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Nope – it’s Abreu

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 12:10 p.m.
Shane Victorino, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Matt Kemp, CF
Hanley Ramirez, 3B
Juan Rivera, 1B
Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
Luis Cruz, SS
A.J. Ellis, C
Stephen Fife, P

Well, I was wrong. The Dodgers have designated Bobby Abreu for assignment to make room on the roster for Shane Victorino.

Abreu OPSed .905 in his first 33 games as a Dodger, through June 11, but since then the outfielder has been 16 for 90 with 11 walks and two extra-base hits in 37 games for a .490 OPS.

I’m genuinely surprised. In this money-is-no-object era for the Dodgers, I still see more potential for Abreu to help in the stretch run than Juan Uribe.

* * *

  • Victorino will wear No. 8 with the Dodgers, with Don Mattingly switching to No. 12. The switch-hitting Victorino is wearing the same number as the switch-hitting Reggie Smith did as a Dodger in the 1970s. Smith took No. 8 because Steve Yeager already had the outfielder’s preferred No. 7.
  • Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus ranked the prospects traded at the deadline this week. Ethan Martin is 11th, Scott McGough 24th, Logan Bawcom 25th and Leon Landry 30th out of 43.
  • Goldstein also produced a new ranking of the top 50 prospects in baseball, with Zach Lee on the list at 47.
  • In the wake of Martin’s departure, the Dodgers promoted Andres Santiago to Double-A Chattanooga, reports Robert Emrich for The 22-year-old righty had a 1.76 ERA with 48 strikeouts in 41 innings for Single-A Rancho Cucamonga in July, while allowing only 21 hits and nine walks.
  • Jerry Hairston Jr. had an obscure but memorable throw, captured by Chad Moriyama.
  • Buster Olney names 10 leading August trade candidates in his column for
  • This past weekend, I discussed Chad Billingsley’s season-long improvement in throwing strikes. At Fangraphs, Michael Barr delves deeper, noting that Billingsley is “going to his four seam fastball far more regularly and he’s almost abandoned his cutter.”
  • A year after it happened, the Trayvon Robinson trade gets a positive review from Scott Andes at Lasorda’s Lair.
  • Dodger Stadium cuisine was recently reviewed by Jeanne Fratello of the Jolly Tomato.
  • Former Dodger general manager Dan Evans had a post-deadline live chat today at Baseball Prospectus.
  • Houston finished July with a 3-24 record, the worst July any team has had in at least 50 years, notes David Pinto of Baseball Musings.
  • With no further introduction, a recent piece from Josh Wilker.


Who will vacate for Victorino?




  1. I guess we have to wait til Dee comes back for the Uribe DFA? Ugh.

    • Yeah, Hopefully…Not sure what they expect from Uribe at this point other than maybe his defense…

      • Anonymous

        Well, maybe he’ll keep the rest of the team from overeating, but he would have been a perfect role player for the Gnats, who are missing an obese 3B.

  2. LAT’d

    JonnyTAFKAJ I feel bad for Juan Uribe….No, he hasn’t been anything close to what he was for the Giants a couple of years ago.But, he just seems like a great guy that has fun playing this game.  This season has to be killing him inside. (yes, he’s getting paid very well to sit… but, he probably feels somewhat hollow) IMHO.LikeReply
    10 minutes agoDerek TCCollapseI agree with you here, I just hope with Kasten here now, Ned will stop giving out contracts to players who have 1 good year or even a good half a year, when their career stats don’t match up at all. Rivera being another example of this.

    • Anonymous

      We are hoping for 3 WAR per year from Hanley, we would be happy with 2. That’s from a guy being paid $16 mil. per year. Uribe? Uribe was coming off two 3 WAR seasons when he signed his 3/24 mil. contract with us. He had two more good seasons with the White Sox before that. The deal turned out to be a mistake, but it’s just incorrect to say Uribe was given a contract after one good season.

      • I don’t think there was anyone, other than Uribe and his agent, and maybe Ned, who thought Uribe had earned the type of contract that he was given. As per your comment, He had 1 good OWAR season with the Sox way back in 2004, and 1 good OWAR season with the Giants in 2009 and both of those were just 2.5. I don’t think you can count the 2004 season when giving out a contract in 2011. His OWAR was 0.5 or lower in 3 of the other seasons. So I don’t think I am wrong saying the contract was given based on one good year.

        • As for Hanley, his current production is a big improvement over what the Dodgers have right now. We are hoping he improves back to his all-star level and that would be a great bonus.

          • Also, in those two 2.5 owar seasons, his OBP was under .330 and he has never had an OBP over .330. So, I think I was exactly accurate in my original statement.

