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Tenth Anniversary Freeze-Out

Sunday, July 21, 2002

This is where I will vent, and, if I can ever feel so comfortable, exult about the Dodgers and baseball in general.

* * *

Ten years, three kids, one puppy, 855 wins and 782 losses later (including 9-14 in the playoffs), I realize I might better have described my mission just as inhaling and exhaling – catching my breath – about the Dodgers and baseball in general, and life.

The landscape has certainly changed. This website began to fill a void in my writing life – “bad scooter searching for his groove” – now I don’t have enough time to write all I want. Life in general has only become more challenging. At the same time, when this site began there was virtually nothing like it covering the Dodgers; now there are more than I can keep track of, doing excellent work, providing a level of insight unprecedented in the history of Dodger reporting.

But overwhelmingly, I want to express that I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the invention of blogs, for the invention of the Internet, that enabled this platform for all my thoughts, baseball and otherwise. It has really helped sustain me. And I’m grateful to anyone who stopped by over the past 10 years and gave something I wrote a glance of consideration. I’m grateful for the support I’ve received, even through posts as self-serving as this one, and for the friends I’ve made through this site.

Sometimes, I wish I had channeled the past 10 years into something more majestic – a book or script that would stand the test of time. Sometimes, I wish I had just gotten away from the computer more altogether. The rest of the time, I can’t think of anything better than writing right in this spot and hanging out online with you.

Dodgers at Mets, 10:10 a.m.
Bobby Abreu, LF
Adam Kennedy, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
James Loney, 1B
Juan Uribe, 3B
Luis Cruz, SS
Matt Treanor, C
Chris Capuano, P


July 20 game chat


Uribe makes sweet music in Dodgers’ 8-5 victory


  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the memories, Jon.  Been here for many years and all the writing is appreciated and enjoyed.

  2. Anonymous

    I remember when the big man joined the band.

  3. Onlyatriple

    Yeah?  Well I’m on my own and I can’t go home.

    They were so young then — as was I — that it seems right that this clip is in B and W

  4. Anonymous

     Kenneduribe occupies two lineup spots?

  5. Happy anniversary Jon!  Glad to have been a part of much of it.  Here’s to many more.

  6. AJ Ellis is off again today, btw, because his knee was bothering him, but he did an MRI which came out clean and he assures us he’ll play tomorrow. (As per Dylan Hernandez.) Hope so!

    I guess they’re resting the other Ellis because it’s still pretty recent that he came back and they don’t want to push it.   This lineup is rather icky on paper but we’ll see…

  7. foul tip

    Congratulations, Jon.  I know you’ll keep up the good work, and I’ll keep enjoying it.  Have for several years.


    Could be the team is looking at Eric Threets as a possibility for second lefty in the pen.  Threw an inning for Abq last night.

    At first glance his numbers over 44 IP for Sacramento this year
    appear decent. Did pretty well for White Sox in 2010 over just 12
    IP…but who knows?

    Opted out of his Sacramento contract and signed with Abq Wednesday, best I can tell.

    • Anonymous

      He was on Alb in ’09, in the Giants system from ’01 to ’08. He is insurance in case the 5 LHP already on the Alb. roster all break down 

  8. Anonymous

    Congratulation Jon, hoping for many more years.

  9. Anonymous

    Congratulations, Jon, and Happy Anniversary to Dodger Thoughts.

  10. Thanks, Jon. I first starting reading DT about seven years ago. I think I’ve posted a maximum of two comments in that time.

  11. Anonymous

    Jon:  If Juan Uribe had a home run for every time I have turned to your blog to read and post — and feel better about all things Dodgers — he would be up there with Babe Ruth in career homers.  Thanks.

    • KT

      If the same went for would be a new mega record and I didn’t start following DT until after it came to the LA Times because I didn’t know it was out there…spent too many years overseas

  12. Adam Luther

    Congrats on 10 years, and DodgerThoughts is still the best.  

  13. Wow, what a coincidence: today is my eleventh wedding anniversary.  Although I almost never comment, I started reading Dodger Thoughts in 2003.  What a long, strange trip it has been!  Thanks for all the work you’ve done, Jon.  It’s been a pleasure to follow you all these years.

  14. Anonymous

    Relatively new to this site, but enjoy I enjoy it very much.  Keep it up John, many thanks!

  15. Anonymous

    10 yrs, wow.  I’ve been reading since the pre-Toaster days (can’t recall the name of the first platform – All Baseball or something like that?). 

