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July 30 game chat

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Mark Ellis, 2B
Juan Rivera, 1B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Hanley Ramirez, 3B
Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
Luis Cruz, SS
A.J. Ellis, C
Aaron Harang, P


How to explode the Internet in Los Angeles


Dodgers lose game but win League


  1. Anyone hot on the idea of picking up Overbay to platoon at first — just released by AZ and numbers appear to be better than Loney.

    • Anonymous

      I always liked him, but at this point in his career, Loney is a better option.

      • I don’t know.  Compare the dreaded triple-slash…

        Overbay2011 286/388/4522012 292/367/448

        Loney2011 288/339/4162012 257/309/338

    • Anonymous

      I’m holding out for Kendry Morales.

      • Much better.  But not free on the waiver wire.  Rumor is Halos need RP… I’d trade alomost and RP for Kendrys.

    • Anonymous

      I was pondering the same question

  2. foul tip

    Following onto how to explode the tubes in LA, here’s how to explode a
    minor league field in Asheville, including giving 3B to a fan.  Recent sequel by
    minor league manager Joe Mikulik to his initial blockbuster meltdown
    from 2006.–mlb.html

    Also has link to original explosion, if comparison desired.

  3. Anonymous

    If Donnie is willing to take a chance with Ellis leading off, why no bat Cruz second? Too much to ask for? Maybe!

    • Anonymous

      Not into this Rivera #2 experiment.  I kinda liked Andre there.

      • Anonymous

        I agree – with Ethier, Kemp, Ramirez @ 2,3,4 Dodgers scored 10 runs that game.

        • Anonymous

          Mattingly did that with Ethier vs Zito a LHP; Ethier had a poor BA but high OBP due to walks against Zito so Mattingly reasoned: just like a 2 hitter. None of the facts are the same vs Cahill starting with he is RH.
          I don’t like the line-up but as I have said, Don has only 2 decisions, unless players are hurt or resting, LF and first base. He chose Rivera today because his very bad history vs Cahill was better than Loney’s very bad history-small sample but that’s what DM looks at.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, it’s nice to see my “massive tool” observation caught on.  I don’t find Victorino gritty at all.  It’s fake grit, show grit.  Jeff Kent might’ve been a dour jackass, but he wasn’t a tool.  Victorino’s tooliness is earned through a twerpy, self-aggrandizing yuckiness.  I don’t even like his name.  Blech.

    •      I am with you, but I should qualify that- having a wife from right outside Villanova, I spend a great deal of time in the area of the toilet called Philadelphia. As such, I hate the Phillies with the same passion expressed by any number of folks here from the west coast who have to deal with the Giants fans. I can’t speak for them, but I can tell you that Philly fans are the most obnoxious, pompous blowhard hypocrites that exist, with a healthy sense of entitlement as the icing on the cake.
           Victorino is a punk loud-mouth from a team full of them- he’s like the kid brother who mouths off all the time because he knows his big brother is right around the corner to save his bacon. If any recall, after Bret Myers drilled a couple of our guys in the 2008 NLCS, Kuroda came back the next night and threw a fastball over little Shane’s head, and Shane wanted to fight, apparently having a short memory or simply believing that if Dodgers were getting drilled, ok, but how DARE anyone throw at a Phillie. He may be better than anything we currently have, but I do NOT want him on the team I root for (but again, I wouldn’t root for ANY former Philly that we might acquire).

      • Anonymous

        Nailed it.  I knew there was a concrete example out there somewhere.

        • Anonymous

          I think the Dodgers are just talking up Victorino to drive the price down on Soriano.

          •      Given my druthers, I’d take Willingham over either of them.

          • Anonymous

            Druthers cost top prospects, of which we have very few

      • Anonymous

        I live in Philly and have been a life long D fan. It is not a toilet at all, esp the Villanova area!
        However, I must agree with some of your thoughts on Victorino. I am sure if he becomes a Dodger he will pump up his roots as a Dodger minor league farmhand, but I don’t see what he brings to the club. He is a perfect fit for the Phillies lineup and ball park. He is an erractic base runner (think Kemp in the Torre/Bowa era) and won’t hit for any power in Chavez Ravine. His defense just means we don’t bring Gwynn off the bench. I say no thank you!

  5. Anonymous

    Kendrys Morales just hit his second homer of the sixth inning, a slam, and has six RBI as the Anaheimers lead 12-3 over the Llaneros. Whether Ervin Santana is capable of holding that lead is debatable.

