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Can they get to 50?

My annual quest to see if the Dodgers can use 50 players in a season took a big leap forward with this weekend’s Boston trade, which brought Adrian Gonzalez (No. 45), Nick Punto (No. 46) and  Josh Beckett (soon to be No. 47).

With the 40-man roster full, it could be tough to add many more players after September 1, but candidates to boost this year’s total to 50 include minor-leaguers Tim Federowicz, Chris Withrow (a longshot, presumably) and, if they’re feeling funky, Yasiel Puig.

The Dodgers have reached 50 players in three seasons: 2006 (50), 1998 (53) and 1944 (53). Delwyn Young was their 50th player in 2006, while the end-of-the-line crew in 1998 included Angel Pena, Jeff Kubenka and Mike Metcalfe. The year of the Mike Piazza trade, the Dodgers reached 50 players before rosters expanded in September.


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  1. Anonymous

    The Braves beat the Giants, 7-1, so we remain 2 games out.   We’re heading to Colorado, and the Giants are going to Houston.

  2. Anonymous

    Houston still fields a team?

  3. Anonymous

    The Giants will be off tomorrow, so we will back to a 1/2 game difference in the standings again. That will pesist until September 10 when the Giants play at Colorado when the Dodgers are off.

  4. Anonymous

    I assume you don’t count guys who were on the roster but who didn’t get into a game, like Antonini.

    Because of the tightness of the 40-man roster, as well as guys who aren’t on it but are coming back from the 60-day DL (Lilly, Guerrier) and guys who were DFA’ed but could come back (Abreu, Gwynn), it’s extremely unlikely that anyone not on the 40-man would play this year, except for any trades still to come, which of course we don’t know about.  So the most likely candidates are the five guys already on the 40-man who haven’t yet appeared: Withrow, Federowicz, Angle, Puig, and the injured Silverio.  Of these, I think Federowicz is the only one likely to come up with the expanded rosters.  So I would only bet on 50 if I thought more trades were in the wind.  Not likely.

  5. Anonymous

    We’re 14-6 in our last 20 road games, 7-13 in our last 20 home games.

  6. Anonymous

    When the Dodgers played the Pirates recently, Andrew McCutchen brought to mind one of my boyhood favorites, former Ram Lawrence McCutcheon – not a great running back when just looking at his stats all these years later, but I remember him being great, for the simple fact he was on “my team” – used to love watching him run. Reading Jon’s post above, Mike Metcalfe brings to mind Eric Metcalf – he played for several teams but I always remember him as a member of the Browns – returning punts – man, he was a small, lightning-quick runner.

    The reason for this stroll down memory lane?

    I just find it unfathomable that the city of Los Angeles has been without a pro football team for almost 20 years now. It’s mind-boggling. 

    •  He was my dad’s favorite player. So he was my favorite player.  Until Eric Dickerson came along :)

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, Dickerson sure was fun to watch too – during his prime years with the Rams, you just KNEW he was going to bust a long run or two, or three, every game.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the Lawrence McCutcheon memory.  I was a huge Dodgers fan growing up in L.A., but I also loved the Rams.  Those McCutcheon teams with John Cappelletti and Cullen Bryant also running the ball under “Ground Chuck” Knox were great to watch, but the pain of getting knocked out of the playoffs year after year by either the Cowboys or the Vikings was tough to overcome.   Even though the Rams lost the Super Bowl to the Steelers in 1980, it was a joy that they finally made it there — under Ray Malavasi.   McCutcheon is in his 39th year as a Ram.  He is the club’s Director of Player Personnel.   Years earlier, as a kid, we’d go to the Coliseum by taking the bus on Olympic Boulevard and then transfer to the trolley on Vermont Avenue on Sunday.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, those Vikings losses – I have vivid memories of the one my Dad took me to see in the Coliseum, in the rain and mud – I’m sure I was bummed about losing but I remember having a complete blast with Dad.
        I was 12 when the Rams lost to the Steelers in the SuperBowl – I do remember shedding a tear or two after that game.

        • The only consolation, and granted it’s of the “dog in the manger” variety, is that those Vikings never won a Super Bowl.

