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Quick thoughts on Adrian Gonzalez

The Dodgers were awarded a revocable waiver claim to Boston Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, who fits the Hanley Ramirez model of an All-Star having a down season that is still way better than what the Dodgers have to offer at that position.

Boston has until Sunday to decide whether it wants to send Gonzalez to the Dodgers. Here are my quick thoughts …

Gonzalez still has value to the Red Sox, even if they are rebuilding. And the Red Sox aren’t exactly poverty-stricken. So, even though he’s making more than $20 million a year through 2016, it seems unlikely to me that they want to just give him away without getting anything in return.

On the other side of the coin, it’s clear the Dodgers have use for him, but as we saw with their waiver claim on Cliff Lee that ended up going nowhere, a willingness to pay high salaries doesn’t mean a deal will get done. Steve Dilbeck of the Times speculated Thursday that the Dodgers would have to offer a group of their best prospects that included top prize Rubby De La Rosa (who would need to somehow clear waivers) and take one or more bad contracts from Boston. That’s excessive. If the Dodgers weren’t willing to do that in order to rope Cliff Lee from the Phillies instead of Joe Blanton, that’s too much to expect for Gonzalez.

However, I do see potential for compromise between these two extremes. I’m holding my breath ever so slightly.

As a footnote, Gonzalez is four weeks younger than Andre Ethier.


Surgeries for all!


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  1. Anonymous

    Dodgers also win waiver claim on Beckett.  Maybe a package deal?

    I have no interest in Beckett — I’ve loathed him since 2003 when he was a Marlin and acted like his upcoming hunting trip was a far more important thing to him than winning the World Series.  A-Gon, on the other hand…  I’ve been puzzled concerning his power drop off since his move to Boston though.  This is a guy that hit 40 homers playing half his games at Petco.  How has he not hit 50 since joining the Red Sox?  Assuming that he can regain his power, he would be a great fit in LA since Dodger Stadium is a much easier HR park than Petco.  Closer to Fenway, in fact, for a lefty pull hitter.

    • Anonymous

      He sounded like he is already tired of the soap opera that is Boston when asked about his thoughts on a trade yesterday. Said he rarely speaks to the media there because it’s a circus.

      • I’ve always wondered why the Red Sox always seem to be such a soap opera in the first place.  I mean, LA’s a bigger media market — you’d think that players would feel more intense pressure in LA than in Boston.

        •  But there are so many other things for the media to obsess over in LA besides the baseball team, including basketball and show biz celebrities. In Boston what else have they got? Scandals in academia?

          • Some of my wife’s relatives are from the Boston area. They are diehard crazy fans…And I don’t think it has to do with size of the market etc. I am trying to be as civil as possible when I say this but those folks out there are a little bit different than we are out here.  Example, a few years back we drove a few hours to watch the superbowl at their place (her dad is a transplant so they live here but for whatever reason most of their extended family was in town). We arrived at the game a few min into kickoff. This is the game they lost where the Giants came back at the end. I love my dodgers too. I get it, but not one person talked to us. Yelling at the TV etc..At the end of the game, her dad and his brothers who we had still not talked to us just got up, walked to their cars and left. lol…  apparently they arrived home the next day via taxi..

          • That’s spooky. I did forget that besides academia (what are there, about 150 colleges and universities in the Boston Metro Area?) there are Tom & Gisele and that football team he plays for.

          •  Bitching about the Big Dig Tunnel is still popular sport in Bahston.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t see Rubby for Gonzalez and Beckett as extreme. More prospects than that and it would be.

  4. Rubby won’t clear waivers, so that’s off the table anyway. 

    • So any player to be involved in a deal would also have to clear waivers in their current league?  Not just the players that were initially placed on the waiver wire?

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t there be a PTBNL?

      • Anonymous

        As a way to circumvent the waiver requirement?  I don’t know for sure, but I doubt it.

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t like the idea of acquiring Beckett, who seems done, yet still has two more years and $31.5 million left on his contract.  He’s the pitching version of Juan Uribe, only even more expensive. 

    • And with a bad attitude, unlike Uribe.

    • Anonymous

      But AGon has $127 million left on his contract for the next six years.  Do you like the idea of acquiring AGon and paying that $127 million?  What about the idea of acquiring AGon and paying $159 million for those six years, and getting Becket thrown in “for free”?  Just sayin’…  :)

  6. “Blockbuster: red Sox, Dodgers working on deal that would send AGon, Crawford, Beckett and Punto to LA. Hurdles remain, but closing in”
    Why would LA also want a utility infielder hitting 200/301/272? Only asking about Punto because the other dead weight listed has already been discussed.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe they are taking back our utility IF who is worse. surely we would eat the money tho.

