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Just when it seemed safe to get excited about the Dodgers again …

came the sixth inning.


July 24 game chat


Report: Dodgers acquire Hanley Ramirez


  1. Anonymous

    The only appropriate response is . . .  D’OH!

  2. Anonymous

    Lets get re-excited about tomorrow

  3. Thoughts? John Morosi Twitter feed:

    Source: #Cubs have asked #Dodgers for Allen Webster as primary piece in Ryan Dempster talks.

  4. Anonymous

    Reminds me of the episode where Krusty the clown drank a bunch of milkshakes to lose weight, except he didn’t know they were supposed to be diet shakes :)

  5. Anonymous

    Here is a video that shows a great catch by a Giant OF that leads to a great DP. If that will bother you don’t watch. I am posting it because it shows how slow Chase Headley is: 

  6. Anonymous

    So which Dodger starter is supposed to have disaster innings?

  7. Anonymous

    And now the news is breaking that the Dodgers have acquired Hanley Ramirez and Randy Choate for Nate Eovaldi and a minor leaguer.

  8. Anonymous

    Anyone know of any truth to the rumor that the Dodgers just got Hanley for Eovaldi?

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