          • KT

            Yea and we did albeit as the St. Louis Rams and since my sister lives in Stl and I went to 2 games that year (the only I was stateside since entering the military)…I claim it as a my team victory

    • Anonymous

      A few days ago, there was an article in the Tribune about whether Chicago might ever get a second NFL franchise again.  The prevailing thought was, no way in hell.  It also noted that the top two contenders for NFL franchises, either for moves or through league expansion to 34 teams, are Los Angeles and London.–20120826,0,7398273.column (free subscription required)

    • Anonymous

      Lawrence McCutchen was the first Ram to throw a touchdown pass in the Superbowl.

  7. As I’ve said here before, Lawrence McCutcheon is my all-time favorite Ram. Here’s my post from a couple years back, “The Heroes of My Youth”

    • Anonymous

      Now that you mentioned it, looking back on that post, I’m pretty sure I remember that now.
      My memory is going the way of my eyesight, unfortunately.

    • Anonymous

      Love the speech from Dr. Scully at the end of this post.

    • KT

      My favoriteRams time as side from The Greatest Show on Turf was the Fearsome Foursome era

  8. Anonymous

    2 things
    thanks to nsx for answering my question. I did know much of that. I have the impression that WS fans hate Cubs fan more than the other way. One example, in late May of 2010, Ely made his 6th start for the Dodgers in Chicago against the Cubs. It was reported,iirc, that his father had health difficulties and wasn’t fit to attend a game but added that he said he would never set foot in Wrigley under any circumstances. There was also the (imo terrible) movie Only the Lonely which brought out the love working-class Chicago has for the WS.

    After the game I asked:
    Dodgers left 16 men on base (team lob), total lob (top part of box-score) 34, Hanley, 8 out of the 34,  2 consecutive men (Hanley and Andre) 14 out of the 34.Do you have any way to tell if these are highs for the year?

    • Anonymous

      16 was the high for the year and one off the team record for a 9-inning game. The Dodgers have left 16 men on base several times, most recently last year in a 5-0 win over the Angels.

  9. Onlyatriple AtBat app allows you to watch the odd interference play as called by both Vinnie and by the Marlin announcers.  It’s amazing — the Marlin guys got it totally wrong (saying infield fly rule was in play despite the interference and calling Agon out at third).  Vinnie got it exactly right, and in fact long before the umpires did.  I recall someone a few threads ago lamenting his supposed mistakes  — well, I would say Vinnie just proved that he still has it. As if he had to prove it.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Vin will occasionally misremember who is on first, but certainly seem to still be on top of his game as regards understanding what is going on and the significance of particular plays.  Certainly as compared to someone like Steiner, who can’t use age as an excuse.

      • Anonymous

         Steiner can use limited brain power as an excuse.

        • Anonymous

          I was listening to that play on radio and I still have no clue as to what happened.

          • Anonymous

             Neither does Steiner.

          • Anonymous

            Steiner can’t get the play right even when it’s a long fly ball to the warning track.

          • Blue-eyed Gal

            All the idiots around me were too busy playing with paper airplanes to SEE the play, and then I spent the next 10 minutes trying to explain that comedy of errors. 

            I still need to watch the archive of the game online to see if what I saw was true, since by that time I had turned off Rick and Charlie on my portable radio. 

          • Onlyatriple

            That is exactly what happened.  The interference call on Ethier made him out.  The ball rolled foul without being touched so Agon on 2nd could not be tagged out for being off the base.  And, as Vinnie pointed out, the ball could not have reasonably been caught by the catcher (who was not interfered with), so the infield fly rule could not have applied.    IIRC, what made the play especially confusing was that Ethier started to run to second, and that’s what made Agon try to advance to third, and all that happened as the umpires were making conflicting calls.

  10. Anonymous

    Puig’s back!  Back, as in, he played last night.  And back, as in, he went 4 for 4.  He hit two doubles, but still no home runs for RC.

  11. Anonymous

    “Fox Sports and the Los Angeles Dodgers began preliminary talks in May on a multi-billion dollar cable TV deal” ––sector.html

  12. Anonymous

    I was pleased to see Lincescum add to his league-leading losses, but disappointed that his ERA remains at an undeservedly low 5.3 (like Vin, I eschew the second decimal). I am also disappointed that he probably doesn’t have enough starts left to reach 20 losses.

    It was also a pleasure to note that the irritating Pagan went 0-for-4, hopefully the start of many.

