The Dodgers allowed six unearned runs today. You know how long it had been since the Dodgers allowed six unearned runs in a game? You have to go all the way back to September 27, 2011 – thanks to good ol’ Rule 10.16(i). They all came in the 10th inning that night.

Think that was bad? On June 7, 1945, the Dodgers allowed 10 runs – all unearned – on eight errors. Perhaps they got a little crazy celebrating the anniversary of D-Day the night before.

So Los Angeles gave away two games in the standings this weekend.  That could hurt.


  • KT

    Just finished watching the replay of the ball Carlos Quentin ripped into the box sets in the bottom of the eigth that hit that woman it reminded me of the sickening sound of ball hit bone squarely

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