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Scully to bring another year of heaven on earth

Vin Scully will return to the Dodger broadcast booth for the 2013 season, according to a report by Bill Shaikin of the Times. An official announcement is due today, said Shaikin, who added that the Dodgers’ first regular-season visit to Yankee Stadium will come next year, with Scully potentially heading to New York to do the games. (The only problem with that plan is the likelihood that at least two games would end up on Fox and ESPN).

He’s coming back. It’s the best of news, it’s the best of news. Thanks, Vin.

Update: Scully’s return is official.

“The new ownership of the Dodgers has revitalized the city, the team, the fans and myself,” Scully said in a statement. “I am so convinced of their great purpose and leadership that I eagerly look forward to joining them in pursuit of the next Dodgers championship.”

Update 2: More from Scully’s meeting with the media from J.P Hoornstra of the Daily News and Jim Peltz of the Times.

Marlins at Dodgers, 1:10 p.m.
Shane Victorino, LF
Nick Punto, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
Luis Cruz, 3B
Matt Treanor, C
Aaron Harang, P


Ethier tinkers successfully, Gonaflon Gonzalez leaves ever so little to chance in triumphant Dodger debut


Whatever floats your bloat: Dodgers lose a long, untidy one


  1. Anonymous

    This topic made me utter an appreciative “wow” even more than the previous ones about Ethier and AGon.

  2. Anonymous

    The NYTimes has a story about how the trade may turn around the unhappiness of BoSox fans.  But they seemed to miss the gist of the trade when the story says the trade “sent Beckett, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Nick Punto to the Dodgers for James Loney and prospects”.  They made it worse when they omitted the words “and prospects” from the photo caption, so it reads “the Red Sox traded Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Nick Punto and Carl Crawford for Dodgers first baseman James Loney.”  Sounds like we got a lot back for that Loney guy, huh?  :)

    • Anonymous

      Who would have thought that James would have brought back such a haul? And some people wanted to just non-tender James.

      I wonder what Uribe would bring?

      • Anonymous

        Pedroia and Ellsbury maybe!

        • Anonymous

          I’m on board!  Lets get it done, Ned!

          • Somebody on that Red Sox team was really stirring up
            the pot against Bobby Valentine. If we keep trading with them we’re
            liable to get him. Who needs that? ;) 

          • Anonymous

            No need, I think we got our man. : )

          • Anonymous

            Something tells me that the key to that conflict was Valentine. 

        • Anonymous

          In all seriousness, Pedroia would be dynamite. Ellsbury, as good as he is, is actually not needed. Never thought I’d say that 2 days ago.

          Too bad the Dodgers couldn’t have gotten Youkilis when he was available, considering the White Sox got him for nothing. Dodgers still could have gotten Hanley. Course, with Youkilis, maybe no AGon.

          • Anonymous

            I was leading that charge, but maybe no Cruz emergence either

          • Anonymous

            I was at Youk’s final game in Fenway as a Red Sox. The train ride back was filled with speculation as to where he would end up. By the time the train reached my station, it was known that Youk had just changed the color of his socks.

            Yeah, Youkilis would have meant no Cruz, and he has been a lot of fun to watch. Hard to root against a guy like him.

      • Anonymous

        Loney brought back $260 mil. in contracts that would produce maybe half the value on the field? Sounds about right.

  3. Anonymous

    Puig sat again last night…

    • Anonymous

       Somebody on MSTI said Puig had a sore heel.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I posted that yesterday, from the RC Quakes’ media guy.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank You Mr. Scully.

  5. Adam Luther

    Scully should do one inning on air for ESPN and Fox! Welcome back Mr. Scully!

  6. Who cares about the trade?  The Vin is coming back!

  7. Anonymous

    I want to see Vin do a World Series.

    With the Dodgers in it.

  8. Anonymous

    I am so happy! Vin Scully!

  9. Anonymous

    Great news.