    Thanks for all the hard work, not just writing so thoughtfully and eloquently, but also as a sort of community leader.  Although more and more sports blogs have decent writing and good information, I generally can’t abide the tone of the comments – too much mud-slinging, one-upmanship, and trollish behavior, even from regulars.  You established some ground rules pretty early on that are simple and decent, and work wonders.  People who prefer level-headed conversation and a presumption that claims will be backed up with facts self-select to join you here, and others find other venues.  Most of all, you lead by example, by admitting from the start that you don’t know everything.  Intellectual humility is an attractive point of departure for thoughtful articles and productive conversation, and it’s contagious.  Most of us have pretty strong opinions about the team we root for, as fans should, but around here, we know that they will be challenged fairly and politely, and that opinion and fact are not synonyms.

    I daresay some of the other, newer Dodger blogs have followed that part of the Dodger Thoughts recipe.  We know Eric, Phil, and David over at TrueBlueLA spent many years here first, and although their niche in the Dodger blogosphere is a little different, and their rules are more relaxed, I think the spirit of objective, friendly, welcoming conversation is a tribute to DodgerThoughts.

    I hope life allows you to keep up the great work you do here.  Thanks to Mrs. Weisman and all the minor leaguers for indulging your passion to provide this public good.  I’ll buy a 10th anniversary T-shirt, even at a generously inflated price (hint). 

  16. Anonymous

    Many thanks for all the terrific posts over the past ten years.  Dodger thoughts really is a thoughtful blog.  I can’t think of any place where the history of the franchise, in both Brooklyn and LA, is brought to life in a more vibrant way than it is here.  Congratulations Jon.

  17. I raise a glass to 10 more! 

  18. KT

    Bruce shares a birthday with my two favorite people….Matt Kemp and Me ^_^
    Actually saw him with a friend who also shares our birthday in the Tacoma Dome (84) i think on our birthday

  19. KT

    Oh and jon my 1st place I visit when I open the computer…thanks

  20. So I guess according to the usual suspects we are out on Dempster. I have never said anything about Adam K. but watching him at bat hurts my back

    • Anonymous

      Gurnick at guesses they want Lee and Dodgers say no; but Dempster might say he will go only to the Dodgers so if our offer is close to others then still possible

  21. KT

    Good eye Matty

  22. Anonymous

    Thanks for hosting.

    Truly horrible lineup.  Let’s hope it is almost totally different come the 7th.

    Why no AJ again?

  23. KT

    way to work a walk Dre
    Come on James…bring them home

  24. KT

    Kemp looked funny rounding 3rd…stumbled

  25. Kemp looked a little shaky coming in from third base. 

    • Anonymous

      I think he was slowing down after being told that the throw wasn’t coming home.

    • KT

      I think it was just a stumble

  26. John Blanchard

    Couldn’t agree more, Jonny Weisman.

  27. Batista really wild – ball 4 to Uribe was a huge miss. 

    • Anonymous

      33 pitches with 2/3 of them to Lonneduribe doesn’t bode well for MB.

    • Anonymous

      I fell asleep in my chair for a few minutes, but if you throw a ball so wild that Uribe won’t swing at it, probably the fans in the stands should be wearing helmets.

      • Anonymous

        Yesterday Rick Monday was praising Uribe for actually taking the first two pitches. Then he flied out :(

  28. Cruz struck out on a pitch at his eyes. 

  29. Anonymous

    You’re very modest, Jon. You’re a pioneer, and ten years later it’s clear that you were, and are, among the very best. Congratulations! 

    On another note: 10 years? This feels a lot like it feels to see guys like Mike Matheny managing in the majors. My back hurts.

  30. The first version of DT that I put on my blogroll was the blogspot one. Guess I’ve been a longtime consumer of Weisman works.

    Congratulations, Jon, and keep up the good work, please. ;)

  31. Jon,
    I rarely comment, but I always read and appreciate your work. Thanks for this place and for a rational and sane voice on the Internet about the Dodgers and life in general.

  32. overkill94

    A lot of things have changed over the years and I don’t comment as much as I used to, but this is still my favorite place to read about the Dodgers on the internet or anywhere else.  Some of the other sites (TBLA, MSTI, etc.) seem to have more time to dig deeper into minor leaguers, trade rumors and such (which is also awesome) but the level of writing and civility of comments here is unparalleled.

    Here’s to another 10 years!

  33. KT

    Nice 1st two innings for Cap

  34. KT

    Nice hit Adam…way to get on for the big guys

  35. Anonymous

    It still looks like Kemp has a bit of a hitch in his gittyup.

    • KT

      Stumbled going around 3rd while scoring in the 1st…looked very awkward

  36. KT

    Good hit Dre
    Do it again James

    • Anonymous

      According to Gameday, Loney struck out on three pitches, all outside the strike zone. The last was very wide. Does he have an eye problem/

  37. Anonymous

    According to MLBTR, the Dodgers now prefer Garza to Dumpster.

    • Anonymous

      because the Cubs are asking for top prospects; perhaps they will come down in their demands

  38. Anonymous

    It seems to me that Loney takes too many pitches, particularly first-pitch strikes.

