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Report: Dodgers acquire Hanley Ramirez

The Dodgers made their first big move of the trade deadline, and it’s for former All-Star shortstop Hanley Ramirez.

Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports report that the Marlins have traded Ramirez and Randy Chote to the Dodgers for Nathan Eovaldi and a minor-leaguer to be named.

Ramirez, 28, had a .410 on-base percentage and .543 slugging percentage as recently as 2009, when he finished second in the National League Most Valuable Player voting, but he has struggled in the past two years. In 2012, he has a .322 OBP and .430 slugging – far off his career totals, though still good enough at his worst to make him a central part of the shaky Dodger lineup. His 14 home runs this year top every Dodger save Matt Kemp.

Choate, who will be 37 in September, gives the Dodgers a second lefty reliever. He has a 2.16 ERA in 50 innings over the past two seasons, and left-handed batters in 2012 are 9 for 60 with three walks and 20 strikeouts against him.

At age 22, Eovaldi remains a pitcher with potential but an uncertain immediate future.  His ERA is a respectable 4.16, but he strikes out fewer than six batters per nine innings and allows more flies than grounders.

The trade won’t be ready for evaluation until the fourth player is named, but on the surface it seems sensible, offering from a position of relative depth for a position of desperate need (and using the Dodgers’ newfound cash reserves to make it happen by paying the remaining big salary owed on Ramirez’s contract, which runs through 2014). Ramirez can play shortstop, as he did until Jose Reyes joined the Marlins, or he can play third base, as he has this season. He happens to be the same age Rafael Furcal was when he came to Los Angeles.

Ramirez has been sidelined since July 20 with a hand infection that came after he punched a dugout fan.

To replace Eovaldi in the starting rotation, the Dodgers have short-term minor-league options, as well as their ongoing pursuit of such outsiders as Ryan Dempster and the imminent recovery of Ted Lilly, who is nearing a minor-league rehabilitation assignment. Next year, Rubby De La Rosa, whom I believe is the sole untouchable pitcher in the Dodger universe next to Clayton Kershaw, should be ready to step in to a starting slot as well.

Update: Rosenthal is now reporting that the other Dodger going to Miami is Scott McGough, a 22-year-old righty reliever who has a 3.88 ERA, 24 walks and 47 strikeouts in 46 1/3 innings with Class-A Rancho Cucamonga.  It’s clear that the Marlins wanted to reconfigure themselves without the weight of Ramirez’s contract, which pays him $15.5 million in 2013 and $16 million in 2014, as well as the remainder of a $15 million 2012 salary.

“The Miami Marlins have identified infielder Hanley Ramirez as the core of their woes,” wrote Bob Nightengale for USA Today. “Ownership wants him gone. Manager Ozzie Guillen is tired of him. And the fans have grown indifferent.”

Update 2: Ramirez’s defense is an issue – so this is just speculation, but maybe Ramirez someday follows the Alfonso Soriano path to left field, or becomes the first baseman the Dodgers have been lacking …

Update 3: It appears that Ramirez will take Adam Kennedy’s roster spot. The reserve infielder is headed to the disabled list after aggravating a groin injury Tuesday, reports Ken Gurnick of

Choate will probably take Shawn Tolleson’s spot in the bullpen.


Just when it seemed safe to get excited about the Dodgers again …


Hanley Ramirez trade shakes baseball world


  1. I am stoked. As soon as his name started to surface in rumors I was hoping the Dodgers would make a play. Here’s to hoping Hanley is reborn in LA.

  2. Nice pick up!

  3. Jon, is Rubby not due back until next season? 

    • He could appear as a reliever this year, but he won’t start until 2013. 

      • Ah, for some reason I thought he was back in the starting five late in the year. Of course, it kinda feels late in the year already. 

  4. RE Update #3: I’d rather have a groin-less Kennedy than a healthy Uribe. 

    I know I’m skirting the rules there, but that comment is clearly for WBB!

