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July 20 game chat

Dodgers at Mets, 4:10 p.m.
Bobby Abreu, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Rivera, 1B
Jerry Hairston, 3B
Luis Cruz, SS
Matt Treanor, C
Aaron Harang, P

Ryan Dempster is scheduled to pitch for the Cubs at 5:15 tonight.


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Tenth Anniversary Freeze-Out


  1. Anonymous

    Can’t decide whether I want him to or not..

  2. Anonymous

    I wish Hairston could be in LF, and that we saw AJ instead.

    Aside from that, perfect, given our resources.

  3. Anonymous

    Josh Fields.  ^response to NB12

    617 bowl game yards for OSU, btw.

    • Anonymous

      Why haven’t we given  him a chance yet?  Too much invested in Uribe?

      • Anonymous

         I’m at risk of rule 8 on this one… ;)

        Plenty of cyberink here and at trueblueLA on the subject.

        • Anonymous

          Understood.  Count me on the bandwagon and enough said.

  4. From previous thread: I think y’all are forgetting that there was a best-of-three playoff series between the Milwaukee Braves and the Dodgers in 1959. The Dodgers won Game 1 behind Larry Sherry in relief and won Game 2 in the 12th on a Felix Mantilla throwing error trying to get Furillo at 1st base.

  5. KT


  6. I just did a very well-timed live-lookin on Gameday. 

    • KT

      good for you…do it again next inning
      Good hit Dre

  7. That ball was punished!

  8. Anonymous

    Timmy handled the lollipop guild capably in the 1st, though Chase was just 2 feet from a dinger.

  9. KT

    Nice Jerry
    Good hustle Dre

  10. Anonymous


  11. overkill94

    Abreu looking reeeeal old trying to track down that gapper.

  12. Anonymous

    3-2 after 1, or should I say (2-3). Sounds like a wild one already. But not sure if that is a good thing.

  13. KT

    Good eye Bobby
    Nice hit Mark…Come on Matty

  14. Jerry Hairston Jr. has pumpkined at third base, just like he warned us, I guess. 

  15. Anonymous

    Since I’m not in front of a tv I’ll ask…who is doing the TV broadcast?

  16. KT

    Good eye Matty
    Good eye Dre
    Come on Juan

  17. Anonymous

    Agreed with Jerry Hairston Jr.  

    Johan lookin wild…

  18. KT

    just foul juan…straighten it a little…almost a granny

  19. Anonymous

    As he apparently doesn’t like playing third, perhaps Unhappy Hairston should be in left field instead.

    • Anonymous

      Abreu had the best #’s against Johan on the team

  20. KT

    Good inning Aaron

  21. Anonymous

    During his long major league career Hairston has played every position but pitcher and catcher.  His fielding percentage at third base is by far the lowest of any spot he has played.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s his only negative uzr by position, as if I know what that means.

  22. KT

    LUIS!!!! #1 Hr

  23. KT

    raining pretty hard now

  24. Anonymous

    once again:  luis cruz = his to lose

  25. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me?!?!

  26. KT

    Luis does a little dance at the end of the dugout for those of you not watching…It’s a little kids game ^_^

  27. KT

    phils leading 1-0 bottom of 4

  28. Anonymous

    Woooo!  New guy!

  29. KT

    Cruz’s ball would have been out of here without the recent modifications (fences being moved in)

  30. Anonymous

    In his 69th major league game, Luis Cruz has hit his first home run.  In 12 years in the minors, he hit 96.

  31. Anonymous

    Weather report for Queens, New York, tonight calls for occasional showers, but nothing heavy.

  32. KT

    tie game in Philly…boy did this game slow down

  33. KT

    Come on DP

  34. KT

    Good catch Matty

  35. KT

    Way to get out of your own mess Aaron

  36. Anonymous

    Crawford GS off Worley, now 6-1.

  37. KT

    Come on DP

  38. Anonymous

    Lookin to get himself out again..

  39. Anonymous

    C’mon Harang! You can do it.!

  40. Anonymous

    Way to go, big guy.

  41. Anonymous

    My blood pressure went up with that at bat.

  42. ok big show take the rest of the night off. good enough.

  43. Anonymous

    I assume we’re pulling Harang.  

    Are we seeing Javy?

  44. Anonymous

    Sheesh, pitchers!

  45. Anonymous

    No longer a comfortable game.

  46. Anonymous

    This unfortunate inning is confirmation that the new ownership is correct in their impression that it is not the time to make a big trade for results this year.! We have a profusion of good relievers who are unhittable—but also unable to find the plate( that is their command and control is suitable only for short relievers, however this is decided!).. I am content with the new ownership statement—that any trades must have long term good involved.

