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Farewell, Robert Creamer

Robert Creamer’s “Babe,” I believe, was the first grown-up baseball biography I ever read. Creamer passed away at the age of 90 this week. Alex Belth offers an appreciation of Creamer at Bronx Banter, including a link to a 1964 Sports Illustrated time capsule of a piece on Vin Scully.


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  1. Anonymous

    Jon Heyman of hears that the Dodgers seem to have “50 or 60”things going on with 12 days to go before the trade deadline. Jimmy Rollins is indeed one of the many established players that Dodgers executives are considering, Heyman writes. 

    • Every time the Rollins rumor pops up another writer shoots it down. I’ve read that the Dodgers have said they have no interest in him. Which I hope is the correct rumor.

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t see why they want Rollins.  He’s at an age when shortstops start to decline (33) rather than get better, and he makes $11 million a year.  His career numbers are little different than the guy they gave up on a year ago, Furcal.  

    I see their money better spent on Heddy. (Oh please oh please somebody knock this one off the tee).

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always thought well of Jimmy Rollins as a player.  I agree on the decline issue, but he is still capable this year and if Philadelphia wants to pay most of that contract, I’m for it.  I would also hope he could transition to 3B when Dee becomes available again.

      I’m in complete agreement on Headley, but got my rear handed to me here when I suggested that the Dodgers and Padres could find enough points of agreement to make it happen.

    • “That’s “HEADLEY!”…happier now? :)

    • i think the bigger problem with rollins is the longish yet onerous contract

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, but if there is one area where Colletti has done well, it is in getting other teams to pick up their own bad contracts.

  3. Anonymous

    Loved the piece on Vin Scully.  You rarely see biographical articles of this length anymore.

  4. “Babe” was an exceptional book, and Creamer was an exceptional writer. And he was wonderful in Ken Burns’ Baseball, particularly when talking about Ruth and Casey Stengel.

    • Anonymous

      The documentary was my introduction to Mr Creamer. I thought he was brilliant.

  5. ACastle listed on the topes roster/stats as 1B. Anybody heard anything on that. he’s still hitting great down there. wonder if…

    • Anonymous

       Miles decided to retire, if I recall correctly, after a handful of games at ABQ.

      • Anonymous

        Correct.  He retired from baseball on June 13.

  6. Anonymous

    Wrong Babe

  7. Adam Luther

    That feature on Scully is perfection, and a time capsule for certain.  Only 9 televised away games in ’64.  Amazing.  The idea of listening to Scully’s east coast games at supper after the drive home oozes of nostalgia.

  8. KT

    I really dislike days we don’t play

    • Anonymous

      I like days that we play, and really like days that we play 52.7% of the time.

  9. We can relax a bit:
    Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal: Sources: #Dodgers pitching prospect Zach Lee will not be in a deal for a rental such as #Cubs’ Dempster. Dodgers need offense more than SP.–

    I’d be more okay giving up a high prospect in a trade for a longer term position player, though.

    Weird to think Cubs could trade most of their current starting rotation this month, not just Dempster but Garza and Maholm.

    • Anonymous

      How many more games will the Dodgers win with Dempster in the rotation instead of Nate? Without adding offense I’m saying I count em on one hand, with fingers to spare. Foolish IMHO. If shopping for the now, how about nabbing Rollins and Victorino from the Phils? They are going to need salary relief somewhere if they can sign Hamels long term.

  10. 12 more shopping days to get:

    – a first baseman ,left fielder and thirdbaseman who can hit.

     -a Shortstop who can catch and throw

    – a starting pitcher to slot between Kershaw and Capuano.

    Otherwise we are totally set. 

    • LOL. I keep reading that the Dodgers are trying to trade for pitching.  Hello?  We’ve got pitching.  More than we need.  We need hitters — high OBP guys who can hit for reliable power.  And more than just one or two — we’re half a lineup short of those guys.  You can’t put a winning team on the field with a strategy designed to throw a shutout every night.  You CAN do it, however, with a lineup that can score 4.5-5 runs per game on average.  The Dodgers need to be focusing on achieving the latter, not the former.  See Yankees, New York.

  11. New root beer review up top.  Baseball chat can stay here. 

  12. Onlyatriple

    25 minutes from Brentwood to DS!  Those were the days….And I have to think that was before the 10 was finished, and maybe the 405 over the Sepulveda Pass…

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