          • Anonymous

             No Derek, you are about as far from accurate as anyone can be in your original statement, and you managed somehow to stray even farther in your elaboration. You felt that you were accurate; that’s very different from actually being accurate. Uribe was coming off two very good seasons. This is fact and not something that’s up for debate.

            Of course, if you want to argue that .350 wOBA and .320 wOBA are not good numbers for a SS, feel free. And if you want to pretend like baseball is a glorified batting practice, feel to continue to believe that Uribe’s defense at 3B and SS had no value. I just find it odd that people will go so far as to resort to self-delusions to denigrate a player just because he’s performing poorly right now.

          • I am sorry for thinking that hitting .248 with a .310 OBP and a .750 OPS was a poor season…LOL
            Uribe is still a good defender so his defensive capabilities aren’t really a part of this discussion, he his hitting terribly now and has always hit poorly except for some streaks with the Giants. We could replace Uribe’s name with Loney and have this exact discussion.

          • The facts are, Uribe has never been a good hitter and got this excessive contract that he is currently playing under based on a hot streak he had for the Giants.

          • Anonymous

            .320 wOBA would be the 8th best among SS this season. .350 wOBA would be the 2nd best. In 2010, Uribe was the 5th best hitter among SSs (adjusted for the park). In 2009, his .350 wOBA would’ve made him top 10 among 3Bs or SSs. So yes, you should feel bad that you are trying to manipulate numbers to make up a fan narrative that doesn’t corresponded to reality.

          • Really? I am manipulating numbers? I posted his BA, OBP and OPS to show he didnt have a good year. What exactly is being manipulated? 

    • Anonymous

      He was never any good, but parlayed a lucky hot streak into a contract he never deserved. Sooner he’s gone, the better. Abreu is far more useful off the bench.

  3. Anonymous

    That’s just wrong, especially since the Gnats would probably pick up Uribe if he were DFA’d.

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe the Dodgers’ evil plan is to fall behind Arizona in the standings until the waiver deadline passes.  that way, they can pick up Soriano, Lowrie, Garza, and Carlos Lee without Towers blocking them.  

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think anybody’s gonna claim Carlos Lee.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m stunned.  Don’t we need a lefty off the bench?  It’s like Ned & Don would rather use Kennedy for that.  Sheesh.

  6. Anonymous

    Also, you can add “took the manager’s number” too Victorino’s tooliness stats.

  7. Anonymous

    Well, the Phils have DFA’d Fontenot, so maybe the Gnats will go with him instead.

  8. ” It was Victorino who took over as the Phillies’ starting right fielder after they traded Abreu to the Yankees in mid-2006.”

  9. Anonymous

    Abreu got cut 2 SBs shy of 400 for his career.

  10. Anonymous

    I am shocked. Somebody could have taken a large sum of money on that one. So Gwynn is now our left handed pinch hitter.

    •  Well, Loney also. 

      • Anonymous

        Equally disturbing. Maybe there is a trade in the works so they will only eat the majority of Uribe’s salary next year, not all of it. Otherwise this just makes no sense. Even with Abreu slumping he works the count, making the pitcher get him out. A foreign concept to Uribe.

        • Anonymous

          Where would Abreu play, though? We don’t need 5 outfielders with Hairston able to play LF, and Abreu isn’t so good that we can justify carrying him as a PH bat.

          • Anonymous

            1st base would have been a good option but don’t think he’s ever played there. 

          • Anonymous

             Well, as a bat off the bench, he’s far better than “three lunges and out.”

          • KT

            As WBB said Pinch hitter specialist…for when we need a walk or single to put a man on base (an occasional Hr here or there)

        • Anonymous

          Looks like Ned’s ego is getting in the way of DFA’ing Uribe, i can kind of see his point, i mean the guy is owed a ton of money…

           i liked Abreu as an off the bench type ‘o player good on base guy, career .396 obp.

        • KT

          We all see the writing on the wall except for the management who are too close

  11. Anonymous

    How about this ????
    Perhaps Juan Uribe is one of Ned’s “PTBNL” ‘s …. :-) 

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t a PTBNL have to be a minor leaguer?  Maybe even someone not on the 40-man roster?  Or did I just make that up?

    • Anonymous

      In the case of the PTBNL, there is a list to choose from. If Uribe is on one of those, that’s a pretty ugly list.

  12. “Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said the team is hoping to hold on to
    Abreu, but to do that he would have to accept an assignment to Triple-A
    Albuquerque until major league rosters can expand on Sept. 1. The
    Dodgers could also trade or release him in the next 10 days.”

