAT in this series.

  4. Anonymous

    No Breaking Bad due to DISH dropping AMC. Might become issue when Mad Men returns. I might’ve seen enough of the BB world already.

  5. AMC live-streaming season-opening episode of Breaking Bad for DIsh subscribers:

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. That’s what the DISH folks told me when I called them to extort some free services in exchange. In DISH’s defense, they have comped me every single time I’ve called with a complaint.

  6. Anonymous

    That episode of “The Newsroom” lived down to my expectations.

    HBO brought in Hope Davis to do that?

  7. Anonymous

    Longmire anyone?

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