    • Anonymous

      man, head sure look nice in a Dodger uni. 

      • Anonymous

        Arb eligible and looking at a hefty raise next year. Hope they will part with him this winter.

  6. Anonymous

    Oswalt’s performance tonight may well put the Llaneros in the desperate for frontline pitching market.

  7. no sighting yet on Darin (sp) Sutton

  8. Anonymous

    Looks like July’s been good to Harang 2-0 with a mid 2.era. 

  9. KT

    Come on DP

  10. KT

    Bad start

  11. Anonymous

    That’s not gratifying.

    • Anonymous

      exactly WBB, the reward mechanisms were not activated with that blast.

  12. Anonymous

    So the D’backs score as many in the first inning as the Giants scored in the previous three games against us….By the way, anyone know why Loney isn’t in the lineup against a righty after getting two hits yesterday?

    • don baseball not a fan

    • Anonymous

      Donnie says Rivera offers a “more professional at-bat” and – get this – Rivera’s D at 1st is almost as good as Loney’s.  No word on what this is based on.

    • Anonymous

      his very bad history vs Cahill was actually a little worse than Rivera’s very bad history; pretty much all Mattingly looks at is Dodger position player/opposing starting pitcher history esp since Hanley when he now needs to make a decision only on LF and first base.

  13. KT

    Good eye Mark
    Nice hit Juan
    Come on Matty

  14. Anonymous

    I have been waiting for weeks for Mattingly to send the runner(s).

  15. Anonymous

    for those of you still at work, Ethier hit it hard but right at the SS, for an easy DP (snif) 

  16. Anonymous

    Harang throwing batting practice out there

    • Anonymous

      right Ki310, he’s at 86-88

      • Anonymous

        hopefully his arm gets nice an loose, i think he needs to be at 88-90 to be affective. 

  17. Anonymous

    I’m fine with Victorino, but I really dislike Parra.

    • KT

      the are both from the same mold to me

      • Anonymous

        Both pretty good players, but only Victorino’s on the market.

  18. KT

    Aaron serving up BP
    Come on DP

  19. Anonymous

    Looks like the pen may get some work tonight.

  20. Anonymous

    My goodness

  21. Anonymous

    Looks like Kemp was fooled on that fly ball, but in all honesty he would not have gotten to it even if he gets to it. 

  22. Anonymous

    Shoulda been Ethier’s ball.

  23. KT

    good DP

  24. Anonymous

    How many balls in play have been hit over the infield?  Too many!

  25. Anonymous

    swinging bunt by AJ, for a hit, hopefully we can cash it in. 

  26. KT

    Good hit AJ ^_^
    Nice Sac Aaron
    Come on Mark…bring him home

  27. Reed Johnson and Maholm to the Baves… Soto to the Rangers

  28. Anonymous

    man this guy Cahil has nasty movement. 

  29. Anonymous

    Could Mattingly please start the runners some time, especially v. a groundball pitcher?

  30. KT

    Good hit Matty
    Come on Dre

  31. Anonymous

    Just my gut talking here, however….
    That fly ball that fell in front of Kemp last inning?
    Watching him as he runs the bases….
    Just general intuition based on how he’s moving out there vs. April, etc.
    I think Kemp has already re-injured his leg…to some small degree.
    Shane Victorino ???
    Alfonso Soriano ???
    Could just as easily be ‘replacing’ Matty Kemp as they could be ‘complementing’ him ….
    I’m hoping for the latter…. but, I’m concerned.  :-/

    • Anonymous

      I just love your intuitive way with white space.

  32. Anonymous

    Gumbarner gives up a two-run double to Ronnie Cedeño, and the Metros lead 2-1 in the fourth.

  33. KT

    Come on Luis

  34. Anonymous

    The Gameday link above the lineup doesn’t work.  It should be

  35. Anonymous


  36. KT

    Go Mets

  37. Anonymous

    how can i get my name to be blue?

    • KT

      link it to a facebook or your webpage

      • Anonymous

        appreciated KT your the best. No Facebook, Twitter or webpage. 

  38. KT

    Come on DP

  39. Anonymous

    Harang is making this hard to watch.

    • Anonymous

      smoke & mirrors so far WBB, everything is hit hard but at least its only 3-0. so far. 

