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Rubby De La Rosa is back

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Shane Victorino, LF
Adam Kennedy, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Hanley Ramirez, SS
James Loney, 1B
Luis Cruz, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Joe Blanton, P

Faster than a speeding Rubby De La Rosa fastball, the Dodgers have activated Rubby De La Rosa from the disabled list, 12 1/2 months after his Tommy John surgery. Javy Guerra will go to Albuquerque until rosters expand in September.

De La Rosa’s progress was evident, as we noted earlier Sunday, and the Dodgers’ main decision — once they became confident in his health — seemed to rest upon whether they wanted him to build up higher pitch counts in the minors or come help in the majors right away. It does seem fast, but it’s an exciting move.

Guerra is actually on a streak of 11 1/3 consecutive scoreless innings with 13 strikeouts, so he wasn’t exactly crying out to be optioned. He allowed 12 baserunners in that time and two out of five inherited runners to score. But it shows how highly the Dodgers think of Shawn Tolleson, who is unscored upon in his past 9 1/3 innings with two hits, five walks and five strikeouts. Tolleson has also allowed two of five inherited runners to score in that period.

And no, you don’t cut a Brandon League nor a Jamey Wright with 10 days until the rosters expand. On the other hand, the Dodgers could have found a way to go with a three-man bench …


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  1. Hello, Rubby Tuesday, Who could hang a name on you? When you change with every new day. Still I [really missed] you! 

    Sorry for Javy but he definitely needed to work out some issues, somewhere with a bit less pressure. With Rubby + Elbert this week the Dodgers pen really improved quickly. 

    Won’t be able to watch the game live tonight due to a film screening I’m going to but hopefully I’ll be missing a good one. Please don’t suck Joe! (But if he does… Rubby will be there to help out.)

    • Anonymous

       Hopefully you’ll be missing a laugher in which Timmy increases his league-leading losses to 14.

      • I will happily return to find that out! 

        At any rate, I would be surprised if we have the same 2-1 pitcher’s duel we had yesterday.

        • Anonymous

          Vegas has the o/u at 7.5, which probably seems a bit low for guys whose ERAs average out to 5.

          Vegas has a low opinion of both offenses in their current conditions.

  2. Anonymous

    How many major league innings has Rubby pitched?

  3. Anonymous

    Loney vs Lincecum: 8 for 42, 3 2B’s, 3 RBI, 2 BB, 8 K; 0 for 2, 1 K this season
    Rivera vs Lincecum: 7 for 17, 1 2B,   3 RBI, 1 BB, 2 K, 1 GIDP; 1 for 3 with the GIDP this season.
    Loney is generally better against RHP though. 
    Not too long ago, Mattingly would have chosen Rivera imo

  4. Wow… Just as Strausberg is going away… Or, maybe, he can pinch hit?

  5. Here’s a question….. Would you rather have Adam Kennedy at second (and batting 8th) or Dee Gordon at second and batting 8th? Work with me here and just imagine that Dee can play a passable 2B.

    • Since Kennedy is (normally) a reserve and Gordon is injured, I’m not understanding the point of the question.

      • Anonymous

        Presumably, this is a theoretical question.

        • Clearly, since it’s a theoretical question about something that would never be a real issue. But okay, if Gordon is healthy, I take Gordon.

          • Anonymous

            Presumably after Gordon has had a chance to work a bit at second in a more instructional environment.

        • Anonymous

          Theoretically, Gordon won’t stink forever. Even if he does, his speed makes him a threat when he does get on base. Kennedy, on the other hand…uh, has those photos

          • Anonymous

            Dee might have a role as a pinch runner.

            His errors and slg which will never cross .300 without chemical help mean he’ll never be a big-league starter.

            I’m prepared to be wrong, I frequently am, I just don’t see the upside there.

            People like the personality and idea of Dee Gordon more than they’ve looked at his numbers, IMO.

            The opposite is true of J Fields.  People like the idea of kind of a cute little guy in the dugout with flashy speed and a heart of gold.  People think Fields should have stuck with football.  Funny, in these post-Jamesian days, how we’re still stuck on images we formed years ago.