  13. Anonymous

    Le Gran Poseur has injured himself again – hamstring – and though it’s not clear he’ll go on the DL, the Gnats have recalled the legendary Eli Whiteside (who’s far better defensively).

    • Anonymous

      Maybe they can land some top talent through a big trade.  Except they would have to clear waivers, and guess who can block them.  :)

      • Anonymous

        Except they would risk having to take on a big contract they don’t want or need (as opposed to contracts they expect to get something out of).

    • Whiteside’s a bit better defensively but not enough to make up for how much offense they’d lose if Posey is out for any extended period. I wish Buster no ill, hope he’s eventually fine, but i won’t weep if he goes on the DL. 

      • Anonymous

        Whiteside’s more than a bit better defensively. He’s actually capable of playing the position.

        • Posey’s just average defensively but not bad. He can throw to 2nd fine, calls games just fine. The problem (and it’s no small one) is he is under orders basically to never block the plate so on throws home he’s basically useless. He’s at -0.5 UZR right now (if you value such things) but  5.3 WAR because his offense is so valuable. Anyway that’s my point, defensive trade off is not enough to override the loss on offense. That’s hard to disagree with, no? (And I don’t think Hector Sanchez is all that good either defensively or on offense.)

          • Anonymous

            Le Poseur is below average, and I believe he leads the league in errors (though Hector Sanchez probably would if were given sufficient opportunity).

          • He’s tied for 2nd in NL lead in errors for a catcher with 7, with two other guys (behind Rosario’s 10) and just one ahead of AJ Ellis (who is otherwise considered pretty solid defensively esp at throwing runners out, not so great at plate blocking himself). Anyway, there are other defensive metrics for a catcher that I won’t bore anyone with, lest VODF yell at me ;)  but I still stand by my point that Posey is about average defensively, good at some things, hasn’t been as good as others. None of this really matters much, Giants would miss him greatly if he’s out. I won’t cry for ’em.

      •  I have never liked the mentality that wants to contend with
        the Other Guys at less than their best. 

         Parallel, many Dodger fans now get to see the Ds win games
        ’cause they can vastly outspend franchises from smaller
        markets, not because they do better work in all facets of
        team-building, and player development.


        • Anonymous

          Looks like the trade is resulting in an influx of complaints from commenters we’ve never seen before…

        • Anonymous

           It’s not the Dodgers’ fault that the guy’s injury-prone.

  14. Anonymous

    Current BP odds: Dodgers 28.4% to win NL West, 8.6% to be a wild card

    • With only 2 games separating them, the Gnats have a 75% chance of making the playoffs? That seems a little cockamamie to me.

      • Anonymous

         “Preposterous” is the word you’re looking for.

      • Anonymous

        The Giants have a huge edge in the schedule over the Dodgers. The Dodgers have a road trip to Washington and have a four game series at home against the Cardinals. The Giants remaining out of division road trips are against Houston and Chicago.

        • Anonymous

          The Dodger road trip in September includes not only Washington but also Cincinnati – both division leaders.

  15. Denver would not be our top choice of place for Beckett to make his Dodger debut…. But I have a feeling he’ll at least have a bit of run support if needed. (Not to jinx it or anything… just doesn’t  feel like it’ll be a pitcher’s duel tonight.) Hope he fares well though.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t expect a pitcher’s duel in Denver, or any time Blanton is pitching.  But you never know; sometimes great pitchers allow a lot of runs.  And sometimes mediocre pitchers pitch a gem (which has been common against the Dodgers this season).

    • Anonymous

      Maybe time for Jon to remark on how Shane Victorino hasn’t had many triples since coming to L.A.  Or to note Kemp’s decreased production since Hanley arrived.  

  16. Anonymous

    Yeah, Vin makes small mistakes – yesterday he said there were no outs when there was one out – but most of the time he doesn’t correct the mistake – sometimes, rarely, he does though, which makes me wonder if he doesn’t notice the mistake right away, or if he just decides to let it go. Doesn’t bother me- he’s still the best in the business in my biased view. I also like Jon Miller a lot – which also makes me wonder why the Giants don’t use him more often – or do they? Does Miller work all the Giants games? I know Kruk and Kuip work them all right?

    Been hearing how the Giants are on the lookout for players to improve thier team – I’m sure that the Guggenheimers have at least one guy employed to keep a close eye on the waiver wire at all times in order to block any potential help going to the Hated Ones.