  10. Anonymous

    So Lilly and Guerrier should be back next weekend.  Because that’s when rosters expand, the 25-man isn’t an issue.  But the 40-man is currently full, including slots for RDLR and Sands to protect them as PTBNL for the trade.  Here are some possibilities for clearing space on the 40-man; note that they would also need to be taken if there is any desire to bring back Abreu and/or Gwynn:

    – DFA Matt Angle
    – DFA Elian Herrera
    – DFA Nick Punto
    – DFA Adam Kennedy
    – DFA Juan Uribe
    – Put Alfredo Silverio on the 60-day DL (starting his MLB salary and options “clock”)
    – “Phantom” 60-day DL for Sands and RDLR

    I have a feeling I know which of these choices would be the most popular among us…  ;)

    • Anonymous

      Oh please oh please DFA Urineddy. There’s no danger of losing either one of them if the Dodgers are dumb enough to bring them back to spring training next year.  I never understood why they acquired Punto.  He seems like a carbon copy of Uribe.  He could be DFa’ed as well. 

      • Jibin Park

         Punto is 0 for 0, 3 walks and awesome defensive play.  More like an AJ Ellis/Mark Ellis than a Uribe.

        • Anonymous

          So far Punto has impressed me. The defensive stop was great, and his OPS is a Manny-esque 1.000

  11. Anonymous

    Old friend Tony Abreu had the game-winning hit in the 12th inning last night for the Royals against the Dodgers’ favorite trading partner.

    He’s spent most of the past two seasons at AAA, for the Dbacks and the Royals. He was finally called up earlier this month.

    • Anonymous

      Good for him. Thought he had a chance

    • Anonymous

       Is playing for the Royals really being “called up?”  I guess the per diem is better…

  12. Lilly hasn’t pitched since August 16, so unless there’s an update I missed, he’s not going to be ready to return on September 1. 

    • Anonymous

      There is indeed.  Stephen at TBLA: “Before the game, manager Don Mattingly said that pitchers Matt Guerrier and Ted Lilly will both pitch minor league rehab games Monday and Wednesday with Class A Rancho Cucamonga. Both are in line to be activated on September 1.”

      • Anonymous

        That sounds promising. I thought Lilly was gone for the year by what I’d heard. 

        Often overlooked this year is how costly the absence of Lilly has been. I wouldn’t have expected him to be as great as he was when he was pitching, but even if he regressed to Ted Lilly that would have been a bonus. 

        • Anonymous

          Wonder if Ted is finally healthy they would give him a playoff roster spot as a long man/bonus lefty.

          • Anonymous

            Lots of wildcards in that one. How well does Lilly perform in September? What is the status of Bills? How does Beckett look? 

            If anything, the rotation looks, perhaps, the most unsettled than it has looked all year.

            Once again: why not John Ely? Why, why, why? I have more faith in him than in Blanton.

  13. James Loney batting fifth for Boston today, behind cleanup hitter Cody Ross. 

    • Anonymous

      I see Bobby Valentine has no hesitancy in putting James in against a lefty. Rookie first baseman Mauro Gomez was 4-6 last night with an HR and 3 RBIs. He’s the DH –  batting 7th. BTW, he swing from the right side.

  14. Scully’s return is official. 

  15. Anonymous

    It will be interesting to see how Lincecum fares against the Braves tonight – it’s the 5 PM ESPN game.

  16. Anonymous

    Off topic, but I find it amusing that the players to be named later were actually named earlier. I presume they will all be shut down to avoid injury.

    • Anonymous

      You’re saying Sands won’t play for Boston this year? I thought they just had to clear waivers. Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing Sands play in Boston this year.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, to play in Boston this year, they would have to clear waivers, which could sabotage the trade if another team claims them.  I’m pretty sure the intent is to keep them on the 40-man until the end of the season, then name them as the PTBNL.  That way they don’t have to go through waivers.

        Too bad, Sands won’t be playing in the playoffs for Boston.  Then again, neither will the rest of the BoSox.  :)

    • Anonymous

      It would not benefit the players or the Red Sox to completely shut down De La Rosa and Sands.

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps the players AND the BoSox would be better off with them being shut down, rather than playing and risking injury, especially a pitcher coming back from surgery.  But whether or not they play, for Chattanooga and Albuquerque respectively, is undoubtedly up to their managers there, as directed by top management in the Dodgers organization.

        FWIW, Sands played last night, and hit his 25th home run of the season for the ‘topes.  Rubby was supposedly optioned to Chattanooga, but is not shown on the roster on the Lookouts website.