  39. Anonymous

    What just happened?

  40. KT

    Nice Juan…a blind…

  41. Anonymous

    What was that?

  42. Anonymous

    Pour it on.

  43. KT

    Nice Luis!!
    Come on Matt

  44. Anonymous

    Very nice start.   I wonder when was the last time that Uribe and Loney had RBIs in the same game.

  45. Lyons: “This is the kind of day the Dodgers have been waiting for for a long time.” 

    Yes, facing a now-crummy over the hill pitcher. :)  (They’ve had to face quite a few good ones in a row lately.) 
    Also, Uribe doing something productive would fit Lyons statement as well. 

  46. Rock Well


    Thanks for doing this as long as you have.

    I’ve learned so much here from you and the other long time posters.  This site is one of my favorites for as long as I can remember.


  47. KT

    Come on DP

  48. KT

    Keith Hernandez just spent 3 minutes spewing cliches

  49. Anonymous

    C’mon, Cappy!

  50. KT

    Come on Chris…let’s get this last one

  51. Anonymous

    Frittering away leads is frustrating.

  52. Anonymous

    There he goes.  Still only at 54 pitches…

  53. KT

    Time to get those runs back

  54. Anonymous

    This new Mets pitcher, Hefner, has an ERA of nearly 6.  As he is a righty, we should be able to do well against him.

  55. KT

    Good eye Adam
    Come on Matty

  56. Anonymous

    Happy anniversary Jon. May you have many more fruitful years of writing. Cheers and go Dodgers!

  57. KT

    Yes blown catch by Scotty

  58. Anonymous

    Jon, congratulations on ten years of fabulous output. Thanks for adding so much to my daily world.  In my pantheon of all Dodgerdom you have a seat at the head table. 

  59. Anonymous


  60. KT

    Come on Dre knock in Matty

  61. Anonymous

    Kemp showed no hitch in his giddyup there.

  62. Anonymous

    Thank you Jon for sacrificing your time for this site. Let’s go Dodgers.

  63. KT

    Straighten it out Dre

  64. Anonymous

    I would like a shutdown inning in the bottom of the fourth.

  65. KT

    Wow only the bottom of the 4th

  66. KT

    Come on Bobby

  67. Abreu has not looked good in left field the last couple of days.

    • Anonymous

       He’s looked bloody awful.

      • Adam Luther

        He’s quickly become a singles only type hitter, and a OBP of .350.

  68. Anonymous

    Torniquet, anybody?

  69. KT

    1 more Cap

  70. Anonymous

    That will do.

  71. Anonymous

    Not exactly what I’d call a shutdown inning, but I’ll take it. I’d like to see a simple 1-2-3.

    • Anonymous

      I see your point, but if they didn’t score I think it qualifies at least as an honorary shutdown inning.

  72. Anonymous

    Shaky, but still a shutdown inning, which is big.

  73. Anonymous

    Does anyone know who we’ve offered for Dempster?

    • Anonymous

       Sounds like that deal is done for, and Garza is the current target.

      • Anonymous

        Something this morning said Dempster wanted a 2-year extension, and that was the primary holdup..  If so, do you think we put our top pitching prospect on the table?

        • Anonymous

           I’d run from a two-year extension for a career mediocrity like Dumpster.

  74. Anonymous

    I recall timmer citing another two-walk game  for Uribe, but it’s still hard to believe.

    • Anonymous

      Uribe now has three 2-walk games this season. Two of them have come against the Mets.

      In 2010 with the Giants, Uribe has a 0 1 0 1 game with 4 BBs and an HBP.

  75. Anonymous

    This is getting humorous.

  76. KT

    Good eye Juan

    Good hit Matty

  77. Anonymous

    Has Uribe caught his breath yet? How about a 1-2-3?

  78. Anonymous

    Kennedy is 1 for 2 with two runs scored and a walk, Uribe is 1 for 1 with two runs scored two RBI’s and two walks, and Treanor has a double and an RBI.

    • Anonymous

       Let’s hope Mattingly recognizes a statistical anomaly for what it is.

    • Anonymous

      And Loney has an RBI.

  79. Anonymous

    Remarkably refreshing.  All six of our runs today have come with two outs.

  80. Anonymous

    Beautiful 5th.

  81. Anonymous

    Kemp is a double short of the cycle.

    • Anonymous

      And a home run.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, I had conflated last night (when I was in Napa and looked in only sporadically via phone) with today.

  82. KT

    Good game Cappy

  83. KT

    Good hit Juan

  84. KT

    Come on DP

  85. Anonymous

    Bob:  Thanks for the answer that the last time Uribe and Loney had RBI in the same game was May 9.