    • Anonymous

      How unsporting of you!. I’m hoping nobody blocks Uribe waivers so they can take him beck… (Actually, no one would dare because they know the Dodgers would give up on him AND the money in a heart beat.)

    • Anonymous

       He repeated the “no outs” 3 times, then when the guy at the plate got out he said “one out” though it was now two out. So he just didn’t know about the mistake. By the time it was 3 out, other things had happened and he probably had no recollection he had got it wrong earlier in the inning. What I’m surprised is that he doesn’t have a junior assistant checking and gently correcting him when needed – or if he does, he should have a better one.

  17. Anonymous

    James Loney fans may want to note that the Royals and Red Sox play in about an hour.

    • Anonymous

      After today’s game, the Red Sox travel to L.A. (excuse me, Anaheim) to play the Angels.  So James Loney fans – both of them – can still go see him play in town.

    • Anonymous

      James can check out working conditions at his future employer.

    • Anonymous

       He just missed going deep at the 380 sign in right in the eighth.

  18. Anonymous

    My number is 34 as in games remaining to make up a 2 game difference. Enough time? I would say yes , but soon please.

    • Anonymous

      Six of the 34 games are against the ‘ants.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a two-game pickup on the Gnats, at least, right there. By the way, your nickname for the SF team suggests you might need some remedial entomology.

        • I’m going out on a limb to say WBBsAs is actually, wait for it, Jon Weisman’s alter ego. How else could WBB get away with his non-stop barrage of Rule 8? every day, all the time, on several fronts. What else could it be?

  19. this about the dodger trade from currently the best baseball writer in the l and 

    also please note the link to the boston herald. in that story you should be reminded that ned colletti is no longer the GM as he’s portrayed by his haters.. he’s a worker bee now. Stan is the man. any personnel unhappiness from this point on needs to be directed at him not Ned.

    • Jonah is a great writer.

    • Anonymous

      This is pretty much how I feel about the trade.  If the Dodgers don’t win it all this year, they will regret this trade for the next seven years. 

      • I do not believe there will be serious regrets. They will be hamstrung next year…but in the years to follow their flexibility will return, beginnning in 2014 and continuing on from there. Payroll in business should be viewed in totality…not in terms of individual contracts. The bottom line is that they were faced with a choice: either limp along with an average to pretty good team for 3 years until the farm system begins to bear real fruit, or spend to build a bridge to the future by ensuring contention until the farm system is ready. Barring injury…this is exactly what they have done. Have they overpaid? Sure. But they have bought time and fan interest.

        •  exactly how I feel.

        • Anonymous

          Or they could’ve chosen the third option and not spend $250 mil. in last minute panic purchases, waiting for the right opportunities and players. Also, not give up 2 good arms and a potentially useful bench bat. We got better, but we did so in one of the worst ways possible.

          • So, to clarify, you’re saying that you’d rather be an average ballclub for 2 to 3 years and just wait for the investments in the farm system to pay off (which may not happen…some teams draft poorly every year), in order to keep a pitcher coming off TJ, another pitcher who projects as a #3 starter, and a career-long mediocrity?

          • Anonymous

            Wait for the investements or hope?  Prospects are just that.

          • that’s a poor assessment of Mr Gohan’s argument

        • the bottom line is NOT
          “that they were faced with a choice: either limp along with an average to pretty good team for 3 years until the farm system begins to bear real fruit, or spend to build a bridge to the future by ensuring contention until the farm system is ready. Barring injury.. ”
          This was anything but an either or situation. There are always other options. Like telling the Red Sox we’ll take all those contracts and we’ll give you not Rubby or Webster. Take it or leave it. Do you really believe the Red Sox aren’t going to take some lesser deal. Be serious. Anyway there is always time to make a stupid trade if you want to. Teams will happily assist in that past time. You didn’t have to do it now and make the worst possible overpay.

           And people are assuming that what they have done makes them a cinch for dominance. It does not. it may prove successful on the field for some amount of time. But there will be a big bill to pay sooner and later. If the goal was to expand the excitement of Dodger fans, spending 150 million of that ridiculous amount of money on the fan experience at a sub par Dodger Stadium would have been more helpful. You know, so that some parents wouldn’t be reluctant to allow their children to attend a Dodger game..

