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Halfway to nowhere

The Dodgers scored four runs, three of them in an exciting eighth-inning rally. But that still left them four runs behind the San Francisco on the night – and as a result, 2 1/2 games behind the Giants in the standings.

Hope you’re getting used to the ups and downs by now. This is not a straight path to the finish.


My greatest triumph in Hearts


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  1. Anonymous

    That Custer guy sure umderestimated his enemy.

  2. Anonymous

    Granted the Dodgers faced once and probably future Cy Young Award winners this series.
    But soo often this year they make their opponent LOOK like a CYA winner thru their own offensive ineptitude.
     On the other hand, they have flashes of brilliance, where it’s a different hero each night.

    The question remains, in this 5th month of the season — who are the 2012 Dodgers? 
    Overachievers who tease us with “what might have been”? 
    Or underachievers who frustrate us?

    We’ve seen both.  In that sense, they’re like Two Face from “The Dark Knight.”  I just hope the winning face is looking at us thru October!

    • Anonymous

      Reminds me of Flanagan’s quip about the O’s rotation circa 1980 about Cy Old (Palmer), Cy Present (Steve Stone), Cy Future (McGregor) and Cy Clone (Storm Davis).

  3. Other than run differential, it’s reminiscent of the Boston Massacre (1978) or Son of Massacre (2006) series in which the Yankees swept the Red Sox. Crap.

  4. What are these “ups” of which you speak?

    • Anonymous

      Well, at this point last year they were 57-67.

    • Anonymous

      The Dodgers took 3 out of 3 series on their just-concluded road trip, and swept 3 out of the 6 series before that.  “Ups” indeed.

  5. Anonymous

    Puigwatch: After hitting 7 for 16 in his first four games at Rancho Cucamonga, Yasiel Puig has gone into a slump, going 2 for 16 in the five games since then.  He’s now batting .281 at RC.  He also has 6 SB in those 9 games.  But he has yet to go long, after 4 HR in 9 games in the rookie league.

  6. I may not put this correctly, but if the Dodgers are a playoff-caliber team, they don’t let the Giants come into their house now and sweep them.  I don’t entirely buy terms like character, but, well, there it is.

  7. I recall a movie called “The Philadelphia Experiment” in which as US Navy ship was transported through time and back via some sort of Tesla magic.  A few weeks in, how do we rate the current Philadelphia Experiment in which Shane Victorino has the lowest OBP of any Dodger regular and Joe Blanton is sporting a 7.71 ERA?

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