  17. Anonymous

    Last night, when Vin was working in a mention of the death of Neil Armstrong, I could detect a hesitation, as if he were grasping his own mortality, when he said, “He was 82….”

    • Anonymous

      For that reason, I wish we could have headlines about Vin that don’t include references to heaven.  He’s still here!

  18. foul tip

    Has Derek Lowe unintentionally delivered the ultimate insult to Bill Plaschke? 

    If so, how will Bill the Shrill respond?

    “The media is so different in LA, too,” Lowe continued. “There is a lot less media, and the only guy you have to worry about is (Los Angeles Times sports columnist) T.J. Simers. And if you’re nice to T.J., he’ll usually be nice to you.”

    • Anonymous

      I don’t read Plaschke’s columns, but I do catch him on Around the Horn from time to time.

      He comes across to me as, well, just not very smart.

    • Anonymous

      Plaschke only gets mad about female Olympic athletes. The rest of the time he blames ownership or management for every problem.

  19. Anonymous

    This probably won’t come as a surprise, but in James Loney’s first AB, he grounded into and inning-ending DP with runners at the corners.

  20. Anonymous

    He did mange to sit for his Red Sox Game Day photo though. Either that or it was photo shopped.

  21. foul tip

    There’s been a lot of concern about the quarter billion in salary the Dodgers are picking up…Yankees West and all that.  There’s been plenty of mention that NYY spending didn’t guarantee championships.

    No, it didn’t.  But it did put them in position to challenge for them just about every year.

    What some miss is that the Yankees didn’t win except in years when a big chunk of their spending went for pitching.  Without good pitching, things didn’t go so well.

    Historically the Dodgers have been pitching-heavy.  Even with the trading losses, the team is not exactly pitching-desperate. 

    With more offensive weapons to balance things, the Dodgers figure to be serious players for the foreseeable future, thank you Guggenheimers.

    The money concerns are valid.  Yet seems like they just don’t matter to G Group, at least not now

    Guess we’ll find out.  And it will be lots of fun finding out, won’t it?

  22. foul tip

    Since I seem to be running off at the keyboard, four things I wonder this morning==

    1)  I wonder how thick James Loney’s skin is.  If he “hits” like he did in LA, he’ll need  elephant hide as Boston media and fans rip him.  Since there’s a good chance the Sox won’t see him as their 1B answer, maybe he can tolerate a few weeks of it.  He’s a big boy, and he makes enough money to comfort himself somewhat.

    Still, I kinda feel sorry for him.  As Don said, his problems in LA weren’t from lack of effort.

    2)  I wonder if AGon’s 3-run blast in his first Dodger AB made heads explode all over Red Sawx nation, if Sawx blogs all went ballistic and ranted that the Dodgers got much the better of this one-sided deal. And why didn’t AGon do more of that in Boston?  And, most important, why hasn’t Valentine been fired already?

    Yeah, do that.  That should fix things.  It’s been the kneejerk answer for every Sox problem this year.  

    (Maybe that’s just the jerk answer.  Leave out the knee.)  Related, I wonder if Boston media, blogs, and fans ever do or even can get a grip.

    3)  I wonder how liberated  Ned feels in the blockbuster aftermath.  When the earlier deals near deadline went down, he said people had no idea how liberating it was to be able to make a baseball trade.  Liberation on steroids now?  Will he have to be tied down to keep from floating away?

    4)  I wonder if inclusion of still another Futility infielder was insisted upon by Ned as a vital part of this blockbuster.  (Shame, shame on me for wondering that.  But it didn’t cross my mind for no reason at all.)

    • Anonymous

      Punto actually had an OPS+ of 125 with the Cards last year. Anamoly for sure, but the old story about the blind squirrel…

      • Anonymous

        You 2 are tough on Punto. Don’t forget that OPS+ is on a league basis. It is much easier to be above league average in OBP and SLG in the NL which he was last year. The 125 is not as anomolous as you suggest. With his fielding, he has 9 straight seasons of positive WAR.
        Not that I like his inclusion in the trade as he is under contract for next year. I would have brought up Herrera who is more versatile but doesn’t have the ML track record. 