          The starting pitching for the Dodgers remains a long shot to do anything in the playoffs. Go ahead with the anything can happen, lucky potential but we’re talking about a tons of luck requirement.

          Adrian is a fine addition. The rest of it remains absurd.

          • Agree to disagree

          • well they don’t totally agree with you. They think having the third best overall team era in MLB is solid enough. They thought having scored the 24th (out of 30) most amount of runs was not enough. I agree with them. And you, like me have no idea what the Red Sox would or wouldn’t have done in regards to the negotiations.

          • yup that’s why mlbtrade or whatever is reporting that dodgers are looking for pitching. because they’re the 3rd best and everything.

          • agree to disagree

      • Anonymous

        Actually, I think the Dodgers are poised to dominate the division for the foreseeable future. This is probably the Gnats’ last chance, as their farm system is barren and their mortgage on TPBTBNL precludes their going after premium free agents.

    • Anonymous

      I love this sentence: The linchpin of the deal is Adrian Gonzalez, or as Dodgers fans have already taken to calling him, “Not James Loney.”

  20. Anonymous

    Can someoneyou please explain to me what happened on that play? If I understood Steiner correctly (a big if) Luis Cruz batted twice.

    • Anonymous

      Cruz popped the ball up down the first line, the catcher came out but dropped the ball in foul ground. Meanwhile, Carlos Lee ran into Ethier while ostensibly going for the ball (which he probably never would have reached). As it ended, Ethier got called out for interference (the right call in my opinion), and the ball was dead. The Fish actually threw out Gonzo going to third, but that play didn’t count because the ball was dead. Cruz got to continue his AB, and lined softly to left to end the inning.

      • Anonymous

        Given that I was trying to piece together the play I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think Steiner mentioned the ball landing in foul territory nor Gonzalez being thrown out at third. He did say Cruz would bat again but did not say why. Then I left. Maybe Charley gave a nice synopsis later.

        • Anonymous

           It was definitely foul, but don’t expect Steiner ever to get anything right.

          •  I thought the catcher’s body was in fair territory but the ball landed foul.  I’m not sure, after the interference call, that it mattered wither it was fair or foul.

            I thought it was an infield fly when I was watching it – I thought the contact was going to be ruled incidental. 

          • Anonymous

            The infield fly call is only the case if the ball is fair. I did think that Lee clearly intended to run into Ethier, but Ethier has to get out of the way of a defensive player going for the ball, even if Lee’s chance of reaching it was probably non-existent.

          • KT

            catcher and ball in fair territory but the ball bounced foul untouched

          • Anonymous

            On the replay – the ball clearly lands fair, and then immediately bounces into foul territory without anyone touching the ball, making it a foul ball. I don’t know if the fact that it originally landed in fair territority would change anything as far as the ruling, and I’m not sure the umps even knew that it landed in fair territory before it went foul.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know if the infield fly rule was ever invoked on the play. The first base umpire indicated an out right away, but that was on Ethier interfering with Lee. And that wasn’t incidental contact. Ethier prevented Lee from making a catch and an umpire should call that 100 out of 100 times. Unless Ethier was standing on first base, he has to get out of the way of a fielder making a play.

      • KT

        Actually the catcher never touched the ball that fell into fair territory and then bounced foul

        • Anonymous

          If the ball landed in fair territory then Cruz is out automatically. It seems the mistake was caused by Ethier. If he stays on the base no interference.

          • Anonymous

            A declared Infield Fly (and we don’t know if it was yesterday) that lands and bounces foul before passing the baselines is a foul ball according to the MLB rule book.

  21. Re, the relationship between White Sox and Cub fans…
    I was living in Chicago in 2005, the year the White Sox beat the Astros in the Series. I watched the deciding game in a bar in Lincoln Park (Stanleys) on the North Side…Cub territory. When the final out was made and the Sox were World Champs, there was absolutely NO REACTION at the bar..none. It was the saloon equivalent of a scant golf clap. And this was a bar packed with sports fans. The White Sox might as well have been from Kalamazoo….

    • Anonymous

      Yup.  And that’s totally different from the relationship between Yankees and Mets fans, Dodgers and Angels fans, and Giants and A’s fans.