          • Anonymous

             Not sold on the theory that Gordon won’t stink forever. His speed is good, but it’s not more impressive than 34 year old Juan Pierre. wOBA difference between Gordon and Kennedy is the same as that between Ethier and Kennedy. What exactly do people see in Gordon?

  6. Excellent news on Rubby…ahhh, modern medicine! A couple of things:
    1. Although I’m not a member of the Jerry Sands Marching & Chowder Society, it is truly puzzling, given his hot streak, that he has not been given the opportunity to replace the Loney/Rivera Comedy Hour. Apparently, the club believes Sands is a mirage.
    2. The single most important factor the rest of the year: Matt Kemp. I have come to view periods such as he’s going through now not so much as dangerous slides but rather as small gaps between hot streaks. I firmly believe he has at at least one more serious hot streak in him this year. Like September of last year or April of this year. But…when will it begin? How long will it last? Therein lies the Dodgers playoff story in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      It’s bewildering that Sands has gotten no chance, especially given the flotsam filling the bench at present.

      • Anonymous

        Especially since he got called up for a thimble full of espresso two weeks ago. 

    • Anonymous

      the club believes Sands is a mirage

      very clever

  7. Anonymous

    Dodgers bowling night at Lucky Strike LAnes on Thursday.  
    Fans can still purchase individual spots and lanes.
    Go to 

    Strikes are good in that one.  

  8. Anonymous

    I can’t believe this ChiSox announcer still has a job.

    I’d rather hear a fart sound effect than ‘he gone’.   That would be entertaining.

    • Anonymous

      He’s a terrible broadcaster, but a really nice guy. When he visited Seattle in 1969, we sat in the left field bleachers and he carried a really funny running dialogue with us.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry if I personalized it.  We’re all just spoiled by Vin on so many levels.  Sometimes I feel like he has half of the class of the whole city in his personage.

        • Anonymous

          I find it amusing to listen to Harrelson for an inning or so, but that’s usually enough for the year.

          • Anonymous

            Amusing that he refuses to offer even a peep of play-by-play if the “bad guys” accomplish anything.

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was “be gone.”  No?

      • Anonymous

        What we really need is a mid-19th century “color” guy for the Orioles.

        “Nevermore!” on homer Ks, etc

  9. Anonymous

     24-year-old Brett Anderson, reinstated from the DL on Monday following a 13-month rehab from Tommy John surgery, is slated to face the visiting Twins in his season debut for the A’s tonight.

  10. Anonymous

    Veteran umpire performed CPR on non-responsive D-backs employee,helps save woman’s life

  11. Anonymous

    New Ariz ss- in 108 games with Reno this season, 25yo Jake Elmore hit .344 with 73 RBIs, 95 runs and 32 stolen bases. 

    • Anonymous

       High altitude caveat.

      • Anonymous

         Sounds a little like a Phone Park set a bit high.

        “Aces Ballpark has a very deep field, 339 ft (103.3 m) at its shallowest
        point and 424 ft (128.9 m) at its deepest point. Therefore, despite
        Reno’s high elevation, home runs are less likely to occur, and line drive triples are more likely. Trent Oeltjen hit the park’s first triple on opening night, but there were no home runs.”

        Funny how ABQ, Reno and Colorado Springs are all about a mile up.

  12. Anonymous

    If the Dodgers hadn’t changed their Triple-A site, the could have boasted of the Las Vegas Sands.

  13. Anonymous La Rosa came back quickly after undergoing Tommy John surgery on Aug. 9, 2011, and manager Don Mattingly said the right-hander would pitch out of the bullpen for the rest of the season instead of being used as a starter. He went 4-5 with a 3.71 ERA in 13 appearances (10 starts) for the Dodgers last season, and the team still views him as a starter after this year.

    De La Rosa, who got the call Tuesday morning while in Rancho Cucamonga, said he didn’t expect to be back this soon. He said he has hit 99 mph on the radar gun, and he is 100 percent sure he’ll be able to throw 100 mph again.

