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How to explode the Internet in Los Angeles

Try this for an October surprise:

1) Have Kansas City trade Jonathan Broxton to San Francisco.

2) Have Broxton enter the final game of the regular season for the Giants in Los Angeles on Oct. 3, going for a save with a playoff berth on the line.

(Optional: The Dodgers sign Barry Bonds to pinch-hit in September.)


Almost heaven


July 30 game chat


  1. Anonymous

    Only if James Loney hits a bloop single to left to win the game

  2. Only if he pitches like he did  against the Yankees that Sunday, June 27, 2010

  3. Rob McMillin

    Funny you should mention Bonds. Yahoo’s Kevin Kaduk posted a recent picture of him; he looks like a real human being again.

  4. Did Andres Torres just get traded? Hank Schulman is saying he’s on a hugging binge in SF.

    • Oh, duh, Torres went to Mets from Giants last season…………. Way too much MLB Trade Rumors today.

    • Anonymous

       For some unfathomable reason, Gnatfans love Torres even though he’s less than useless.

  5. Anonymous

    LAT’d:I don’t see how we match up with the Phillies. Lindblom has been mentioned but they have a bunch of promising relief P on their 40-man, I believe.

    Critical look at the Victorino:

    • Nice article. It would be nice to add somebody that can hit against righties. Especially if he is to be thrown into the leadoff spot, looks like there’d be a lot of wasted ab’s atop the line up. If the Dodgers had what it took to get Choo he would be a perfect addition.

      • Or wait til the off season and try and sign a guy like Bourn…

        • Anonymous

          The Bourne Ultimatum?  :)

        • Anonymous

          Michael Bourn strikes me as a Juan Pierre type – an overpaid fleet-footed outfielder with virtually no power (till this year, anyway – doing an AJ Ellis imitation in 2012), but doesn’t even hit for average the way Pierre does.  No thanks.

  6. I understand that I’m probably wrong, but I’d rather take Soriano (cubs) than Pence or Victorino. Pence parlayed (total Justified reference) a couple good weeks to a huge payday and then has been average every since. Victorino is just, well, tooly. 

    • Anonymous

      Is it average to hit 25 HR year after year?

      • To me Pence equals Beltran — who I wished we would have signed in the off season — in that he is not a centerpiece guy and the owning team wants centerpiece prospects back. 

    • Anonymous

      With the book opened on Hanley with comments that he is not a winner, do the Dodgers want to stir Soriano into the mix?

  7. Anonymous

    imagine the tooliness rating that game would have.

  8. Bo

    Get Matt Stairs

  9. “Get Matt Stairs”

    logged in to post this

  10. Anonymous

    That article by Dan Evans (see previous topic) was a great read.

    I also liked this quote about SVS in the prospect review by Sickels: “May get stuck as a Quadruple-A type unless he can force himself into playing time soon.”  The term “Quadruple-A type” is a great description for a guy who has done everything possible at AAA, but hasn’t caught fire in his (usually limited) time in the show.  SVS and Sands are perfect examples.  Of course, there are also occasional sleepers who don’t shine as brightly in the minors, but make the most of their MLB shot as the result of a lucky break, like Luis Cruz (and, thus far, Stephen Fife).

  11. Anonymous

    Any lineups yet?

  12. M Ellis 4
    Rivera 3
    Kemp 8
    Ethier 9
    Ramirez 5
    Hairston 7
    Cruz 6
    AJ Ellis 2
    Harang 1


  13. Anonymous

    M Ellis 4
    A Gonzalez 3
    Kemp 8
    Ethier 9
    H Ramirez 5
    Soriano 7
    Rollins 6
    AJ Ellis 2
    Dempster 1

    Just kidding!

  14. So, the Yankees need a defensive 3rd baseman, but don’t want to take on a lot of money…. If only we had an extra one of those and the ability to pay some salary…. 

    • Anonymous

      The Yankees don’t want to take on a lot of money???

      • Yankees GM Brian Cashman said the Yankees can’t take on a substantial contract, so Bryan Hoch of says

      • Anonymous

        Yanks have been trying to get under $189 mil. by 2014 just as diligently as the Dodgers have been trying to get over $189 mil.

  15. so tell me more about this advanced metric named tooliness. i need numbers people.

  16. foul tip

    Following onto how to explode the tubes in LA, here’s how to explode a minor league field, including giving 3B to a fan.  Recent sequel by minor league manager Joe Mikulik to his initial blockbuster meltdown from 2006.–mlb.html

    Also has link to original, if comparison desired.

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