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August 11 game chat

Dodgers at Marlins, 4:10 p.m.
Shane Victorino, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Hanley Ramirez, SS
James Loney, 1B
Jerry Hairston Jr., 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Joe Blanton, P


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  1. Anonymous

    I wonder how hard it is as a manager to keep everyone involved and interested once rosters expand, when basically there is more guys just sitting around

    • Anonymous

      I think some of those guys will just be happy to be called up, and there’s always a role for relief pitchers during laughers. Position players will get early pinch-hitting opportunities.

      It also reduces the frequency of Juan Uribe, and means Mattingly will have to worry about a short bench.

  2. Anonymous

    (From last posting)

    KT: I worded for the LA Herald Examiner in the 70’s of course at the lowest level…I was a paperboy

    KT:  The L.A. Herald-Examiner had an excellent sports section — Bud Furillo, Merv Harris, Mel Durslag and others.  As a p.m. paper, it took more of a reflective approach in its game stories on the Dodgers, Rams and Lakers.   On the newsside, it was always nipping at the heels of the L.A. Times.

    • KT

      The 1st section I always read right before folding all the papers to deliver…Loved their sports section much better than the times or the the San Gabriel Tribune which was a distant 3rd

  3. Anonymous

     According to MLBTR, the Yanquis think old friend Derek Lowe is worth signing.

  4. KT

    Good hit Matty

  5. KT

    Good hit Dre
    Come on Hanley

  6. KT

    Good FC Hanley
    Come on James

  7. I just turned the game on, did Hanley really dog it bad or is Lyons just ripping into him a bit too much?

    • KT

      He dogged it because He thought the out was at second but he was still there in time

    • KT

      Put it this way, the 1st baseman wasn’t even on the bag for the “turn” from the 2nd baseman

    • Anonymous

       It’s a Lyons talking point. Hopefully the Guggenheimers will save us from this in future years.

    • KT

      I have the Marlins feed today and tomorrow

    • Anonymous

      Im going to take Lyons’ side. No reason at all for Hanley to jog down the line. It’s irrelevant that Lee wasn’t on the bag. It doesn’t matter that the throw went to second. It was an embarrassing lack of big league professionalism. I can see why Florida became sick of this guy. Now do you get on this guy now when he is safe or wait for him to get thrown out before throwing verbal punches at him? How about we throw Karros at him?

  8. KT

    Good inning Joe

  9. KT

    Good hit Jerry come on AJ

  10. KT

    Way to get on Mark
    Come on Matty

  11. KT

    Ball 4

  12. ESPN Gameday shows -1 for Marlins in first inning.  That is some pitching by Blanton.

  13. Anonymous

    OK, that’s enough wasted opportunities for this game.

  14. Anonymous

    I’d love to find out in what percentage of his at bats Loney looks at a first pitch strike.

  15. We should have tried to get Mike “Giancarlo” Stanton in that Marlins fire sale.

  16. KT

    Come on Dre

  17. KT

    Good hit Hanley

  18. Anonymous

    There should be a hit and run called every time Loney is at the plate witha runner at first.

  19. Anonymous

    Even Collins and Lyons have finally realized how Donny waits around for the GIDP.

  20. If they played Loney everyday he would be running away with the GIDP and runners left on base titles.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder what the GIDP record is. 


        Jim Rice with 36 and Miguel Tejada with 32

        Loney has 16 and it tied for the NL Lead now

        • Anonymous

          Man, it would’ve been close if Loney played full time. Thanks for the info.

      • Anonymous

         Fatsoval made a good run at it a couple years ago but then got injured.

  21. Anonymous

    It is sad to witness Loney’s continued decline.  I think back to 2007 when he and Kemp seemed like a matched pair with big careers in front of both of them.

  22. KT

    Good hit AJ
    Come on Joe

  23. Anonymous

    Joe came through! Now the hard part…

  24. KT

    Good hit Joe
    Come on Shane

  25. Six hits and no runs? Wassamatta these guys?

  26. KT

    Way to beat it out Shane!!

