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Dodger blog end-of-season tournament is September 29

Dodgers at Rockies, 5:40 p.m.
Mark Ellis, 2B
Shane Victorino, LF
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
Adam Kennedy, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Chris Capuano, P

There’s another Dodger blogger softball tournament coming September 29, and Dodger Thoughts once again will have a spot. Details on joining the Dodger Thoughts team can be found here.

Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the tournament this time around, but I can promise you it will be great fun with a bunch of great people (who share a common interest, to say the least). So sign up today!


‘If life seems jolly rotten, there’s something you’ve forgotten’


In praise of Vin’s voice


  1. One of these days the thing will work out where I an actually go to one of these.

    I sincerely hope that each blog’s team reflects the tenor of that blog — for example, that Dodger Thoughts players are all banned from swearing or discussing politics, while the True Blue L.A. players are constantly yelling expletives at everyone and the SOSG players are nothing but a bunch of wiseasses.

    • Anonymous

      Class never goes out of style

    • Anonymous

      Let’s just hope nobody has an” interesting game” going.  The silence would be deafening. 

      • Anonymous

        wish i could show up to the tournament but i have a conventional to attend in san diego (sept 29,30 & 31), i want to invite some of my sunday league buddy’s to the next one (if Jon doesn’t mind of course) how many times a year do they have the tournaments? i’d love to attend the next one.  

        • Vail Beach

          I realize it’s just a typo, but I love the idea of going to a “conventional.”  What are the break-out sessions?  “The Power of Thinking Inside the Box.”  “A Penny Saved is Penny Earned…on Steroids.”  “Panel Discussion:  Five Kindergarten Teachers on Everything You Need To Know.” 


  2. Anonymous

    Hey guys, 
    Does anyone need two or four Field (48 Row F) seats for Vin night?  I got some I can’t use and would like to get the face-value – $50 each.  Hope this is OK Jon.   

  3. KT

    Way to get on Mark

  4. Anonymous

     Mellis working on the OBP!

  5. KT

    Nice Matty
    Come on AGon

  6. T.M. Brown

    An inauspicious start…

  7. Anonymous

    Was Victorino running?

  8. KT

    WOW Kemp hit that wall hard

  9. Two nights in a row, and this one looks worse. I hope Matty is alright.

  10. KT

    I think it’s a back thing…He does have a cut on his chin

  11. RT @Dodgers: Scary moment — Matt Kemp runs full speed into the center field wall. He is still down as Sue Falsone attends to him.

  12. KT

    He’s laughing now

  13. Anonymous

    OK.  I’m getting tired of our MVP center fielder killing himself because of lousy pitching.

  14. Anonymous

    Could just be he got the wind knocked out.

  15. T.M. Brown

    Hey at least Matty cracked a little smile! 

  16. T.M. Brown

    I think Hanley is teasing him. 

  17. A little shocked he’s staying in, what a beast.

  18. KT

    He’s definitely hurting

  19. Anonymous

    Something is wrong here.

  20. KT

    Kemp got a bad break on the ball…took the circular route…otherwise he could have caught it

  21. Anonymous

    kemp needs a move to left pronto

  22. Anonymous

    My cousin was playing Little League in Denver and had a ball hit over his head. It came to rest next to a rattlesnake.

  23. Jeepers. I just checked in, and I’m wondering if the Dodgers pitchers think they’ve got such an offensive advantage they have to give up a couple of runs in the first inning just to make the game fair.

  24. Kemp now leaving the game, two batters later. 

  25. Nice throw by Rivera, should have had him there.

  26. KT

    Nice throw Juan…If AJ holds on to the easy hop Rosario is out

    • Anonymous

       Unfortunately, he looked like Le Gran Poseur on that one.

  27. Pitching is terrible right now.

  28. Anonymous

    This is…not fun.

  29. I am at the game and am sitting not too far from the left field foul pole. Had a direct view of Matt running headlong into the wall. The thud was sickening. If the broadcast provides any updates, please post them here. Thanks.

  30. KT

    Nice hit Dre
    Come on Adam

  31. KT

    Nice hit Adam
    Come on AJ

  32. Anonymous

    Lyons assures us Wallach makes very few mistakes as a third base coach.