    • Anonymous

       Agreed. At the moment, I am agnostic on Hanley, though it will be interesting.

      • Anonymous

        My thoughts exactly.  Management and manager tired of him, fans don’t like him, injured,  This is an absolute wait and see.  Sorry to see Eovaldi go.

  5. Weird year for Ramirez, who has .336 BABIP at home, .198 BABIP on road. Power numbers almost even home and away.

  6. Pretty exciting news. I had been checking twitter and MLB trade rumors all day but it took a text from a Padres fan friend to alert me. Sad to see Eovaldi go as I think he’ll be a good pitcher in this league, but Hanley could be a huge boost to this Dodgers offense. Here’s to hoping he turns it on and starts slugging at his true potential.

  7. Anonymous

    Wow.  Didn’t see this coming.  I was the guy adamant that the Dodgers should not be buyers this year, but if Hanley Ramirez can get back to his form of a couple years ago, this is a fantastic long-term acquisition.   I still think the team has too many holes to max out for this year, but I’ll look at Hanley as a superstar at a need position (whichever he plays) for several years to come.  I liked Eovaldi, but it seems the Dodgers have an easier time finding good young pitchers than good young hitters.  A couple years ago, I’d have taken Ramirez over every SS in baseball other than Tulowitzki.  I hope he’s not (1) hurt in a permanent way, {2) older than he claims, (3) a steroid-era mirage, or (4) eating his way out of the infield.

    I still say no thanks to Dempster. 

    • Anonymous

      Ugh.  Just read the Fangraphs article.  Hadn’t realized he’d fallen THAT far and not bounced back when healthy.  OK, now we’ll just have to hope it WAS attitude and motivation, and that his skills have not really atrophied that rapidly and that young an age.

  8. Anonymous

    here’s a game I remember from 2008. it was before I started reading at DT. Hanley played one of the greatest games that I ever saw in every aspect of baseball and beat the Dodgers almost by himself: 

  9. Anonymous

    A good move I think, new team – new attitude hopefully

  10. Anonymous

    Here’s hoping history repeats itself and a Ramirez leads the Blue deep into the postseason!  (Without any additional drama, tho!)

  11. Anonymous

    Ramirez on the DL, with a bad hand, bad attitude and bad defense and fat contract!?! And he hasn’t really hit since 2009. This would be a better pickup over the winter if in fact they plan to move him to LF or 1B. This sounds like Uribe 2.0 . For the money, why not just go with Soriano in LF – at least he hits!  What now with Uribe or Dee Gordon? I actually think the better part of this trade is Choate, the lefty reliever.

  12. Seriously double-you tee eff… Who’s ready for HANLEYWOOD!!

  13. Anonymous

    This is the only move I liked of all the rumored trades.  Too bad about losing Eovaldi, but picking up a second lefty in Choate sweetens the deal. 

  14. foul tip

     This isn’t intended in a negative way, just a realistic one.  The Cubs probably feel this reported deal  strengthens their negotiating position on Dempster, since now the Dodgers have a bit bigger pitching need..

    • Anonymous

      With Dempster having 10-5 rights it does nothing, IMHO.

      • foul tip

        Yeah, Dempster still has the most leverage of any party to the deal.  But Theo likely to push for more….which could zap a deal if he goes too far.

        • Anonymous

          but if Dempster only will accept a trade to the dodgers then that gives the Dodgers the leverage.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think this has any effect on our need for Dempster (which I don’t think we have anyway). With Ted Lilly’s imminent return, I think Eo was headed back to the minors anyway.  I’m betting Fife returns for one more start, then it’s Lilly again.  If it looks like we need a starter for more than a start, then we might see the return of Elymania, but as of right now I think we’re back to our previous starting five.

  15. foul tip

    Cliff Corcoran’s objective take on the trade–
    Also, Gurnick’s story has him taking over SS.  Surely not with as well as Cruz is doing there and the yawning chasm at 3B.

