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So it’s gonna be like that, huh?


Do better, but how?


  1. Anonymous

    Great pic and great headline.  Nuff said.

  2. Anonymous

    Yup. He’s our real pot of gold.

  3. Adam Luther

    A rainbow, in August?  In L.A?   Bring on the post-season!!

  4. Anonymous

    Hey!  Something to cheer for!

  5. Anonymous

    Thought Vin had a big spot on his tie! Ya, it was on my monitor.

  6. Anonymous

    Frame worthy

  7. Hmm, I post this link hoping it’s not some huge violation of Jon’s rules.

    • Anonymous

      The comments below the announcement are stunning – Philly fans in an uproar over it – one going as far as saying that Pierre is the only one on the team that can be counted on. Yes, Juan Pierre – the best player the Phillies have. Incredible.

      • Anonymous

        What’s happening in Philly and Boston isn’t smart GMing – it’s straight-up implosion.

        So sad.

  8. Anonymous

    Amazing photo.

  9. I loved seeing the Scully clan assembled like that, and the pride Vinny showed toward his granddaughter singing the anthem made me tear right up.

  10. Anonymous

    A week after the trade, and I’m losing interest in this team.  I tried but just couldn’t make myself watch the game last night.  For me, it’s more about the players and less the name on the front of the jersey.  Who are these guys?  The chemistry is gone, and I don’t feel the same enthusiasm I felt earlier in the season, even when they were losing.  I’d rather have something to root for than just high expectations.  Is it just me?

    Offseason signings are different.  This kind of late-season roster turnover can have disatrous consequences.

  11. Oh, I was waiting to see this photo. I was snapping away when that rainbow appeared, but of course couldn’t get Vin in the frame from my catbird seat up in the top deck! I knew SooHoo wouldn’t miss it (how could he, unless he was out sick?)

  12. Jason Allen

    This just goes to show that even God is a die-hard baseball fan.  How can a Dodger fan not smile at this photo?  Or a fan of any team for that matter?  Wow.

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