    “He’s a power arm,” Mattingly said. “He’s a guy that is swing-and-miss out of the gate, especially in an inning situation.”

    He threw three scoreless innings in the Arizona Rookie League and nine more with a 1-0 record while rehabbing with Class A Rancho Cucamonga. Mattingly said he plans to work him back carefully out of the bullpen and not just throw him into a tough situation late in a game.

    Mattingly said the team wanted Guerra to spend the next week or so working on his command before coming back to the Dodgers when the rosters expand in September. In his last outing on Saturday, Guerra walked two batters in one-third of an inning.

    “We’ll give him 10 days here to try to put some finishing touches and get back in a groove as far as being able to throw strikes without the pressure of this pennant race right now,” Mattingly said.

    • Anonymous

      Also, Lilly said tests he had yesterday look good. Will do bull-pens today and Friday then more rehabs. hopes to be in the team bullpen in Sept

  14. foul tip

    Speculation Roger Clemens, now 50, may have in mind joining Astros after rosters expand. Team hasn’t exactly ruled it out.


    A good question is if he’d be satisfied just playing in an indy league.  Doubtful.

    Apparently Scott Kazmir is playing in the same league where Clemens is to start Saturday.
    Never quite knew the story of Kazmir’s fall from budding superstar to withered big league dud.

  15. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, after three innings, I get Steinered again – though I might switch to Jaime Jarrín. The Gnats are no guiltier than any other team of these blackouts but, given their dismissive attitude toward the East Bay, they’re more irksome.

  16. KT

    Getting hit already…Never was a Blanton fan Now I feel he needs to be removed from the rotation

  17. Anonymous

    Come on man.

  18. KT

    To top it all off I have to listen to the Gnats broadcasters

  19. KT

    Getting squeezed by cousins

  20. KT

    Come on 1-2-3 DP

  21. Anonymous

    I hate turning on the game four minutes after it has started to see we’re already in big trouble.  Can someone explain to me why we acquired Blanton?   He has been a disaster to this point.

  22. What happened to the guy with the really good K/BB numbers? Cuz this aint him.

  23. KT

    Why was Hanley playing in so close this early in the game

  24. Anonymous

    I am so done with Blanton.

  25. Anonymous

    Is the bullpen up yet?  I hope.

  26. KT

    Could have been a lot worse
    We need to strike right back

  27. Hey at least we may see Rubby tonight!

  28. Anonymous

    Coulda been a lot worse, and now the hitters get a shot at Lincescum.

    • Anonymous

      If only we could find those hitters you speak of.

  29. Anonymous

    you know a guy is bad when fans would rather have the PTBNL back

  30. foul tip

    So now Blanton delivers the implosion Dodger conventional baseball wisdom seemed to think was inevitable with Fife, despite Fife’s entirely acceptable results to that point.


  31. Anonymous

    The ERAs of our latest pitching acquisitions as Dodgers, up to the minute:  Choate 4.50, Blanton 8.82, League 10.80.

    • Anonymous

      not fair to choate here to pitch to lhh, lhh batting 188 vs choate as a Dodger ops 638
      BAA League 391, ops 896 vs all
      Blanton 295, 974 vs all

  32. KT


  33. loney still thinking about his weak 2-0 swing for a routine ground out.

  34. KT

    Come on Luis start it off

  35. KT

    I thought Victorino should caught it

    • Anonymous

      Any time Clubfoot gets a hit, it’s a fluke.

      • Anonymous

        He is hitting 349 in August, 41 AB. Now, I realize that he is not a great hitter but he hit 204 last year and is hitting 247 this season.

        Lots of the Giants came in hot at the plate: Posey, Pagan, Arias, Belt. Scutaro, Sandoval all over 288 last 30 days; all over 318 last 7 days except Sandoval

  36. More cheap runs given up to the Gnats. Utterly frustrating series thus far..

  37. KT

    What’s up with our team playing so Shitty against the Gnats at home

  38. Anonymous

    It’s clear which team came into this series ready to play some inspired ball, and which team didn’t.

