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Sands’ slams top a great day on the farm

The Dodgers’ happy Sunday extended down to the minor leagues, where Jerry Sands hit two grand slams in the first four innings for Albuquerque in the second game of a doubleheader.

In addition, Ted Lilly and Rubby De La Rosa each had successful rehabilitation outings, taking steps toward rejoining the active roster sometime in August. The pair combined for five shutout innings with four strikeouts.


Revenge of the sweep: Dodgers shut out Giants again


Almost heaven


  1. Anonymous

    Also great to see Aussie Trent go 4 for 5

  2. Anonymous

    Cool picture in the last post – I love that Davey Lopes is back wearing a Dodgers uniform – as he should be.

  3. Anonymous

    For Mike…

    >> the Arizona (rookie) League Dodgers have been postponed the last 2 days. Could this be weather related?

    Yes.  Yesterday, Phoenix officially got .16 inch of rain* along with 40 mph wind gusts – not a huge amount, but it all fell in the early evening, when the game was scheduled (and it may have been more than that at the stadium).  Tonight, there are some locally heavy thunderstorms, with 60 mph winds and rain up to an inch an hour, as noted at

    *Ref –

    • and don’t forget about the haboobs

      • today i happen to be about 1 1/2 miles as the crow flies from McCourt Stadium. The rain (sort of comical they call it rain here) is not as big a problem as the giant dust storm affectionately called a haboob.

        • KT

          Didn’t realize you knew about Haboobs but if you live in the desert then I guess you would
          Most people don’t know that to actually be called a haboob the dust must be generated form the downdraft of a thunderstorm
          When I was in Bahrain I had to forecast the Haboobs which usually were generated in Saudi of course you know Haboobs are different from dust storms

          • i’m in arizona on occasion because i have property here.

            I thought they were joking about Arizona Haboobs. But last year was the first time I saw a real Saudi Arabian esk OMG haboob. miles and miles of thick dust coming in like a 50 mile fog bank.  it’s for real. and this year i guess they’ve had a flurry of smaller ones. most of the time they aren’t middle east level but they do stop everything pretty much.

          • and it always kind of rains to really rains right afterwards.

          • KT

            I forecasted two dust storms that shut down the whole persian gulf where a themal imager was used to identify a ship less than a 100 yards away and where the satellite shot of the whole region looked like the area was just land

        • KT

          what was it Virga?

    • and just so you know the Dodger complex is 20 minutes from phoenix proper.

    • Anonymous


  4. Anonymous

    I’d like to see Sands (as well as SVS) get some significant playing time in September when the MLB rosters expand.  I still think both have potential to be decent MLB players.

    • Anonymous

      I fear we will be in too tight a race to permit that but I hope we are far enough ahead to do it. SVS has started to play first base nearly every day iirc with IDJjr at 2nd, Herrera at short and Castellanos at 3rd.
      Castellanos and SVS are 26 (or will be next week), Sands will be 25 in 2 months,

  5. Anonymous

    Had to jump on here really quickly this evening….
    A number of weeks ago… the Giants swept our boys to take 1st place.
    This weekend, we returned the favor…
    Sure, the rosters / injuries played a role in both outcomes….
    However, ” sweeeeeet!!! ”
    I’ll take it.

  6. Some people still  say Ned made a ghastly mistake trading T. Robinson for Stephen Fife and FedEx. Even now they say it. Don’t know how to explain that.

    and I guess there was a third guy who is now ranked in the Dodger’s top 20 prospects. Juan R.