    Yawning chasm Uribe.  Has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

    I know Cruz may not be a long-term answer.  But there’s a lot to be said for “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” at least not yet.  Ride his steady play in the field and good work at the plate as long as it lasts.

    The other day Cruz said what might be expected, that he’d never had the chance to play every day, and it made a difference.  I’d be for his continuing to have a chance to prove it, no matter what his past numbers say.

    • Anonymous

      Who is the better defensive SS: Cruz, Ramirez, Gordon, Uribe, Side Show Bob?

      • Anonymous

         Cruz is best at present, but Gordon has a range none of the others comes close to.

    • peter drysdale

      Buster Olney tweeting Hanley will play 3rd. I think that’s nuts myself

  16. Anonymous

    Regardless what you think of the last two years, Hanley is still JUST 28.  28!  To look at what he’s done in the past, added with his problems, you really could project either way.  I just hope that we get the good side, because if we do …

  17. Anonymous

    We are celebrating another team’s biggest woe? Oh well. It definitely is an offensive upgrade. But where does he play? I thought he griped about moving from SS to 3B.

    • Anonymous

      As I suggested yesterday, he can replace Loney if nothing else…

      • Anonymous

        Just curious – is there any basis for this?

    •  “We are celebrating another team’s biggest woe?”

      We got Ozzie Guillen, too?!

  18. Anonymous

    A risk, but an interesting risk.

  19. Anonymous

    The sad fact is that even if he doesn’t bounce back, and its not clear why he would, he is an upgrade over what we have and we spent from where we have surplus: 4 SP and cash.  Though, Josh for Murphy would probably have been a better trade.

    • Anonymous

      >> Josh for Murphy would probably have been a better trade.

      Josh?  Fields or Lindblom?

      • Anonymous

        Only guys on the 25 get first name treatment from me. ;-)

  20. Anonymous

    I am now Dumpster-positive, especially if the price is Allen Webster. I would like to see Hanley prove himself, but that will take significant effort on his part.

  21. Anonymous

    We still need an outfielder; Wells, Soriano, Victorino, et al…

    • Anonymous

      Neither Wells or Victorino would seem to be an upgrade over Hairston.  Soriano might be a bit better and brings dingers.

      • Anonymous

        Victorino would be an upgrade, though many of my fellow Dodger fans hate him. Soriano’s power could be welcome.

        • Anonymous

          If I were Ned, I’d expand the Dempster negotiations to also include Soriano. Perhaps we can add a player or players and they eat some of the money. Everybody’s happy….

      • Anonymous

        If new managment is willing to pay bad contracts, a package of Dempster and Soriano & contract may come cheap.  Likely the Cubs wouldn’t ask all that much if LA paid the remainder.

  22. Anonymous

    Choate sounds like a useful arm.

  23. Anonymous

    Hamels 6 and a cool 144 million. Wow. For a guy who has never won more than 15 games and had an ERA under 3 once.

    • Anonymous

       He’s a far better risk than Gnatt Cain’s preposterous contract.

    • Anonymous

      I would have taken him in a heartbeat for that price.  He’s only 28, and his WHIP is below 1.2 in five of his seven seasons.  By way of comparisons, Kershaw has had a WHIP below 1.2 in three of five seasons, and Halladay had a WHIP below 1.2 in four of his first seven full seasons.

  24. The Dogers got another bat! Hallelujah! 

  25. Anonymous

    Felix Hernandez broke Alex Rodriguez’s hand last night.

    Ryan Roberts is no longer a Snake, but rather a Devil Ray.

  26. Anonymous

    Forget their boasting claims.  Based on what I experienced last night, the St. Louis Cardinals have the WORST FANS IN BASEBALL, bar none.  Rude, loud, obnoxious.  Stay away from Busch Stadium!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm…but how was the weather?

      • Anonymous

        It was 107 here yesterday and they’re predicting 108 today.

