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In praise of Vin’s voice

Though the Dodgers have lost three straight games, we shouldn’t have lost perspective on the gift we received this week: Vin Scully is still coming back next year.

In my latest piece for Los Angeles Magazine’s CityThink blog, I revisit the magic of the “Fordham drawl.”


Dodger blog end-of-season tournament is September 29


You’re never too low to rise again


  1. Jason Allen

    You’ve said it in spades, friend.  Dodger baseball without Vin Scully describing it is truly unthinkable.  So much so there is no metaphor you can come up with to describe how unthinkable it truly is.

  2. Anonymous

    If I get to hear God In heaven, as I won’t be here too much longer, I expect God to sound either like Morgan Freeman, The original “Oracle” from the matrix movie, or if I’ve been a really Good Boy–Vin Scully.

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