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My greatest triumph in Hearts

For those of you who play Hearts, here’s what happened for me today:

The game was to 100.  Ann had a point total far worse than any of us in the 90s, while Ben, Tom and I were each in the 30s. There was a very good chance that the guy that won the next round would win the game.

I had what I thought was a good, safe set of cards, but somehow ended up with the Queen of Spades, which put me in third place and in jeopardy – especially because Ann had reached exactly 99 points. I shifted strategy and purposely picked up all the remaining hearts, putting me further in the hole compared with Ben and Tom – but keeping myself alive, by keeping Ann alive.

Then, in the next hand, I shot the moon – pushing Ann over 100 and the other two into worse scores than mine. It was a stunning comeback victory that would have had Brent Musberger awarding me all the Tostitos!


Andre Ethier in the crosshairs


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  1. At the time of this posting, 8:35 p.m., baseball chat remains in the thread below this one:

  2. Anonymous

    Hey, anyone else watching Military Channel?
    Great show on right now : “Gettysburg : Pickett’s Charge”
    And up next : “Custer’s Last Stand”
    These shows are great – really well done.

  3. Anonymous

    Were you able to pull it off because someone failed to pass you a heart or make a stop? Or did you walk into a great hand? It’s hard to shot the moon much when playing with seasoned players.

    • Yeah, I definitely got some useful cards for the final hand. By the time they realized I was going to go for it, it was too late. 

  4. Are Ann, Ben and Tom real?

  5. They’re real computer players!

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