  7. RT @GordonEdes: Blockbuster: red Sox, Dodgers working on deal that would send AGon, Crawford, Beckett and Punto to LA. Hurdles remain, but closing in

    I know I’d like to see a Nick Punto-Juan Uribe showdown

  8. Anonymous

    I hope the Dodgers have not put themselves in danger of having Beckett and his contract given to them and that’s all folks

    • Anonymous

       wow, crawford is getting paid


  9. I still can’t get over this – Gonzalez’s first two trades:

    July 11, 2003: Traded by the Florida Marlins with Will Smith (minors) and Ryan Snare to the Texas Rangers for Ugueth Urbina.
    January 6, 2006: Traded by the Texas Rangers with Terrmel Sledge and Chris Young to the San Diego Padres for Billy Killian (minors), Adam Eaton and Akinori Otsuka.


    • Blue-eyed Gal

      Wow, the Rangers win some kind of award for trading into a triple play, eh? (or at least a double play, not sure about Sledge.)

  10. Anonymous

    Please don’t let this happen. Maybe there were some good things about Ned having to stay within a budget. 

  11. I’m not too clear on all the rules with waiver claims, but since the Dodgers made a claim on Beckett, if the Red Sox decide to let them take on all of his salary and let him go are the Dodgers obligated to take him? Or could they also say never mind we were really only interested as part of a group deal?

    • Anonymous

      Boston can let the Dodgers claim him but I’m guessing the Dodgers and Red Sox agreed this would not happen except as part of bigger deal

    • I believe Beckett would have to waive his 10/5 trade block rights.

      • And if he does the Dodgers would be obligated to take him?

        • Anonymous

          well they did claim him, so I think they already made the decision that it was acceptable to have him regardless of the “deal”

  12. Can a player clear waivers twice in the same season? I’m thinking we send Blanton to Boston in this Gonzo/Beckett trade. 

  13. Adam Luther

    Excellent move for Gonzalez, hits excellent in West Div ball parks.  .212 at Dodger Stadium, however 5 of 35 hits were dingers.

  14. Adam Luther

    We need to win NOW – all season we’ve seen flashbacks to 50 years of Dodger Stadium moments.  No title in nearly a quarter century or roughly half the time ball has been played in the Ravine.

  15. For some reason I tend to go LALALA and cover my ears over most trade speculations until they’re actually finalized, because it’s too up in the air for me. (I’m not going to angst over Rubbt possibly being traded unless it happens, at which point I’ll wail.) Also, Cliff Lee type stuff happens.

    On the other hand, I think the mini story with today’s Marlins game last week is interesting. Last week LA brought Hanley back to Miami with something to prove, and he did. Today, I look at the matchup, and there’s a photo of Eovaldi in a Miami uni. Obviously less exciting since it’s not a player of Hanley’s caliber, but still … Ouch? And I bet Eovaldi will feel he has something to prove.

    • Blue-eyed Gal

      *fiails at nonfunctional edit button on ipad and gives up, heading upstairs to computer.* That temporally incoherent post is mine, and I don’t know why it posted under that alias.

      •  And now we know the secret identity!

        • Blue-eyed Gal

          Hardly a secret; my GG Twitter account mentions this alias. (Which is better suited to Dodger baseball geeking than ancient mythology geeking, although you’d be surprised at the parallels ;) ) 

      •  no worries I posted the other day as my wife on accident.

  16. Anonymous

    From previous….Crawford just had ‘successful’ TJ surgery. Does it take a full year for a position player, same as a pitcher to be ready?

    • I’m not sure, but I actually like the idea of Crawford hitting lead off over Victorino next year despite his contract and struggles. That is if he could be ready next year.

  17. Anonymous

    The new Dodger owners have impressed me with the deals they have made and their apparent business acumen. But hearing some of the speculation has made me a bit uncomfortable.For instance, if the Dodgers have decided money is no object that is not the way the Red Sox operate. Taking the Beckett and Crawford contracts would be more than enough payment in itself for getting Agon. The Sox are looking to go in a whole new direction and need money.

  18. Tonight’s lineup:

    Victorino 7
    Ellis 4
    Kemp 8
    Ethier 9
    Ramirez 6
    Loney 3
    Cruz 5
    Ellis 2
    Billingsley 1

    • Tomorrow’s lineup:

      M Ellis

    • Anonymous

      How about 1 year from now

      Gordon 4
      Crawford 7
      Kemp 8
      Gonzo 3
      Hanley 6
      Ethier 9
      Cruz 5
      Ellis 2

      Don’t know if Gordon could play 2B, but imagine the speed/power of that lineup.