    • Anonymous

       So are you skipping today’s game?

      • Anonymous

        No, I’ll be there.  I’m a glutton for punishment.

    • Anonymous

      And I bet some of them left early. Because… it was hot… and the game was out of hand. 





  27. SaMo with the call!

  28. Anonymous

    Yankees suddenly need a third baseman. Would they take Uribe for a bag of balls? They have anybody we’d want?

    • Anonymous

      I think they’ll take their chances with Chavez.  I doubt they’ll name a ravine after him in NY, however. 

  29. Anonymous

    Wednesday Notes…
    1.  Hanley Ramirez, you say? – Big talent.  Down year so far.  Change of scenery… :-)
    2.  This got done a number of days here prior to the deadline… I don’t think we’re done.
    3.  I’d be surprised if Ned/Stan don’t deal for 1 more significant position player – plus, arms.
    4.  My question:  Will a Bills, a Capuano, an Ethier, a Loney go?  Or, only additions to big club?
    5.  I would have been more fired up about Hanley 3 years ago… but, he’s ‘legit’….no doubt.
    Things are getting interesting!
    PS – Blame the loss on me yesterday… I posted for the first time in 5 days or so…. My bad!

    • Anonymous

       PS #2 – Jedd Gyorko – 3B Padres AAA….

      I won’t post this everyday, but… he’s on my wish list …..

      • Anonymous

        Why not put Evan Longoria on your wish list?  The reason the Peds are looking to deal Headley is Gyorko.  

  30. To me, the keys are that Hanley will go to 3B or 1B because I think D. Baseball has given up on Uribe and maybe even Loney (I sure have); the Dodgers could afford a big contract and went for it; and a change of scenery … don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Mannywood.

    • Anonymous

      Great if we get lightening in a bottle with Hanley because of the change in scenery, but Manny wasn’t coming off two down years.

      • Anonymous

         Does that mean he’s changing his hair color for Southern California?

    • Anonymous

       Keeping Uribe out of the lineup is critically important, so I expect to see Hanley at third. That makes a fine-fielding first baseman like Loney imperative.

      • Adam Luther

        Ramirez is pretty solid insurance if Gordon can’t go at a SS.  

      • Anonymous

        Fully agreed.

  31. Anonymous

    Mattingly first true test.  Donnie has done an EXCELLENT job getting this team this far.  He has seemingly created a harmonious clubhouse.  When, not if, the enigmatic Ramirez has one of his well chronicled ‘MOMENTS how well will Donnie handle it?  Worthwhile gamble on behalf of Dodger management.  Let’s hope RAMIREZ is a FACTOR.

  32. Adam Luther

    Ramirez:  Where does he bat in the order?  If he can hit a lick all of a sudden you have a 3,4,5 in your line-up that does look fairly intimidating to the opponent.  Haven’t had that in a while with the Dodgers.  Gordon comes back (he was hitting better prior to the injury), leads off, M. Ellis #2, Loney, A.J. Ellis and the LF’r spot.  What to do with Uribe?  

    • I’d bat HanRam 1st or 5th.  I really like the 2-3-4 we have now and he has legit speed to bat leadoff.

    • Anonymous

       It’s not hard to figure out what to do with Uribe. If you can afford Hanley’s salary, you can afford Uribe’s, even after you DFA him.

    • Anonymous

      I like him 5th.  1-4 is so solid (provided a semi-productive Dee), but #5’s been a revolving door.  

      Uribe’s the new Kennedy, and DFA Kennedy (or fine, DL him, permanently).

  33. Anonymous

    How much credit does Ned deserve?   Do we revisit all the past seasons under McCourt and now almost totally absolve Coletti based on the handcuffs put on him by ownership?  Or do we as some seem willing to do, is pretend our GM is Kasten and pretend Ned isn’t even really doing his job?  How many deals of this nature was Ned able to talk up but ownership wasn’t willing to buy?

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