        • Anonymous

          I was just looking at his OPS+ numbers. Only other time he was at 100 or above was rookie season, and there are some real stinkers mixed in with a couple in the 90’s

        • Anonymous

          FWIW, the difference in average OPS this year between leagues is 14 points (.733 AL vs .719 NL).

    • Anonymous

      1.  Loney’s problems, in the end, were from lack of talent.  I think he’s destined for the KC Royals or the like.  Either that or a Dave Hansen-type LH pinch hitter role.

      3.  Ned feels like he’s just been adopted by a billionaire who will now pay people off to cover up his mistakes.  And he feels that way because that’s exactly what has happened.  I do not believe for a second that Colletti’s mistakes stemmed from a constrained budget.  Well, maybe throwing Santana into the Blake deal to avoid sending cash, but not otherwise.  If he has a much bigger budget and no great adult supervision, he’ll just make more and bigger mistakes.  Stan Kasten’s active presence gives me some comfort, but I won’t really be comfortable until they fire Colletti.  And I wonder if they will.  They should have done so on Day 1 of the New Era.

      4.  Punto is just “old” for “Ivan De Jesus Jr.”  My guess is that it cleared a little more money and a roster spot for Boston, and from LA’s perspective, he’s just a rounding error.  What I really don’t get is why he isn’t also the answer to the future trivia question “who took Juan Uribe’s spot when he was finally DFA’d?”

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure Ned wanted Punto to replace Hairston. To make it more ridiculous both are under contract for 2012.                                                                 

        • Anonymous

          Well, that WOULD be true, if we had any reason to believe that financial considerations are still important.  In this Yankee-New-World, the Dodgers can just DFA guys with contracts, and swallow the money. 

          I know I’m exaggerating.  But I like debates about the tradeoffs of, say, 2 yr contracts for veteran utility players.  If there are no real costs because bad decisions can just be spent away, being a fan loses a little bit of fun.

  23. foul tip

    OK, to complete my commenting tripleheader…

    Japan likely is favored in the Little League title game starting soon on ABC.  TN had to use about every pitcher yesterday, so it’s at a disadvantage.

    But disadvantages don’t seem to matter much to a team that loses a 10-run lead in the bottom of  one inning, then matter-of-factly scores 9 the next to win the US title–in its first appearance on the LL big stage.

    I don’t like to get into team of destiny type stuff, but after that it’d be understandable if Goodlettsville thought it was one…or, in their case, maybe didn’t think too much about it at all and just went out and enjoyed the game, whatever happens.

    David Climer of the Tennessean is underrated at a writer but very effective at times.   IMO, his column today on the game, the “darndest thing he’s ever seen” at the following link is one of those times.  Well worth a read.

  24. Anonymous

    I’ve been wanting to get a Scully Dodgers jersey for a while now, and I think it’s about time.  MLB requires a number on all personalized jerseys, so what number would make sense?  With #1 taken by Pee Wee Reese, I’m left to brainstorm alternatives.

    • Mitch Miller

      Deuces are wild.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      1, of course.

      Incidentally, at Busch Stadium they have pictures of the Cards players where they show the numbers that have been retired.  They show two of the pictures without numbers: Rogers Hornsby, who played before they had numbers on the uniforms, and Jack Buck, their longtime broadcaster.

    • Anonymous

      I think Vin’s number when he played varsity baseball at Fordham was #17.  Glad Vin will return for another year.  I have a story I wrote a few years ago about the 1957 Brooklyn Dodgers saved on my computer.  I will be glad to update it next year to state that as of 2013, Vin is still the Dodgers broadcaster.  Really remarkable.  Congratulations Vin.  

    • Adam Luther

      “50” for 1950 the year he started broadcasting Dodger games.  “58” would be significant for when he started broadcasting in L.A.  “62” for when Dodger Stadium opened.  Any of these will do.  Since Reese’ #1 is retired you could get away with a double digit “01”, not appealing to me.

    • Anonymous

      BTW, I see that in the Dodgers store, the drop-down box which shows pre-selected values for the player name and number already includes all four new guys, but still shows Loney as well.  Loney also shows up in the BoSox store.

    • KT

      If possible a microphone…if not available then maybe the year he started broadcasting for the Dodgers and the words in small font “since” between his name and number

  25. Anonymous

    James Loney now has his first hit and RBI as a Red Sox. A run scoring single with 2 out.