  33. Anonymous

    lets start reeling them in

  34. Anonymous

    Who’s got eyes?  Is Kemp alive?

    • KT

      He was out on his feet after the collision with the wall which caused him to take an indirect route to the following double…the ball could have been caught but since he went back then around the ball was just missed on his diving attampt

  35. KT

    NICE CATCH!!!!!

  36. Wow, nice catch Juan. Kept us waiting for the reveal.

  37. Anonymous

    Capuano keeps elevating the ball.

  38. KT

    Nice Catch Mark!!

  39. Anonymous

    Expensive run, that.

  40. Anonymous

    Maximum opportunity, minimum results.

  41. Anonymous

    We’re within three.  This is good news, considering the last 24 hours.

  42. How many runs does he have to give up before they pull him? 10?

    • Anonymous

      I can recall Torre yanking Stults in Coors after 3.2 innings for giving up three runs.  We eventualy won the game 16-10.

  43. Anonymous

    It is dangerous when your pitchers are getting smacked hard. I had to appreciate what Capuano and Harang gave us in the beginning of their contracts, filling a rotation surprisingly well when I was afraid we really had no bottem end of the rotation. I hope the baseball Gods give back our fortune. For a team that tried to “buy it” at this time of year, usually that team gets beat bad and also players get injured. I will be happy indeed if we stay healthy and get beat!!!

  44. Clueless move from Rivera. The ball didn’t even get away from Rosario. Please keep giving away outs.

  45. Anonymous

    One of the things that jumps out at me in this game – both Kemp and Victorino had catchable balls go over their heads in CF. The main thing that makes a good outfielder is positioning. They are playing in Coors Field and having catchable balls fly over their heads – the one that flew over Victorino’s head bounced on the grass before even reaching the warning track – bad positioning.
    Beckett turned in a better performance that Capuano.
    Dodgers hitting is WEAK.
    If you can’t beat the Colorado’s of the world, you ain’t making the playoffs – and you don’t deserve to.

    • Anonymous

      The Dodgers play enough here to probably have an approach on how they play the outfield.  Its a pretty big space.  That’s not saying that its the right approach, of course.  How are they positioned relative to how the Rox outfielders are positioned? (Well, that was over Coleman’s head)

  46. Anonymous

    Lyons doesn’t think we have enough swagger.

  47. KT

    Well we need 5 to keep play…time to break out the RALLY CAPS

  48. KT


  49. KT

    12 balls hit to the second baseman ties MLB record

  50. Anonymous

    They keep showing the Kemp replay.  That kid in the stands looked freaked out to see the Bison coming his way at full speed..

  51. Anonymous

    The combination of Tracy and Coors produces some unusual moves.

  52. Anonymous

    Nice move by Nelson with the glove.

  53. Anonymous

    Still rough.

  54. KT

    This is getting tiring
    night all

  55. Anonymous

    3-2 giants – don’t know if the game has concluded though. 

  56. Anonymous

    is it a combination of;

    1) there pressing to much.
    2) its Colorado & they want to go yard which messes up there swing.
    3) a bunch of new guys out of sync.
    4) the Rox have our number.
    5) a little of everything. 

  57. Anonymous

    Dodgers now 3.5 games behind.

  58. Anonymous

    This team has no chemistry – they were all thrown together the other day and have no cohesion.
    When Gonzo hit that 3-run bomb in his 1st game, I thought wow, maybe there will be a smooth transition and these guys can pull this off. Nope – there is going to be some struggles before they mesh.
    Look – the Cards were 9 games out on September 1st last year – they ended up Champs.
    The Dodgers are in NO WAY out of this thing but the clock is ticking – and all the little mental errors – Rivera getting thrown out at 2nd by 10 feet – a pop-up that drops untouched between 3 players looking at each other – bad positioning in the outfield causing catchable fly balls to turn into doubles and triples – all this nonsense has to stop if they want to consider themselves a playoff team.
    There is plenty of time left, but they have to start playing up to their capabilities starting tomorrow…..
    or the next day at the latest…. or…..