  22. interesting piece on what Dodgers could have done with money in FA this off season vs the mega-deal:
    It’s not wholly critical of the deal, just looking at alternatives and whether they would have been better spent a different way. Of course they also get these guys for THIS season, which article doesn’t focus on.His option A is enticing, but Hamilton is more of a risk than AGon imho.

    • Anonymous

      Yes but you also don’t have to take on Josh Beckett and Crawford.

      • Right of course. But then he suggests instead Dodgers (in one of the parallel scenarios) sign Swisher (who I like) and Dempster (who I think is in decline and likely no better than Beckett, and who knows, he could be worse next year…) All of these things are risk and I’m now in the camp that more and more likes the idea of Crawford. He’s still pretty young, very talented, was down in Boston but could be key next year since Puig won’t be ready, Joc will be another year away…

        • Anonymous

          I agree with you on Crawford, I think he is going to be a great Dodger. The Dodger offense  is going to be the best that it has been in decades. With Crawford, Kemp, Ethier, AGON, Ramirez – wow! Throw in a very productive catcher, a second baseman that is not an automatic out, and maybe we will also see Dee Gordon develop, hitting down in the 8th spot. Yes, I know, Hanley will have to play third.

          Rotation, well, that’s another story. Looking kind of unsettled even though there are a lot of arms around.

          • Yup this would definitely be a great offensive lineup if it was 2009 instead of 2013

          • Anonymous

            It will be great in 2013, 14 & 15. None of these guys will be over 34  in 2015. Not the youngest line up to be sure, but hardly over the hill.

        • Anonymous

          What is it that you like about Crawford?  The fact that he’s Shane Victorino at twice the price? That he’s played two full seasons out of the last five (and won’t be ready until midway through 2013)? That he’s on the wrong side of 30 for speed guys? that he stands in Puig’s way until 2017? Or do you just miss Juan Pierre?  

          Personally, I like the idea of Greinke, Swisher, and Napoli (while keeping Rubby and Sands) better than Gonzalez, Beckett, and Crawford.  Kershaw, Greinke, Billz, and Rubby is a nice starting foursome for the foreseeable future.  Lilly, Capuano, Harang, and Beckett is looking old.

      • Anonymous

        If Billingsley ends up being out for an extended period, Beckett MAY prove to be more important an addition than Gonzo – and yes I know Beckett has been struggling this season – just saying, if he had to take Billz spot for the rest of the way and ended up turning his season around….

        • Anonymous

          The above was speaking for just this season – obviously Gonzo will be a better addition then Beckett long-term.

          • Anonymous

            Longer term (beyond these 36 regular season games that Gonzalez will play in 2012) are we a better team with him, Crawford, and Beckett over RDR, Webster, and Sands? Its a rhetorical question, but holding everything else constant, IMHO yes. Now the trick is to hold everything else constant.

          • Anonymous

            You are treating the trade as if money didn’t matter at all.The Dodgers were not in a position where they could either spend $260 mil. on Crawford, Beckett, and Gonzalez, all at the nadir of their value and aging/declining/injured, or not spend that money at all. The Dodgers could have kept Rubby, Webster, and Sands, AND spend $260 mil. on the right players at the right time. Are we a better team now? Yes. But we would be a better team still if $260 mil. went to three good players at the cost of a couple of draft picks rather than one good player and two bad ones at the cost of three prospects, one of them a proven MLB player, and two close to MLB-ready.

      • While grossly overpaying for Hamilton…or anyone else since this is a thin free agent market.

        • Anonymous

          Or not grossly overpay anyone at all. Why do people keep insisting that the Dodgers’ only option was to grossly overpay someone?

          • Anonymous

            Because all ballplayers are grossly overpaid.  :)

          • What is the option to get better? There’s no one on the farm ready to help. Again…are you saying that you prefer 3 years of average to above average to wait for the farm to produce rather than improve the club to contender status while STILL improving the farm system?

          • Anonymous

            But both Rubby and Sands were likely ready to contribute, Rubby as our 3rd starter and Sands in the Rivera role, except at $4 mil. less. Would you rather have Greinke and Swisher plus Rubby and Sands for $200 mil. or Gonzo and his two mediocre friends for $260 mil?  Not to mention we could have traded with other teams for other players that would not require absorbing over $100 mil. in deadweight contracts. What happens if Detroit doesn’t make the playoffs and are bad next season? Would they have taken Rubby and Webster for Fielder or Cabrera?