    • Anonymous

      I could have written this all season thereby violating rule 8 but now it’s getting late. AJ Ellis has, aside from Hanley as a Dodger but not for the full season, the highest OBP on the active roster against RHP. 
      the 2 Ellis boys vs RHP
      Mark 215/312/272
      AJ    293/392/439
      Now, counting Hanley’s Dodger stats AJ is 4th in BA, 2nd in OBP, 4th in SLG against RHP
      Ellis should bat 2nd and 8th but not the way Mattingly has them vs RHP

  19. Anonymous

    Its been an interesting summer for me with my work somewhat paralleling the Dodger’s fortunes.  The field season started off very promising, then hit a slow period, started getting better only to end up not so good as far as the the birds’ are concerned.   Things were also looking bleak for obtaining funds for my winter field work as well; but yesterday I heard that there’s a very good chance that my proposal for field work in Costa Rica this winter will probably be funded. However, I’ll have to wait until next week to hear for sure.  At least we’ll know sooner than that on whether Gonzalez becomes a Dodger or not.  I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed (but not holding my breath) that he will be in Dodger blue by Monday.

  20. @MikeSilvermanBB:twitter 
    #RedSox source: Five #Dodgers players to #RedSox. Medicals being reviewed. Beckett, Crawford still need to approve.

  21. T.M. Brown

    I am all about this trade, to be completely honest and greedy. 

  22. T.M. Brown

    Though I could do without Beckett, don’t like his numbers or him, um, self. 

  23. Anonymous

    I can see the pros and cons with Beckett – playoff experience is a bonus

  24. Anonymous

    I thought you can’t trade players on the DL. 

    • Anonymous

      I thought that used to be the case

    • Anonymous

      You have always been able to trade players on the DL. Most teams don’t do it because the players are hurt and they can’t help you right away.

      • Anonymous

        I though the commissioner must review such trades. Am I mistaken?

  25. In other news: Dee joined ABQ today to start a rehab assignment.

  26.  News: Dodgers recall Castellanos, option Rubby.

  27. Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      A minor league player would not have to go through waivers I believe to be traded. Or he can be a PTBNL.

  28. Whatever it takes to get Nick Punto in Dodger Blue, I’m all in.

  29. As soon as Rubby becomes part of the deal, I become a lot less interested.

  30. Anonymous

    I also think that Beckett is an upgrade over Blanton ;)

    • Beckett would be a major upgrade over Blanton and Harang too for that matter. I think you can adjust his numbers to from Fenway/AL East to Dodger Stadium…   

      I also have been convinced by some fellow fans that Crawford actually would make a lot more sense than one might think. He still has a ton of upside, had a bad year+ and is injured but if he can get back to form he would solve the pending hole in LF next year and would give us a damned good defensive outfield. (not that we don’t have that now, or even with someone like Gwynn but Crawford’s bat upside is far superior…) 

      • Anonymous

        Beckett knows he does not have to be THE guy in LA too

  31. Anonymous

    ESPN Boston reporting Rubby is the centerpiece. Get the others-IDJ, Loney, Sands and 1 other top prospect. Wow!

    • Anonymous

      depends who the prospect is, but Rubby is the only one I would miss

      • Anonymous

        Globe also says Crawford is looking at 7-9 months rehab.

  32. So this:
    Jayson Stark jaysonst: If you don’t know any CPAs, here’s the LA-Bos math: Gonzalez, Beckett & Crawford have about $275M left on their deals – $261M after ’12. Wow

    ..and yet Dodgers will STILL give Red Sox top prospects? Cripes. I don’t know, I guess I feel more torn about it because it sounds like Rubby would be one of them and I love that dude’s future.

    • Anonymous

      Less money than the Angels of Not LA are gonna give Prince Albert over the next decade.

      • true that. And hey again, if new ownership can eat that money fine by me. I just don’t like the combo of eating money plus gutting farm. Of course we don’t know that’s what they’re doing… could just be one great prospect and then fodder for all we know.

        • Anonymous

          With contracts of Fielder and Votto looks not so crazy. And compared to Howard, looks downright sane.

          • Anonymous

             Compared to spending two bil and not even getting the parking lots, anything is pure business genius.

  33. Anonymous

    I would expect Sands to rake in Fenway. I don’t like idea of giving up Rubby but, if the acquisition of Punto meals DFAing you-know-how, it’s easier to take.

    • Anonymous

      I’m against this deal if Rubby is going; if the purpose of the Rubby/Castellanos switch is to facilitate the deal then he is going. The switch is one I would have advocated in any case had it occurred to me that the Dodgers might not be 100% committed to Rubby on the roster as it seemed by the optioning of Guerra. Castellanos has the highest OPS at Alb.
      Beckett and Crawford both must approve according to the Boston Herald. I hope this deal doesn’t go down if it includes Rubby, or Lee, or Webster.