  26. Anonymous

    M Ellis goes 3 for 4 with a HR, scores twice, and hits one in yesterday – so he sits today in favor of Punto and his .200 average. 

  27. foul tip

     Lost–at least to me–in all the news the last couple days was the Dodger singing of FA RHP Tim Corcoran.

    Anyone know why?  What’s his story, or potential?  Any relation to writer Cliff Corcoran?  ;-])

    • Anonymous

      I was surprised because he is 34yo but they have 4 pitchers on the DL, 13 on the active roster including Corcoran, are in a play-off race, and need lots of pitchers at their altitude.

      • foul tip

         OK.  Thanks.  Is Riley Welch particularly well-regarded?

    • Anonymous

      The Tim Corcoran who was with Tampa Bay 2005-2007 and was in the Dodgers system 2009-2010?  If so, sounds like roster fodder for the minors.

  28. Anonymous

    “Look, it’s hard to get really good players like these, and sometimes you have to stretch,” the official said. “And one thing that I think is important to remember is that while we are doing this, we are being as aggressive in [rebuilding] the farm system.”

    From the Dodgers’ perspective, this deal buys time. Frank McCourt cut back on player development dramatically, turning the Dodgers into a non-player in the international market, so as they discussed trades and considered options this summer, they really had no internal options.” -Buster Olney

    Not a bad take, I thought.  He leaves out RDLR, but I think he’s referring to the offensive side of things..

  29. Anonymous

    So between Victorino (1), Blanton (1), and now Beckett (2!) and Punto (last year) it sure looks like Ned has added a significant number of Rings in Boxes to that roster…just you guys wait until a certain Phillies OFer (who not only has a ring but also just tied Maury Wills on the all time SB list) is a free agent this winter…

    • Anonymous

      I’d like that total to go down.  Can he please subtract a player on the roster who has a ring in a box?  Please???

  30. Anonymous

    Wasn’t easy, but a scoreless 1st!

  31. KT

    Nice play Nick!!

  32. Anonymous

    I hope Eithier bats in the first innings, as I have to leave for work soon

  33. KT

    good eye Nick

  34. KT

    Good hit Matty
    Come on Gonzo

  35. Anonymous

    Why can Ivan De Jesus Jr. and Webster be traded but not Sands?

    • Anonymous

      DeJesus was probably put on the waiver wire and cleared waivers.  Webster didn’t need to clear waivers because he was never on the 40-man.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t mention Webster, why did you?
        I don’t want probably I want facts.

        • Anonymous

          If you want facts, the facts are that (a) Sands is a PTBNL, and if he had cleared waivers there would be no need to make him a PTBNL, and (b) DeJesus was named in the trade, and if he hadn’t cleared waivers or been claimed by the BoSox or a team under them, they wouldn’t have been able to include him in the trade.  The only way fact (b) could be true, and the only logical explanation for fact (a), is if Sands hadn’t cleared waivers and DeJesus had.

          I wonder whether Lennox’s comment on Puig’s heel is based on my posting of Mike Lindskog’s response to my e-mail to him. :)

          • Anonymous

            I’d like to know when IDJjr cleared waivers and I’d like to know if Sands was ever placed on waivers and if he was which team claimed him. I think you might have figured that out from my original questions. I think those questions imply that I had already figured out the logical connections that you posted or would have figured them out from your first answer in any case.

    • Anonymous

      Must have cleared waivers.  I’m not surprised that IDJJr cleared – he’s not good.  But I am a little surprised that Webster did.

      Or, wait – were both guys on the 40-man?

  36. KT

    Nice hit Gonzo
    Come on Hanley

  37. This is a totally different team now. Were stacked and I’m stoked. 

  38. KT

    Well Dre time to start another streak next at bat

  39. Both of those called third strikes were real good pitches..I thought both were balls but that’s how he is calling them..

  40. Anonymous

    Gonzalez, Ramirez, Blanton, Beckett.  All of that is secondary.  I would listen to the 1992 Dodgers as long as Vin Scully is behind the microphone.  And he will be for at least another year.  And that is far better news.