  13. thanks for the links. excellent

    • Anonymous

      Wilker is like a great musician, he just knows how to hit all the right notes.

  14. Aw, shoot, RIP Gore Vidal.

  15. Anonymous

    why do expansion teams pick the worst colors & designs? anyways, just for fun here is the Arizona Diamondbacks original opening day starters ->

    Jay Bell
    Andy Benes
    Brent Brede
    Edwin Diaz
    Karim Garcia
    Devon White
    Matt Williams

  16. Anonymous

    sorry Jon but why have your rules if somewhere somehow you don’t point some here to the whole Rule 8 thing about Uribe.  I stopped reading before and after reading again for a while I see this place might be on the verge of devolving into LADodgerTalk

    •  I have asked this before and will ask this again.

      • Anonymous

        >> I have asked this before and will ask this again.

        Doing so constitutes a Rule 8 violation!  :)

        (just kidding – you probably already had the irony in mind when you posted that)

    • I don’t understand the complaint when Jon himself speculated Uribe could be DFA’d today only to be disappointed when it was instead Abreu. Are we not aloud to talk about that? I get being annoyed at Uribe being brought up every day for no apparent reason, but today his name was relevant.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think for a second that grumpy meant Uribe shouldn’t be discussed. He meant WBB should stop what I think can best be described as a long running performance art project that has failed.  

  17. Anonymous

     Nice to see a 1-2-3 inning in the first.

  18. Anonymous

    early on Fife is keeping the ball up which is something you don’t want. 

  19. Anonymous

    Hitting Ethier 2nd v. a lefty makes little sense.

    • Maybe they think they are giving him a chance to see better pitches batting ahead of Kemp?

      • Anonymous

        exactly what Mattingly said when Ethier hit second the first time.

  20. KT

    Nice not to see Goldschimdt in the 1st

  21. KT

    Come on Matty

  22. Anonymous

    Bad link above the lineup again.  (September 1 game?)  The correct link for Gameday for today’s game is

  23. “After efforts to deal Alfonso Soriano never materialized before Tuesday’s trade deadline, Chicago Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said there is still a chance the outfielder will be moved through the waiver process this month.”
    “I didn’t turn down any team, but I told my agent to tell the Cubs I
    would only go to one West Coast team, and that was the Dodgers,” Soriano
    told “They never came to us with anything else.”

  24. KT

    Good eye Hanley
    Come on Juan

  25. Stipulated: Juan Uribe is not a good hitter and his place on the Dodgers is questionable.  The point is made. 

  26. KT

    Beautiful catch AJ…and almost got the DP

  27. Anonymous

    Great play by Ellis. Smart play by Goldschmidt, who continues to annoy.

  28. Vail Beach

    A.J.’s play was not a good play.  It allowed Goldschmidt to go to second, meaning it was the equivalent of a successful sacrifice.  Then it was cashed in.  How is that a good play? 

    • KT

      He would have scored on the double anyway…Johnson almost scored from 1st

      • Anonymous

        We don’t know what would have happened. Goldschmidt was smart to tag and take second, but Ellis still made a fine play.

      • Vail Beach

        Perhaps so, but up until that moment, calling it a good play failed to recognize that the hitter accomplished his goal — advancing the runner with a bunt. 

  29. KT

    good they only got 1 out that mess

  30. Anonymous

    this isn’t factual but i like you played in team sports, you can’t help & wonder how long if any it takes for a team to re-jell after the chaos of july. 

    • Alex Chavez

      Only takes as long as a few wins coming their way.  You win, you’re announced as Jell-o.  You lose, people make chemistry excuses.

      Phillies won last night despite all the trades.

  31. Anonymous

    Looks like Victorino didn’t have time to go to the sporting goods store, still with the red batting gloves & bat. 

    • Anonymous

      Same for Hunter Pence, who showed up in the ‘ants clubhouse last night with his red Fillies duffel bag.

  32. Anonymous

    Can somebody throw inside to Goldschmidt?

  33. Anonymous

    Why do the Snakes’ innings seem to last forever?

  34. Dodgers, you can’t expect Stephen Fife to hold the opponent to one run every time out.  I command you to score some runs!

    • Anonymous

      Especially off whoever Patrick Corbin is. Pitching against the Snakes is different from pitching against the Gnats, unfortunately.

    • Anonymous

      right. Dodgers stick to basics, take a walk & build from there. 

  35. Alex Chavez

    DBacks have 5 starters with slugging % over .450.
    Dodgers have 2.
    Jason Kubel is the type of underrated player I don’t think our GM looks for or appreciates.