  34. I realize no one wants to give up Rubby. but we obviously are the type of players now that will be able to afford to replace him.

    • Anonymous

      I think he is special thus very hard to replace

      • Anonymous

        He also has already had TJ surgery at 23 years old. He may pitch for another decade, I hope he does. He could throw a last pitch at any time too.

  35. Anonymous

    Why do we seem to know which Boston players are involved and not much about the Dodger players involved?

    Maybe the reason Uribe is still a Dodger is that this conversation has been going on for awhile and Uribe has been part of it.

    If Crawford comes to LA, Victorino will know he won’t be back next year.

    I still think Ethier might be part of the trade.

    • Anonymous

      I’m wondering whether Puig might be part of the trade.

    • Anonymous

      Shaikin is reporting that Dodgers being discussed include Rubby, Sands, Webster, and Lee.

  36. Anonymous

    Forget Beckett, the Alex Castellanos era begins tonight!

  37. “FWIW, just heard that 2 deals are on table: a mega deal with Crawford and one with “just” Beckett and Gonzalez.” – Pete Abraham

    If the deal for “just” Beckett and Gonzalez does not include Rubby, let’s do that one.

  38. Anonymous

    AGon is out of the Bosox lineup tonight.

  39. Anonymous

    I think a deal has been reached. Gonzalez pulled from lineup.

    • Anonymous

      doesn’t mean a deal is reached just that Boston doesn’t want one jeopardized by an injury

  40. Anonymous

    Please no Rubby…

  41. Anonymous

    The more players we take on, the less value we give up, right?

  42. Anonymous

    I admit to being too conservative. I hope we haven’t given up more than one pitching prospect.  I had been enjoying watching Eovaldi, Rubby, Ethan Martin and Linblom about to round out a young staff.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like 
      De La Rosa, Loney, Sands, Ivan DeJesus Jr., and a top prospect. 

      • Anonymous

        any idea who we are getting beyond AGon

        • Anonymous

          I’m guessing the first group rumored of Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Nick Punto.

  43. Anonymous

    Dodger players being traded reportedly include De La Rosa, Loney, Sands, Ivan DeJesus Jr., and a top prospect.

  44. Anonymous

    I would hate to be like the Yankees-a bunch of old guys with big contracts.
    Or like a fantasy team with a crusher line-up and no defense.

  45. Anonymous

    This is unsettling: 

     The Red Sox and Dodgers are currently reviewing medical records, according to Alex Speier of (via Twitter).  The deal would include De La Rosa, Loney, Sands, Ivan DeJesus Jr., and a top prospect, according to Gordon Edes of”

    • I don’t understand how you throw another top prospect on top of that after including Rubby. Red Sox must be covering some salary.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, but remember, this is still unofficial. 

  46. San Diego, or another team, can block the trade by claiming Loney, right?

    • Loney may have already cleared waivers before this deal surfaced.

    • Anonymous

      Why would they?  Then they could be stuck taking on Loney.

    • Anonymous

       Who would claim Loney, if he hasn’t already cleared waivers? And why would the Sox want him for the last month of a lost season?

  47. Anonymous

    I hope the top prospect isn’t Lee or Puig. And I still hope it’s not Rubby. I would substitute Lee for Rubby though. 

    • Anonymous

      Considering that Rubby, and Sands are the equivalent of top prospects, add a top prospect and the Sox have almost totally rebuilt their system.

  48. This “new regime” dealing continues to remind me of Daniel Snyder and
    what used to be his Fantasy Football approach to building the Redskins.

    A-gon was there during the Pads almost predictable collapse a couple seasons
    ago, and I can’t recall him playing like 20-million plus during that stretch.
    He was there for the worst collapse in Sox history last year, and Jacoby Ellsbury
    was trhe only Sox regular who played consistently well during that submersion.
    He has been mildly disappointing, with limited power, in this awful year of
    Theo’s ghastly remains.
    Many folks, immediately after one more of Theo’s on-going gift-signings, thought
    Crawford needed a small market to thrive.  So far, that hasn’t been disproven.
    Beckett, without looking it up, is probably not, in the last two years, a whole lot
    different from Joe Blanton, statistically.

    A few folks at the top, with their “in-depth and faraway” analysis of Boston-as-city,
    give provincialism a very bad name…

    I remember all the enthusiasm for Andruw Jones by many of you:-).

  49. It’s gotta be weird for Victorino the rest of the season knowing he’s already been replaced.

  50. Anonymous

    I haven’t been this excited since we traded for Jeff Shaw!

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