    • Anonymous

      Good thing it wasn’t Hanley jogging that out :)

  27. Anonymous


  28. Anonymous

    The single-season NL record for most strikeouts by a left-handed batter is 27, shared by Sean Casey (2005) and A.J. Pierzynski (2004).  The AL record is 32 by Ben Grieve in 2000.

  29. Anonymous

    Ten of the Dodgers’ first 21 batters tonight have reached base.

  30. KT

    Way to come through Dre!!

  31. Anonymous

    Donnie fines Kemp for taking away the potential GIDP!

    • Anonymous

       And immediately writes a bonus check to Hanley.

  32. If I were a bitter guy I’d say Loney was muttering that that was HIS double-play Ramirez hit into. But I’m not a bitter guy.

  33. Anonymous

    Clearly, Blanton knows how to pitch to Stanton.

    • KT

      Throw him a ball that he hammers foul then get on by him as he’s thinking “man I just missed that one”?

  34. Anonymous

    I can’t believe they scored Green’s ball a double. Hairston error all the way.

  35. KT

    Come on DP

  36. Anonymous

    Kearns should be an automatic K.

  37. That turned around quickly. Rats.

  38. Ugly ugly inning, Joe.

  39. KT

    Come on Guys let’s get those runs back

    Those wasted opportunties could now come back to bite us in the behind

  40. Anonymous

    Interesting game in Pittsburgh through 6 innings for Jason Marquis.

  41. KT

    As the miami announcer said “veteran pinch hitter in…Uribe” I’m thinking something good until the name was announced

  42. Anonymous

    Doesn’t he usually see three pitches?

  43. Anonymous

    Having wasted so many opportunities, the Dodgers shouldn’t be surprised by what is transpiring.  Neither should we.   For a team that began tonight tied for first, I find this year’s version of the Dodgers remarkably frustrating.

    • Anonymous

       For a team whose talent clearly outclasses any other in the division, they are indeed frustrating.

  44. KT

    Come on Mark get things going

  45. KT

    Good hit Matty
    Come on Dre

  46. KT

    Come on Hanley

  47. KT

    Come on DP

  48. KT

    Time to get to Bell

  49. This is disheartening. Every pitcher on every team begins to look like a Cy Young winner when facing the Dodgers. Pitchers will be clamoring for the opportunity to pitch against them any day now.

  50. KT

    Come on Juan…Bring him in

  51. Gameday: “singles on a ground ball to catcher AJ Ellis.”

    How is that possible?

    • Anonymous

       A dribbler up the third base line, which Ellis then threw away to give him an extra base.

  52. Anonymous

    League is cringe-worthy, but Ellis’s throw to first looked like one of Posey’s.

  53. Yeah, League has not looked good at all.

  54. I’m done with this game. When even getting ten hits isn’t enough to win, why play?

  55. Anonymous

     League makes manageable deficits insurmountable.

  56. Anonymous

    An unsurprising conclusion to a disappointing game.  Let’s go get them tomorrow.

  57. KT

    Here’s to better results tomorrow

  58. Forgive me I was on delay but….

  59. Anonymous

    After watching the first two innings, I had a feeling this game was a lost cause and started doing other things – checked in now and then – saw we had a 2-0 lead, wasn’t surprised to check in later and see us down 4-2. Last time I checked in Carlos Lee – the guy who refused to come to L.A. – put the game out of reach. When you load the bases twice and come away empty, it’s not your night.

    Was reading the comments above and I too really enjoyed the Herald Examiner’s sports page – they had Allan Mallamud too…
    I was a teenager back then, and the Herald’s Sports page helped fuel my love of sports.

  60. Anonymous

    On the bright side, the Snakes lost to the Nats again and, after the Nats leave Phoenix, they have several games at The Phone Booth To Be Named Later.

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