    But I am optimistic that he won’t have to go to Yankee Stadium in 2013–and instead he might get to call 2 (or 3) games there this October.

  41. Anonymous

    just saw vision of Punto’s impressive play!

  42. KT

    Good eye Punto…Again!!

  43. Nick Punto is the new AJ Ellis.

  44. I didn’t realize Kuroda has a sub 3.00 era. Wow. Solid. 

  45. Anonymous

    Wow,  MLB is developing a great crop of young players lead by Trout and Stanton!!!

  46. KT

    good hit Luis

  47. Anonymous

    Cruz is hot.  He’s back over .300 now.

  48. KT

    I’ve been listening to Vinny since the very early ’60s and I seen and heard him in his prime.
    I don’t want to sound sacraligist (sp) but as Vinny gets older he has made a lot more mistake as all of us do as we age. He is still a cut above the rest but that difference is getting smaller with time.
    It’s just that I remember him when he was at his pinnacle and it’s getting harder and harder to listen him make blatant errors. I would rather see him go out when he’s on top. I hope he doesn’t stay past his time.
    I know once he’s gone there won’t be anyone to replace him that will meet his standards he set over the years. And the replacements will always be compared to him.
    It’s for people tough to know when enough is enough. Hopefully Vinny does

    • Anonymous

      I am pretty sure that if Vin felt he couldn’t do the job anymore, he would stop doing it. Or his family would tell him it was time to stop.

      Chick Hearn made lots of mistakes as he got older too.

      Ernie Harwell was one of the few announcers who seemed to be very much on top of things even as he got on in years. He kept himself in very good shape. But he also had a much different style than Vin.

      • KT

        I didn’t listen to Ernie but I did listen to Chick and you are right
        I think Vinny reviews some of his broadcasts or has someone do it for him

  49. KT

    Nice start Shane let’s get those runs back
    Come on Nick

  50. KT

    Nice Nick
    Your turn Matty

  51. KT

    Good Eye Gonzo
    Come on Hanley…you are due

  52. Come on Hanley… patience.

  53. KT

    Come on Dre…start the streak again

  54. Anonymous


  55. KT

    Great Catch Shane!!!!

  56. Anonymous

    Vin letting his giant roots show.

  57. KT

    Nice Juan
    Come on Shane

  58. Anonymous

    Man, glad to see Buehrle leave the game – now maybe Dodgers can score some more runs. 

  59. KT

    Buehrle just said something like this to Uribe to make him laugh; “Of all the times you get a hit it has to be against me to knock me out. Couldn’t you just done your usual and strike out”

    • Anonymous

      your post is funny but they were teammates for 5 years

  60. KT

    Nice Shane
    Come on Nick

  61. KT

    Great Play Nick

  62. KT

    Looking for a DP

  63. Anonymous

    Now let’s get some runs!!!!

  64. KT

    Way to get out of the jam…now let’s score some runs

  65. KT

    Good eye Matty
    Come on AGon

  66. KT

    Nice hit Agon
    Come on Hanley

  67. KT

    Come on Dre

  68. Anonymous

    Come on, Andre

  69. KT

    Nice Dre!!

  70. KT

    Come on Luis

  71. T.M. Brown

    Isn’t this an easy call? Andre is out for interference and Cruz gets back in the box since the ball bounced foul.

    • Anonymous

      You would think so.

      • T.M. Brown

        Though Ethier is entitled to his ground leading off first, isn’t he? So maybe Cruz should be out since it’s an infield fly? Either way there should be 2 outs. 

        And there ya go. 

        • Anonymous

          Ethier is only entitled to stand on first base. Once he’s off the base, he has to get out of the fielder’s way, no matter what.

  72. Anonymous

    What is the reason for the delay?

    • T.M. Brown

      Cruz hit a mini-pop along the first base line; Ethier was standing still but obstructed Lee from getting to the pop up and the catcher missed the play so it rolled foul. Ethier was called out for interference and the ball was, somehow, called live. AGon was tagged out between 2B and 3B to end the inning. Donnie came out and argued that it should have been a foul ball with just Ethier being called out automatically and Cruz simply fouling one off (that’s just me guessing, I’m assuming it was more colorful than that). After an ump conference Ethier was called out and Cruz got back in the box with a fly out to LF. 