    • Anonymous

      It’s the lack of focus that bothers me.  Zombieball.

      Can we give these guys greenies again?  Please?

  39. KT

    Good hit Adam
    Come on Matty

  40. KT

    Kemp is chasing way to much lately

    • Anonymous

      With the way Kemp is looking at the plate over the last few days, why would a pitcher even bother to throw him a strike.

  41. I wish the Dodgers could have faced Blanton tonight.

  42. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, Blanton has lived up to the low expectations he has earned as a Dodger. . . and our hitters have reverted back to their aversion of home — both crossing the plate and playing at home.

    How about some movie magic and let’s put the Florida, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta sightlines up for the hitters!

  43. Anonymous

    Maybe Mattingly should get suspended for two more games again.

  44. Anonymous

    Lincescum has a meltdown inning every game. It’s about time for it.

  45. Can’t catch a break.

  46. Anonymous

    Four runs down, nobody out, and we have a runner thrown out at the plate on a single?  I am not watching.   Did I miss something?  Did Ellis fall down?  

    • Anonymous

      No, he just got thrown out on a good throw and a good block of home by Sanchez.

      • Anonymous


        In that situation, Wallach should have been certain Ellis would score before sending him.

        •  right. same with hitting and running with him with the pitcher on deck yesterday.

    • And, it should be noted, he is a catcher.

  47. Treanor has his gear on, wonder if AJ hurt himself in that slide.

  48. it’s so predictable to me but not to our manager. Ethier should not be in the 4 hole. he kills to many rallys late in the game when they bring in the lefty. 

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.  What is Ethier hitting against left-handed relievers?

      • Anonymous

        Do any of you know how to find the answer to the above question?

    • Anonymous

      Ethier is hitting over 100 points lower against lefties than righties. It would be malpractice not to bring a lefty in to face him in high leverage situations.

  49. Alex Chavez

    guess no one singles their way into the playoffs.  Lack of power is frustrating and also somewhat boring to watch.  We need 4 hits in a row to score a run.

  50. Anonymous

    I think we should stick with Joe as our #5 until Lilly comes back to the rotation.


    • Anonymous

      Lilly says he would only be able to relieve if he comes back this year. Not enough time to get stretched out.

    • Why not take the Tracy Approach and make that 5th starter a committee type situation. Rubby throws 75, Wright throws X, etc… I mean, start League. He can give up 4 runs just as easily as Blanton.

      • Anonymous

        The average NL teams gives up 4.31 per game. So a pitcher who just gives up 4 runs isn’t exactly a poor pitcher.

        • Anonymous

          Giving up 4 runs in 9 innings might not be a sign of a poor pitcher, but doing so in 5.2 is a different matter.

  51. Anonymous

    Fife WAS more impressive than Blanton.

  52. Anonymous

    Walking Brandon Clubfoot is an embarrassment. Slow pitch guys can get him out.

    • Anonymous

      as i pointed out below Crawford is now hitting 341 for the month of August

  53. Anonymous

    Looks like the Pence bobblehead given away across the country in Philly tonight was more fortuitous for the Giants than the Fernando bobblehead given away to the home crowd at DS tonight. 

  54. Anonymous

    Cue anger and gnashing and wailing in about 10 seconds…

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  56. It’s time everyone grows Billz Beards.

  57. Kemp got a hit! Kemp got a hit!

  58. KT

    Good hit Matty
    Come on Dre just get on

  59. KT

    Night all

  60. Anonymous

    And we face Cain tomorrow.

  61. Anonymous

    So Donnie will not even accept defensive indifference?

  62. Anonymous

    I know he wasnt why they lost, but Uribe needs to have a “strained oblique” tomorrow.

  63. Anyone have the exact time the game ended?  Somewhere between 9:50 and 10:00?

  64. Alex Chavez

     M. Ellis, Kemp, Ethier, and Hanley have combined for a measly 10 walks in their last 166 at bats.

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