    • Anonymous

      our first agreement

      • oh no. let me write my post first.

        i promise not to use any stats to speak of

      • Keith L
        The Dodgers get … I’m not really sure what they get. Tim Federowicz is a catch-and-throw specialist who isn’t likely to produce enough at the plate to be an average regular, but is plus across the board behind the plate (including a career 34-percent caught-stealing rate) and is no worse than a good backup in the majors. Stephen Fifeprobably profiles as a right-handed reliever rather than a starter because he lacks the out pitch to start; he’ll touch 95 as a starter with a fringe-average curveball. Juan Rodriguez has a plus fastball, no average second pitch, and below-average command and control — a nice arm to add to your system but a reliever at best and not a high-probability guy either. Unless Robinson was somehow burning a hole in their pockets, this doesn’t make a ton of sense to me, as they didn’t get any prospect as good as he is in the exchange.

        • by the way who told Keith Law Fife throws a 95 mph anything

        • Anonymous

          Even the Keith Laws of the world let it go to their heads that every trade made by Colletti must be a huge fail for the Dodgers because Carlos Santana. I mean, we got back a guy “no worse than a good backup” for someone who can’t play the OF and was striking out 30% of the time in AAA with average power.

          • Anonymous

            In 150 AB in the Bigs he has managed to increase that K rate to 45%, while slugging .340.

    • Anonymous

      People still say that? Around here not too many people were happy at the time.  I figured that Fedex would have a better chance of sticking in the Bigs, if only as a back-up catcher.  The thought was that Lavarnway was Ned’s real target, but then Kuroda wouldn’t budge.  May have cost the Bosox reaching the playoffs.

  7. Anonymous

    What we owe them for next season as per B-R 
    Uribe 8M
    M.Ellis 5.25+1M buyout or 5.75M for 2014
    Hairston 3.75M
    Gwynn 1.15M
    Treanor 150K buyout or 0.95M
    Rivera 500K buyout or 4M

    • Anonymous

      Good info mike – I remember when Jon used to have the payroll numbers for the whole team over on the right-hand margin – I miss that.

  8. Sorry if this was posted earlier but I missed hearing this today since I was stuck watching the Giants broadcast. Vin explained Hanley Ramirez’s “I see you” thing.

    Cute, imho. Quirky, but cute.

    • KT

      VODF and I had a huge conversation during and after the Friday night game where he thought Hanley was showing up the Gnats and I told him about the” I see you do you see me” thing

  9. As for Sands, I’m sure he’ll get a September call-up at least, though may not get a lot of playing time barring injury. Glad to see him doing better at least. Still hold out some hope for him but not in the way I once did… 

    • i think he’ll get a september call up at most.

       he was the first one shipped out. don baseball doesn’t like a lot of guys up in september. the next position player traded for could possibly be an outfielder. castle and svs call ups for sure. maybe a defensive guy OF. sands is hitting around 270 or so at ALB. That’s about the Mendoza line for that place. His not being ready this year really created a mess. i think most everyone thought he was ready. i know don baseball was counting on him. and now he’s going to have to do ALOT for people to be happy with him again. they’re going to go all DeJesus on him for now.

      • Anonymous

        I rate Sands over SVS, all things considered. Not talking stats, just seat of the pants judgment…

  10. Rock Well

    I think Sands will pull it together…..

    He’s a 1 year and 8 months younger than Mark Trumbo.  Snads numbers are comparable at every level to Trumbo’s and he has either equaled or outperformed him at every level.  Sands had a terrible April and that is really dragging his year overall numbers down.  I think he has figured it out with a great July and will finish the season off well.

    I still think he has a big major league future.


    • Anonymous

       Sands is hitting .224 away from home in AAA, and he has slugging rate that’s .200 lower away than at home. I don’t think he’ll hit enough in the majors to make a career for himself.

  11. My observation on Sands from his brief trips to the majors: better athlete than expected, but a slow bat, and was helpless when MLB pitchers got in his kitchen. Unable to pull anything but mistake breaking balls. So now he’s hitting .270 in ABQ, with lopsided home/road splits, and some are excited because he hit two grand slams. Good for the kid. But…comparing him to Trumbo is ludicrous. Trumbo has incredible bat speed and can turn any pitch around. The only comparison between Trumbo and Sands is that they’re both male baseball players.

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