          • Anonymous

            The only player who makes this team better is Gonzalez. Crawford isn’t playing at all, and Beckett is no better than Blanton at this stage of his career.  

            Sorry, forgot about Nick Punto, who made more of a contribution in yesterday’s loss than Carl Crawford will in all of 2012 (unless you count salary drag as a contribution).

          • Anonymous

            Why is it that this board wrote off Sands as a 4-A player prior to the trade and now treats him like a bonafide major leaguer?

          • well there’s grossly overpay and then there’s galactic, world stoppage overpay. apparently mr. gohan some of us can’t tell the difference. i fear you will make no headway on this.

      • I think they wanted to. We will see how it plays out of course but people act as if a gun was held to their heads.

  23. Anonymous

    What position did Crawford primarily play in Tampa?

    • Anonymous

      Left field

    • Anonymous

      “Contract year”.  :)

      • Anonymous

        Yes, he had a stellar year that final season in Tampa, but it was not all that far removed from his others.  During his first season in Boston, only his average was lower.  His power and speed numbers stayed on par.  Injury not withstanding, Crawford makes this deal very interesting.

  24. Anonymous

    The Red Sox  slugger whom the Dodgers didn’t get, and the trade that wasn’t made.  From the N.Y. Times in December 1980:

    • Anonymous

      Link leads to a subscription pitch, no information at all.

      • Anonymous

        Fred Lynn for Steve Howe and two others.

        The link works for me, but I have a NYTimes subscription.

        I’m surprised they only have this full article (from 1980) as a PDF scan, rather than the digital text.

        • Fred Lynn was a truly great player who couldn’t stay on the field. And the criticism he received back in the day was very personal: “malingerer”, “gutless”. Pretty rough stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Oh man, I saw at the bottom of that article where they show recent entries :
      “Giants interested in Steve Pearce”
      Dodgers better watch out, better be ready to block it, if Giants get Steve Pearce they will rue the day!

  25. I’m going out on a limb to say WBBsAs is actually, wait for it, Jon Weisman’s alter ego. How else could WBB get away with his non-stop barrage of Rule 8? every day, all the time, on several fronts. What else could it be?

    • Anonymous

      He didn’t say “Hadn’t heard of him” when I mentioned Neil Armstrong’s passing, though. That’s a step in the right direction.

  26. Anonymous

    Ken Gurnick is reporting that Josh Wall has been recalled. Some other reliever will be sent down to the minors. Tolleson would be the likely candidate unless there is an injury.

  27. Anonymous

    As if there was ever a doubt – Adrian Beltre named AL Player of the Week. 

    • Anonymous

      Beltre hit .433 with three doubles, one triple, five home runs, nine RBIs and seven runs scored in seven games. He led the Majors in slugging percentage (1.100) and total bases (33) and was tied for first in hits (13) and home runs and tied for second in RBIs.

  28. Did anyone watch the HBO TV show Luck? And should I watch even though it only went a season? I just watched all 2 seasons of Boardwalk Empire which I really enjoyed in a bout a week. My new toy is my dad’s password to HBO Go. I am trying to catch up on as many shows as I can when I have time. I wouldn’t even ask if it hadn’t been canceled because I am a pretty big fan of all of Milch’s work

    • Anonymous

      If you like David Milch you should watch it. But use headphones so you can pick up the audio better. There’s a lot of mumbling.

      •  Thank You. Will do. How do you feel about Treme? (or anyone else for that matter)

        • Anonymous

          I love Treme, but I didn’t really like Luck. But that’s just a personal preference of mine.

          •  I like Treme a lot.  Luck I liked as well, but I’d be cautious about recommending.

          •  Thanks guys. I’ll start with Treme since it is a returning show so I can catch up and be current. Just out of curiosity did you guys like or dislike Boardwalk Empire?

        • I’m a big fan of Treme, as well as David Simon in general. Also love Boardwalk Empire so far, such a cool era to document and there are some really intense story lines. Not to mention stellar acting from the likes of Buscemi, Pitt, and Shannon.

  29. I have already asked WBB to cut out his Rule 8 violations.  I’m hoping not to have to take more drastic measures. 

    • Anonymous

       I’m not sure what I violated here. I haven’t said anything about whatshisname.

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