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree.  Kasten and Magic are business guys, and I don’t expect them to go out and blow a ton of their money in the first year.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see a move, maybe two, but nothing too drastic.  Very happy with their foreign scouting and farm system building…

  47. Anonymous

    The Dodgers tonight remind me of a very tired boxer who is ahead on points and trying to stay on his feet through the remaining rounds and avoid being knocked out.

  48. KT

    Nice hustle Dre

  49. KT

    Come on Tolleson get that DP

  50. KT

    phils down to their last two outs losing 7-2

  51. KT

    tolleson pointed up like that one was playable

  52. Anonymous


  53. KT

    need to get a few insurance runs

  54. Anonymous

    NB12 I’m used to using a veteran being way ahead of using a youngster at this point. I think it is Colletti( and Giant philosophy). Personally, I would prefer Josh!

    That 7th run by Ethier did turn out to be huge. I hope the Dodgers hang on. But they hung on so many times in the early going that they seem to be at deficit for luck. I would love to have a team so talented that I could disregard luck.

  55. Anonymous

    When I see Uribe at bat I know we need a huge amount of luck, and are likely to lose!

    • Anonymous

      Loney is now paying Rivera and Uribe $5000 for each time they have an ugly at-bat to keep Mattingly  from continuing to think Loney is the most guilty regarding the Dodger offense.  Rivera and Uribe are getting richer.

  56. Joe Hunter

    Uribe just posed like he hit the ball out and it didn’t even reach the warning track.

    • KT

      and eric collins called that way for a while

    • Anonymous

      It all starts in the mind and then moves to the physical.  Uribe must have talked with Phil Jackson.

  57. Anonymous

    Why?  Just why?

  58. Anonymous

    I know that we have far greater needs than acquiring a better hitting back-up catcher, but Treanor is now 0-for-23.  As for Uribe, he is now 1-for-38, but you knew that.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll bet his wife can hit better than he does…

  59. Anonymous

    Bring in Kenly

  60. KT

    BEAUUUUTIFUL Pitch Belli

  61. Anonymous

    Renewed confidence?

  62. Anonymous

    Anybody think Matt steals this base?

    • KT

      I didn’t see your post but my answer would have been no because of the wet cold conditions

      • Anonymous

        Good call.  Always hard to justify stealing with Ethier hitting behind him.

        Go Kenly.

  63. Anonymous

    Can we talk Casey Blake out of retirement?  Seriously.

  64. KT

    out..come on blue

  65. KT

    I think it’s mental now with Jerry

    • Anonymous

      I think so too.  He’s pulled off some nice plays at third, I don’t think hes incapable…

    • Anonymous

      It’s always mental.

  66. Anonymous

    I second Casey Blake.

    • Anonymous

      J Fields has a similar profile to Casey in some ways – clearly talented multi-sport guy from flyover who has been stuck in the minors forever for no really good reason.  Casey finally came up at around the same age.

  67. Anonymous

    That man cannot be allowed to attempt to play third base.  Ever.  Again.  

    • foul tip

       Now it’s clear why he’s not comfortable there, anyway.

  68. Anonymous


  69. KT


  70. KT

    good start to the roadtrip…keep it up guys

  71. Anonymous

    Got it!  Kept pace, good day.  Not a bad Harang outing, and Kemp seems to have welcomed himself back.

  72. Anonymous


  73. Gotta make it scary, apparently, but they hung on. Good. Tomorrow Capuano.

  74. Anonymous

    Some wins seem far more significant than others.  This, I feel, was one of those.

  75. big win. now just keep the momentum going

  76. Anonymous

    Two gutsy (and gut-wrenching) wins in a row!.  So glad Matt’s calendar is back to April.

  77. Anonymous

    No news yet trade wise.?

  78. Anonymous

    Harang has a significantly better record and ERA than a healthy Santana.

    Hudathunk that 4 years ago?

  79. foul tip

    Maybe the Dodgers could make some kind of history and see if Cey would unretire.  Even at his age he’d probably hit better than UribKkennedy and throw better than Hairston….

  80. foul tip

    Could be the team is looking at Eric Threets as a possibility for second lefty in the pen.  Threw an inning for Abq last night.

    At first glance his numbers over 44 IP for Sacramento this year appear decent. Did pretty well for White Sox in 2010 over just 12 IP…but who knows?

    Opted out of his Sacramento contract and signed with Abq Wednesday, best I can tell.

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