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Whatever floats your bloat: Dodgers lose a long, untidy one

The opening-inning defensive excellence of Nick Punto portended another big day for the new-look Dodgers, but ultimately Los Angeles left 16 men on base in a 230-minute, 6-2 loss to Florida.

Adrian Gonzalez, who went 2 for 4 with an RBI, flied out to the warning track with two out and the bases loaded in the eighth inning to end the game’s most dramatic moment.


Scully to bring another year of heaven on earth


Can they get to 50?


  1. Anonymous

    It felt like 320 minutes.
    couple of things from other games:
    Both Chicago teams had home games today. I didn’t notice this on Friday or Saturday possibly because the Cubs played day games and the White Sox night games. How unusual is it for these teams to be home at the same time? Maybe nsx knows.

    Lindblom got his first ML save today, a 5 out deal with 3 K’s

    • Anonymous

      The Sox and Cubs don’t usually play at home at the same time, but there are a few series per year when they do; it’s not *that* uncommon.  That’s aside from the two interleague series when they play each other, of course.

      They really don’t draw from the same fan base, so there’s not much worry about competing for attendance.  There is surprisingly little overlap between the markets for the two teams, and the animosity their fans have for each other is strong and palpable, far more than other two-team cities.  For example, you rarely read here about Dodger fans hating the Angels, and Yankee fans don’t hate the Mets, and Mets fans don’t hate the Yankees, at least not any more than fans of any of the other 28 teams do.  My friends who have Cubs season tickets tell me they will not go see them at the Cell, that their blood boils at the thought of going there, that their fervent hatred is reserved for the Sox.  This surprises me, and I still don’t understand it; I would think they would hate a team with whom they’re contending in the standings, like the Cardinals, but they don’t.  They hate the Sox.  And Sox fans hate the Cubs, although there are a lot more Cubs fans than Sox fans.  That’s part of the reason why the Cubs draw 50 percent more attendance than the Sox (in addition to having the quaint old stadium that appeals to visitors from out of town).  Despite what the standings would make you think.

      Implications for a Dodgers fan in Chicago: Tickets are a lot more expensive at Wrigley, where the Dodgers play one series each year.  In the years when the Dodgers play at the Cell, tickets are less expensive, and it’s easy to get good seats.

      • Anonymous

        Yankee fans and Mets fans hate each other plenty. I compare it to usc v ucla here in LA.

  2. Anonymous

    Well, at least the Bravos can hit Lincecum – 3-0 after 4.
    Too bad for Lincecum he can’t face the Dodgers every game.

  3. I just bought my tickets for me and my son (4, almost 5)  to go the game vs the padres on Thursday Sept 27! at Petco If anyone wants to join us, that would be great!

    • KT

      Sorry Jason   I bought tickets for my 10 yr. old daughter and I for the 9/25 game last month. They were cheaper for that night. My seats are right next to the Dodger dugout where you can actually look into it during the game. They are know as the 3rd base box club. They also have the availability of eating in the Omni Club

  4. Anonymous

    Despite the exuberance for the improvement in the team, we’re not going to win every remaining game, and we’re not going to win every remaining series.  And we don’t have to.  We simply need to win at least 3 more of the remaining games than the ‘ants do, to win the division.  I think we can do that, especially with six remaining games between the two teams.  I’m not going to get all that upset by an isolated defeat.  But if we score two runs or less in game after game after game, with the reconstituted team, like we did in June, I will be very disappointed.

    The Dodgers have won 5 out of their last 6 series, although it’s unfortunate that the one we lost was to the ‘ants.  If the Dodgers take at least two games out of almost every remaining series, they will probably win the division.  If they don’t, then maybe they don’t deserve to win the division.  Time will tell.  I am optimistic, for this year as well as for future years.

  5. While Giancarlo Stanton was quite the Dodger killer this weekend, he is not even in the same league as the ultimate Dodger killer. That would be Larry Jaster of the Cardinals, who in 1966 faced the N.L. Champion Dodgers five times and shut them out five times. 

  6. Anonymous

    In the first two games in the Giants series, the Dodgers had 15 baserunners total.

    Today, the Dodgers LEFT 16 runners on base.

  7. Anonymous

    The Braves lead the Giants, 5-0, after 6 1/2 innings.

  8. Blue-eyed Gal

    That was a weird game, and not just because I felt my first earthquake up in the Top Deck (just a week bump around 2PM) and broke my “no iPad except between innings” rule during a meeting on the mound on the ninth.

    On the other hand, the resulting Star Destroyer made a welcome change from that Vodka blimp:

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