  73. Where is Ethier supposed to go? On the replay it looks like Lee purposely runs through him. I don’t agree with the call.

  74. Anonymous

    Looked like Lee ran into him on purpose – he wasn’t going to get to the play regardless, even if nobody was on 1st base.

  75. Anonymous

    I am neither watching nor listening.  Can someone explain to me what happened?  Thanks.

    • T.M. Brown

      I gotcha above, Scoop. 

    • Cruz popped the ball up along the first base line, Lee ran from behind Ethier at first and through him to try and get to it (though he had no chance) and the catcher didn’t catch the ball. They called Ethier out for obstruction, so Gonzalez remained at second and Cruz got to continue his at bat. Though originally they called two Dodgers out which would have ended the inning. Bizarre play and a wrong call as I see it.

    • Anonymous

      Ethier out on interference for leading off 1st base and having Carlos Slowfoot Lee run into him from behind on an infield popup by Cruz.

  76. Anonymous

    Fielders always have the right of way if they are making a play on a batted ball. Runners have to get out of the way even if they have to run out of the basepaths.

    • I understand if that is the official rule, but Ethier had his back to him and Lee clearly had no chance. Seems Lee took advantage of the rule book there, oh well.

      • Anonymous

        Rule 7.08(b) A runner is out when:
        (b) He intentionally interferes with a thrown ball; or hinders a fielder attempting tomake a play on a batted ball;Rule 7.08(b) Comment: A runner who is adjudged to have hindered a fielder who isattempting to make a play on a batted ball is out whether it was intentional or not.If, however, the runner has contact with a legally occupied base when he hinders the fielder, heshall not be called out unless, in the umpire’s judgment, such hindrance, whether it occurs on fair orfoul territory, is intentional. If the umpire declares the hindrance intentional, the following penaltyshall apply: With less than two out, the umpire shall declare both the runner and batter out. With twoout, the umpire shall declare the batter out.If, in a run-down between third base and home plate, the succeeding runner has advanced andis standing on third base when the runner in a run-down is called out for offensive interference, theumpire shall send the runner standing on third base back to second base. This same principle applies ifthere is a run-down between second and third base and succeeding runner has reached second (thereasoning is that no runner shall advance on an interference play and a runner is considered to occupya base until he legally has reached the next succeeding base).

        • As I said, I understand. Just this instance makes it look like it needs a wordage change.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think you want the umpires having to determine “intent” more than they already do. Because they already do a bad job of that. Nor do I think Carlos Lee has the baseball savvy to figure out such stuff.

  77. Anonymous

    T.M.: Thanks for the explanation.  Rather unfortunate occurrence.

  78. Anonymous

    That’s a BIG run on 3rd base for the Fish.

  79. KT

    Come on Choate.. Let’s get this guy

  80. Anonymous

    Terrible time for an error.

  81. KT

    Come on Mark

  82. KT

    Nice Mark
    Come on Shane

  83. KT

    Loney got the game tying single today in the Redsox win

  84. KT

    Good hustle Shane
    Come on Nick

  85. KT

    Come on Matty

  86. Anonymous

    Matt has to stay within himself here.

  87. Anonymous

    Wow – Matt did just that – layed off some REAL close pitches there.

  88. KT

    Good eye Matty
    Come on AGon

  89. Anonymous


  90. Anonymous

    2 fer 15 with RISP just ain’t gonna git her done.

  91. KT

    Going to be tough to comeback now

  92. Hanley with his worst game as a Dodger. Left 8 runners on base! 

    • Anonymous

      Mama said there’d be days like this.

      • She did??

        Nobody told me there’d be days like these

        Strange days indeed — strange days indeed

      • Anonymous

        Dodgers left 16 men on base (team lob) total lob (top part of box-score) 34, Hanley 8 out of the 34,  2 consecutive men (Hanley and Andre) 14 out of the 34.
        Do you have any way to tell if there are highs for the year, Bob?  

  93. KT

    Way to get on Hanley
    Come on DRE

  94. KT

    Way to get on Adam

  95. KT

    Come on Mark

  96. KT

    Have a good evening/night/day all

  97. Anonymous

    Shoot!  Waste not, want not.

    They have not won a homestand since the All Star break.

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