  86. Jon…let me add my congratulations, both to you for your insight and transparency and to all the commenters that make this site special. 10 years ago, I was worrying myself with a 13 year old daughter and a 2 year old marriage. Today, the marriage is long gone and the daughter is  a beautiful, giving, and intelligent 23 year old woman. A lot of water under the bridge…thanks again for being a part of my life…to Jon and to everyone.

  87. KT

    Let’s get some insurance runs guys

  88. Anonymous

    How ’bout say, three insurance runs to make things more comfy?

  89. Anonymous


  90. KT


  91. This has been a game of improbables.

  92. Wait, why is Dickey in?

  93. Anonymous

    Oh my.

  94. Anonymous

    How nice to be shouting Uribe’s name . . . with joy!

  95. Hey Juan! Way to up your trade value! Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      His DFA and DL values are still greater than his trade value.

  96. Anonymous

    Am I hallucinating?

  97. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t this be nice to have for the rest of the season???

    • It sure would’ve saved the team a lot of grief and trouble if they’d had it before now, but we’ll take what we can get at this point!

  98. T.M. Brown

    My coach used to call those mattress balls. Especially when CIF SS kids fancied themselves the next Niekro.

  99. Holy… cow.  URIBE! The 2010 one is back today! Just for one day but still! Woot!

    Steve Lyons is right if you can actually square up on the knuckler you can hit it a long waybut almost no one has been able to square up on him this season.Gosh. Kudos, to the much maligned juan. Insurance runs were very much needed. 

    • Anonymous

      Good knuckleballs are impossible to hit. Bad ones are easy, even for an Uribe.

  100. Anonymous

    I was gettin ready to cry foul on bringin Dickey in.

  101. Anonymous

    Get the K, KJ!

  102. Anonymous

    HOLY CRAP!!!!! Who stole uribes jersey and is playing in his spot????

  103. Anonymous

    Walking a worthless hitter like Torres is inexcusable.

  104. KT

    He’s aiming again

  105. Anonymous

    Just got home in time to see Urine crush a knuckle ball. So great. And thanks, Jon. I’ve had to follow games in Paris, Mumbai, not to mention home sweet home and I make a point of having you and your regular posters right here with me. Lucky us. (and I am still thrilled I got to meet you in the stands in my vintage DT shirt. Now, get this 3rd out!!!!

  106. Let’s go Phillies! (never, ever, ever, ever, ever, thought I’d type those words.)

    • KT

      the majority of my cousins live in or around Philly…Let’s just say I have a healthy rivalry with them

  107. KT

    Nice to make it interesting again Kenley…Love it that we won though
    Uribe 2-3, 4 rbi, 3 runs scored…Nice game…Here’s hoping for a second half surge to get him to a decent batting average and rbi numbers

  108. KT

    tied in philly 1-1

  109. Anonymous

    Great win!

    But must they make things so . . . interesting?

    (Wouldn’t be the Dodgers otherwise, I guess!)

  110. KT

    SF up 3-1 now

    • Anonymous

       It’s Gnatt Cain. He’ll find a way to lose.

  111. KT

    And the road starts gets better…looking for the sweep tomorrow before heading to the heat of STL

  112. Anonymous

    NY media is going to have fun with the decision to put Dickey in in relief in the 9th inning.

  113. foul tip

    Had to miss the game and just checked in.

    Gameday has serious issues.  It says R.A. Dickey pitched in relief and Juan Uribe hit a HR off him. 

    Can a computer program have a warped sense of humor?  Can one get drunk?  Since it’s that messed up, hope it’s right when it says the Dodgers won.

  114. Anonymous

    The Marlins will deal on Ramirez—-
    The Dodgers, Diamondbacks, A’s, Mariners, and Piratescould all use a shortstop or third baseman, but it’s not clear if they’d be willing to take on his hefty contract. — OK, Kasten, dig into those deep pockets.

    • Anonymous

       Hanley has lots of baggage, but if they’d take Uribe…

  115. Anonymous

    I know I’m late to the party, but congratulations and Thank You, Jon.

  116. KT

    Phillies up 5-4 now

  117. Anonymous

    With a three-run shot off Gnatt Cain, Ryan Howard has put the Fillies ahead of SF 5-4 in the sixth.

  118. Congratulations, Jon! I feel grateful, too–for the good things you bring into my life: great writing, good humor, deep humanity–what more can a reader or Dodgers fan ask for?

    • Anonymous

       Amen to that, Bruce — and Jon.

      One more thing you provide — virtual company, to share the misery . . . as well as the joy.


  119. Thanks, everyone.

  120. Happy Anniversary! Dodger Thoughts is an essential daily read. And I was at the other 9/11 game, too and your telling is one of my favorite pieces of writing about the game. Here’s to ten more years.

  121. Here’s to a second ten years as great as the first ten.

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