      • Anonymous

         I think that’s enough for tonight, but at least the Gnats are losing (a closer game).

  40. KT

    Why didn’t Luis go for Kubell

    • Anonymous

      Good question.  The guy was stuck between 2nd and 3rd with no place to go.

  41. Anonymous

    oh man. That was painful. 

  42. Anonymous

    And Harang does his best to kill the winning streak

  43. KT

    today’s not Aaron’s day
    Here’s hoping for the mets holding on

  44. Anonymous

    I’m neither watching nor listening, but it appears that those of you who said that Harang seems to be pitching BP are correct.

  45. Anonymous

    Really ugly inning.

  46. KT

    I think I’ll call it a night…Here’s hoping a wake up with a win tomorrow

  47. Anonymous

    i’ll be happy if we just give ’em a scare. 

  48. Anonymous

    Harang’s out of the rotation once a) we acquire a SP tomorrow and b) Lilly returns… right?

    • Anonymous

      With just a couple exceptions, Harang’s been a decent No. 5 starter. This is just one game.

      • Anonymous

        I agree.  In fact I think he has been very good, except for tonight.

      • Anonymous

        Okay, but then if we acquire Dempster and Lilly comes back, who’s out? 

      • Anonymous

        Okay, but then if we acquire Dempster and Lilly comes back, who’s out?

  49. Anonymous

    Alfonso Soriano has told the Cubs he will veto a trade to the Gnats.

    • Anonymous

       he had said he wanted to go to a good team in a good city

  50. WBB did you see they hit an run

  51. Anonymous

     Did we actually witness a hit and run?

  52. Anonymous

    I missed tonight’s Parra incident.  What happened?

    • Anonymous

      Stealing second with a 7-0 lead. Not a big deal.

      • Anonymous

        don’t know if Parra or Gibby realize it but it actually creates more unity with in the Dodgers when shenanigans like that happened… 

  53. Anonymous

    Man, Tolleson is on tonight, 2 K’s

  54. Anonymous

    nice zip on Tolleson’s fastball, peaked at 95. 

  55. Anonymous

    What if the Angels just swoop in here and get Depster? ….

  56. Anonymous

    Playing first for the AZL Dodgers tonight, Justin Chigbogu replaced John Sgromolo after Jacob Scavuzzo ran for Sgromolo.
    I hope this post doesn’t seem nativist, I was just struck by these names one after the other in the box-score esp with all three first names starting with J

  57. Anonymous

    Rivera is lucky Parra’s throw was off-line man. 

  58. Anonymous

    screamers by Rivera & Kemp. 

  59. Anonymous

    Mets have taken a 5-4 lead over the Giants in the 8th.

  60. Anonymous

    Ben Badler‏@BenBadler
    If teams are looking for sleepers from the Dodgers, RHPs Jose Dominguez and Yimi Garcia are Low-A power arms getting attention from scouts

  61. Anonymous

    It’s now 6-4 Mets over the Giants in the 8th.

  62. SteelMohawk

    Dodgers just acquired Brandon League from the Mainers for two prospects.

    • Anonymous

      two player that have looked promising to me
      “Landry, 22, is hitting .328/.358/.559 with eight homers and 15 triples in 376 plate appearances for Los Angeles’ High Class-A affiliate this season while spending most of his time in center field. Bawcom, a 23-year-old right-hander, owns a 2.03 ERA with 11.K/91 K/9 and 4.1 BB/9 in 48 2/3 relief innings split between Single-A and Double-A this year.”
      Landry has 20 SB also;did you notice 15 triples and Bawcom’s K/9

      • SteelMohawk

        They both seemed to have a lot of upside.  The bullpen needs help, but I am not sold on this, unless he is traded to save a top line starter prospect.  Which still wouldn’t make much sense.  Mariners could end up with a outfield full of Dodgers, the way things are going.

      • Anonymous

        2 comments by Seattle fans:
        GOOD RIDDANCE! Thank God! Seattle fans, we are saved. We’re losing more often than winning as it is, and League wasn’t very helpful when we actually did have close, late leads. Getting two players, no matter their pedigrees, for a god-awful, not-under-contract-next-year reliever is such a win for our system. 

        League is a GB specialist who no longer induces GBs

  63. Anonymous

    Giants have tied Mets, 6-6, in the bottom of the 9th and have potential winning run on second with two outs.

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