  36. Anonymous

    We’ve been outhomered 5-0 in this thus far bleak series.

  37. Jibin Park

    Terrible move.  Terrible.  Uribe’s contract is a sunk cost, Ned.  SUNK COST!

  38. KT

    Come on DP

  39. KT

    Uribe into 3rd and Hanley to SS?

  40. Anonymous

    So Mattingly is conceding the first out of the bottom of the inning.

  41. Anonymous

    this could have been DISASTROUS, instead it was a standard DP. 2-0 Zona.  

    • Anonymous

      Nice turn by Hairston, on a hard slide by Upton.

  42. Anonymous


  43. Anonymous

    Prediction:  Uribe if DFA’d tonight, and we bring up someone from the minors or acquire someone who has cleared waivers.  Colletti cannot be that thick.

  44. Anonymous

    with this score, 1 swing of the bat can change the score, just one swing of the bat. 

    • Anonymous

       Depends on the bat, but there’s one I’m pretty certain can’t change things.

  45. KT

    Ump got to matty with that 1st called strike

  46. Buster Olney tweeted earlier:
    “The Dodgers did good work before the trade deadline, but they did leave one spot in their rotation unfilled.” He then posted a link to today’s box score…. Is he saying Dempster would have knocked in two or more runs for us today? I don’t get it. Fife pitched well, the offense isn’t producing today.

    • Anonymous

       Fife pitched well, the offense isn’t producing today.<< nor yesterday, i hope we can get to there pen at this point. 

  47. Anonymous

    a little bird told me we might score moving forward. 

  48. KT

    Come on Jerry

  49. Anonymous

    Looks like League is coming in…

  50. Anonymous

    Every time I look in on the game, the Dbacks are getting baserunners on, and the Dodgers are making outs.  This is an extremely one-sided two-run game.  So far, anyway.

  51. Anonymous

     Brandon League is Hawaiian for “Danys Báez.”

  52. Anonymous

    Jeeze, what a lackluster bunch the Dodgers have been since coming home.

    • Anonymous

       “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” — all within a week!

    • Anonymous

      The perfect cure for insomnia

  53. Anonymous

    The bench needs help if Uribe (now 4-for-45) and Gwynn (now 7-for 51) are our first two options.

  54. KT

    Hope it’s not the same thing as Mark Ellis

  55. Anonymous

    Dodger bats are missing in action playing & simple.

  56. KT

    Nice to see some speed in LF…Jerry’s not bad but not as fast as shane

  57. Anonymous

    Feels like the dbags have more homeruns than we have hits this series

  58. They are just making us look like a triple A team right now. Sad. We are fighting for 3rd place as much as were fighting for first. 

    • Anonymous

       The Snakes will finish second to the Dodgers.

      •  I wish I had your optimism! Right now, I couldn’t say I have any idea on how things will go!!

  59. Anonymous

    The decision to not just keep Juan but actually bat him is sliding from the stupid into the bizarre.

    Giving Shane more ABs than Jerry is already looking a little mush-brained, as well.

  60. there are a lot of games left. don’t quite understand though that the dodgers did not get a starting pitcher at the deadline. to me that was a mistake.

    • Anonymous

      No starting pitcher in the world can win a game when the team only gets no runs, two hits and two walks at the plate.  Heck, another starting pitcher probably wouldn’t have gotten one of those two hits.  You can’t blame the starting pitcher for this loss.

  61. Anonymous


  62. Anonymous

    Gee it seems to happen to the Dodgers more than some teams. They get into a stretch where they can’t hit(trying too  hard?,), and they cant get a great pitching effort.

    • Anonymous

      We have had many stretches this season similar to this one, and I expect we will have others, unfortunately. They are hard to fathom.

      • Anonymous

        Hopefully they aren’t as common next season

    • Anonymous

      Pitching and hitting weren’t a problem against the Mets.  Were a problem against the Cards.  Weren’t a problem against the ‘ants.  Were a problem against the Dbacks.

    • Anonymous

      “…and they can’t get a great pitching effort.”
      Wouldn’t have mattered had Fife gone 9 innings and given up a single run today – woulda been a loss.

  63. Anonymous

    Time for a 52-hour break.

  64. Anonymous

    Win 3, lose 3, win 3, lose 3… I think I sense a pattern here!

  65. Adam Luther

    3B Johnson of to a solid start with the Dbacks, hot when they acquired him and still going strong.  Solid line-up, sans Drew with the .193 avg.

  66. Anonymous

    We can’t be sure Abreu would have done any better than the other bench players who got a chance to hit today, but I’m sure he would have been a tougher out.

  67. Anonymous

    posted in next thread

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