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Braves break through in 11th, down Dodgers

Kenley Jansen had thrown six pitches since Friday, and there’s no report that he’s injured. That didn’t dissuade Don Mattingly from insisting on holding back Jansen for a save situation in extra innings that might never come.

And it didn’t.

One inning after Brandon League barely escaped a 10th-inning jam, the righty allowed two 11th-inning singles with two out. The fourth Dodger reliever not named Jansen, Jamey Wright (who threw 16 mostly ineffective pitches Thursday), entered the game and served up a single to Juan Francisco that gave Atlanta a 4-3 victory.

A postgame replay showed Mattingly cursing as the winning hit went into left field.

Dodger relievers tonight faced allowed seven of 17 batters to reach base. Braves relievers allowed four of 16 batters to do so.

With San Francisco scoring eight runs in the third inning at San Diego, the Dodgers figure to begin play Saturday half a game behind the Giants.

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  1. Anonymous

    LAT’d — I guess Mattingly was saving Kenley for the 12th inning . . .. or later.  What a poor job of managing his bullpen.  Back to second place.

  2. Anonymous

    Good news: Andre’s first HR since Bastille Day and Cappy great again. 

    Bad news: Bullpen crappy again.

    • Anonymous

      Not so much a crappy pen as crappy management of it. League is only suitable for mopup service in blowouts.

  3. KT

    tough one to lose
    I think we’ll get tomorrows game

    Night all

  4. With rotation spot on the line, James McDonald beats Cardinals

  5. Anonymous

    The Dodgers shouldn’t lose the division, but Mattingly could if he continues to use the pen as he did tonight.

  6. Jibin Park

    This was Mattingly’s loss today.  Bringing in Jamey Wright to put out a fire?  Really?  If you’re going to let League start the 11th, you might as well let him finish it unless you bring in Kenley in that situation. 

  7. Charles Cherry

    Jon, you are so right. I’m sitting in a restaurant with my wife, following the game om my phone. I see that the Braves have men on first and third, and say to my wife that it’s time for Jansen, but I know Don won’t violate the code. Sheesh!

    • Anonymous

       Didn’t there used to be a  “Fireman of the Year” award for the top reliever?  That idea means your top reliever shouldn’t be thought of as the “closer,” but the one who gets the job done when you most need it — the one who puts out the fire (versus throwing gasoline on it).

    • Anonymous

      I think you starred in a commercial with the visual you just described.

  8. The Jansen thing wasn’t even the worst part. In the 8th I was yelling at the TV when Mattingly left Belisario in to face Heyward instead of bringing in Choate. It was such an inexplicable, indefensible move that I figured Choate must be hurt. But then Mattingly puts him in the game after it’s already blown.

    It was one of Mattingly’s top five strategic blunders of the year, which is saying a lot because there have been an awful lot of them.

    • Anonymous

      Since this thread is not the most recent now you most likely will not see this, Eric. To me this game stands out like the proverbial sore thumb since I think Mattingly has not made lots of blunders. If you could convince me there have been an awful lot I would have to change my mind. I respect you enough that I would like you to try to do so.

  9. Anonymous

    Mattingly goes from screaming toddler to senile manager in one day?

  10. Anonymous

    League is the Urinnedy of the bullpen.

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