    • Anonymous

      It’s not “chemistry”.  It’s bad play (poor performance).  The Dodgers have lost their last three games primarily because of lack of offense – lack of hitting, and lack of timely hitting.

      • Anonymous

        Read the post again, starting with “all the little mental errors….” – pretty sure I covered “bad play” in there, as well as “poor performance”.

      •  It’s difficult when you play from behind. It seems like every game lately the other team scores first

        • Anonymous

          I think that’s a key point. Playing from behind is hard and the pitching has been giving a lot of runs in the first innings.  

          I don’t think it’s the chemistry either. This team has been pretty bad for a while now, even before the major deals. 

          I think someone just has to step up and get hot, and the others will follow. Hopefully it’s in time though. 

  59. Anonymous

    If Kemp goes on the DL, I assume we’ll call someone up to take his place, although it’s only a few days before roster expansion.  Otherwise we’d be pretty thin in the outfield, with only Rivera, Victoryno, and Ethier with experience as outfielders, if you ignore the one inning played by Adam Kennedy, his first since one game in 2009.  The leading candidates for call-up would have to be Castellanos (primarily an infielder in the minors, an outfielder in the majors), SVS, and Herrera.

  60. Painful.  I’m now 0-5 this season, and the Dodgers haven’t even been IN any of the five games I’ve attended in person.  Never experienced anything like this.  After Kemp hit the wall, I started thinking that perhaps I truly am cursing this team by being present.  Tonight was even worse than last night, the score notwithstanding.  Mental error after mental error all night long.  Capuano was horrible; not sure what happened to the guy that was 11-2.  Is consistency too much to ask for from a major leaguer?

    • Anonymous

      Beckett was 10 times better than Capuano – well, at leaast 5.

    • Anonymous

      I feel for you, man.  Because I’m in almost the same boat, at 1-5.

      Incidentally, Capuano was never 11-2.  He was 9-2; by the time he won his 11th game on August 12, he had 8 losses.

      As for consistency, everyone has hot streaks and cold streaks. Even the superstars have hot streaks and cold streaks; but the better the player, the more of the former and the less of the latter. (Remember when Kershaw was 2-3 last year?)

      • Thanks for the correction re Capuano.  Re consistency, I guess I’d rather have a guy who hits .280 every month of the season than a guy who hits .420 one month, .120 the next, .250 the next, and .390 the next, all to end the season at .280.  Same goes for pitchers.  I know it’s not realistic, but it would sure make managing a lot easier.  I remember back in 1988, it seemed they won every game I attended, right up until Game 6 of the NLCS.  I’m thinking 2012 is karmic payback.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, that ’88 season was special, no doubt – and there have been others more recently that have felt much more “magical”, until losing to the Phillies in the playoffs, of course, but so far this season Dodgers have really blown chunks at home, and for some really weird reason the Rockies are TERRIBLE against everyone except the Dodgers.

          • Anonymous

            How quickly they forget.  The first couple months of the season, the Dodgers were virtually unbeatable at home.  Even now, their overall record is better home than away, despite a reverse pattern post-break.

            Also, even the best teams have some losing team that they just can’t beat.  The Nationals have the best record in baseball, but they’re 3-4 against Colorado and 5-7 against the Fillies.  Last year the Fillies had the best record in baseball, but they were 1-2 against the 67-95 Mariners.

  61. Anonymous

    L.A. Times is saying Kemp will have CT on Jaw and MRI on knee tonite.

  62. Anonymous

    As fans…. we’d like to win.  Makes watching our Dodgers that much more fun….
    Like a good movie or a good tv program…. (vs. a bad one)
    Management has spent a ton of money on creating a “4-headed monster” in the middle of the order.
    Kemp goes down…. big deal. 
    Still 3 guys who need to step it up…. and, be “gamers.”
    (not to mention Victorino, as well)
    Let’s see who steps it up….
    PS – Token home run in the  9th by Ramirez when the Rocks’ P is just looking to “pitch to contact” with a really big lead and get outs…. Nice Hanley, but should have done that earlier in the game.

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